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mkhindex(freshmeat) mkhindex MKHINDEX generates HTML directory listings like... DOWNLOAD
dungeonx(freshmeat) DungeonX DungeonX is a text-based game where your immedi... DOWNLOAD
intars(freshmeat) IntarS IntarS is a fully featured commercial ERP for s... DOWNLOAD
ssic-linux(freshmeat) OpenSSI The OpenSSI project is a comprehensive clusteri... DOWNLOAD
anglify(freshmeat) Anglify Anglify is a translation program that always co... DOWNLOAD
bear(freshmeat) Bear Bear is a tool for calculating and testing disc... DOWNLOAD
zenity(freshmeat) Zenity Zenity is a tool that allows you to display Gtk... DOWNLOAD
gnome-vfs(freshmeat) GnomeVFS GnomeVFS is the virtual filesystem abstraction ... DOWNLOAD
libgnomecanvas(freshmeat) Gnome2 Canvas Lib GnomeCanvas is a canvas widget for Gnome2 and i... DOWNLOAD
at-spi(freshmeat) GNOME Assistive Tech Service Provider Interface at-spi is a part of the Gnome Accessibility Pro... DOWNLOAD
orbit2(freshmeat) ORBit2 ORBit2 is a major revision to the ORBit code ba... DOWNLOAD
libidl(freshmeat) IDL Library libIDL is a library for creating trees of CORBA... DOWNLOAD
jvmd(freshmeat) Jolt JVM Daemon Jolt is a wrapper program that allows multiple ... DOWNLOAD
geometar(freshmeat) Geo::METAR Geo::METAR is a Perl module for parsing METAR d... DOWNLOAD
inotify-tools(freshmeat) inotify-tools inotify-tools is a simple library and a set of ... DOWNLOAD
synscan(freshmeat) synscan Synscan is a fast asynchronous half-open port s... DOWNLOAD
rpaf(freshmeat) reverse proxy add forward rpaf changes the remote address of the client o... DOWNLOAD
undisposable(freshmeat) Undisposable Clients Undisposable Clients provides easy-to-use API k... DOWNLOAD
bwmtools(freshmeat) Bandwidth Management Tools Bandwidth Management Tools is a total bandwidth... DOWNLOAD
ravenous(freshmeat) Ravenous Ravenous is a Java-based Web server that does n... DOWNLOAD
sendpage(freshmeat) Sendpage Sendpage sends alphanumeric messages to pagers ... DOWNLOAD
enetman(freshmeat) enetman enetman is a network asset management Web appli... DOWNLOAD
man(freshmeat) man The man page suite, including man, apropos, and... DOWNLOAD
ajatus(freshmeat) Ajatus CRM Ajatus is a CRM that runs as a local AJAX Web a... DOWNLOAD
wcp(freshmeat) wcp wcp archives and restores files on a local or s... DOWNLOAD
vsdviewer(freshmeat) vsdviewer vsdviewer is a MS Visio Drawing and Stencil (VS... DOWNLOAD
spprocpool(freshmeat) spprocpool spprocpool is a Unix/Linux preforked server lib... DOWNLOAD
financ2007(freshmeat) Financiamento CAIXA(2007) Financiamento CAIXA(2007) is a small program th... DOWNLOAD
klightsout(freshmeat) KLightsOut KLightsOut is an implementation of Lights Out, ... DOWNLOAD
bloodspilotserver(freshmeat) BloodsPilot Server BloodsPilot Server is an optimized server for a... DOWNLOAD
loas(freshmeat) Linux on a Stick Linux on a Stick (LoaS) is a very small and sim... DOWNLOAD
contineo(freshmeat) Contineo Contineo is a Web-based document management sys... DOWNLOAD
libfsfc(freshmeat) libfsfc libfsfc is a library and a set of tools that ta... DOWNLOAD
tutorialms(freshmeat) TutorialMS TutorialMS is a script that helps webmasters in... DOWNLOAD
velocitytools(freshmeat) Apache VelocityTools Apache VelocityTools provides servlets and tool... DOWNLOAD
checkoutlook(freshmeat) CheckOutlook is a Perl script to check mail ... DOWNLOAD
makeself(freshmeat) makeself makeself is a small shell script that generates... DOWNLOAD
zak(freshmeat) zak Zak allows you to select one or more MP3 files ... DOWNLOAD
metacc1(freshmeat) MetaCC MetaCC is an annotation based lexer (scanner) a... DOWNLOAD
btn4ws(freshmeat) btn4ws btn4ws is a GIMP plugin for generating Web site... DOWNLOAD
rubymail(freshmeat) RubyMail RubyMail is an email handling library for the R... DOWNLOAD
jamf(freshmeat) JAMF JAMF is a framework for modeling human attentio... DOWNLOAD
libferrisstreams(freshmeat) libferrisstreams libferrisstreams is a collection of base classe... DOWNLOAD
fampp(freshmeat) fam++ fam++ is a C++ wrapper for fam, which uses imon... DOWNLOAD
ferrisfuse(freshmeat) ferrisfuse ferrisfuse is a FUSE module for mounting libfer... DOWNLOAD
ferriscreate(freshmeat) ferriscreate ferriscreate is a libferris client which can be... DOWNLOAD
netprofiler(freshmeat) netprofiler Netprofiler saves the settings of network devic... DOWNLOAD
mednafen(freshmeat) Mednafen Mednafen is an OpenGL command-line driven multi... DOWNLOAD
osnofianlinux(freshmeat) Osnofianlinux Osnofianlinux is a project that creates small, ... DOWNLOAD
dotkit(freshmeat) Dotkit Dotkit is a set of shell scripts, small "p... DOWNLOAD
ls_persona(freshmeat) LinuxSoftware Persona Persona is a simple address book application. I... DOWNLOAD
pixconv(freshmeat) is a Perl script to rename (yyyymmdd... DOWNLOAD
ponyprog(freshmeat) PonyProg PonyProg is a serial device programmer with a u... DOWNLOAD
jseamless(freshmeat) jSeamless jSeamless is a UI abstraction layer for Java to... DOWNLOAD
eviltris(freshmeat) eviltris Have you ever felt like the computer isn't play... DOWNLOAD
mod_layout(freshmeat) mod_layout mod_layout is an Apache module that provides bo... DOWNLOAD
sandr(freshmeat) SandR SandR is a recursive regex search and replaceme... DOWNLOAD
jlifegen(freshmeat) JLifeGen JLifeGen allows Conway's Game of Life to be pla... DOWNLOAD
lunit(freshmeat) lunit lunit is a unit testing framework for Lua. It p... DOWNLOAD
nmnnewsletter(freshmeat) NmnNewsletter NmnNewsletter is a Web application designed to ... DOWNLOAD
ll-toxic(freshmeat) ll-toxic ll-toxic helps to generate Oracle database fun... DOWNLOAD
stalonetray(freshmeat) stalonetray The stalonetray is a STAnd-aLONE system tray (n... DOWNLOAD
katoms(freshmeat) KAtoms KAtoms is a clone of an old Amiga turn-based mu... DOWNLOAD
iolanguage(freshmeat) Io programming language Io is small prototype-based programming languag... DOWNLOAD
oxplugins(freshmeat) OpenXava Eclipse Plugins The OpenXava Eclipse Plugin provides a database... DOWNLOAD
wso2wsfc(freshmeat) WSO2 Web Services Framework for C WSO2 Web Services Framework for C is a standard... DOWNLOAD
nameko(freshmeat) Nameko Nameko is a Web mail script. It's very simple t... DOWNLOAD
terraingenerator(freshmeat) Terrain Generation Terrain Generation is a program designed to pro... DOWNLOAD
odf-xslt(freshmeat) odf-xslt The ODF-XSLT document generator is a library fo... DOWNLOAD
calindor(freshmeat) Calindor Calindor is a fantasy world simulation server t... DOWNLOAD
apalog(freshmeat) apalogretrieve Apalogretrieve is a stand-alone program that pr... DOWNLOAD
contactgrabber(freshmeat) Contact Grabber Contact Grabber can fetch the contact informati... DOWNLOAD
lemuria(freshmeat) Lemuria Lemuria is an OpenGL visualization for xmms and... DOWNLOAD
hashlib2plus(freshmeat) hashlib++ hashlib++ is a simple and very easy-to-use libr... DOWNLOAD
stactiverecord(freshmeat) StactiveRecord StactiveRecord is a C++ library designed to mak... DOWNLOAD
rubyopengl(freshmeat) ruby-opengl ruby-opengl provides Ruby bindings for OpenGL, ... DOWNLOAD
blockout(freshmeat) BlockOut II BlockOut II is an adaptation of the original Bl... DOWNLOAD
cbd(freshmeat) cb dusk cb dusk generates an approximation of the horiz... DOWNLOAD
gq(freshmeat) GQ GQ is a GTK-based LDAP client that enables you ... DOWNLOAD
twolame(freshmeat) TwoLAME TwoLAME is an optimised MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2... DOWNLOAD
batik(freshmeat) Batik Batik is a Java-based toolkit for applications ... DOWNLOAD
fairnat(freshmeat) Fair NAT Fair NAT is a script for configuring NAT on ded... DOWNLOAD
ts2mpa(freshmeat) ts2mpa ts2mpa is a simple tool to extract MPEG audio f... DOWNLOAD
kinonk(freshmeat) Kinonk Kinonk is a Pentominoes program written in C++.... DOWNLOAD
proshield(freshmeat) ProShield ProShield is a system administration/security p... DOWNLOAD
vdpop3d(freshmeat) vdpop3d vdpop3d has been designed to be a secure, fast,... DOWNLOAD
ebizzy(freshmeat) ebizzy ebizzy is designed to generate a workload resem... DOWNLOAD
tcpmd5(freshmeat) tcpmd5 tcpmd5 signs packets with an MD5 hash as define... DOWNLOAD
libsqljdbc_auth(freshmeat) MSSQL JDBC Driver Single Sign On Auth from Unix libsqljdbc_auth provides support for using Wind... DOWNLOAD
bart-tracker(freshmeat) BART Tracker BART Tracker reports on arriving San Francisco ... DOWNLOAD
haskell-configfile(freshmeat) ConfigFile for Haskell The ConfigFile module for Haskell works with co... DOWNLOAD
jcarder(freshmeat) JCarder JCarder is a tool for finding potential deadloc... DOWNLOAD
clusterfest(freshmeat) clusterfest Clusterfest is an extensible framework built in... DOWNLOAD
dotmac(freshmeat) dotMac Replacement dotMac allows you to run your own .Mac server. ... DOWNLOAD
snafu(freshmeat) snafu Snafu is a little utility that keeps track of w... DOWNLOAD
uml(freshmeat) Umbrello UML Modeller Umbrello UML Modeller is a Unified Modelling La... DOWNLOAD
sresi(freshmeat) SRESI SRESI is a smart bookmark manager. It currently... DOWNLOAD
phprunman(freshmeat) PHP Running Management PHP Running Management is a set of scripts for ... DOWNLOAD
twistedshootout(freshmeat) Twisted Shootout Twisted Shootout is a 2D shooter game that take... DOWNLOAD
punitframework(freshmeat) p-unit p-unit is a framework for unit testing and perf... DOWNLOAD

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