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metaclip(freshmeat) Metaclip Metaclip is a distributed clipboard for the X W... DOWNLOAD
caudium(freshmeat) Caudium Caudium is a single process multi-threaded Web ... DOWNLOAD
apesmit(freshmeat) ApeSmit ApeSmit is a very simple Python module to creat... DOWNLOAD
libjoy(freshmeat) libjoy libjoy is a fully documented development librar... DOWNLOAD
parti(freshmeat) Parti Parti is a tabbing/tiling (one might say "... DOWNLOAD
banjar(freshmeat) Banjar Banjar stands for Bandwidth justification for a... DOWNLOAD
freecol(freshmeat) FreeCol FreeCol is a turn-based strategy game based on ... DOWNLOAD
napkin(freshmeat) NapKIN NapKIN is a program for tracking sleep patterns... DOWNLOAD
ropeide(freshmeat) ropeide Ropeide is a Python refactoring IDE that uses t... DOWNLOAD
mklircrc(freshmeat) mklircrc mklircrc is a program to help automatically gen... DOWNLOAD
ngrease(freshmeat) ngrease ngrease is a simple metalanguage for defining n... DOWNLOAD
fapg(freshmeat) Fast Audio Playlist Generator FAPG is a tool to generate list of audio files ... DOWNLOAD
text2html(freshmeat) text2html text2html is a small tool which converts plain... DOWNLOAD
phppgadmin(freshmeat) phpPgAdmin phpPgAdmin is a fully functional PHP-based admi... DOWNLOAD
dbmstools(freshmeat) dbmstools The dbmstools module exists mainly for develope... DOWNLOAD
funpidgin(freshmeat) Funpidgin Funpidgin is a modified version of the Pidgin i... DOWNLOAD
webmonx(freshmeat) WebMonX WebMonX is a cross-platform tool that monitors ... DOWNLOAD
taskfreak(freshmeat) TaskFreak! Original TaskFreak! is a Web-based task manager and todo... DOWNLOAD
popt(freshmeat) popt Popt is a C library for parsing command line pa... DOWNLOAD
gmapper(freshmeat) Gmapper Gmapper is a PHP class that eases the integrati... DOWNLOAD
qaddress(freshmeat) QAddress QAddress is a small and lightweight address boo... DOWNLOAD
geonetwork(freshmeat) GeoNetwork opensource GeoNetwork is a Web-based Geographic Metadata C... DOWNLOAD
neo(freshmeat) NeoStats NeoStats provides unique services to IRC via lo... DOWNLOAD
getboo(freshmeat) GetBoo GetBoo is a Web 2.0 bookmarking system, both so... DOWNLOAD
xsysguard(freshmeat) xsysguard xsysguard is a resource-friendly system monitor... DOWNLOAD
emtpycrate(freshmeat) Crate Game Engine The Crate Game Engine is a game engine that is ... DOWNLOAD
yaf(freshmeat) Yet Another Flowmeter Yet Another Flowmeter (YAF) is a tool for netwo... DOWNLOAD
kmess(freshmeat) KMess KMess is an alternative MSN Messenger chat clie... DOWNLOAD
doctools(freshmeat) Heirloom Documentation Tools The Heirloom Documentation Tools provide troff,... DOWNLOAD
tcpcat(freshmeat) tcpcat TcpCat is a very lightweight TCP utility. It ta... DOWNLOAD
fixbuf(freshmeat) libfixbuf The fixbuf library implements a reference imple... DOWNLOAD
network-config(freshmeat) network-config Network-config is a simple and easy to use prog... DOWNLOAD
legalcase(freshmeat) Legal Case Management System The legal case management system is a Web appli... DOWNLOAD
phpbb3portal(freshmeat) phpBB3 Portal phpBB3 Portal (a.k.a. canverPortal) is a add-on... DOWNLOAD
mondrian(freshmeat) Mondrian Mondrian is an OLAP (online analytical processi... DOWNLOAD
dasm(freshmeat) dasm dasm is a versatile macro assembler with suppor... DOWNLOAD
emptyclip(freshmeat) Empty Clip Empty Clip is a top-down 2D action RPG in which... DOWNLOAD
shell-fm(freshmeat) Shell.FM Shell.FM is a console-based player for radio st... DOWNLOAD
fontmatrix(freshmeat) Fontmatrix Fontmatrix is a font manager built with the kin... DOWNLOAD
webcdwriter(freshmeat) webCDwriter webCDwriter can be used to make the CD- and DVD... DOWNLOAD
ogre(freshmeat) OGRE OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine... DOWNLOAD
balance(freshmeat) balance Balance is a simple but powerful generic TCP pr... DOWNLOAD
courier-socks-5-proxy(freshmeat) Courier Socks 5 proxy Courier Socks 5 proxy implements the protocol ... DOWNLOAD
pykeylogger(freshmeat) Simple Python Keylogger Simple Python Keylogger is a cross-platform key... DOWNLOAD
gupnp(freshmeat) GUPnP GUPnP is an object-oriented open source framewo... DOWNLOAD
dtracetoolkit(freshmeat) DTraceToolkit The DTraceToolkit is a collection of over 200 u... DOWNLOAD
fmsynth(freshmeat) F Modular Synthesizer FMS is a tool to create all kinds of sounds fro... DOWNLOAD
xpython(freshmeat) xpython xpython is a bundle that includes the Python in... DOWNLOAD
bbbike(freshmeat) BBBike BBBike is a geographical information system inc... DOWNLOAD
libchart(freshmeat) Libchart Libchart is a chart creation PHP library that i... DOWNLOAD
scitedebug(freshmeat) SciTE-debug Scite-debug is an extension for the popular Sci... DOWNLOAD
tinymush(freshmeat) TinyMUSH TinyMUSH is a text-based multi-user role-playin... DOWNLOAD
sonatype-nexus(freshmeat) Sonatype Nexus Nexus is a powerful and robust Maven repository... DOWNLOAD
macaudiox(freshmeat) Max (Macintosh Audio for OS X) Max is an application for creating high-quality... DOWNLOAD
gtk-theme-switch-ex(freshmeat) Gtk Theme Switch Ex Gtk Theme Switch Ex is a small and fast program... DOWNLOAD
hsh(freshmeat) HSH HSH is designed to let you mix and match shell ... DOWNLOAD
vzkernel(freshmeat) OpenVZ kernel OpenVZ is a modified Linux kernel with addition... DOWNLOAD
xbaydns(freshmeat) xbaydns xbaydns provides a Web management interface for... DOWNLOAD
parapin(freshmeat) parapin parapin makes it easy to write C code under Lin... DOWNLOAD
jalistoplus(freshmeat) JalistoPlus JalistoPlus is lightweight, transactional, 100%... DOWNLOAD
psftools(freshmeat) PSF Tools The PSF Tools are a set of utilities for manipu... DOWNLOAD
imagematting(freshmeat) Image matting tool Image matting tool cuts out objects in photos u... DOWNLOAD
detox(freshmeat) detox detox is a utility designed to clean up filenam... DOWNLOAD
passwordescrow(freshmeat) PAM Password Escrow PAM Password Escrow is a Linux PAM module and a... DOWNLOAD
monjo(freshmeat) Monjo Monjo is a Web application that helps monitorin... DOWNLOAD
quicklook(freshmeat) Quick Look Quick Look is a package to collect system stati... DOWNLOAD
mkproject(freshmeat) mkproject mkproject ("make project") is a scrip... DOWNLOAD
scummc(freshmeat) ScummC ScummC is a set of tools that allow you to crea... DOWNLOAD
html2ps_php(freshmeat) PHP html2ps html2ps is a PHP equivalent of the popular Perl... DOWNLOAD
geoxplanet(freshmeat) GeoXPlanet GeoXPlanet is a program that integrates geoloca... DOWNLOAD
jungletest(freshmeat) jungletest Jungletest is a system for automated testing of... DOWNLOAD
bindiff(freshmeat) bindiff bindiff determines the differences between two ... DOWNLOAD
mdcp(freshmeat) Multi-Copy Device mdcp is a command-line utility that allows the ... DOWNLOAD
railworld(freshmeat) Rail World Rail World is a railroad train simulation game ... DOWNLOAD
synce-kde(freshmeat) SynCE-KDE SynCE-KDE is a PC / Windows CE connection ser... DOWNLOAD
thelauncher(freshmeat) The Launcher The Launcher is an innovative GNOME panel apple... DOWNLOAD
tagua(freshmeat) Tagua Tagua is a generic board game application for K... DOWNLOAD
phpwf(freshmeat) phpWF PhpWF is a PHP library that gives developers a ... DOWNLOAD
squidwall(freshmeat) squidwall Squidwall is a small and very fast squid redire... DOWNLOAD
bystrotex(freshmeat) bystroTeX bystroTeX is a slideshow system oriented toward... DOWNLOAD
arachnida(freshmeat) Arachnida Arachnida is an embeddable Web server. It uses ... DOWNLOAD
spfpm(freshmeat) Simple Python Fixed-Point Module SPFPM (Simple Python Fixed-Point Module) is a P... DOWNLOAD
dbgenerator(freshmeat) Database Bean Generator Generator is a command line application to faci... DOWNLOAD
enchant(freshmeat) Enchant Enchant is a cross-platform abstract layer for ... DOWNLOAD
bumprace(freshmeat) BumpRace BumpRace is a simple 1 or 2 player game where p... DOWNLOAD
halayer(freshmeat) HAL HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) is a specifica... DOWNLOAD
dinouml(freshmeat) DinoUML DinoUML is a network simulation tool that is ba... DOWNLOAD
pasmo(freshmeat) Pasmo Pasmo is a multi-platform Z80 cross assembler t... DOWNLOAD
du2rrd(freshmeat) du2rrd du2rrd is a program to keep track of disk space... DOWNLOAD
ffmpegphp(freshmeat) FFmpegPHP FFmpegPHP is a pure OO PHP port of the ffmpeg-p... DOWNLOAD
moooic(freshmeat) mOOo Impress Controller mOOo Impress Controller is a set of tools used ... DOWNLOAD
hccash(freshmeat) HcCash HcCash is a point of sale (cash register) appl... DOWNLOAD
bitext2tmx(freshmeat) bitext2tmx Bitext2tmx is a cross-platform Java application... DOWNLOAD
soundgrab(freshmeat) soundgrab soundgrab provides a cassette deck-like command... DOWNLOAD
syndir(freshmeat) synDirectory synDirectory is used to retrieve and sort the c... DOWNLOAD
locationsource(freshmeat) Location Source Location Source is an implementation of Java's ... DOWNLOAD
colorexplorer(freshmeat) ColorExplorer ColorExplorer is a tool for exploring the color... DOWNLOAD
cufps(freshmeat) cufps cufps is a very small console program for retri... DOWNLOAD
tcl-mmap(freshmeat) Tcl mmap Interface tcl-mmap is a Tcl interface to the POSIX mmap(2... DOWNLOAD
metabase(freshmeat) Metabase Metabase is a DBMS-independent PHP API to acces... DOWNLOAD

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