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ramon(freshmeat) Ramon Ramon is an RMON2 network monitoring agent, as ... DOWNLOAD
databionic-esom(freshmeat) Databionic ESOM Tools The Databionics ESOM Tools offer many data mini... DOWNLOAD
sympycore(freshmeat) SympyCore SympyCore provides a pure Python package for re... DOWNLOAD
simplebaseje(freshmeat) Simple Base Java Edition Simple Base Java Edition is a simple-to-use, OS... DOWNLOAD
ekee(freshmeat) Ekee Ekee is an equation editor that produces images... DOWNLOAD
phpspam(freshmeat) Bayesian Spam Filter Bayesian Spam Filter is a class that can be use... DOWNLOAD
pfstools(freshmeat) pfstools pfstools is a set of command line programs (and... DOWNLOAD
pisct(freshmeat) Platform Initialization Self-Certification Test The Platform Initialization Self-Certification ... DOWNLOAD
wla(freshmeat) WLA DX WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can ... DOWNLOAD
blokkal(freshmeat) Blokkal Blokkal is a KDE blogging client designed to su... DOWNLOAD
abuse(freshmeat) Abuse Abuse is a side-scrolling arcade platform game ... DOWNLOAD
amua(freshmeat) Amua Amua is a status bar application for controllin... DOWNLOAD
gfreqlet(freshmeat) GFreqlet GFreqlet is a GNOME applet for Linux that not o... DOWNLOAD
openscientist(freshmeat) OpenScientist OpenScientist is an integration of open source ... DOWNLOAD
jtrac(freshmeat) JTrac JTrac is a generic issue-tracking web-applicati... DOWNLOAD
pkanaeditor(freshmeat) The "P" Kana Editor PKanaEditor is a little text editor. Its purpos... DOWNLOAD
jgui(freshmeat) JGui JGui is a collection of useful Java GUI compone... DOWNLOAD
mobileshopper(freshmeat) mobileshopper Mobile Shopper provides a shopping list for mob... DOWNLOAD
eyefi-i2(freshmeat) Eyefi I2 Eyefi I2 is an API for the abstraction of all c... DOWNLOAD
tbjsonpath(freshmeat) tbjsonpath JSONPath is a query language for JSON. This imp... DOWNLOAD
xml-schema-catalog(freshmeat) XML-Schema-Catalog XML-Schema-Catalog offers a way to locate the s... DOWNLOAD
radialnet(freshmeat) RadialNet RadialNet is a network visualization tool. It c... DOWNLOAD
cdck(freshmeat) cdck cdck is a simple program for verifying CD/DVD q... DOWNLOAD
tbjson(freshmeat) TheBox JSON Library TheBox JSON Library parses, validates, and crea... DOWNLOAD
proxytunnel(freshmeat) Proxytunnel Proxytunnel is a program that connects stdin an... DOWNLOAD
nagioschecksip(freshmeat) nagios-check_sip nagios-check_sip is a Nagios plugin to check SI... DOWNLOAD
aspic(freshmeat) Aspic Aspic is a program that generates line art imag... DOWNLOAD
imageprot(freshmeat) Imageprot Imageprot splits a JPEG or PNG image into small... DOWNLOAD
mathmap-cocoa(freshmeat) MathMap Cocoa MathMap is the result of porting the MathMap GI... DOWNLOAD
slackcurrent(freshmeat) slackcurrent Slackcurrent is a tool that checks if there are... DOWNLOAD
gnobang(freshmeat) GnoBang GnoBang is a "get five in a row" game... DOWNLOAD
lineup4(freshmeat) LINeup4 LINeup4 is a "connect4" game that use... DOWNLOAD
throttle(freshmeat) throttle throttle copies the standard input to the stand... DOWNLOAD
p910nd(freshmeat) p910nd p910nd is a small non-spooling printer daemon t... DOWNLOAD
smart-publisher(freshmeat) Smart Publisher Smart Publisher is a Web-based application whic... DOWNLOAD
tcss(freshmeat) Traffic Control Super Script Tcss implements traffic shaping using iproute2 ... DOWNLOAD
jperf(freshmeat) JPerf JPerf is a perfect hash function generator for ... DOWNLOAD
iana-etc(freshmeat) IANA /etc Files iana-etc installs /etc/services and /etc/protoc... DOWNLOAD
gmui(freshmeat) Web-GMUI Web-GMUI (Graphical Multi User Interface) is a ... DOWNLOAD
hamachi-gui(freshmeat) hamachi-gui hamachi-gui is a graphical user interface (GUI)... DOWNLOAD
acts_as_catalog(freshmeat) acts_as_catalog acts_as_catalog is a (very simple) Plugin for R... DOWNLOAD
digirobo01(freshmeat) Digi-Robo 01 Digi-Robo 01 is a simple robot toy from the Jap... DOWNLOAD
ikewiki(freshmeat) IkeWiki IkeWiki is a new kind of Wiki (a so-called &quo... DOWNLOAD
rdiffweb(freshmeat) rdiffWeb rdiffWeb is a Web interface for browsing and re... DOWNLOAD
libkdtree(freshmeat) libkdtree++ libkdtree++ is a C++ template container impleme... DOWNLOAD
multiwalk2c(freshmeat) multiwalk2c multiwalk2c is a multi-threaded SNMP scanner. I... DOWNLOAD
mguesser(freshmeat) Mguesser Mguesser is a tool to guess a text's character ... DOWNLOAD
prometheus-qos(freshmeat) Prometheus QoS Prometheus QoS (Quality of Service) is an ISP-o... DOWNLOAD
mplayer_ext(freshmeat) mplayer.ext mplayer.ext is a wrapper script for MPlayer tha... DOWNLOAD
jotwiki(freshmeat) JOTWiki JOTWiki is a full featured wiki engine, which a... DOWNLOAD
pythontracer(freshmeat) Python Tracer Python Tracer lets you see your Python program'... DOWNLOAD
easynote(freshmeat) EasyNote EasyNote is an application wich offers a means ... DOWNLOAD
libdbi-drivers(freshmeat) libdbi-drivers The libdbi-drivers project hosts the database-s... DOWNLOAD
plot2d(freshmeat) plot2d plot2d allows you to plot 2D, X vs Y, and scatt... DOWNLOAD
liboil(freshmeat) liboil Liboil is a library of simple functions that ar... DOWNLOAD
c-xsc2_0(freshmeat) C-XSC 2.0 (former: c-xsc++) C-XSC 2.0 is a C++ class library for eXtended S... DOWNLOAD
stupidserv(freshmeat) StupidServ StupidServ is a add-on Loadable Service Module ... DOWNLOAD
sudosh2(freshmeat) sudosh2 sudosh2 is an auditing shell and filter, and ca... DOWNLOAD
honeyclient(freshmeat) MITRE Honeyclient Project A 'honeypot' is designed to detect server-side ... DOWNLOAD
dut(freshmeat) Dave's Unit Test Dave's Unit Test (DUT) is a simple infrastructu... DOWNLOAD
ssqlfs(freshmeat) ssqlfs ssqlfs uses a defined file/directory structure ... DOWNLOAD
optparsegui(freshmeat) optparse_gui optparse_gui is a drop-in replacement for Pytho... DOWNLOAD
chibitracker(freshmeat) ChibiTracker ChibiTracker is a portable IT (Impulse Tracker)... DOWNLOAD
turbogears(freshmeat) TurboGears TurboGears is a complete front-to-back Web deve... DOWNLOAD
jssp(freshmeat) JavaScript Server Pages JSSP (JavaScript Server Pages) enables you to g... DOWNLOAD
lua-fs(freshmeat) Lua Filesystem Extension Library This extension library provides the filesystem ... DOWNLOAD
sethiguestbook(freshmeat) Sethi GuestBook The Sethi Family Guestbook is a multi-format gu... DOWNLOAD
anjuta(freshmeat) Anjuta IDE Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development En... DOWNLOAD
udpfwd(freshmeat) udpfwd udpfwd is a stateful userspace UDP port forward... DOWNLOAD
getwbt(freshmeat) GetWBT GetWBT is a midlet to read the logs from a WBT-... DOWNLOAD
spell-norwegian(freshmeat) spell-norwegian spell-norwegian provides spell checking and the... DOWNLOAD
octave-ann(freshmeat) octave-ann octave-ann is a set of bindings that allow one ... DOWNLOAD
psyched(freshmeat) Psyched Psyched is a schedule and task management appli... DOWNLOAD
auto-nng(freshmeat) auto-nng auto-nng is a program for analysis and classifi... DOWNLOAD
phpautoindex(freshmeat) phpAutoindex phpAutoindex is a directory listing generator m... DOWNLOAD
virtviewer(freshmeat) Virtual Machine Viewer Virtual Machine Viewer (virt-viewer) is a light... DOWNLOAD
gtkvnc(freshmeat) GTK-VNC GTK-VNC is a VNC viewer widget for GTK+. It is ... DOWNLOAD
pyclips(freshmeat) PyCLIPS PyCLIPS is an extension module that aims to emb... DOWNLOAD
algraeph(freshmeat) Algraeph Algraeph is a tool for manual alignment of ling... DOWNLOAD
lasertraq(freshmeat) laserTraq laserTraq makes it possible to use one or more ... DOWNLOAD
gentoodepbrowser(freshmeat) Gentoo Dependencies Browser GentooDepBrowser is a graphic tool to help unde... DOWNLOAD
virtinst(freshmeat) Virt Install Virt Install is a command line tool built on to... DOWNLOAD
mfilebrowser(freshmeat) Micro File Browser Micro File Browser is a simple file manager too... DOWNLOAD
tinyeclipse(freshmeat) Tiny Eclipse Tiny Eclipse is distribution of Eclipse for dev... DOWNLOAD
toutoujs(freshmeat) TouTouJS TouTouJS is a JavaScript framework that provide... DOWNLOAD
kabeja(freshmeat) Kabeja Kabeja is a Java library for parsing CAD data (... DOWNLOAD
octave-db(freshmeat) octave-db octave-db is a set of bindings that allow SQL q... DOWNLOAD
dlint(freshmeat) Dlint Dlint analyzes any DNS zone you specify and rep... DOWNLOAD
griv(freshmeat) griv griv is a serverless LAN chat program, aiming t... DOWNLOAD
jgame(freshmeat) JGame JGame is a 2D game engine that makes multi-plat... DOWNLOAD
biffles(freshmeat) BiffLes biffles does what does the "procmail"... DOWNLOAD
image_album(freshmeat) image_album image_album generates HTML on-the-fly for the n... DOWNLOAD
shape2ge(freshmeat) shape2ge shape2ge is a set of two applications for conve... DOWNLOAD
xml-test(freshmeat) xml-test xml-test checks that an XML document is include... DOWNLOAD
sjsh(freshmeat) SecureJSH SecureJSH makes it possible for server-side Jav... DOWNLOAD
gateway(freshmeat) Gateway The Gateway provides a Web services framework f... DOWNLOAD
entwine(freshmeat) Entwine Entwine is a command-line client and library wr... DOWNLOAD
unison(freshmeat) Unison Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix ... DOWNLOAD
pgworksheet(freshmeat) PgWorksheet PgWorksheet is a simple GUI frontend to Postgre... DOWNLOAD
autodist(freshmeat) Autodist Autodist is a source distribution management sy... DOWNLOAD

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