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xevdevserver(freshmeat) XevdevServer XevdevServer is a program that uses the Linux e... DOWNLOAD
papaya-cms(freshmeat) papaya CMS papaya CMS is a Web Content Management System b... DOWNLOAD
grokevt(freshmeat) GrokEVT GrokEVT is a collection of scripts built for re... DOWNLOAD
mpc123(freshmeat) mpc123 mpc123 is software to play Musepack files on th... DOWNLOAD
pyascii85(freshmeat) Ascii85 Data Encodings for Python pyascii85 is a Python extension written in C, t... DOWNLOAD
metaas(freshmeat) metaas metaas provides Java applications with a "... DOWNLOAD
dnstop(freshmeat) dnstop dnstop is a libpcap application (ala tcpdump) t... DOWNLOAD
frtplot(freshmeat) frtplot Frtplot is a program for plotting your numeric ... DOWNLOAD
audio-ext-x11(freshmeat) X11 Audio Extension The X11 Audio Extension aims to provide audio s... DOWNLOAD
flipslide(freshmeat) FlipSlide FlipSlide is a GUI and new interface for Window... DOWNLOAD
haserl(freshmeat) haserl Haserl is a small CGI program that parses POST ... DOWNLOAD
odot(freshmeat) Odot Odot is a task list manager that organizes your... DOWNLOAD
xmltoman(freshmeat) xmltoman xmltoman and xmlmantohtml are two small scripts... DOWNLOAD
conky(freshmeat) Conky Conky is an advanced, highly configurable syste... DOWNLOAD
socketpipe(freshmeat) Socketpipe Socketpipe directly connects the input/output o... DOWNLOAD
issuedealer(freshmeat) Issue Dealer The Issue Dealer is a simple product for managi... DOWNLOAD
ajaxbber(freshmeat) Ajaxbber Ajaxbber is a Web-based Jabber client fully wri... DOWNLOAD
hotwire(freshmeat) Hotwire Hotwire is an object-oriented hypershell. It is... DOWNLOAD
spray(freshmeat) Spray Spray is a build tool helping you in configurin... DOWNLOAD
libhyphenate(freshmeat) libhyphenate libhyphenate is a library that provides an impl... DOWNLOAD
xhtmlhyphenator(freshmeat) XHTML Hyphenator XHTML Hyphenator is a filter for XHTML document... DOWNLOAD
simpleimage(freshmeat) sif sif (Simple Image Folder) is a single-file scri... DOWNLOAD
xtee(freshmeat) xtee xtee (cross-tee/expanded tee) is a program for ... DOWNLOAD
pyxer(freshmeat) Pyxer Pyxer is a Python Ajax server/ framework simila... DOWNLOAD
zimbra(freshmeat) Zimbra Collaboration Suite Zimbra is a next-generation enterprise messagin... DOWNLOAD
nldict(freshmeat) nldict nldict is a Ruby interface to the on-line Van ... DOWNLOAD
pmk(freshmeat) Pre Make Kit Pre Make Kit (PMK) aims to be a BSD alternative... DOWNLOAD
kaseq(freshmeat) ALSA MIDI Kommander ALSA MIDI Kommander is a DCOP interface exposin... DOWNLOAD
dupmerge(freshmeat) dupmerge Dupmerge reads a list of files from standard in... DOWNLOAD
twisted(freshmeat) Twisted Twisted is an event-based framework for Interne... DOWNLOAD
donkeyfire(freshmeat) DonkeyFire DonkeyFire is a Mozilla Firefox extension that ... DOWNLOAD
zogi(freshmeat) ZideStore OpenGroupware Interface zOGI (ZideStore OpenGroupware Interface) is an ... DOWNLOAD
tclmilter(freshmeat) TclMilter TclMilter is a package for Tcl that implements ... DOWNLOAD
linux-libre(freshmeat) linux-libre Linux-libre is a version of the official Linux ... DOWNLOAD
bigfraction(freshmeat) Big Fraction Big Fraction is a Java class that represents an... DOWNLOAD
eggy(freshmeat) eggy Eggy is an IDE that includes syntax highlightin... DOWNLOAD
texai(freshmeat) Texai Texai is a knowledge-based Java software projec... DOWNLOAD
argtable(freshmeat) argtable Argtable is an ANSI C library for parsing GNU s... DOWNLOAD
dbmother(freshmeat) Mother ORM Mother is a Python module that hides SQL syntax... DOWNLOAD
tkpng(freshmeat) TkPNG TkPNG implements PNG photo image support for Tc... DOWNLOAD
cilk(freshmeat) Cilk Cilk is a language for multithreaded parallel p... DOWNLOAD
icalendarrb(freshmeat) icalendar.rb icalendar.rb is a Ruby library for parsing and ... DOWNLOAD
erf(freshmeat) Experimental Robotics Framework The Experimental Robotics Framework is a OpenGL... DOWNLOAD
ezradius(freshmeat) ezRadius ezRadius is a FreeRADIUS and Chillispot Web-bas... DOWNLOAD
erfcv(freshmeat) ERF Computer Vision ERF Computer Vision adds support for computer v... DOWNLOAD
applino(freshmeat) Applino Applino is an environment to run multiple Java ... DOWNLOAD
nagagg(freshmeat) Nagios Aggregator Nagios Aggregator is a software package that en... DOWNLOAD
mtoolsfm(freshmeat) MToolsFM MToolsFM (formerly mfm) is a GUI frontend for m... DOWNLOAD
proactive(freshmeat) ProActive ProActive is a Java library for parallel, distr... DOWNLOAD
gdvb(freshmeat) gDVB gDVB is a Java-GTK2 frontend for DVB management... DOWNLOAD
wistumbler2(freshmeat) Wistumbler 2 WiStumbler2 is a fork of the original wistumble... DOWNLOAD
matte(freshmeat) Matte Matte is a Web-based media management and shari... DOWNLOAD
ldapmgr(freshmeat) LDAPmgr LDAPmgr is a quick hack to manage a small to me... DOWNLOAD
prewikka(freshmeat) Prewikka Prewikka is a graphical front-end analysis cons... DOWNLOAD
libmatheval(freshmeat) libmatheval GNU libmatheval is a library (callable from C a... DOWNLOAD
noexcuses(freshmeat) noexcuses Noexcuses is a disaster recovery utility. It ma... DOWNLOAD
arpalert(freshmeat) arpalert arpalert uses ARP address monitoring to help pr... DOWNLOAD
matrixview(freshmeat) MatrixView MatrixView is a JavaScript library (for the Pro... DOWNLOAD
tiffplugin(freshmeat) Tiff Plugin Tiff Plugin is Mozilla/Netscape compatible plug... DOWNLOAD
joyevmouse(freshmeat) Joyevmouse Joyevmouse uses the Linux evdev/uinput interfac... DOWNLOAD
bbcode(freshmeat) StringParser_BBCode StringParser_BBCode is a PHP class that parses ... DOWNLOAD
nuface(freshmeat) Nuface Nuface is a Web-based administration tool that ... DOWNLOAD
babylonchat(freshmeat) Babylon Java Chat Babylon Java Chat is a client and server combo ... DOWNLOAD
babel(freshmeat) Babel Interoperability Tool Babel is an IDL-based language interoperability... DOWNLOAD
pwtk(freshmeat) (PC)² Web Tool Kit PWTK ((PC)² Web Tool Kit) is a set of functions... DOWNLOAD
sonatype-gwt-rest(freshmeat) Sonatype GWT REST Sonatype GWT REST is a "generic" (low... DOWNLOAD
sispmctl(freshmeat) Silver Shield PM Control for Linux sispmctl is an application enabling the use of ... DOWNLOAD
algoscore(freshmeat) AlgoScore Algoscore is a graphical environment for algori... DOWNLOAD
mailing(freshmeat) Mailing Mailing is software intended to manage subscrip... DOWNLOAD
kit108php(freshmeat) Kit108 PHP Library Kit108 PHP Library is a PHP library for control... DOWNLOAD
mia-chat(freshmeat) Mia Mia is a Web-based Ajax chat application. It is... DOWNLOAD
vxl(freshmeat) The VXL Project VXL is a set of portable C++ libraries designed... DOWNLOAD
mactorii(freshmeat) mactorii mactorii is an image browser that sorts images ... DOWNLOAD
vogoo(freshmeat) Vogoo PHP LIB Vogoo PHP Lib is a powerful recommendation/coll... DOWNLOAD
faust(freshmeat) Faust AUdio STreams Faust AUdio STreams is an expressive functional... DOWNLOAD
manix-de(freshmeat) manix manix is a desktop environment which aims to pr... DOWNLOAD
bf(freshmeat) bf bf is a simple, fast interpreter for the esoter... DOWNLOAD
quadkonsole(freshmeat) QuadKonsole QuadKonsole is a terminal application that emb... DOWNLOAD
minirighi(freshmeat) Minirighi Minirighi is a multi-threading, Open Source ope... DOWNLOAD
paramesh(freshmeat) Paramesh PARAMESH is a package of Fortran 90 subroutines... DOWNLOAD
moseasymedia(freshmeat) moseasymedia moseasymedia is a set of extensions to make emb... DOWNLOAD
gccwrap-32bit(freshmeat) gccwrap 32bit gccwrap 32bit is a set of simple wrapper script... DOWNLOAD
adelaide(freshmeat) adelaide Adelaide is a shell script to automate the chec... DOWNLOAD
jrmandel(freshmeat) jrMandel jrMandel is a command line, parallel Mandelbrot... DOWNLOAD
netstiff(freshmeat) netstiff netstiff (formerly known as webdiff) is a power... DOWNLOAD
cruiser(freshmeat) Cruiser Cruiser places an icon in your system tray that... DOWNLOAD
bitstream(freshmeat) BitStream BitStream is a Java library to read streamed da... DOWNLOAD
steevshtmlparser(freshmeat) Steev's HTML Parser Steev's HTML Parser is an HTML parsing library ... DOWNLOAD
freecine(freshmeat) Freecine Freecine is a do-it-yourself telecine system fo... DOWNLOAD
astahttpd(freshmeat) astahttpd web server astahttpd is a modular Web server that is mainl... DOWNLOAD
aroundmei(freshmeat) AROUNDMe identity server AROUNDMe identity server is the perfect solutio... DOWNLOAD
clipperzce(freshmeat) Clipperz Community Edition Clipperz is a Web-based password manager. Local... DOWNLOAD
ggivnc(freshmeat) ggivnc The ggivnc application is a VNC client that use... DOWNLOAD
slack(freshmeat) SLACK SLACK (Sysadmins' Lazy Auto-Configuration Kit) ... DOWNLOAD
hatari(freshmeat) Hatari Hatari is a portable Atari ST emulator using SD... DOWNLOAD
projectm(freshmeat) projectM projectM is a cross-platform advanced music vis... DOWNLOAD
qnetwalk(freshmeat) QNetWalk QNetWalk is a Qt version of the popular NetWalk... DOWNLOAD
ocsigen(freshmeat) Ocsigen Ocsigen is a research project aiming at develop... DOWNLOAD
jsqsh(freshmeat) JSqsh JSqsh is a Java reimplementation of a console b... DOWNLOAD
musosu(freshmeat) MUSoSu MUSoSu is a free software project for playing, ... DOWNLOAD

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