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hinversi(freshmeat) Hinversi Hinversi is a implementation of Reversi (a.k.a.... DOWNLOAD
libresource(freshmeat) LibreSource LibreSource is a versatile collaborative platfo... DOWNLOAD
phpop3clean(freshmeat) phPOP3clean phPOP3clean is a spam, virus, and worm filterin... DOWNLOAD
minibb(freshmeat) miniBB miniBB is a flat, linear, highly customizable B... DOWNLOAD
nsconfig(freshmeat) Name Server Configurator NSC is a set of utilities for easy administrati... DOWNLOAD
eunet(freshmeat) EuNet EuNet provides cross-platform socket networking... DOWNLOAD
msnproxy(freshmeat) msn-proxy The msn-proxy is a lightweight transparent prox... DOWNLOAD
tinygo(freshmeat) Tiny Go Tiny Go is a MIDlet (cell phone application usi... DOWNLOAD
crowd-control(freshmeat) crowd-control crowd-control is a secure online event booking ... DOWNLOAD
smcomments(freshmeat) ScriptsMill Comments ScriptsMill Comments is a script that allows yo... DOWNLOAD
phatch(freshmeat) Phatch Phatch is an easy-to-use GUI photo batch proces... DOWNLOAD
websitary(freshmeat) Websitary Websitary is a script that monitors Web pages, ... DOWNLOAD
mapaaudio(freshmeat) mapaaudio mapaaudio is an 1f42 A52A audio stream mapper. ... DOWNLOAD
genstats(freshmeat) genstats genstats creates statistics for any text file. ... DOWNLOAD
kdelicious(freshmeat) KDelicious KDelicious adds several options to the Konquero... DOWNLOAD
tamogen(freshmeat) TAMOGEN TAMOGEN is designed either to create a mosaic o... DOWNLOAD
vmplot(freshmeat) vmplot can directly generate nice graphs fro... DOWNLOAD
bitstring(freshmeat) bitstring Bitstring is a powerful language extension for ... DOWNLOAD
samtodo(freshmeat) SamTodo SamTodo is a simple PHP application that makes ... DOWNLOAD
re2c(freshmeat) re2c re2c is a tool for writing fast and flexible le... DOWNLOAD
audiospace(freshmeat) AudioSpace AudioSpace calculates the amount of storage req... DOWNLOAD
kbarcode(freshmeat) kbarcode KBarcode is a barcode and label printing applic... DOWNLOAD
bconv(freshmeat) BConv BConv is a command line Python script that conv... DOWNLOAD
animplayer(freshmeat) AniMplayer AniMplayer is a frontend for Mono MPlayer that ... DOWNLOAD
monolithandroid(freshmeat) MonolithAndroid Monolith Android is a 3D Tetris-like game for t... DOWNLOAD
butt(freshmeat) broadcast using this tool butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy-to-... DOWNLOAD
openspeak(freshmeat) openSpeak openSpeak is a VoIP solution and is aimed at cl... DOWNLOAD
bika(freshmeat) Bika Bika is a combined LIMS (laboratory information... DOWNLOAD
archive4j(freshmeat) Archiving for Java Archive4J is an archive engine for large docume... DOWNLOAD
bitp_captcha(freshmeat) BitPrison CAPTCHA BitPrison CAPTCHA is a fully object oriented cl... DOWNLOAD
djib(freshmeat) djib djib is a streaming server for media (MP3, Ogg ... DOWNLOAD
gplus(freshmeat) Gammu+ Gammu+ is a tool for developers and users to he... DOWNLOAD
phpcheckz(freshmeat) phpCheckZ phpCheckZ is a Web utility that allows you to c... DOWNLOAD
p4_pl(freshmeat) p4 is a Perl-based macro processor that is usef... DOWNLOAD
santafox(freshmeat) CMS Santafox CMS Santafox is a content management system. It... DOWNLOAD
rugd(freshmeat) Rails Ugly Dispatcher RUgD is a simple, pre-forking, fast (pure C) We... DOWNLOAD
ro(freshmeat) Repository Observer RO (Repository Observer) is a complex tool that... DOWNLOAD
lbm(freshmeat) Linux Burning Machine Linux Burning Machine is a simple Web interface... DOWNLOAD
phploadavg(freshmeat) phploadavg phploadavg is a Web-based script to display the... DOWNLOAD
gtcache(freshmeat) GlynnTucker.Cache The GlynnTucker.Cache assembly provides a data ... DOWNLOAD
iaddressbook(freshmeat) PHP iAddressBook PHP iAddressBook is a Web-based address book fo... DOWNLOAD
jubjub(freshmeat) JubJub JubJub is a daemon for server side logging of X... DOWNLOAD
jflex(freshmeat) JFlex JFlex is a flex-like lexer generator for Java w... DOWNLOAD
surma(freshmeat) surma surma stands for Samba user manager. It is a ve... DOWNLOAD
sman(freshmeat) Sman Sman is "The Searcher for Man Pages",... DOWNLOAD
svnpserver(freshmeat) svnpserver svnpserver is a CVS pserver implementation that... DOWNLOAD
gcviewer(freshmeat) GCViewer GCViewer is a Swing-based application that visu... DOWNLOAD
edifact2awk(freshmeat) edifact2awk edifact2awk is a small C program that parses an... DOWNLOAD
slideme(freshmeat) slideme slideme is an Android client for managing the d... DOWNLOAD
antipasti(freshmeat) Antipasti Antipasti reads from stdin and writes to file1,... DOWNLOAD
mockpp(freshmeat) Mock Objects for C++ mockpp is a platform-independent generic unit t... DOWNLOAD
breeze(freshmeat) Breeze Breeze a multiple class model neural network de... DOWNLOAD
tmx-editor(freshmeat) TMX Localization Editor The TMX Localization Editor allows for the view... DOWNLOAD
limbas(freshmeat) Limbas LIMBAS is a Web-based software factory. It allo... DOWNLOAD
arss(freshmeat) The Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph The Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrogra... DOWNLOAD
autopoweroff(freshmeat) Autopoweroff Autopoweroff is a script that shuts down a comp... DOWNLOAD
delilinux(freshmeat) ConnochaetOS ConnochaetOS is a Libre GNU/Linux distribution ... DOWNLOAD
snakebite(freshmeat) SnakeBite SnakeBite is an audio conversion application th... DOWNLOAD
freej(freshmeat) FreeJ FreeJ is a vision mixer: an instrument for real... DOWNLOAD
xmldom(freshmeat) XMLDOM Xerces Wrapper XMLDOM Xerces Wrapper is an object oriented wra... DOWNLOAD
mrtg-ntap-probe(freshmeat) mrtg-ntap-probe mrtg-ntap-probe is a probe for MRTG 2.x. It ret... DOWNLOAD
opencollection(freshmeat) OpenCollection OpenCollection is a full-featured collections m... DOWNLOAD
scamgrey(freshmeat) Scam-grey Scam-grey is a milter that filters email origin... DOWNLOAD
fluffycluster(freshmeat) Fluffy Linux Cluster Fluffy Linux Cluster will create a "virtua... DOWNLOAD
upoints(freshmeat) upoints upoints is a collection of Python modules for w... DOWNLOAD
pg_typical(freshmeat) python/pg_typical Typical is a project that provides PostgreSQL b... DOWNLOAD
pg_foundation(freshmeat) python/pg_foundation pg_foundation provides data and classes that re... DOWNLOAD
dupfinder(freshmeat) Duplicate Files Finder Duplicate Files Finder is an application which ... DOWNLOAD
grub-choose-default(freshmeat) grub-choose-default grub-choose-default is a simple but handy GUI t... DOWNLOAD
pg_greentrunk(freshmeat) python/pg_greentrunk pg_greentrunk provides fundamental components o... DOWNLOAD
cpp_regex(freshmeat) C++ Regex Engine C++ Regex Engine provides a robust regular expr... DOWNLOAD
metaphoneptbr(freshmeat) Metaphone for Brazilian Portuguese Metaphone for Brazilian Portuguese is a text tr... DOWNLOAD
icecast(freshmeat) icecast Icecast is a streaming media server which curre... DOWNLOAD
pyqwt(freshmeat) PyQwt PyQwt is a set of Python bindings for the Qwt c... DOWNLOAD
jped(freshmeat) JPEd JPEd is an XPDL 1 process editor based on the s... DOWNLOAD
dns(freshmeat) DNS Control DNS Control is a Web-based DNS management tool ... DOWNLOAD
sydebar(freshmeat) Sydebar Sydebar is a browser sidebar generator for Pyth... DOWNLOAD
thwack(freshmeat) thwack thwack is a typesetter that takes troff input a... DOWNLOAD
opencgf(freshmeat) open-cgf open-cgf provides a 3GPP-compliant charging gat... DOWNLOAD
musiql(freshmeat) Musiql Musiql is a command-line front-end to MPlayer t... DOWNLOAD
speedcrunch(freshmeat) SpeedCrunch SpeedCrunch is a fast and compact calculator. I... DOWNLOAD
mediacontrol(freshmeat) mediacontrol mediacontrol can control MPD and MPlayer in ord... DOWNLOAD
yeti(freshmeat) Yeti programming language Yeti is a functional ML-style programming langu... DOWNLOAD
pornotube-dl(freshmeat) pornotube-dl pornotube-dl is a small command line program fo... DOWNLOAD
fura(freshmeat) Fura Fura is a self-contained grid middleware that a... DOWNLOAD
hamsterdb-python(freshmeat) hamsterdb-python hamsterdb-python is a Python wrapper for the ha... DOWNLOAD
sqleonardo(freshmeat) SQLeonardo SQleonardo is a powerful and easy-to-use GUI th... DOWNLOAD
ship(freshmeat) Stylus Handwriting Input Panel The Stylus/Handwriting Input Panel (SHIP) is a ... DOWNLOAD
boneyard(freshmeat) Boneyard Boneyard uses plain text files to fill in boile... DOWNLOAD
authd(freshmeat) authd authd is a software package for obtaining and v... DOWNLOAD
caltech-pcp(freshmeat) PCP: Fast Cluster File Replication PCP is a system for replicating files on multip... DOWNLOAD
caltech-gexec(freshmeat) GEXEC: Scalable Cluster Remote Execution System GEXEC is a scalable cluster remote execution sy... DOWNLOAD
logsmith(freshmeat) Logsmith Logsmith is an extendable framework for process... DOWNLOAD
hamsterdb-java(freshmeat) hamsterdb-java hamsterdb-java is a Java wrapper for the hamste... DOWNLOAD
bitnamiknowledgetree(freshmeat) BitNami KnowledgeTree Stack BitNami KnowledgeTree Stack is an easy-to-insta... DOWNLOAD
f2f(freshmeat) Friend-to-Friend (F2F) Computing Friend to Friend (F2F) Computing is a new parad... DOWNLOAD
gnuclasspath(freshmeat) GNU Classpath GNU Classpath (essential libraries for Java) is... DOWNLOAD
logtools(freshmeat) logtools logtools is a collection of tools to merge, sor... DOWNLOAD
phpvideotoolbox(freshmeat) PHP Video Toolbox PHP Video Toolbox is a PHP class that wraps aro... DOWNLOAD
openmailadmin(freshmeat) Openmailadmin Openmailadmin is a little administration interf... DOWNLOAD

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