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rcache(freshmeat) rcache rcache is a Java library that provides a collec... DOWNLOAD
scaletempo(freshmeat) ScaleTempo ScaleTempo is a set of patches and plugins for ... DOWNLOAD
nconv(freshmeat) nconv nconv is a small tool that allows one to conver... DOWNLOAD
dtmf2num(freshmeat) DTMF2NUM DTMF2NUM is a tool for decoding DTMF and MF ton... DOWNLOAD
ookuwagata(freshmeat) Ookuwagata Ookuwagata is a minimalistic PHP framework that... DOWNLOAD
kmlcreator(freshmeat) KML Creator KMLCreator is a PHP class for creating KML file... DOWNLOAD
idok(freshmeat) iDok iDok is a document management system which prov... DOWNLOAD
mp3_management(freshmeat) MP3 Management MP3 Management can be used to build a catalog o... DOWNLOAD
ipy(freshmeat) IPy IPy is a Python class and tools for handling IP... DOWNLOAD
step-shell(freshmeat) step-shell step-shell is a minimalistic shell script debug... DOWNLOAD
mailquotad(freshmeat) mailquotad maildirquotad is used in conjunction with exim.... DOWNLOAD
ftgl(freshmeat) FTGL FTGL is a font rendering library for OpenGL app... DOWNLOAD
previews-reader(freshmeat) Previews Reader Previews Reader is a GNOME interface for readin... DOWNLOAD
spamassassin(freshmeat) Apache SpamAssassin Apache SpamAssassin is an extensible email filt... DOWNLOAD
xsock(freshmeat) XSockets XSockets is an open, lightweight, and highly po... DOWNLOAD
geclipse(freshmeat) g-Eclipse g-Eclipse is a framework that allows users and ... DOWNLOAD
ramlog(freshmeat) ramlog ramlog acts as a system daemon that maintains l... DOWNLOAD
cuelib(freshmeat) cuelib Cuelib is a Java library for manipulating and o... DOWNLOAD
alienbuild(freshmeat) alienbuild Alienbuild is a multi-threaded cross-platform b... DOWNLOAD
jack4j(freshmeat) Jack4j Jack4j is a Java library that allows the progra... DOWNLOAD
tnfox(freshmeat) TnFOX TnFOX is a modern secure, robust, multithreaded... DOWNLOAD
itmill-toolkit(freshmeat) IT Mill Toolkit IT Mill Toolkit is a server-side RIA (Rich Inte... DOWNLOAD
natmonitor(freshmeat) NAT Monitor NAT Monitor is a tool to monitor hosts' bandwid... DOWNLOAD
ctrlproxy(freshmeat) ctrlproxy ctrlproxy is an IRC server with multiserver sup... DOWNLOAD
greycstoration(freshmeat) GREYCstoration GREYCstoration is an image regularization algo... DOWNLOAD
rlog(freshmeat) RLog RLog provides a flexible message logging facili... DOWNLOAD
txopenid(freshmeat) txOpenID txOpenID is an implementation of the OpenID Ide... DOWNLOAD
gdmap(freshmeat) GdMap GdMap is a tool which allows you to visualize d... DOWNLOAD
vendettamanager(freshmeat) Vendetta Manager Vendetta Manager is a Web-based tool for the br... DOWNLOAD
fountain3d(freshmeat) Fountain 3D Fountain 3D is a little J2ME toy and a technolo... DOWNLOAD
jbosscommonj(freshmeat) Jboss Commonj Service The JBoss Commonj Service is an mbean based on ... DOWNLOAD
htcflasher(freshmeat) HTCFlasher HTCFlasher (formerly known as HERMflasher) is a... DOWNLOAD
gridsql(freshmeat) GridSQL GridSQL is a shared-nothing clustered database ... DOWNLOAD
linklauncher(freshmeat) Link Launcher Link Launcher is a GUI tool that helps you choo... DOWNLOAD
dipc(freshmeat) Distributed Inter-Process Communications DIPC allows an application programmer to easily... DOWNLOAD
libjhttpd(freshmeat) libjhttpd libjhttpd is a simple, HTTP/1.0 compliant, thre... DOWNLOAD
qot(freshmeat) QOT QOT is a tool to generate optimal indexes for S... DOWNLOAD
sirbot(freshmeat) The SirBot Project The SirBot Project provides an easy way to buil... DOWNLOAD
mescaline(freshmeat) mescaline Mescaline is a PHP Web application and framewor... DOWNLOAD
htpasswd_editor(freshmeat) Htpasswd Editor Htpasswd Editor provides a text user interface ... DOWNLOAD
cddetect(freshmeat) cddetect cddetect detects the types of CDs and DVDs with... DOWNLOAD
iupfastdnaml(freshmeat) IU Parallel FastDNAML IU parallel fastDNAml is a program that infers ... DOWNLOAD
iupubsonline(freshmeat) Indiana University PubsOnline Indiana University PubsOnline is a tool for the... DOWNLOAD
projectfortress(freshmeat) ProjectFortress Fortress is a programming language designed for... DOWNLOAD
ipband(freshmeat) IP Bandwidth Watchdog ipband is a pcap-based traffic monitor. It tall... DOWNLOAD
wshare(freshmeat) wshare wshare is a simple solution to share an existin... DOWNLOAD
strftime-js(freshmeat) strftime for JavaScript strftime-js is a library function that provides... DOWNLOAD
gnustep(freshmeat) GNUstep GNUstep is a cross-platform, object oriented en... DOWNLOAD
cacao(freshmeat) CACAO CACAO is a virtual machine for running Java pro... DOWNLOAD
openedit(freshmeat) OpenEdit OpenEdit is a content management framework for ... DOWNLOAD
edt(freshmeat) Edt Text Editor Edt is a simple text editor that emulates VAX V... DOWNLOAD
ccollaborate(freshmeat) ccollaborate ccollaborate is a CMS framework with support fo... DOWNLOAD
enscribe(freshmeat) Enscribe Enscribe creates digital audio watermark images... DOWNLOAD
mobilemaps(freshmeat) Mobilemaps MobileMaps is an interactive mobile phone tool ... DOWNLOAD
tmin(freshmeat) tmin tmin is a quick and simple tool to minimize the... DOWNLOAD
otr(freshmeat) Off-the-Record Messaging Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging is a gaim plugin... DOWNLOAD
erp5(freshmeat) ERP5 ERP5 is a fully integrated, Web-based ERP suite... DOWNLOAD
si(freshmeat) silc improved silc improved is an SILC client without a user ... DOWNLOAD
jarajar(freshmeat) Jar Ajar Jar Ajar is a JAR-based self-extractor for zip ... DOWNLOAD
rfdump(freshmeat) RFDUMP RFDUMP is a GUI to edit the "User Data Fie... DOWNLOAD
beeswax(freshmeat) Beeswax Beeswax is an information management system ins... DOWNLOAD
sstat(freshmeat) Sstat Sstat is a kernel module for Linux 2.6 aimed at... DOWNLOAD
wine(freshmeat) Wine Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on... DOWNLOAD
popfile(freshmeat) POPFile POPFile is an automatic email classification to... DOWNLOAD
swtbot(freshmeat) SWTBot SWTBot is a Java-based functional testing tool ... DOWNLOAD
fmountman(freshmeat) Forlex Mount Manager Forlex Mount Manager is a utility that helps yo... DOWNLOAD
mjpg-streamer(freshmeat) MJPG-streamer MJPG-streamer takes images from an input plugin... DOWNLOAD
datastorm(freshmeat) Data Storm Data Storm is a database browser that can be em... DOWNLOAD
gcin(freshmeat) gcin gcin (Gtk Chinese INput application in X) is a ... DOWNLOAD
jgnuplot(freshmeat) jgnuplot jgnuplot is a Java library for interfacing with... DOWNLOAD
coriander(freshmeat) Coriander Coriander is a GUI that let you control your 13... DOWNLOAD
phuzby(freshmeat) Phuzby Phuzby will let you search your organisation's ... DOWNLOAD
phpprintipp(freshmeat) PHP::PRINT::IPP (PHP PrintIPP) PHP::PRINT::IPP (or PHP PrintIPP) is a set of P... DOWNLOAD
hwfirewall(freshmeat) HardWall Firewall HardWall Firewall is an iptables firewall scrip... DOWNLOAD
jpwgen(freshmeat) jpwgen jpwgen is a Java-based password generator that ... DOWNLOAD
zzjson(freshmeat) zzjson zzjson is a lightweight C library for reading, ... DOWNLOAD
k8temp(freshmeat) k8temp k8temp is a BSD utility to read the on-die temp... DOWNLOAD
cmsimple(freshmeat) CMSimple CMSimple is a simple content management system ... DOWNLOAD
mrsbs(freshmeat) Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System The Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking Syst... DOWNLOAD
chironfs(freshmeat) Chiron FS Chiron FS is a FUSE based filesystem that imple... DOWNLOAD
xsw(freshmeat) XShipWars XShipWars is a spaceship-based real-time Intern... DOWNLOAD
djangoaeutils(freshmeat) Django App Engine Utilities Django technically runs on Google App Engine, b... DOWNLOAD
libafterimage(freshmeat) libAfterImage libAfterImage is an image import, storage, mani... DOWNLOAD
rcptoolbox(freshmeat) RCP Toolbox RCP Toolbox is a collections of valuable custom... DOWNLOAD
etherply(freshmeat) Etherply Etherply helps you find the best combinations o... DOWNLOAD
libucd(freshmeat) libucd libucd is a C library interface to the Unicode ... DOWNLOAD
swterm(freshmeat) SWTerm SWTerm is a terminal (curses-based) client for ... DOWNLOAD
astcdrview(freshmeat) astCDRview astCDRview is a lightweight, Web-based, multi-l... DOWNLOAD
pykaraoke(freshmeat) PyKaraoke PyKaraoke is a karaoke player which supports th... DOWNLOAD
dvbstreamer(freshmeat) DVBStreamer DVBStreamer is a console based application for ... DOWNLOAD
spacemaps(freshmeat) spacemaps Spacemaps is a library that aims to create supp... DOWNLOAD
bogom(freshmeat) bogom The bogom plugin can be used with the milter AP... DOWNLOAD
sql2class(freshmeat) SQL C++ code generator The SQL C++ code generator (sql2class) utility ... DOWNLOAD
sourceinstall(freshmeat) GNU Source Installer GNU Source Installer is a complete source packa... DOWNLOAD
non(freshmeat) the Non Sequencer The Non Sequencer is a powerful real-time, patt... DOWNLOAD
pg_pqueue(freshmeat) python/pg_pqueue pg_pqueue is a Python package that provides low... DOWNLOAD
odt2txt(freshmeat) odt2txt odt2txt extracts the text out of OpenDocument T... DOWNLOAD
akkada(freshmeat) akk@da AKK@DA is a network monitoring system designed ... DOWNLOAD
backup_py(freshmeat) is a simple way to do differential an... DOWNLOAD
bliki(freshmeat) Java Wikipedia API The Java Wikipedia API (Bliki engine) is a pars... DOWNLOAD

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