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dbi(freshmeat) DBI The DBI module enables your Perl applications t... DOWNLOAD
open64(freshmeat) Open64 Compiler Tools Open64 is a suite of optimizing compiler develo... DOWNLOAD
beer-watch(freshmeat) Beer Watch Beer Watch allows you to place a temperature pr... DOWNLOAD
fig2pstricks(freshmeat) fig2pstricks fig2pstricks is a command-line driven applicati... DOWNLOAD
video-entropyd(freshmeat) video-entropyd video-entropyd is a program to add entropy data... DOWNLOAD
dvdrip(freshmeat) dvd::rip dvd::rip is a full featured DVD copy program wr... DOWNLOAD
gorm(freshmeat) Gorm Gorm (Graphic Object Relationship Modeller) is ... DOWNLOAD
price(freshmeat) PRICE PRICE can open several image file formats and a... DOWNLOAD
dbd-sybase(freshmeat) DBD::Sybase DBD::Sybase is a Perl module that works with th... DOWNLOAD
bkchem(freshmeat) BKChem BKChem is a chemical drawing program. DOWNLOAD
ul_drv(freshmeat) uLan Driver uLan Driver provides 9-bit character message- ... DOWNLOAD
speeqe(freshmeat) Speeqe Speeqe is a Web-based, group chat client that w... DOWNLOAD
ssysm(freshmeat) Shell SYStem Monitor Shell SYStem Monitor is a basic console ncurses... DOWNLOAD
melkjug(freshmeat) melkjug melkjug is the software running, a ... DOWNLOAD
rainpress(freshmeat) Rainpress Rainpress is a CSS compressor. It can be used e... DOWNLOAD
jmxsh(freshmeat) jmxsh jmxsh is a fully scriptable command-line JMX cl... DOWNLOAD
myccmhi(freshmeat) MyCCM High Integrity MyCCM-HI is a component framework developed by ... DOWNLOAD
picurl(freshmeat) picurl Picurl is a client for uploading, downloading, ... DOWNLOAD
imagesize(freshmeat) Image::Size The Image::Size module for Perl provides a clea... DOWNLOAD
phpvideopro(freshmeat) phpVideoPro phpVideoPro is a program to manage your collect... DOWNLOAD
femto(freshmeat) Femto Femto is a very small bulletin board software s... DOWNLOAD
mercator(freshmeat) WorldForge::Mercator Mercator is a terrain generation and management... DOWNLOAD
mediawiki-bot(freshmeat) MediaWiki::Bot MediaWiki::Bot (previously Perlwikipedia) is a ... DOWNLOAD
porte(freshmeat) Porte Porte is a framework designed to save time and ... DOWNLOAD
ung(freshmeat) UNG UNG (UNG’s Not Gallery) is an image gallery scr... DOWNLOAD
osmius(freshmeat) Osmius Osmius is a monitoring tool for everything conn... DOWNLOAD
module-build(freshmeat) Module::Build Module::Build is a system for building, testing... DOWNLOAD
sarasvati(freshmeat) Sarasvati Sarasvati is a capable, embeddable workflow/BPM... DOWNLOAD
jsgalbuilder(freshmeat) JSGalBuilder JSGalBuilder is an application for creating and... DOWNLOAD
mailetapi(freshmeat) Apache Mailet API The Apache Mailet API is a Java API which allow... DOWNLOAD
mailetdocs(freshmeat) Apache MailetDocs Maven Plugin Apache MailetDocs Maven Plugin is a Maven plugi... DOWNLOAD
eris(freshmeat) WorldForge::Eris WorldForge::Eris is designed to simplify client... DOWNLOAD
libgee(freshmeat) libgee libgee is a collection library providing GObjec... DOWNLOAD
ispcp-omega(freshmeat) ispCP Omega ispCP Omega is a powerful Web hosting control p... DOWNLOAD
fina(freshmeat) Fina Fina is a simple, robust bash script that loads... DOWNLOAD
mod_timedout(freshmeat) mod_timedout mod_timedout is an Apache module for checking t... DOWNLOAD
climm(freshmeat) climm climm (CLI-based Multi-Messenger) is a portable... DOWNLOAD
check_1-wirehumid(freshmeat) check_1-wirehumid check_1-wirehumid is a Nagios plugin that uses ... DOWNLOAD
fog(freshmeat) FOG FOG is a computer imaging suite that is designe... DOWNLOAD
sourcehighlightide(freshmeat) SourceHighlightIDE SourceHighlightIDE is an IDE for GNU Source-hig... DOWNLOAD
lockrun(freshmeat) LockRun Lockrun opens or creates a file, places a lock ... DOWNLOAD
dirsyncpro(freshmeat) DirSync Pro DirSync Pro is a powerful, easy-to-configure to... DOWNLOAD
dino-file-manger(freshmeat) Dino File Manager Dino is an easy to use and powerful file manage... DOWNLOAD
highbase(freshmeat) MySQL High Availability clustering MySQL High Availability clustering is a set of ... DOWNLOAD
caltrainpy(freshmeat) CaltrainPy CaltrainPy is a GUI and Python library for Calt... DOWNLOAD
texttrix(freshmeat) Text Trix Text Trix is general purpose editor that makes ... DOWNLOAD
netdeep_cop(freshmeat) Netdeep Cop Firewall Netdeep Cop is a secure network gateway. It fea... DOWNLOAD
glooxd(freshmeat) glooxd glooxd is an embeddable XMPP server library wri... DOWNLOAD
xfce(freshmeat) xfce Xfce is an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure en... DOWNLOAD
acolor(freshmeat) acolor acolor (Ada/ANSI color) is a simple Ada program... DOWNLOAD
chesstraining(freshmeat) Chess Training Tools Chess Training Tools is a collection of chess t... DOWNLOAD
pacparser(freshmeat) pacparser pacparser is a library to parse proxy auto-conf... DOWNLOAD
phpsdl-ng(freshmeat) phpsdl-ng phpsdl-ng is a PHP binding for SDL. It is compa... DOWNLOAD
ltp(freshmeat) Linux Test Project Linux Test Project is a joint project started b... DOWNLOAD
tomos(freshmeat) TomOS TomOS is a simple 16-bit operating system for x... DOWNLOAD
tvbrowser(freshmeat) TVBrowser TV-Browser is a TV guide (EPG) that is easily e... DOWNLOAD
norqualizer(freshmeat) NorQualizer NorQualizer is a smart audio equalizer and norm... DOWNLOAD
excepgen(freshmeat) ExcepGen ExcepGen defines a domain specific language for... DOWNLOAD
lincan(freshmeat) LinCAN LinCAN is a Linux kernel module which implement... DOWNLOAD
mypmps(freshmeat) myPmps myPmps is an information system linking the PMI... DOWNLOAD
glob2(freshmeat) Globulation 2 Globulation is an innovative high quality real-... DOWNLOAD
mysql-persistent-user-variable(freshmeat) MySQL Global User Variables UDF MySQL Global User Variables UDF is a shared lib... DOWNLOAD
metamorphose(freshmeat) Métamorphose Métamorphose batch renames files and folders wi... DOWNLOAD
inq1linux(freshmeat) inq1linux inq1linux aims to provide Linux software for co... DOWNLOAD
whitix(freshmeat) Whitix Whitix is a modern operating system eventually ... DOWNLOAD
papertimer(freshmeat) papertimer Papertimer displays a simple full-screen countd... DOWNLOAD
libhw(freshmeat) libhw libhw is a C++ widget set that allows C++ progr... DOWNLOAD
qdwizard(freshmeat) QDWizard QDWizard (Quick and Dirty Java Wizard) is a sim... DOWNLOAD
privoxy(freshmeat) Privoxy Privoxy is a Web proxy based on Internet Junkbu... DOWNLOAD
ossechids(freshmeat) OSSEC HIDS OSSEC HIDS is a host-based intrusion detection ... DOWNLOAD
mpdscribble(freshmeat) mpdscribble mpdscribble is a daemon that submits tracks pla... DOWNLOAD
wansim(freshmeat) WANsim WANsim allows you to simulate (more accurately,... DOWNLOAD
remote-hellanzb-gui(freshmeat) Remote HellaNZB GUI Remote HellaNZB GUI is a small GTK+ application... DOWNLOAD
fetchyahoo(freshmeat) FetchYahoo FetchYahoo is a Perl script that downloads mail... DOWNLOAD
iniparse(freshmeat) iniparse iniparse is an INI parser for Python which is A... DOWNLOAD
nwoptions(freshmeat) net.windwards options options is a Java toolkit for parsing command l... DOWNLOAD
openthinclient(freshmeat) openThinClient OpenThinClient is a thin client solution consis... DOWNLOAD
fpm2(freshmeat) Figaro's Password Manager 2 Figaro's Password Manager 2 (FPM2) is a GTK2 po... DOWNLOAD
goofs(freshmeat) goofs goofs is filesystem in userspace (FUSE) that ai... DOWNLOAD
nmdb(freshmeat) nmdb nmdb is a network database (dbm-style) that can... DOWNLOAD
epdfview(freshmeat) ePDFView ePDFView is a lightweight PDF document viewer t... DOWNLOAD
mplayer-tools(freshmeat) MPlayer Tools mplayer-tools is a CLI tool collection for MPla... DOWNLOAD
pycawm(freshmeat) PycaWM PycaWM is a reparenting window manager written ... DOWNLOAD
mobilezx(freshmeat) MobileZX MobileZX is a 48k ZX Spectrum emulator for mobi... DOWNLOAD
gopchop(freshmeat) GOPchop GOPchop is an MPEG2-PS editor that cuts on GOP ... DOWNLOAD
jpl_news(freshmeat) JPL News JPL News is a full featured content management ... DOWNLOAD
timecloud(freshmeat) jQuery Timecloud jQuery Timecloud is a pure JavaScript visualiza... DOWNLOAD
infector(freshmeat) Infector Infector is a modern GTK+ implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
psyced(freshmeat) psyced psyced is a distributed chat and messaging syst... DOWNLOAD
pictag(freshmeat) Pictag Pictag is a simple web photo gallery with autom... DOWNLOAD
neon(freshmeat) neon neon is an HTTP and WebDAV client library for U... DOWNLOAD
kbdevents(freshmeat) kbdevents kbdevents is a Linux kernel module that allows ... DOWNLOAD
gladiusdb(freshmeat) Gladius DB Gladius DB is a fast and efficient PHP flat fil... DOWNLOAD
rdiff-backup(freshmeat) rdiff-backup rdiff-backup backs up one directory to another.... DOWNLOAD
ssl_proxy(freshmeat) Symbion SSL Proxy SSL Proxy server listens on a TCP port, accepts... DOWNLOAD
noor(freshmeat) noor Noor is a program for viewing Quran. It support... DOWNLOAD
papple(freshmeat) PHP_Application PHP_Application is a platform for the developme... DOWNLOAD
iptux(freshmeat) iptux iptux is an IP messenger client for Linux. It a... DOWNLOAD
uriparser(freshmeat) uriparser uriparser is a strictly RFC 3986 compliant URI ... DOWNLOAD
cnoor(freshmeat) cnoor cnoor is a small, simple, and fast Quran viewer... DOWNLOAD

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