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apreq(freshmeat) Generic Apache Request Library libapreq provides a C interface for handling cl... DOWNLOAD
abaco(freshmeat) abaco Abaco is a Web browser for Plan 9 from Bell Labs. DOWNLOAD
easydiff(freshmeat) EasyDiff EasyDiff is a GNUstep application that lets you... DOWNLOAD
wimpiggy(freshmeat) wimpiggy Wimpiggy is a library for writing EWMH-complian... DOWNLOAD
libtlc54x(freshmeat) LibTLC54x The libtlc54x helps you to communicate with the... DOWNLOAD
tilescape(freshmeat) Tilescape Tilescape is a JavaScript platform for easily p... DOWNLOAD
libharu(freshmeat) libHaru libHaru is a library for generating PDF files. ... DOWNLOAD
jiic(freshmeat) JIIC JIIC is a streaming-based Java implementation o... DOWNLOAD
frugalware(freshmeat) Frugalware Linux Frugalware is a general-purpose Linux distribut... DOWNLOAD
xpra(freshmeat) xpra X Persistent Remote Applications (xpra) is &quo... DOWNLOAD
sparklet(freshmeat) Sparklet Sparklet is a networked multiplayer 2D space sh... DOWNLOAD
yajngi(freshmeat) YAJNGI YAJNGI (Yet Another Java NewsGroup Inspector) i... DOWNLOAD
openrdate(freshmeat) Openrdate Openrdate is a date and time-setting program th... DOWNLOAD
event-calendar(freshmeat) Event Calendar Event Calendar started as a replacement for an ... DOWNLOAD
php-microcms(freshmeat) PHP MicroCMS PHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very p... DOWNLOAD
sipexchange(freshmeat) SipExchange SipExchange is a softswitch that provides stand... DOWNLOAD
touchme-games(freshmeat) TouchMe Games TouchMe Games is a suite of games, including su... DOWNLOAD
varconf(freshmeat) WorldForge::varconf Varconf is configuration handling library requi... DOWNLOAD
mywords(freshmeat) MyWords Firefox Extension MyWords Firefox Extension is a handy extension ... DOWNLOAD
yava2python(freshmeat) yava2python yava2python converts Java source files into Pyt... DOWNLOAD
java2tcl(freshmeat) java2tcl java2tcl converts Java source files into Tcl (X... DOWNLOAD
twindy(freshmeat) Twindy Twindy is a window manager inspired by Tracktio... DOWNLOAD
radarfdtd(freshmeat) RadarFDTD RadarFDTD is a program to simulate electromagne... DOWNLOAD
packetfence-zen(freshmeat) PacketFence ZEN PacketFence Zero Effort NAC (ZEN) is a network ... DOWNLOAD
supersimplenews-10(freshmeat) SuperSimpleNews SuperSimpleNews is a news script for Web sites.... DOWNLOAD
eng(freshmeat) ENG ENG is an event/object based SDL engine for cro... DOWNLOAD
crossftpserver(freshmeat) CrossFTP Server CrossFTP Server is a professional FTP server fo... DOWNLOAD
ximinez(freshmeat) Ximinez Ximinez is a disk usage analyzer and comparator... DOWNLOAD
timebasedtext(freshmeat) Time Based Text Time Based Text allows the user to include more... DOWNLOAD
blindtux(freshmeat) BlindTux BlindTux is a musical quiz game. The goal is to... DOWNLOAD
physicsfs(freshmeat) PhysicsFS PhysicsFS is a library to provide abstract acce... DOWNLOAD
flinger(freshmeat) Flinger Flinger is a super lightweight program launcher... DOWNLOAD
svnobj(freshmeat) Svnobj Svnobj is a PHP extension providing object-orie... DOWNLOAD
wiggly-log(freshmeat) Wiggly-Log Wiggly-Log is a small C++ logging library. It p... DOWNLOAD
skwish(freshmeat) Skwish Skwish is a fast, simple, lightweight Java libr... DOWNLOAD
clipsmm(freshmeat) clipsmm clipsmm is a C++ library that provides an inter... DOWNLOAD
preplace(freshmeat) preplace preplace is a powerful tool to search and repla... DOWNLOAD
mymeeting(freshmeat) mymeeting MyMeeting is a Web application specifically des... DOWNLOAD
gtimer(freshmeat) GTimer GTimer is a timer and report generator for your... DOWNLOAD
cl-blog-generator(freshmeat) cl-blog-generator cl-blog-generator generates a static site from ... DOWNLOAD
shed(freshmeat) Shed Shed (simple hex editor) is a hex editor writte... DOWNLOAD
gsmartcontrol(freshmeat) GSmartControl GSmartControl is a graphical user interface for... DOWNLOAD
shutter(freshmeat) Shutter Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program. Y... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_pubtkt(freshmeat) mod_auth_pubtkt mod_auth_pubtkt is a simple Web single sign-on ... DOWNLOAD
mockinject(freshmeat) mockinject MockInject is a library that supports accurate ... DOWNLOAD
asm(freshmeat) ASM ASM is an all purpose Java bytecode manipulatio... DOWNLOAD
loomes-nested-set(freshmeat) Loomis' Nested Set Loomes' Nested Set is a class that can be used ... DOWNLOAD
libpuzzle(freshmeat) libpuzzle The Puzzle library is designed to quickly find ... DOWNLOAD
stopduplicates(freshmeat) StopDuplicates StopDuplicates is an application that easily lo... DOWNLOAD
djsweet(freshmeat) DJ Sweet DJ Sweet provides a sophisticated component sui... DOWNLOAD
djns(freshmeat) DJ Native Swing DJ Native Swing allows you to easily integrate ... DOWNLOAD
konsecgroupware(freshmeat) KONSEC Groupware KONSEC Kolab Server is a highly scalable, clust... DOWNLOAD
dvbcut(freshmeat) dvbcut dvbcut is a Qt 3.x application that allows you ... DOWNLOAD
hamtools(freshmeat) hamtools hamtools is a collection of small tools for use... DOWNLOAD
clops(freshmeat) CLOPS CLOPS generates a Java command-line parser and ... DOWNLOAD
faac(freshmeat) FAAC The FAAC project includes the AAC encoder FAAC ... DOWNLOAD
sqlite-database-management(freshmeat) SQLite Database Management SQLiteManager is a Web-centric system to manage... DOWNLOAD
kerblue(freshmeat) kerblue KerBlue offers a development architecture which... DOWNLOAD
mysql-split-readwrite-for-drup(freshmeat) MySQL Split Read/Write for Drupal MySQL Split Read/Write for Drupal is a patch fo... DOWNLOAD
upgrader(freshmeat) Upgrader Upgrader is a simple tool that enables Java dev... DOWNLOAD
jsunity(freshmeat) jsUnity jsUnity is a lightweight JavaScript testing fra... DOWNLOAD
bastet(freshmeat) Bastet Bastet ("bastard tetris") is an ncurs... DOWNLOAD
observer(freshmeat) Observer NMS Observer is an autodiscovering network manageme... DOWNLOAD
andrew(freshmeat) ANDREW ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizard,... DOWNLOAD
tp(freshmeat) Thousand Parsec Thousand Parsec is a turn-based space empire bu... DOWNLOAD
dayplanner(freshmeat) Day Planner Day Planner is a simple time management program... DOWNLOAD
bib2html(freshmeat) bib2html bib2html is a converter from a BibTeX database ... DOWNLOAD
magicfilter(freshmeat) Magicfilter magicfilter is an extensible and customizable a... DOWNLOAD
gwtcomp(freshmeat) GWTCOMP GWT Components (GWTCOMP) is a set of reusable g... DOWNLOAD
ipslackget(freshmeat) slack-get slack-get is a toolbox like apt-get for Slackwa... DOWNLOAD
simplepkg(freshmeat) Simplepkg Simplepkg is a non-intrusive management system ... DOWNLOAD
gpsim(freshmeat) gpsim gpsim is a software simulator for Microchip's P... DOWNLOAD
weaselreader(freshmeat) Weasel Reader Weasel Reader is an e-text reader for Palm OS. ... DOWNLOAD
xuheki(freshmeat) Xuheki Xuheki is a fully featured email (IMAP) client ... DOWNLOAD
google-apps-improved-login(freshmeat) Google Apps Improved Login Google Apps Improved Login (GAIL) provides Goog... DOWNLOAD
funkload(freshmeat) FunkLoad FunkLoad is a functional and load Web tester wh... DOWNLOAD
coyotelinux(freshmeat) Coyote Linux Coyote Linux is a mini distribution designed fo... DOWNLOAD
remotefileaccess(freshmeat) Java Remote File Access Java Remote File Access is a set of classes for... DOWNLOAD
bosh(freshmeat) bosh bosh takes the output of the specified command ... DOWNLOAD
simpleslide(freshmeat) SimpleSlide SimpleSlide is presentation software based on A... DOWNLOAD
ogr(freshmeat) OGR Simple Features Library The OGR Simple Features Library is a C++ librar... DOWNLOAD
sabnzbd(freshmeat) SABnzbd SABnzbd is a cross-platform binary newsreader w... DOWNLOAD
summer(freshmeat) Summer Summer is a library that lets a developer quick... DOWNLOAD
nixysa(freshmeat) Nixysa Nixysa is a framework to automatically generate... DOWNLOAD
bzr-git(freshmeat) bzr-git The bzr-git (Bazaar-Git) plugin provides suppor... DOWNLOAD
interface-monitor(freshmeat) IFMon IFMon (Interface Monitor) displays the traffic,... DOWNLOAD
corosync(freshmeat) The Corosync Cluster Engine The Corosync Cluster Engine provides a cluster ... DOWNLOAD
openais(freshmeat) OpenAIS OpenAIS is an open source implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
wacs(freshmeat) Web-Based Adult Content Server WACS is a tool for building adult Web sites. It... DOWNLOAD
myskl(freshmeat) MySKL MySKL is a thread-safe library that implements ... DOWNLOAD
texteditor(freshmeat) TextEditor++ TextEditor++ is a cross-platform text editor fo... DOWNLOAD
tegris(freshmeat) Tegris Tegris is an OpenGL remake of the Block Out (Te... DOWNLOAD
jahia(freshmeat) Jahia Jahia delivers Web content integration software... DOWNLOAD
xmms-dtd(freshmeat) Dynamic Taste Detection for XMMS The Dynamic Taste Detection patch makes XMMS ad... DOWNLOAD
cgstmad(freshmeat) cgstmad Cgstmad is an experimental articulatory speech ... DOWNLOAD
swfheader(freshmeat) SWF header parser SWF header parser parses the header of Shockwa... DOWNLOAD
cobbler(freshmeat) Cobbler Cobbler is a network installation and update se... DOWNLOAD
scarryol(freshmeat) Scarry On Line Scarry On Line is a Web application that allows... DOWNLOAD
polarblog(freshmeat) PolarBlog PolarBlog is an easily configurable, full featu... DOWNLOAD
wmvolman(freshmeat) wmVolMan wmVolMan is a small volume manager for Window M... DOWNLOAD

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