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dans-dbf-library(freshmeat) DANS DBF Library DANS DBF Library is a Java library to read and ... DOWNLOAD
wsdlpull(freshmeat) wsdlpull wsdlpull is an efficient and powerful command l... DOWNLOAD
xmlget(freshmeat) xmlget xmlget is a utility to query XML documents usin... DOWNLOAD
ofbiz(freshmeat) The Apache Open For Business Project The Apache Open For Business Project is an ente... DOWNLOAD
dataparksearch(freshmeat) DataparkSearch DataparkSearch is a Web search engine tool. It ... DOWNLOAD
porthole(freshmeat) Porthole Porthole is a GTK-based Portage package browser... DOWNLOAD
dudl(freshmeat) dudl dudl is a collection of tools to grab, encode, ... DOWNLOAD
fbterm(freshmeat) FbTerm FbTerm is a fast terminal emulator for Linux th... DOWNLOAD
wxcam(freshmeat) wxCam wxCam is a webcam application for Linux. It sup... DOWNLOAD
blassic(freshmeat) Blassic Blassic is a classic Basic interpreter. The lin... DOWNLOAD
flyingsaucer(freshmeat) Flying Saucer Flying Saucer is a pure Java XML/CSS 2 renderer... DOWNLOAD
phptal-template-engine(freshmeat) PHPTAL PHPTAL is a fast, safe, XML-based template engi... DOWNLOAD
dudl-clients(freshmeat) dudl-clients dudl-clients allows connecting to and controlli... DOWNLOAD
qucs(freshmeat) Qucs Qucs is a circuit simulator with a graphical us... DOWNLOAD
evmapd(freshmeat) evmapd evmapd is a daemon for the remapping of input e... DOWNLOAD
aranym(freshmeat) Atari Running on Any Machine Atari Running on Any Machine is a virtual machi... DOWNLOAD
konstrukt(freshmeat) Konstrukt Konstrukt is a minimalistic framework which pro... DOWNLOAD
python-itools(freshmeat) itools itools is a collection of Python libraries whic... DOWNLOAD
tpl(freshmeat) tpl Tpl makes it easy to serialize your C data usin... DOWNLOAD
symplik-xtract4j(freshmeat) SYMPLiK XTRACT4J SYMPLiK XTRACT4J is a stand-alone, pure Java pr... DOWNLOAD
clawsker(freshmeat) Clawsker Clawsker is a Perl-GTK2 applet to edit hidden p... DOWNLOAD
simclist(freshmeat) SimCList SimCList is a high quality C library (that is C... DOWNLOAD
scintilla(freshmeat) Scintilla Scintilla is a free source code editing compone... DOWNLOAD
traveling_salesman(freshmeat) Traveling-Salesman Traveling-Salesman is a library and reference i... DOWNLOAD
autoembed(freshmeat) AutoEmbed AutoEmbed is a PHP class that generates HTML e... DOWNLOAD
gpmi(freshmeat) General Package/Module Interface General Package/Module Interface (GPMI) is a li... DOWNLOAD
cpx86(freshmeat) CPx86 CPx86 is a cross-platform compatible IRC bot, m... DOWNLOAD
gslapt(freshmeat) gslapt Gslapt is a GTK version of slapt-get. DOWNLOAD
mmsv2(freshmeat) My Media System My Media System is a media-driven system for ea... DOWNLOAD
smstools(freshmeat) SMS Server Tools The SMS Server Tools send and receive short mes... DOWNLOAD
pgfouine(freshmeat) pgFouine pgFouine is a PostgreSQL log analyzer. It allow... DOWNLOAD
loki-render(freshmeat) Loki Render Loki Render allows you to create your own rende... DOWNLOAD
diffj(freshmeat) DiffJ DiffJ is a commandline application that compare... DOWNLOAD
netsurf(freshmeat) NetSurf NetSurf is a lightweight cross-platform Web bro... DOWNLOAD
cone(freshmeat) Cone Cone (COnsole Newsreader And Emailer) is a text... DOWNLOAD
see(freshmeat) Simple ECMAScript Engine SEE is a lightweight ECMAScript (JavaScript) pa... DOWNLOAD
deliantra(freshmeat) Deliantra MORPG Client Deliantra is a client for Deliantra game server... DOWNLOAD
fpboard(freshmeat) fp.board fp.board is a bulletin board software solution ... DOWNLOAD
google-apps-manager(freshmeat) Google Apps Manager Google Apps Manager (GAM) is a command line too... DOWNLOAD
procinfo-ng(freshmeat) Procinfo NG Procinfo NG is a ground-up rewrite of the proci... DOWNLOAD
juel(freshmeat) Java Unified Expression Language JUEL (Java Unified Expression Language) is an i... DOWNLOAD
cronie(freshmeat) cronie The cronie package contains the Vixie version o... DOWNLOAD
image-commander(freshmeat) Image Commander Image Commander is a simple program for bulk pi... DOWNLOAD
axel(freshmeat) Axel Axel tries to accelerate downloads by using mul... DOWNLOAD
auth2db(freshmeat) auth2db Auth2DB is an application that stores records (... DOWNLOAD
phpmychat(freshmeat) phpMyChat phpMyChat is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use mu... DOWNLOAD
obexfs(freshmeat) ObexFS ObexFS is a FUSE-based filesystem using OBEX to... DOWNLOAD
pyxmdb(freshmeat) pyxmdb pyxmdb is a database utility for exporting and ... DOWNLOAD
ttyplayer(freshmeat) ttyplayer ttyplayer is an application with a GUI that can... DOWNLOAD
meetmeautomute(freshmeat) MeetmeAutoMute MeetmeAutoMute is a utility for Asterisk that c... DOWNLOAD
izpack(freshmeat) IzPack IzPack is a one-stop solution for packaging, di... DOWNLOAD
mrsh(freshmeat) Mrsh Mrsh is a tool that uses pipes to allow a syste... DOWNLOAD
git(freshmeat) Git Git is a "directory content manager" ... DOWNLOAD
kadosu(freshmeat) KaDoSu KaDoSu indexes all documents in an archive and ... DOWNLOAD
mirbsd(freshmeat) MirBSD MirBSD originated as a patch set against OpenBS... DOWNLOAD
cdnpayroll(freshmeat) Canadian Payroll CdnPayroll calculates Canadian payroll taxes, C... DOWNLOAD
lss(freshmeat) LaTeX Symbols Selector LSS is a symbol browser to help create LaTeX do... DOWNLOAD
rpm2html(freshmeat) rpm2html rpm2html automatically generates Web pages des... DOWNLOAD
php-mysql-db-class(freshmeat) PHP MySQL DB Class PHP MySQL DB Class is a PHP class that acts as ... DOWNLOAD
deejayd(freshmeat) Deejayd Deejayd is a multi purpose media player that ca... DOWNLOAD
freecad(freshmeat) FreeCAD FreeCAD is a CAx RAD based on OpenCASCADE, Qt4,... DOWNLOAD
trafficmeter(freshmeat) Trafficmeter Trafficmeter is a traffic collecting and loggin... DOWNLOAD
roboptim(freshmeat) RobOptim RobOptim is a generic optimization framework fo... DOWNLOAD
fonttools(freshmeat) TTX and FontTools TTX is a tool to convert OpenType and TrueType ... DOWNLOAD
phprojekt(freshmeat) PHProjekt PHProjekt is an application suite that supports... DOWNLOAD
pb(freshmeat) Project Builder Project-Builder is a tool that helps you build ... DOWNLOAD
j-interop(freshmeat) j-Interop j-Interop is a Java Open Source library (under ... DOWNLOAD
app(freshmeat) App 'App' is a preprocessor for C++ that accepts as... DOWNLOAD
dnanalytics(freshmeat) dnAnalytics dnAnalytics is a numerical library for the .NET... DOWNLOAD
restoration(freshmeat) Prudence Prudence is a platform for creating scalable We... DOWNLOAD
cvschangelogbuilder(freshmeat) CVSChangelogBuilder CVSChangelogBuilder is a utility to generate ch... DOWNLOAD
planster(freshmeat) planster planster is a Web-based program that allows you... DOWNLOAD
tibco-jms-php-extension(freshmeat) PHP-TibJMS PHP-TibJMS is an extension module for PHP4 and ... DOWNLOAD
phplot(freshmeat) PHPlot PHPLOT is a PHP graphics class for creating cha... DOWNLOAD
libpersist(freshmeat) libpersist libpersist is a small library of C++ base class... DOWNLOAD
okapi-framework(freshmeat) Okapi Framework The Okapi project’s main purpose is to architec... DOWNLOAD
glabels(freshmeat) gLabels gLabels is a lightweight program for creating l... DOWNLOAD
sleepscript(freshmeat) The Sleep Scripting Project Sleep is a Perl-inspired scripting language for... DOWNLOAD
nautilus-follow-symlink(freshmeat) nautilus-follow-symlink nautilus-follow-symlink is a nautilus extension... DOWNLOAD
filecacheclass(freshmeat) File cache class File cache class is a PHP Class that can cache ... DOWNLOAD
jclazz(freshmeat) Java Clazz Utils Java Clazz Utils is a Java class file manipulat... DOWNLOAD
copperminephotogallery(freshmeat) Coppermine Photo Gallery Coppermine is a multi-purpose, multi-platform, ... DOWNLOAD
rivet-cgi(freshmeat) Rivet CGI Rivet CGI allows Rivet applications to run as a... DOWNLOAD
oyepa(freshmeat) oyepa oyepa implements a "fake but working"... DOWNLOAD
c-ares(freshmeat) c-ares c-ares is a C library that resolves names async... DOWNLOAD
see_(freshmeat) see See is a lightweight text file and man page vie... DOWNLOAD
scord(freshmeat) scord scord reduces the disk space used by a Subversi... DOWNLOAD
nhopkg(freshmeat) Nhopkg Nhopkg is a lightweight and powerful package ma... DOWNLOAD
flattree(freshmeat) FlatTree FlatTree is a Java library for reading and writ... DOWNLOAD
doctor-swig(freshmeat) Doctor Swig Doctor Swig is an add-in project for MonoDevelo... DOWNLOAD
audio-entropyd(freshmeat) audio-entropyd audio-entropyd feeds the /dev/random device wit... DOWNLOAD
dojo(freshmeat) Dojo Toolkit Dojo is a cross-browser AJAX/DHTML toolkit for ... DOWNLOAD
wings3d(freshmeat) Wings 3D Wings 3D is a powerful and easy to use 3D subdi... DOWNLOAD
abstemplate(freshmeat) AbsTemplate The AbsTemplate is an extremely simple and ligh... DOWNLOAD
sockso(freshmeat) Sockso Sockso is a personal music server for everyone.... DOWNLOAD
pythonldap(freshmeat) Python-LDAP python-ldap provides an object-oriented API to ... DOWNLOAD
hardware-monitor(freshmeat) Hardware Monitor applet The Hardware Monitor applet is an applet for th... DOWNLOAD
flyspray(freshmeat) Flyspray Originally developed for the Psi project, Flysp... DOWNLOAD
jumpernetworks(freshmeat) Jumper Jumper provides an enterprise bookmarking engin... DOWNLOAD
mybestbb(freshmeat) MyBestBB MyBestBB is a full-featured forum based on punB... DOWNLOAD

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