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aluminiumlang(freshmeat) Aluminium Language Aluminium was started as an effort to find a di... DOWNLOAD
scc-srv(freshmeat) System Configuration Collector Server System Configuration Collector Server generates... DOWNLOAD
shva(freshmeat) shva shva is a Web-start graphical editor to hear, v... DOWNLOAD
modelica(sfnet) Modelica Standard Library The Modelica Standard Library is an open source... DOWNLOAD
diet-pc(freshmeat) Diskless Embedded Technology PC (DIET-PC) DIET-PC (DIskless Embedded Technology Personal ... DOWNLOAD
archmage(freshmeat) arCHMage arCHMage is an extensible reader and decompiler... DOWNLOAD
inetdxtra(freshmeat) inetdxtra inetdxtra is a collection of inetd servers aime... DOWNLOAD
hammock(freshmeat) Hammock Hammock is a mock object framework for J2ME dev... DOWNLOAD
pdfslide(freshmeat) PDFSlide PDFSlide is an application for displaying PDF-b... DOWNLOAD
pici-nms(freshmeat) PICI-NMS PICI-NMS is an object oriented middleware which... DOWNLOAD
furfs(freshmeat) FUR filesystem Fur is a filesystem based on FUSE which mounts ... DOWNLOAD
jcols(freshmeat) JCols JCols is a small Java-based text processing uti... DOWNLOAD
wmiface(freshmeat) WMIface WMIface is a command line tool that allows user... DOWNLOAD
sms-server-tools-3(freshmeat) SMS Server Tools 3 The SMS Server Tools 3 is a SMS gateway that ca... DOWNLOAD
cec(freshmeat) cec The Coraid Ethernet Console client, cec, can co... DOWNLOAD
dnport(freshmeat) Domain Portfolio Manager Domain Portfolio Manager is a domain sales and ... DOWNLOAD
xpslc(freshmeat) XPS Led Changer XPS Led Changer is a graphical front-end for th... DOWNLOAD
web-bench(freshmeat) Web-bench Web-bench is simple Web server benchmarking uti... DOWNLOAD
tmw(freshmeat) The Mana World The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to cre... DOWNLOAD
linklist(freshmeat) Doubly Linked List This package consists of an API for a doubly li... DOWNLOAD
nettle(freshmeat) Nettle library Nettle is a cryptographic library that is desig... DOWNLOAD
minimac-macro-processor(freshmeat) minimac Minimac is a minimalist, general purpose text m... DOWNLOAD
sunrise-sunset(freshmeat) Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset is a Python package that can det... DOWNLOAD
bnm(freshmeat) BNM BNM is a build system that uses Maven pom.xml f... DOWNLOAD
blier(freshmeat) Bélier Belier allows opening a shell or executing a co... DOWNLOAD
fsp(freshmeat) File Service Protocol FSP is a UDP-based protocol for transferring fi... DOWNLOAD
wicker(freshmeat) Wicker Wicker is a modified version of Ubuntu designed... DOWNLOAD
seascope(freshmeat) Seascope Seascope is a multi-platform, multi-language so... DOWNLOAD
rhope(freshmeat) Rhope Rhope is a dynamically typed dataflow programmi... DOWNLOAD
gtune(freshmeat) gtune gtune is a small application for musicians that... DOWNLOAD
random-front-end(freshmeat) Random Front End Random Front End is a Java front end that facil... DOWNLOAD
qdvdauthor(freshmeat) 'Q' DVD-Author 'Q' DVD-Author is a GUI frontent for dvdauthor ... DOWNLOAD
dd_listmsgs(freshmeat) dd_listmsgs dd_listmsgs is a small door program for the Day... DOWNLOAD
tric-tac-toe(freshmeat) Tric-Tac-Toe Tric-Tac-Toe is a new twist (or perhaps "t... DOWNLOAD
rdfparser(freshmeat) RDFParser RDFParser is a PHP class that loads and parses ... DOWNLOAD
contenite(freshmeat) contenite contenite is a tiny Web framework for PHP5 that... DOWNLOAD
memsl(freshmeat) Memory Structures Library Memory Structures Library (MemSL) is a complete... DOWNLOAD
lcd-linux(freshmeat) LCD-Linux LCD-Linux is a Linux software abstraction layer... DOWNLOAD
remood(freshmeat) ReMooD ReMooD is a source port of Doom Legacy, which i... DOWNLOAD
apertus-open-source-cinema(freshmeat) Apertus Apertus combines Open Hardware and Free Softwar... DOWNLOAD
wikka(freshmeat) WikkaWiki WikkaWiki is a lightweight and flexible wiki en... DOWNLOAD
fstrcmp(freshmeat) fstrcmp The fstrcmp library provides an fstrcmp functio... DOWNLOAD
nagios-phone-number-check(freshmeat) Nagios Phone Number Check The Nagios Phone Number Check plugin verifies w... DOWNLOAD
detached-quercus(freshmeat) Detached Quercus Detached Quercus is a commandline system for Qu... DOWNLOAD
pysh(freshmeat) PySh PySh is a mix between bash and Python. It allow... DOWNLOAD
csync(freshmeat) csync csync is a bidirectional file synchronizer for ... DOWNLOAD
toss(freshmeat) TOSS TOSS is a Linux distribution targeted especiall... DOWNLOAD
glovebox-server-management(freshmeat) Glovebox Server Management Glovebox is a Perl and ExtJS based server monit... DOWNLOAD
xgone(freshmeat) Xgone Xgone locks the screen until the current user's... DOWNLOAD
clapf(freshmeat) clapf clapf is a high performance email content filte... DOWNLOAD
evolutility(freshmeat) Evolutility Evolutility is a generic Web UI and ORM for dat... DOWNLOAD
msn-pecan(freshmeat) msn-pecan msn-pecan is an alternative WLM plug-in for lib... DOWNLOAD
pam_csync(freshmeat) pam_csync pam_csync is a PAM module to provide roaming ho... DOWNLOAD
arpwatch-sql-www(freshmeat) ARPWatch Web-interface and SQL-storage ARPWatch Web-interface and SQL-storage includes... DOWNLOAD
bashrun(freshmeat) bashrun Bashrun provides a powerful application launche... DOWNLOAD
mydns(freshmeat) MyDNS MyDNS is a free DNS server for Unix. It was imp... DOWNLOAD
check_procs_multi(freshmeat) check_procs_multi check_procs_multi is a Nagios plugin to monitor... DOWNLOAD
rally(freshmeat) Rally Rally is a software component with a user inter... DOWNLOAD
piwik(freshmeat) Piwik piwik is a Web analytics software. It gives int... DOWNLOAD
veloace(freshmeat) VeloAce VeloAce is a bike computer for Palm OS. It prov... DOWNLOAD
tiny-calculator(freshmeat) Tiny Calculator Tiny Calculator is a command line calculator fo... DOWNLOAD
zeus-jscl(freshmeat) Zeus Java Swing Components Library Zeus is a Java Swing component library. It prov... DOWNLOAD
dokuwiki-back-up-script(freshmeat) DokuWiki Back-Up Utility The DokuWiki Back-Up Utility allows the user to... DOWNLOAD
guiloader-cpp(freshmeat) GuiLoader-C++ The GuiLoader-C++ library grants the access to ... DOWNLOAD
macchanger-2(freshmeat) macchanger macchanger is a bash script for changing MAC ad... DOWNLOAD
ntalk(freshmeat) ntalk ntalk is a chat console app written with ncurse... DOWNLOAD
drcom-client(freshmeat) drcom-client drcom-client is an ISP client for Dr.COM networ... DOWNLOAD
rayhttp(freshmeat) RayHttp RayHttp is a PHP class that provides an HTTP cl... DOWNLOAD
theremin(freshmeat) Theremin Theremin is a MPD client for Mac OS X. Its majo... DOWNLOAD
guiloader(freshmeat) GuiLoader The GuiLoader C library allows applications to ... DOWNLOAD
crow(freshmeat) Crow Designer The Crow Designer is a visual editor for buildi... DOWNLOAD
noapi(freshmeat) NoAPI NoAPI is a command line tool for using the APIs... DOWNLOAD
avelsieve(freshmeat) avelsieve Avelsieve is a Squirrelmail plugin for creating... DOWNLOAD
ruby-aws(freshmeat) Ruby/AWS Ruby/AWS is a high-level Ruby language interfac... DOWNLOAD
softgun(freshmeat) Softgun Softgun is an embedded system emulator. It emu... DOWNLOAD
javastubs(freshmeat) JavaStubs JavaStubs is a Java class library that provides... DOWNLOAD
flat-file-reporting(freshmeat) Flat File Reporting Flat File Reporting allows you to use fixed wid... DOWNLOAD
smartcrud(freshmeat) SmartCRUD PHP CRUD is a tool for generating PHP code for ... DOWNLOAD
scsiadd(freshmeat) scsiadd scsiadd lets you insert or remove SCSI devices ... DOWNLOAD
opengroupware_org(freshmeat) is a set of applications for ... DOWNLOAD
slitechat(freshmeat) SLiteChat SLiteChat is an in-world text-only local chat/i... DOWNLOAD
php_txgr(freshmeat) php_txgr TXGR is a PHP library that can convert diagrams... DOWNLOAD
agilefant(freshmeat) Agilefant Agilefant is a backlog management system that c... DOWNLOAD
cypasswd(freshmeat) CyPasswd CyPasswd is a GUI for adding new users and chan... DOWNLOAD
myrinix(freshmeat) Myrinix Myrinix is a multi-purpose portable Linux distr... DOWNLOAD
mauve(freshmeat) Mauve Mauve constructs global multiple alignments of ... DOWNLOAD
php-photo-gallery(freshmeat) PHP Photo Gallery PHP Photo Gallery is a powerful photo gallery s... DOWNLOAD
dvorcode(freshmeat) Dvorcode Dvorcode is a utility to translate "dvorco... DOWNLOAD
esa_nest(freshmeat) Next ESA SAR Toolbox The Next ESA SAR Toolbox (NEST) is used for rea... DOWNLOAD
pdfrecycle(freshmeat) pdfrecycle pdfrecycle creates a PDF file by composing page... DOWNLOAD
lzma-utils(freshmeat) LZMA utils The LZMA utils package provides Unix utilities ... DOWNLOAD
chestnut(freshmeat) Chestnut Package Manager Chestnut Package Manager is a utility to handle... DOWNLOAD
testlink(freshmeat) TestLink TestLink is a test management tool and executio... DOWNLOAD
ninja-alternative-php-gui-for-(freshmeat) Ninja - Nagios GUI The Ninja project is an attempt to develop an a... DOWNLOAD
opensps(freshmeat) SPS4Linux SPS is a soft PLC that is programmed in Instruc... DOWNLOAD
wd(freshmeat) Working Directory Working Directory (wd) lets you store a handful... DOWNLOAD
merlin(freshmeat) merlin The Merlin project was initially started to cre... DOWNLOAD
supose(freshmeat) Subversion Repository Search Engine Subversion Repository Search Engine (SupoSE) sc... DOWNLOAD
crontab(freshmeat) CronTab CronTab is a multi-platform Breakout game. DOWNLOAD
cxlogging(freshmeat) cx_Logging cx_Logging is a Python extension module that su... DOWNLOAD

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