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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
xmail(freshmeat) XMail XMail is an Internet and intranet mail server f... DOWNLOAD
imgbrowz0r(freshmeat) ImgBrowz0r ImgBrowz0r (pronounced Imagebrowzor or I-m-g-br... DOWNLOAD
jcr(freshmeat) JCR JCR is a Web application for performing and man... DOWNLOAD
glade(freshmeat) Glade Glade is a GUI builder for GTK+ and GNOME. It s... DOWNLOAD
php-menu-builder(freshmeat) PHP Menu Builder PHP Menu Builder is a class that can be used to... DOWNLOAD
kontrolpack(freshmeat) KontrolPack KontrolPack is a cross-platform remote shell co... DOWNLOAD
chestnut-ftp-search(freshmeat) Chestnut FTP Search Chestnut FTP Search is a Web application to sea... DOWNLOAD
zabbix-reporter(freshmeat) Zabbix-Reporter Zabbix-Reporter provides a responsive HTML5/CSS... DOWNLOAD
alpine(freshmeat) Alpine Alpine is a fast, easy to use mail client that ... DOWNLOAD
wavemaker(freshmeat) WaveMaker WaveMaker is a RAD development tool for Web and... DOWNLOAD
justniffer(freshmeat) justniffer justniffer is a TCP packet sniffer. It captures... DOWNLOAD
bio2rdf(freshmeat) Bio2RDF The Bio2RDF software is a package which resolve... DOWNLOAD
melinks(freshmeat) melinks So called "me" links are a way to con... DOWNLOAD
xorriso(freshmeat) GNU xorriso GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates, and wr... DOWNLOAD
libcsv_parser(freshmeat) libcsv_parser++ libcsv_parser++ is a C++ library for parsing te... DOWNLOAD
phplanparty(freshmeat) phpLanParty phpLanParty started out as a way to register us... DOWNLOAD
xlockmore(freshmeat) Xlockmore xlockmore is an enhanced version of xlock. It i... DOWNLOAD
widgetfx(freshmeat) WidgetFX WidgetFX is a fully functional docking system f... DOWNLOAD
emailalbum(freshmeat) EmailAlbum EmailAlbum allows you to select pictures locate... DOWNLOAD
nasm(freshmeat) NASM - The Netwide Assembler NASM is an 80x86 assembler designed for portabi... DOWNLOAD
icoutils(freshmeat) icoutils The icoutils are a set of programs for extracti... DOWNLOAD
warzone2100(freshmeat) Warzone 2100 In Warzone 2100, you command the forces of &quo... DOWNLOAD
jdbcimporter(freshmeat) JDBCImporter JDBCImporter provides a consistent mechanism fo... DOWNLOAD
unique(freshmeat) unique Unique finds patterns in source code. It helps ... DOWNLOAD
logminer(freshmeat) LogMiner LogMiner is a powerful log analysis package for... DOWNLOAD
libintl-perl(freshmeat) libintl-perl libintl-perl is a library that supports message... DOWNLOAD
smartaudio(sfnet) SmartAudio Smart - is an open source audio player, based o... DOWNLOAD
ksischeme(freshmeat) KSI Scheme KSI Scheme is an implementation of the Scheme p... DOWNLOAD
jee5unit(freshmeat) jee5unit jee5unit is a Junit4-based test framework for o... DOWNLOAD
twibright-registrator(freshmeat) Twibright Registrator Twibright Registrator removes noise and can qua... DOWNLOAD
dimtool(freshmeat) dim versioning tool Dim is a utility to help you track the changes ... DOWNLOAD
induction(freshmeat) Induction Induction is a request-based Java Web applicati... DOWNLOAD
minid(freshmeat) MiniD MiniD is a scripting language influenced by Lua... DOWNLOAD
tclup(freshmeat) TclUP TclUP is a quick and dirty ticklish FTP client ... DOWNLOAD
ff3sudoku(freshmeat) ff3sudoku ff3sudoku is an add-on that features an engine ... DOWNLOAD
vexi(freshmeat) Vexi The Vexi Platform is used for creating and depl... DOWNLOAD
cln(freshmeat) Class Library for Numbers Class Library for Numbers (CLN) is a library fo... DOWNLOAD
openauto(freshmeat) Open Auto Classifieds Open Auto Classifieds is a vehicle classifieds ... DOWNLOAD
php-adminpanel(freshmeat) PHP AdminPanel PHP AdminPanel (PHP AP) allows an administrator... DOWNLOAD
java-cigi-packet-stuffer(freshmeat) Java CIGI Packet Stuffer Java CIGI Packet Stuffer is a Java library that... DOWNLOAD
js-auto-form-validator(freshmeat) JS Auto Form Validator The JS Auto Form Validator is an easy-to-setup ... DOWNLOAD
shakes(freshmeat) Shakes Shakes generates insults in Shakespearean English. DOWNLOAD
tinycurses(freshmeat) TinyCurses TinyCurses is a simplified, full-color, and ext... DOWNLOAD
pairing(freshmeat) Pairing Pairing is a tool to be run on a set of machine... DOWNLOAD
gchart(freshmeat) Client-side GChart Client-side GChart is a pure-GWT client-side ch... DOWNLOAD
kometka(freshmeat) kometka Kometka is a JavaScript and PHP library for mak... DOWNLOAD
agendaxml(freshmeat) Agenda XML Agenda XML is a simple project time tracker for... DOWNLOAD
webmin-openvpnadmin(freshmeat) Webmin OpenVpn Admin Module Webmin OpenVpn Admin Module allows you to creat... DOWNLOAD
danselfduty(freshmeat) Danselfduty Danselfduty allows users to authorize Web brows... DOWNLOAD
manent(freshmeat) Manent Manent is an algorithmically strong backup and ... DOWNLOAD
audiotools(freshmeat) Python Audio Tools Python Audio Tools is a collection of audio han... DOWNLOAD
einarc(freshmeat) Einarc Einarc is a unified storage RAID command line i... DOWNLOAD
jsxp(freshmeat) JSXP JSXP is a web application framework for Java. I... DOWNLOAD
gnms(freshmeat) GNMS GNMS is a network management system, a graphica... DOWNLOAD
docmake(freshmeat) Docmake Docmake is a tool to convert DocBook/XML to fin... DOWNLOAD
matrex(freshmeat) Matrex Matrex is a lightweight vectorial spreadsheet. ... DOWNLOAD
dkpro-wsd(freshmeat) DKPro WSD DKPro WSD provides UIMA components which encaps... DOWNLOAD
muzikq(freshmeat) muzikQ muzikQ is a curses audio player. It currently s... DOWNLOAD
gosa(freshmeat) GOsa GOsa² provides a powerful framework for managin... DOWNLOAD
system-config-printer(freshmeat) system-config-printer system-config-printer configures a CUPS server.... DOWNLOAD
sifolux(freshmeat) sifolux sifolux allows you to download streams and sche... DOWNLOAD
tinycorelinux(freshmeat) Tiny Core Linux Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal... DOWNLOAD
squirrel_lang(freshmeat) The Squirrel programming language Squirrel is a light-weight programming language... DOWNLOAD
ultimate-live-music-audio-conv(freshmeat) Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter The Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter is an a... DOWNLOAD
realripper(freshmeat) Realripper Realripper can record Real streams to disk in a... DOWNLOAD
soundconverter(freshmeat) Sound Converter Sound Converter is a simple sound converter app... DOWNLOAD
bot-lane(freshmeat) Bioloide Bioloide is a graphical Web-based interface wit... DOWNLOAD
dmdirc(freshmeat) DMDirc DMDirc is an IRC client. It can connect to mult... DOWNLOAD
daikon(freshmeat) Daikon Daikon is an implementation of dynamic detectio... DOWNLOAD
w2do(freshmeat) w2do w2do is a simple-to-use, yet efficient commandl... DOWNLOAD
symbolism(freshmeat) Symbolism Symbolism is a library that allows you to use s... DOWNLOAD
oc_translation(freshmeat) Openbakery Translation Openbakery Translation is an internationalizati... DOWNLOAD
panel-gzw(freshmeat) Panel-GZW Panel-GZW is a solution for Web hosting platfor... DOWNLOAD
libpuppy(freshmeat) libpuppy Libpuppy is a library version of the puppy tool... DOWNLOAD
lrs(freshmeat) Linbox Rescue Server The Linbox Rescue Server (LRS) is a tool to cen... DOWNLOAD
onlinebookmarks(freshmeat) Online-Bookmarks Online-Bookmarks provides a multiuser bookmark ... DOWNLOAD
finvoicelib(freshmeat) FinvoiceLib FinvoiceLib is a Python library for reading Fin... DOWNLOAD
omnia-xp(freshmeat) Omnia XP Omnia XP is a remastering of Debian GNU/Linux 5... DOWNLOAD
httptunnel(freshmeat) HTTPTunnel HTTPTunnel is a simple client/server applicatio... DOWNLOAD
envstore(freshmeat) envstore envstore allows you to save environment variabl... DOWNLOAD
vcs-2(freshmeat) VCS VCS is a visual d20 3.5 combat program for dung... DOWNLOAD
gammu(freshmeat) Gammu Gammu (formerly known as MyGnokii2) is a cellul... DOWNLOAD
peerscape(freshmeat) Peerscape Peerscape is an experimental peer-to-peer socia... DOWNLOAD
testmaker(freshmeat) TestMaker PushToTest TestMaker is a distributed test auto... DOWNLOAD
diluculum(freshmeat) Diluculum Diluculum is a library that intends to make the... DOWNLOAD
htmlpurifier(freshmeat) HTML Purifier HTML Purifier is PHP software for HTML filterin... DOWNLOAD
rabbit(freshmeat) RabbIT RabbIt is a mutating, caching Web proxy used to... DOWNLOAD
functy(freshmeat) Functy Functy is a 3D graph drawing package. The empha... DOWNLOAD
libfid(freshmeat) libfid The Full-text Index Data structure library, lib... DOWNLOAD
kusaba-x(freshmeat) Kusaba X Kusaba X is a continuation of the Kusaba image ... DOWNLOAD
libopenstm32(freshmeat) libopenstm32 libopenstm32 is a firmware library for STM32 mi... DOWNLOAD
dnsdusty(freshmeat) DNSDusty DNSDusty is an uncomplicated Web-based DNS mana... DOWNLOAD
bit(freshmeat) bit bit is a library that makes it easier to dynami... DOWNLOAD
osggtk(freshmeat) osgGtk osgGtk provides widgets that can be used to int... DOWNLOAD
sqljet(freshmeat) SQLJet SQLJet is a pure Java embedded database managem... DOWNLOAD
nxpprog(freshmeat) nxpprog nxpprog allows programming NXP ARM processors i... DOWNLOAD
podcaster(freshmeat) PodCaster Pod Caster is an application that can capture I... DOWNLOAD
hcm(freshmeat) HL7 Comm Multi HCM is a server version of the widely used HL7 ... DOWNLOAD
crossbow(freshmeat) Crossbow Crossbow is an image browser and viewer for Mac... DOWNLOAD
desmume(freshmeat) DeSmuME DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator that aims to ... DOWNLOAD

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