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gregorjs(freshmeat) gregor.js gregor.js is a JavaScript library for displayin... DOWNLOAD
dungeonhack(freshmeat) DungeonHack DungeonHack is an engine for role-playing games... DOWNLOAD
pgadmin3(freshmeat) pgAdmin III pgAdmin III is an administration and management... DOWNLOAD
listaller(freshmeat) Listaller Listaller unifies the way you manage software o... DOWNLOAD
schedulecron(freshmeat) Schedule::Cron Schedule::Cron is a Perl module that provides a... DOWNLOAD
temper-tools(freshmeat) Temper-Tools Temper-Tools is software that reads the tempera... DOWNLOAD
ph-highlight(freshmeat) PH-Highlight PH-Highlight is a script written in Javascript ... DOWNLOAD
fastssher(freshmeat) FastSSHer FastSSHer provides fast connections to Linux/Un... DOWNLOAD
pymonitorix(freshmeat) pyMonitorix pyMonitorix is an applet application which acts... DOWNLOAD
qcadoo(sfnet) qcadoo MES qcadoo MES is an open source project which miss... DOWNLOAD
open-eye(sfnet) open-eye Open Eye is a BPM project reusing existing effo... DOWNLOAD
phonopy(sfnet) phonopy This is an implementation of post-process phono... DOWNLOAD
idletut(sfnet) IDLE IDLE is an interactive learning environment dev... DOWNLOAD
stlviewer(sfnet) STL Viewer Display and manipulate the content of stereolit... DOWNLOAD
user-mode-linux(sfnet) User-mode Linux kernel port The user-mode kernel port is a port of the Linu... DOWNLOAD
autoradio(freshmeat) autoradio autoradio is radio automation software. It mana... DOWNLOAD
ayttm(freshmeat) ayttm Ayttm is an instant messenger program, supporti... DOWNLOAD
booh(freshmeat) booh Booh is a static Web-album generator. It takes ... DOWNLOAD
getht(freshmeat) GetHT GetHT downloads PDF files from Hinduism Today, ... DOWNLOAD
tree-system(freshmeat) tree-system tree-system is a system for storing and display... DOWNLOAD
cciu-open-course-labs(freshmeat) CCI:U Open Course Labs CCI:U Open Course Labs is a Django-based Web ap... DOWNLOAD
xorcurses(freshmeat) XorCurses XorCurses is a game based entirely on Xor by As... DOWNLOAD
lg-evdo-reva-us(sfnet) inwi-usbmodem This is a set of files to add support for LG EV... DOWNLOAD
ojnk(sfnet) ojnk pork, oidentd, iplog and ocd DOWNLOAD
ngrep(sfnet) Network Grep ngrep strives to provide most of GNU grep's com... DOWNLOAD
happypenguin(sfnet) happypenguin Happy Penguin is a project to demonstrate and p... DOWNLOAD
golded-plus(sfnet) GoldED+ This is a successor of the well-known GoldED Fi... DOWNLOAD
outlookcalmerge(sfnet) Outlook Calendar Merge Calendar Merge is a VBA-based extension/add-on ... DOWNLOAD
vtonf(sfnet) vtonf VirtuoCP is a Virtual private server (VPS) cont... DOWNLOAD
forban(freshmeat) Forban Forban is a P2P file sharing application for li... DOWNLOAD
isoengineas3(sfnet) isoengineas3 2D Isometric Engine project build with Flash AS... DOWNLOAD
aivika(sfnet) Aivika Aivika is an extensible multi-paradigm simulati... DOWNLOAD
teddysairshow(sfnet) Teddy's Air Show Teddy's Air Show is a game for kids of ages 4 a... DOWNLOAD
ubee512(freshmeat) uBee512 uBee512 emulates all of the Microbee Z80 series... DOWNLOAD
libbadger(freshmeat) libbadger libbadger is an alternative to existing decentr... DOWNLOAD
proview(sfnet) proview Proview is a modern, powerful and general proce... DOWNLOAD
wmolsr(sfnet) wmolsr Created by Moviquity and based on studies withi... DOWNLOAD
turquaz(sfnet) Turquaz Financial Accounting Turquaz Financial Accounting is a complete doub... DOWNLOAD
vmime(sfnet) VMime VMime is a free mail library for C++. This is a... DOWNLOAD
freebarcode(sfnet) Free c# barcode Spire.BarCode for .NET is a FREE and profession... DOWNLOAD
init(freshmeat) init init is the lightweight BSD-style init and sysl... DOWNLOAD
mdata(freshmeat) MData MData is a Perl script to allow the management ... DOWNLOAD
days_lived(freshmeat) days_lived days_lived is a program that calculates the day... DOWNLOAD
katimon(freshmeat) katimon katimon is an unofficial ATI graphics card temp... DOWNLOAD
samba-tng(freshmeat) Samba TNG Samba TNG is a tiny SMB/CIFS suite (server, cli... DOWNLOAD
autoripsh(freshmeat) is a no-questions-asked command-line... DOWNLOAD
milton(freshmeat) Milton Milton is an MPEG Layer 2 audio encoder impleme... DOWNLOAD
hungrycat(freshmeat) hungrycat hungrycat is a tool that prints the contents of... DOWNLOAD
dough(freshmeat) Dough Dough is a personal budgeting application. It's... DOWNLOAD
phpbb3smileypac(sfnet) phpBB3 Smiley Pack Creator Create a smiley pack from a folder of images fo... DOWNLOAD
trokam(freshmeat) Trokam Trokam is a project to develop a search engine ... DOWNLOAD
shadowpad(sfnet) ShadowPad A simple text editor. DOWNLOAD
obhrms(sfnet) Open Baraza HR Payroll Human resources - HR and Payroll management sys... DOWNLOAD
sonicreader(freshmeat) SonicReader SonicReader is used to view and save reports of... DOWNLOAD
sistemagestionproyectos(sfnet) SistemaGestionProyectos Documentos sobre el desarrollo del Proyecto DOWNLOAD
judoku(sfnet) Java + Sudoku = Judoku Java implementation of Sudoku. Visually attract... DOWNLOAD
armagetronad(sfnet) Armagetron Advanced Another version of the simple action game model... DOWNLOAD
chessx(sfnet) ChessX A free and open source chess database applicati... DOWNLOAD
netmate(freshmeat) NetMate NetMate is a flexible and extensible network me... DOWNLOAD
fluidity(freshmeat) Fluidity Fluidity is GTD software for Linux. Its design ... DOWNLOAD
unboundid-ldap-sdk-for-java(freshmeat) UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java is a fast, comprehe... DOWNLOAD
ppm-make(freshmeat) PPM-Make PPM-Make is a Perl module that automates some o... DOWNLOAD
tonguetied(freshmeat) TongueTied TongueTied is a Web based application that help... DOWNLOAD
sshdo(freshmeat) sshdo sshdo issues remote commands or puts or gets fi... DOWNLOAD
osnofianlinux(sfnet) Osnofian Embedded Linux (x86) OsnofianLinux is a set of small distributions i... DOWNLOAD
blaze(freshmeat) blaze 'blaze' is a Netfilter iptables firewall script... DOWNLOAD
wxglade(sfnet) wxGlade wxGlade is a GUI designer written in Python wit... DOWNLOAD
android-ptt(sfnet) Android Walkie-Talkie The goal of this project is to use the Android ... DOWNLOAD
geturl(sfnet) getURL Copy a URL file across the internet. Use HTTP v... DOWNLOAD
morituri(freshmeat) morituri morituri is a CD ripper that aims for accuracy ... DOWNLOAD
lpg(sfnet) LALR Parser Generator The LALR parser generator (LPG) is a tool for d... DOWNLOAD
sxid(freshmeat) sXid sXid is an all-in-one suid/sgid monitoring prog... DOWNLOAD
satsuma(freshmeat) Satsuma Satsuma is an easy-to-use and flexible graph li... DOWNLOAD
midifighter(sfnet) Midifighter Open source firmware for DJTechTools Midifighte... DOWNLOAD
antsp2p(sfnet) antsp2p ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net. I... DOWNLOAD
foxbook(sfnet) Foxbook Foxbook is a open source theme for phpFox. DOWNLOAD
obdtoolbox(sfnet) OBDToolbox OBDToolbox is a cross platform Qt based applica... DOWNLOAD
libtrading(freshmeat) libtrading Libtrading is a C library for trading securitie... DOWNLOAD
m-pin-strong-authentication-sy(freshmeat) M-Pin Strong Authentication System M-Pin Strong Authentication System enables true... DOWNLOAD
fmsloganalyzer(sfnet) FMS Log Analyzer Adobe Flash Media Server Access log analyzer wr... DOWNLOAD
nethack(sfnet) NetHack NetHack is a popular single player dungeon expl... DOWNLOAD
lbackup(freshmeat) LBackup LBackup is a simple backup system aimed at syst... DOWNLOAD
astra-project(freshmeat) ASTRA project ASTRA is a set of software tools for mediated i... DOWNLOAD
teddys-air-show(freshmeat) Teddy's Air Show Teddy's Air Show is a little game for kids of a... DOWNLOAD
dropbear(freshmeat) Dropbear SSH Dropbear is an SSH 2 server and client that is ... DOWNLOAD
ujoframework(freshmeat) UJO Framework UJO Framework offers a special architecture of ... DOWNLOAD
factority(freshmeat) FACTORITY FACTORITY is a manufacturing execution system (... DOWNLOAD
skor-php-template(freshmeat) SKOR PHP Template SKOR PHP Template is a PHP class that implement... DOWNLOAD
graudit(freshmeat) graudit Graudit is a simple script and signature sets t... DOWNLOAD
ld-port-report(freshmeat) LD Port Report The Port Report Project is essentially a switch... DOWNLOAD
templights(freshmeat) Templights Templights is template system that uses PHP as ... DOWNLOAD
arbtt(freshmeat) arbtt The program arbtt, the automatic rule-based tim... DOWNLOAD
opendx(sfnet) OpenDX OpenDX is a uniquely powerful, full-featured so... DOWNLOAD
drupal-jp(sfnet) Drupal Japan Provides translations of Drupal, and other, for... DOWNLOAD
puma-repository(freshmeat) PUMA Repository The PUMA Repository is a collection of Pascal u... DOWNLOAD
igmpproxy(sfnet) igmpproxy IGMPproxy is a simple dynamic Multicast Routing... DOWNLOAD
driverazgoto(sfnet) Driver AZ GOTO do Armazém Enfim, terminamos o Driver AZ GOTO do Armazém d... DOWNLOAD
mspgcc(sfnet) GCC toolchain for MSP430 This is a port of the GNU C Compiler (GCC) and ... DOWNLOAD
peribr(sfnet) PeriBR Live-CD de perícia digital, desenvolvido como ... DOWNLOAD
yourtube(freshmeat) YourTube YourTube is a YouTube video downloader for mobi... DOWNLOAD

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