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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
csvkmlconvert(sfnet) Csv-Kml converter This program reads some csv files and convert t... DOWNLOAD
sharc(sfnet) Sharc Sharc is used to download data from locally and... DOWNLOAD
qwtplot3d(sfnet) qwt-plot3d QwtPlot3D is a graphics extension to the Qt GUI... DOWNLOAD
csvtokml(sfnet) CSV to KML Converter A simple converter program from CSV to KML DOWNLOAD
iwbcff(sfnet) InteractiveWhiteboard Common File Format Becta common file format for Interactive whiteb... DOWNLOAD
prll(freshmeat) prll prll is a utility for parallelizing the executi... DOWNLOAD
xmlbeans(freshmeat) XMLBeans XMLBeans is a technology for accessing XML by b... DOWNLOAD
gwmos(freshmeat) GroundWork Monitor Community Edition GroundWork Monitor Community Edition can give y... DOWNLOAD
cba(freshmeat) cba cba (continuous beam analysis) is a program tha... DOWNLOAD
coin(freshmeat) Coin Coin is an implementation of Open Inventor. Ope... DOWNLOAD
cinit(freshmeat) cinit cinit is a fast executing, small, and simple in... DOWNLOAD
digital-forensics-framework(freshmeat) Digital Forensics Framework DFF (Digital Forensics Framework) is a simple b... DOWNLOAD
blogtk(freshmeat) BloGTK BloGTK is a Weblog editor that lets you write, ... DOWNLOAD
tipp(freshmeat) TIPP TIPP is an IP planning application for network ... DOWNLOAD
sistemadeinforcarpsanpedro(sfnet) SistemaDeInformacionI-CarpSanPedro Proyecto de Sistema de Informacion I, Tecno Car... DOWNLOAD
gatesim(sfnet) Logic Gate Simulator Logic Gate Simulator is an open-source tool for... DOWNLOAD
appkonference(freshmeat) Appkonference Appkonference is a high performance voice/video... DOWNLOAD
securecam(freshmeat) SecureCam SecureCam is a video surveillance system with a... DOWNLOAD
id3taglibnet(freshmeat) Id3TagLib.Net The Id3TagLib.Net library provides reading and ... DOWNLOAD
monster-2(freshmeat) Monster 2 Monster 2 is a nostalgic trip back to the days ... DOWNLOAD
deja-dup(freshmeat) Déjà Dup Déjà Dup is a simple backup tool. It hides the ... DOWNLOAD
winkvid(sfnet) winkvid Implementation of Justin.TV's Namespace API for... DOWNLOAD
phpusersystem(sfnet) phpusersystem A project intended for a developer to kick star... DOWNLOAD
elrte(sfnet) elRTE elRTE is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for Web written ... DOWNLOAD
jperf(sfnet) JPerf JPerf is a simple framework for writing and run... DOWNLOAD
qfsm(freshmeat) Qfsm Qfsm is a graphical editor for easily drawing f... DOWNLOAD
ooo4kids(freshmeat) OOo4Kids OOo4Kids is a simplified version of OpenOffice.... DOWNLOAD
chmc(freshmeat) chmc chmc is a CHM compiler command targeted for Uni... DOWNLOAD
varplan(freshmeat) VarPlan VarPlan is a Web application to visualize and m... DOWNLOAD
qore-xmlsec-module(freshmeat) Qore xmlsec Module The Qore xmlsec Module provides the ability for... DOWNLOAD
qore-asn1-module(freshmeat) Qore asn1 Module The Qore asn1 Module provides initial ASN.1 fun... DOWNLOAD
bleetz(freshmeat) Bleetz Bleetz is an XML-based template parser. It tran... DOWNLOAD
mika(freshmeat) mika mika is a multi-platform business mobility appl... DOWNLOAD
amiga(sfnet) amiga Here you'll find several Open Source Software p... DOWNLOAD
autogen(sfnet) AutoGen: The Automated Program Generator AutoGen is designed to generate text files cont... DOWNLOAD
flaim(sfnet) flaim FLAIM is an embeddable cross-platform database ... DOWNLOAD
duper(freshmeat) Duper Duper is a GUI tool that scans directories for ... DOWNLOAD
batman-2(freshmeat) B.A.T.M.A.N. B.A.T.M.A.N. (better approach to mobile ad-hoc ... DOWNLOAD
kipmp(freshmeat) kipmp kipmp is an IPMP-like daemon that will flip a s... DOWNLOAD
gperf(freshmeat) GNU gperf GNU gperf is a program that generates perfect h... DOWNLOAD
qsource-highlight(freshmeat) QSource-Highlight QSource-Highlight is a Qt4 front-end for GNU So... DOWNLOAD
apache-traffic-server(freshmeat) Apache Traffic Server The Apache Traffic Server (TS or ATS) is a modu... DOWNLOAD
ide_php(freshmeat) Ide.php Ide.php is a Web-based editor for quick develop... DOWNLOAD
cpu-z80-assembler(freshmeat) CPU-Z80-Assembler CPU-Z80-Assembler implements Z80 assembler and ... DOWNLOAD
mv-plugin(sfnet) MV EPG plugin MV is a free EPG plugin for the Dreambox digita... DOWNLOAD
coopgis(freshmeat) COOPGIS COOPGIS is a Web-based electric utility GIS wit... DOWNLOAD
ld-network-device-manager(freshmeat) ld Network Device Manager The tool gives you the ability ... DOWNLOAD
gicl(sfnet) GICL This package automates clustering and assembly ... DOWNLOAD
plymouthmanager(sfnet) plymouthmanager Plymouth Manager is a software written in Gamba... DOWNLOAD
tftgallery(sfnet) tftgallery TFTgallery is a PHP based web image gallery whi... DOWNLOAD
echtwaar(sfnet) javascript: programm guide This programm guide is build from a XML file an... DOWNLOAD
mritechglasgow(sfnet) mritechglasgow The archive of technical meeting by Hao Gao DOWNLOAD
jspvote(sfnet) jspVote jspVote is the system for organising online sur... DOWNLOAD
thumbak(freshmeat) Thumbak Thumbak automates the backup of USB drives. It ... DOWNLOAD
lorem-ipsum-generator(freshmeat) Lorem Ipsum Generator Lorem Ipsum Generator provides a GTK+ graphical... DOWNLOAD
icare(freshmeat) ICARE ICARE allows you to manage configurations of bo... DOWNLOAD
console-2(freshmeat) ConSole ConSole is an open and modular application for ... DOWNLOAD
postfilter(freshmeat) Postfilter Postfilter is a Perl filter for Internet Net Ne... DOWNLOAD
totem(freshmeat) Totem Totem is the official movie player for GNOME. I... DOWNLOAD
siptrack(freshmeat) Siptrack Siptrack is a project intended for automated, h... DOWNLOAD
sendemail(freshmeat) sendEmail SendEmail is a lightweight, completely command ... DOWNLOAD
pyobd(freshmeat) pyOBD pyOBD is an OBD-II compliant car diagnostic too... DOWNLOAD
gnuada(sfnet) The GNU Ada compiler This project provides binary packages for the A... DOWNLOAD
slritools(sfnet) SLRI Bioinformatics Toolkit This project is obsolete/orphaned. The Samuel L... DOWNLOAD
webdataproject(sfnet) WebProject Webprograming and Database project DOWNLOAD
jpeginfo(freshmeat) jpeginfo jpeginfo is a command line tool used to generat... DOWNLOAD
bayon(freshmeat) Bayon Bayon is a simple and fast data clustering tool... DOWNLOAD
asterisk-config-php-parser(freshmeat) Asterisk Config PHP-Parser The Asterisk Config PHP-Parser is a simple but ... DOWNLOAD
stage-manager(freshmeat) Stage Manager Stage Manager is meant to help stage usage mana... DOWNLOAD
mgstep(freshmeat) mGSTEP mGSTEP is a software development framework desi... DOWNLOAD
authen-sasl(freshmeat) Authen-SASL Authen::SASL provides a Perl implementation fra... DOWNLOAD
libtopology(freshmeat) hwloc hwloc provides command line tools and a C API t... DOWNLOAD
fedora-bugzilla(freshmeat) Fedora-Bugzilla Fedora-Bugzilla is a Perl module that aims to e... DOWNLOAD
jscroller(freshmeat) JScroller JScroller is a JavaScript widget that scrolls t... DOWNLOAD
gluid(freshmeat) gluid gluid is a very small graphical interface to fl... DOWNLOAD
role-playing-database(freshmeat) Role Playing Database The Role Playing Database maintains data files ... DOWNLOAD
xbsdb(freshmeat) XBSDB XBSDB allows you to operate with data arrays in... DOWNLOAD
siptrackd(freshmeat) Siptrackd Siptrack is a project intended for automated, h... DOWNLOAD
siptrackweb(freshmeat) Siptrackweb Siptrack is a project intended for automated, h... DOWNLOAD
cat-photo(sfnet) Cat-Photo Cat-photo makes administration and web pages wi... DOWNLOAD
quamj(sfnet) QUality Aware Middleware The QUAM project defines enhancements to Object... DOWNLOAD
ildjit(sfnet) ildjit Intermediate Language Distributed Just-In-Time ... DOWNLOAD
nikonchat(sfnet) nikonchat Pantip Nikon Chat base on Lace chat (http://lac... DOWNLOAD
tableau-parm(freshmeat) tableau-parm tableau-parm is an small commandline utility de... DOWNLOAD
gomar(freshmeat) Gomar Gomar is a PHP-based RFC-conformant modular and... DOWNLOAD
stressapptest(freshmeat) Stressful Application Test Stressful Application Test (stressapptest) trie... DOWNLOAD
mersennetwister(freshmeat) MersenneTwister MersenneTwister is a C++ class for generating 3... DOWNLOAD
jeff(freshmeat) JEFF JEFF is an explanation facility framework writt... DOWNLOAD
backup-and-restore-database(freshmeat) Backup and Restore Database Backup and Restore Database is a PHP class and ... DOWNLOAD
udp_copy2(freshmeat) udp_copy2 udp_copy2 consists of two executables, udp_send... DOWNLOAD
yapak(freshmeat) yet another pak Pak transfers multiple, possibly very big, regu... DOWNLOAD
gbdk(sfnet) Gameboy Development Kit A C compiler, assembler, linker and set of ... DOWNLOAD
mobirpg(sfnet) mobirpg MobiRPG es otro motor de juegos de rol para la ... DOWNLOAD
oratcl(sfnet) oratcl a tcl extension that provides an Oracle Call In... DOWNLOAD
tsformatanalysis(sfnet) TS Format Analysis A MPEG2 TS (Transport Stream) format analysis s... DOWNLOAD
tkdnd(sfnet) TkDND TkDND is an extension that adds native drag &am... DOWNLOAD
netopolhelper(sfnet) Netopol Helper AutoIt3 automation scripts for online game Neto... DOWNLOAD
ms-sys(sfnet) ms-sys Linux program for writing Microsoft compatible ... DOWNLOAD
html-tmpl-pro(sfnet) HTML-Template-Pro HTML-Template-Pro is a fast lightweight C templ... DOWNLOAD
clucene(sfnet) CLucene - a C++ search engine CLucene is a C++ port of Lucene: the high-perfo... DOWNLOAD

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