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bertos(freshmeat) BeRTOS BeRTOS is a real time operating system (RTOS) s... DOWNLOAD
datecalcxs(freshmeat) Date::Calc::XS Date::Calc::XS is a Perl module that is the C/X... DOWNLOAD
datepcalc(freshmeat) Date::Pcalc The Date::Pcalc Perl module is a direct transla... DOWNLOAD
ccnx(freshmeat) CCNx CCNx is a networking system which replaces name... DOWNLOAD
dbd-sqlite(freshmeat) DBD-SQLite DBD::SQLite is a Perl DBI driver for SQLite tha... DOWNLOAD
la-distribution(freshmeat) La Distribution La Distribution's mission is to distribute Web ... DOWNLOAD
ovpn-py(freshmeat) ovpn-py ovpn-py is a plugin embedding Python into OpenV... DOWNLOAD
carpclan(freshmeat) Carp::Clan Carp::Clan is a module that reports errors from... DOWNLOAD
apicaller(freshmeat) APIcaller APIcaller is a class that helps you to build AP... DOWNLOAD
weirdx(sfnet) WeirdX WeirdX is a pure Java X Window System server. DOWNLOAD
addonpack(sfnet) addonPack for mIRC addonPack for mIRC. Scripting. DOWNLOAD
shervinemami(sfnet) shervinemami File Host and Sample Code for Shervin Emami's w... DOWNLOAD
kbuild(sfnet) kbuild - Linux Kernel Build (Archive) This project has moved to: http://vger.kernel.o... DOWNLOAD
teamwork(sfnet) teamwork Teamwork is an integrated, web based work manag... DOWNLOAD
gpxe(freshmeat) gPXE gPXE is a network bootloader. It provides a dir... DOWNLOAD
jpype(sfnet) JPype JPype is an effort to allow python programs ful... DOWNLOAD
clutterflow(sfnet) clutterflow ClutterFlow is a CoverFlow clone for the Banshe... DOWNLOAD
dcrawnet(sfnet) dcrawnet Port of dcraw to C#. Thanks for Dave Coffin the... DOWNLOAD
stealth(sfnet) Stealthy File Integrity Checker Stealth (SSH-based Trust Enhancement Acquired t... DOWNLOAD
mimodynedla(sfnet) mimodynedla Jarvis is a digital life assistant, based in th... DOWNLOAD
whdd(freshmeat) whdd WHDD is a HDD diagnostic and data recovery tool... DOWNLOAD
vim2html(freshmeat) vim2html vim2html is a small program that will export an... DOWNLOAD
django-userthemes(freshmeat) django-userthemes django-userthemes is a simple application that ... DOWNLOAD
oauth-lite(freshmeat) OAuth-Lite OAuth-Lite is a framework that allows you to ma... DOWNLOAD
ormaxxfonts(freshmeat) Ormaxx Fonts for X Ormaxx Fonts is a collection of ISO 8859-1 and ... DOWNLOAD
metric-plus-plus(freshmeat) MetriC++ MetriC++ is a Sonar plugin and a "MetricsA... DOWNLOAD
sched_deadline(freshmeat) SCHED_DEADLINE SCHED_DEADLINE is an implementation of a new sc... DOWNLOAD
opendarkengine(freshmeat) openDarkEngine openDarkEngine is a from-scratch rewrite of the... DOWNLOAD
crabgrass(freshmeat) Crabgrass Crabgrass is social networking, group collabora... DOWNLOAD
mnemonicfs(freshmeat) MnemonicFS MnemonicFS is an information filing system with... DOWNLOAD
midcom(freshmeat) MidCOM MidCOM, the Midgard Components Framework, is an... DOWNLOAD
datalocations(freshmeat) Data::Locations Data::Locations is a virtual file manager which... DOWNLOAD
ergodatagrid(freshmeat) ErgoDataGrid basic ErgoDataGrid is a PHP datagrid for Web and B2B ... DOWNLOAD
niocchi(freshmeat) Niocchi Niocchi is a Java crawler library implementing ... DOWNLOAD
safiworkshop(freshmeat) SafiWorkshop SafiWorkshop allows you to design, test, debug,... DOWNLOAD
mostvd(freshmeat) MOStvd MOStvd will be middleware for Brazilian digital... DOWNLOAD
leeenux-linux(freshmeat) Leeenux Linux Leeenux is a complete netbook Linux distributio... DOWNLOAD
publish(freshmeat) publish Publish is a relatively simple bash script for ... DOWNLOAD
hados(freshmeat) Hados Hados stores files in a cluster of servers. It... DOWNLOAD
ucosiiilwst32f2(sfnet) uCOS-III and LwIP1.4.0 port to STM32F2XX The embedded project of integration uCOS-III an... DOWNLOAD
phpmorphy(sfnet) phpMorphy phpMorphy is morphological analyzer library wri... DOWNLOAD
php2openbravo(sfnet) Openbravo PHP client library A PHP class for using Openbravo's REST web serv... DOWNLOAD
java-gnome(sfnet) The java-gnome language bindings project java-gnome is a set of Java bindings for the GT... DOWNLOAD
lshw(freshmeat) Hardware lister lshw (HardWare LiSter) is a small tool for Linu... DOWNLOAD
odtbx(sfnet) Orbit Determination Toolbox (ODTBX) The Orbit Determination Toolbox (ODTBX) is deve... DOWNLOAD
pydza(freshmeat) Pydza Pydza is a platform game with a fun gameplay an... DOWNLOAD
nanoserv(freshmeat) nanoserv Nanoserv is a sockets daemon toolkit for PHP 5.... DOWNLOAD
soapjs(freshmeat) SOAPjs SOAPjs parses WSDL files and creates methods so... DOWNLOAD
deadatagrid(freshmeat) dea datagrid dea datagrid is an AJAX data grid with sorting,... DOWNLOAD
proftpd(freshmeat) ProFTPD ProFTPD is a proven, high-performance, scalable... DOWNLOAD
django-cms(freshmeat) django CMS django CMS is a content management system based... DOWNLOAD
loadcsv(freshmeat) loadcsv loadcsv is a small utility to load data from CS... DOWNLOAD
cbl2pg(freshmeat) cbl2pg cbl2pg is a library to connect Cobol programs t... DOWNLOAD
oww(freshmeat) One-Wire Weather Oww (One-Wire Weather) is a client program for ... DOWNLOAD
uproxy(freshmeat) UProxy UProxy is a proxy for UDP protocols. UProxy was... DOWNLOAD
scott(freshmeat) scott SCOTT is a toolkit aimed to support the automat... DOWNLOAD
chartviz(freshmeat) chartviz Chartviz is a JavaScript library for charting a... DOWNLOAD
ehcp(freshmeat) Easy Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu Easy Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu is design... DOWNLOAD
libtisch(freshmeat) libTISCH libTISCH is a framework for easy development of... DOWNLOAD
pfloghtml(freshmeat) pfloghtml pfloghtml is a simple and quick log parsing pro... DOWNLOAD
tinymce(freshmeat) TinyMCE TinyMCE is a platform-independent, Web-based, J... DOWNLOAD
aviation-2(freshmeat) Aviation Aviation is a flight simulator meant to be some... DOWNLOAD
m23(sfnet) m23 m23 is a free software distribution system (lic... DOWNLOAD
openleave(sfnet) openleave Open Leave Administration is a simple and strai... DOWNLOAD
freereport(sfnet) FreeReport FreeReport - is an attempt to continue FastRepo... DOWNLOAD
gnuwin32(sfnet) GnuWin GnuWin provides Win32-versions of GNU tools, or... DOWNLOAD
tpccruner(sfnet) TPCCRuner TPCCRunner is a TPC-C Like workload generator, ... DOWNLOAD
ftpmark(sfnet) ftpMark Python test tool to run FTP performance tests o... DOWNLOAD
sevenzcracker(sfnet) sevenzcracker Did you ever forget the password of your 7z arc... DOWNLOAD
domstrasim(sfnet) Dominion-Strategie-Simulator Version 1: single player, test best strategies ... DOWNLOAD
transproxy(sfnet) Transparent HTTP Proxy Transproxy is used in conjunction with the Free... DOWNLOAD
achievo(freshmeat) Achievo Achievo is a Web-based project management and t... DOWNLOAD
mapslipper-toolkit(freshmeat) MapSlipper Toolkit MapSlipper Toolkit is a collection of Perl scri... DOWNLOAD
luckytubes(freshmeat) LuckyTubes LuckyTubes is a command-line utility to find, d... DOWNLOAD
svn2log(freshmeat) SVN2Log SVN2Log automatically generates changelogs from... DOWNLOAD
print-release-system(freshmeat) Print Release System Print Release System provides Web-based managem... DOWNLOAD
pyx11remote(freshmeat) PyX11Remote PyX11Remote is an Xlib based X11 remote control... DOWNLOAD
mkdoc-2(freshmeat) mkdoc MkDoc is a C and C++ code documentation tool. I... DOWNLOAD
diskegrator(freshmeat) Diskegrator The diskegrator is a utility for integrating di... DOWNLOAD
twistedstorage(freshmeat) Twisted Storage Twisted Storage converts any number of storage ... DOWNLOAD
methane(freshmeat) Super Methane Brothers Super Methane Brothers is a game in which you u... DOWNLOAD
bakefile(freshmeat) Bakefile Bakefile is cross-platform, cross-compiler gene... DOWNLOAD
sisc(sfnet) SISC SISC is an extensible Java based interpreter of... DOWNLOAD
xfce(sfnet) Xfce Desktop Environment Xfce is an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure de... DOWNLOAD
nimrod(freshmeat) Nimrod Nimrod is a statically typed, imperative progra... DOWNLOAD
plural(sfnet) Plural Operating System A multitasking, multithreaded operating system ... DOWNLOAD
jwx(sfnet) jwx! - wxWidgets for Java jwx! is a Java binding to the wxWidgets GUI too... DOWNLOAD
romannumeralcon(sfnet) Roman Numeral Converter (VB.NET) A conversion program written in as a Windows Fo... DOWNLOAD
phpgroupware(freshmeat) phpGroupWare phpGroupWare (formerly known as webdistro) is a... DOWNLOAD
rsmediadevkit(sfnet) rsmediadevkit A series of open source files and programs avai... DOWNLOAD
one-time-passwords-via-sms(freshmeat) PHP SMS Authentication PHP SMS Authentication is a PHP class that impl... DOWNLOAD
pure-ftpd(freshmeat) Pure FTP Server Pure FTP Server is a fast, production quality, ... DOWNLOAD
scenerytools(sfnet) Scenery Tools for MSFS Scenery creation tool suite for Microsoft Fligh... DOWNLOAD
codmacs(freshmeat) CodMACs CodMACs helps you to write programs (in any lan... DOWNLOAD
k5nbookreader(freshmeat) k5nBookReader k5nBookReader is an application for finding, do... DOWNLOAD
apphp-microblog(freshmeat) ApPHP MicroBlog ApPHP MicroBlog (ApPHP MicroB) is a very simple... DOWNLOAD
prnglib(freshmeat) prnglib Prnglib is a pseudo random number generation li... DOWNLOAD
lerg2pgsql(freshmeat) LERG2pgsql LERG2pgsql is a small program that reads Telcor... DOWNLOAD
simple-mail-distributor(freshmeat) Simple Mail Distributor The Simple Mail Distributor is an Email::Filter... DOWNLOAD
fix-latency(freshmeat) FIX Latency FIX Latency takes a FIX protocol log as input a... DOWNLOAD

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