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sunnyplayer(sfnet) sunnyplayer Sunny Player(Linux/Win32/Mac)/Encoder(Win32) is... DOWNLOAD
python-gasp(freshmeat) Graphics API for Students of Python GASP (Graphics API for Students of Python) prov... DOWNLOAD
keyboard-upgrade(freshmeat) Keyboard Upgrade Keyboard Upgrade is firmware that was designed ... DOWNLOAD
servomaster(freshmeat) ServoMaster ServoMaster provides hardware independent abstr... DOWNLOAD
khovsgol(freshmeat) Khövsgöl Khövsgöl is a minimal, highly configurable musi... DOWNLOAD
audmes(sfnet) AUDio MEasurement System AUDio MEasurement System - multi-platfrom syste... DOWNLOAD
gridsam(sfnet) GridSAM GridSAM provides a job submission open standard... DOWNLOAD
satorievent(sfnet) SatoriEvent A variant of GhostEvent to simplify configurati... DOWNLOAD
swingsheet(sfnet) Open java swing spreadsheet A spreadsheet written in pure java based on swing. DOWNLOAD
castleproject(sfnet) Castle Project Castle aspires to simplify the development of e... DOWNLOAD
allegrogl(sfnet) AllegroGL AllegroGL is a small library intended to allow ... DOWNLOAD
secureaudit(sfnet) Secure Auditing for the Linux Kernel To develop an auditing package that is complian... DOWNLOAD
pypdfgui(sfnet) pyPdf-GUI pyPdf-GUI is a Python-based graphical user inte... DOWNLOAD
wincache(sfnet) WinCache Extension for PHP Windows Cache Extension for PHP is a PHP accele... DOWNLOAD
manhattan(sfnet) The Manhattan Virtual Classroom A system for delivering courses via the web, Ma... DOWNLOAD
cccc(sfnet) C and C++ Code Counter CCCC is a tool which analyzes C++ and Java file... DOWNLOAD
linuxgaliza(sfnet) Linux Galiza Linux Galiza S.O GNU/Linux DOWNLOAD
lua_udunits2(freshmeat) lua_udunits2 lua_udunits2 provides a Lua interface for the U... DOWNLOAD
quanta(sfnet) Quanta+ Web Development Environment Quanta+ is a web development environment for HT... DOWNLOAD
cego-dbd(freshmeat) Cego-DBD Cego-DBD implements a Perl DBD driver for the C... DOWNLOAD
licentagdk(sfnet) Licenta George Isachi - Iulie 2012 Lucrarea de față adresează o temă legată de det... DOWNLOAD
geckobrowser(sfnet) geckobrowser TGeckoBrowser is a Browser Component for Delphi... DOWNLOAD
openslp(sfnet) OpenSLP OpenSLP project is an effort to develop an open... DOWNLOAD
sharpweb(sfnet) sharpweb A web browser using Gecko. Developed in C# DOWNLOAD
huaweie1750ubun(sfnet) huaweie1750ubun a bash-script made to configure your ubuntu com... DOWNLOAD
pxlib(sfnet) Library to read and write Paradox files This library allows to read and write Paradox d... DOWNLOAD
easycalc(sfnet) EasyCalc Scientific calculator for PalmOS and PocketPC w... DOWNLOAD
pp-cbernal0306(sfnet) Softcabq Softcabq DOWNLOAD
emacslocale(sfnet) emacs-locale Emacs-locale-dev Emacs-locale-zh-cn DOWNLOAD
linguider(sfnet) lin_guider Lin-guider is an astronomical autoguiding progr... DOWNLOAD
asterisk-flite(freshmeat) Asterisk Flite Flite For Asterisk provides the "Flite&quo... DOWNLOAD
latemp(freshmeat) Latemp Latemp (a play on "Template") is an o... DOWNLOAD
daes(freshmeat) daes daes is a little program for encrypting files. DOWNLOAD
duel-commander(freshmeat) Duel Commander Duel Commander is a command line turn-based fig... DOWNLOAD
sshh-release-ii(freshmeat) sshh release II sshh is a set of two daemons that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
js-wars(freshmeat) JS Wars JS WARS is a classic shoot 'em up written to de... DOWNLOAD
libmpd(freshmeat) libmpd libmpd is a high level C library for accessing ... DOWNLOAD
phpjasperxml(freshmeat) PHPJasperXML PHPJasperXML is a class that allows native PHP ... DOWNLOAD
mcwin32(sfnet) Midnight Commander for Windows Windows XP+/32 bit native port of GNU Midnight ... DOWNLOAD
direktion(freshmeat) DireKtion DireKtion is a satellite navigation project bas... DOWNLOAD
unixbench(freshmeat) UnixBench UnixBench provides a basic indicator of the per... DOWNLOAD
kmotion(freshmeat) kmotion kmotion is a Web based video surveillance front... DOWNLOAD
algorithm-graphs-transitiveclo(freshmeat) Algorithm-Graphs-TransitiveClosure Algorithm-Graphs-TransitiveClosure is a Perl mo... DOWNLOAD
parse-dia-sql(freshmeat) Parse-Dia-SQL Parse-Dia-SQL converts Dia class diagrams into ... DOWNLOAD
db4o(freshmeat) db4o db4o is an object database for Java and all .NE... DOWNLOAD
soscoring(sfnet) Science Olympiad Scoring System This is an Excel based scoring system for use a... DOWNLOAD
krusader(sfnet) Krusader Krusader is a twin-panel (commander style) file... DOWNLOAD
java-vector-cut-and-paste-libr(freshmeat) Java Vector Cut and Paste Library The Qenherkhopeshef Java Vector graphics librar... DOWNLOAD
php-rtmp-client(freshmeat) PHP Rtmp Client PHP Rtmp Client is a simple RTMP client for PHP... DOWNLOAD
isotrol-requmngt-redmine-plugi(freshmeat) RequMNGT RequMNGT is a Redmine plugin that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
pilotqof(freshmeat) Pilot-QOF Pilot-QOF is an application interface between p... DOWNLOAD
tera_wurfl(freshmeat) Tera-WURFL Tera-WURFL is a PHP class that can identify the... DOWNLOAD
java-usb-library(freshmeat) Java USB Library Java USB Library is a complete cross-browser Ja... DOWNLOAD
dgamevfs(freshmeat) D:GameVFS D:GameVFS is a minimalist virtual filesystem li... DOWNLOAD
wodbo(sfnet) Wodbo World of Dragon Ball online DOWNLOAD
batakdict(sfnet) batakdict Kamus Bahasa Batak-Indonesia dan Kamus Bahasa I... DOWNLOAD
fritz-paymentjsonrpc(freshmeat) fritz-payment/jsonrpc fritz-payment/jsonrpc is a general JSON RPC li... DOWNLOAD
ebooks1(sfnet) E-book Ebook Will be upload... DOWNLOAD
gladinetazure(sfnet) Gladinet Cloud Desktop Azure Plugin This project leverages the Gladinet Cloud Deskt... DOWNLOAD
dominion(sfnet) Dominion Syndicate's Engine/Interface A game interface and engine, for rpgs, fps, adv... DOWNLOAD
epcam(sfnet) Creative WebCam PD1001 Linux driver This is linux driver for webcams based on the E... DOWNLOAD
whole-brain-catalog(freshmeat) Whole Brain Catalog The Whole Brain Catalog is a 3D virtual environ... DOWNLOAD
webmcp(freshmeat) WebMCP WebMCP is a Web application framework. Instead ... DOWNLOAD
msf(freshmeat) Metasploit Framework The Metasploit Framework is a platform for deve... DOWNLOAD
ascape(sfnet) Ascape A framework and runtime environment for explori... DOWNLOAD
findkillprocuni(sfnet) NSIS Unicode FindProc / KillProc plug-in This project is modified based on "KillPro... DOWNLOAD
panicrobotdm(sfnet) panicrobotdm Panic is a SourceMod where you play as robots a... DOWNLOAD
superpy(freshmeat) superpy Superpy distributes Python programs across a cl... DOWNLOAD
fkmines(freshmeat) Fkmines Fkmines is an ncurses-based Minesweeper clone f... DOWNLOAD
poole(freshmeat) Poole Poole is a simple static Web site generator. It... DOWNLOAD
elrte(freshmeat) elRTE elRTE is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the Web writ... DOWNLOAD
vosao-cms(freshmeat) Vosao CMS Vosao CMS is a CMS for Google App Engine. It fe... DOWNLOAD
libjson(freshmeat) libjson libjson is a JSON parser and printer that is fu... DOWNLOAD
ovanttasks(sfnet) Orangevolt Ant Tasks Orangevolt Ant Tasks (successor of ROXES Ant Ta... DOWNLOAD
libssh2(freshmeat) libssh2 libssh2 is a C library that implements the SSH2... DOWNLOAD
evol(freshmeat) evol evol (entrenched virtues of Lisp (love reversed... DOWNLOAD
deva(freshmeat) deva Deva is a programming language that is small, d... DOWNLOAD
forms4j(freshmeat) Forms4j Forms4j is a replacement for using Spring form ... DOWNLOAD
restygwt(freshmeat) RestyGWT RestyGWT is a GWT generator for REST services a... DOWNLOAD
openfp(freshmeat) OpenFP OpenFP allows you to create audio fingerprint f... DOWNLOAD
oratio(freshmeat) ORATIO Oratio is an Italo-French ERP (a double entry a... DOWNLOAD
sptrwt(freshmeat) SPT Relational Database Web Tool The SPT Relational Database Web Tool (RWT) is a... DOWNLOAD
swissparser(freshmeat) SwissParser SwissParser allows you to define in a few lines... DOWNLOAD
jasperberry(sfnet) jasperberry Small and simple java library for working with ... DOWNLOAD
macbbdemux(sfnet) bbDEMUX Simple demuxing app to separate an MPEG or VOB ... DOWNLOAD
aquasatellite(sfnet) Aqua Satellite Code for working with data from NASA's Aqua Sat... DOWNLOAD
sshallow(sfnet) sshallow Java based webapp that utilizes TCP Wrappers to... DOWNLOAD
after-the-deadline(freshmeat) After the Deadline After The Deadline is contextual spell checking... DOWNLOAD
notational-velocity(freshmeat) Notational Velocity Notational Velocity is a Mac OS X desktop appli... DOWNLOAD
o4glws(freshmeat) Open 4GL WebServices Open 4GL WebServices is a wizard/procedure and ... DOWNLOAD
enginuity(sfnet) Enginuity Enginuity is a free Engine Control Unit (ECU) e... DOWNLOAD
mimic-xmlrpc(sfnet) Mimic - JavaScript XML-RPC Client Mimic is a JavaScript implementation of client-... DOWNLOAD
prometheus(sfnet) prometheus-library The goals of this library are to provide a api ... DOWNLOAD
soteshop(freshmeat) SOTESHOP SOTESHOP is e-commerce software that includes a... DOWNLOAD
trakviewpoints(sfnet) TRAK Viewpoints The architecture viewpoints (specifications for... DOWNLOAD
faac(sfnet) Freeware Advanced Audio Coder FAAC is an Advanced Audio Coder (MPEG2-AAC, MPE... DOWNLOAD
ggsync(sfnet) GGSync A Java J2ME project for exporting Google gmail ... DOWNLOAD
safelock(freshmeat) Safelock Safelock is a file-based locking primitive that... DOWNLOAD
phpequations(freshmeat) phpEquations phpEquations is a PHP class that can find the s... DOWNLOAD
flashresources(sfnet) Flash Resources Colección de módulos y rutinas para Flash sobre... DOWNLOAD

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