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rest-edit(freshmeat) rest-edit rest-edit is a browser-based editor for REST re... DOWNLOAD
croflash(sfnet) Capture pic via Webcam using PHP/Flash Capture picture via Webcam using PHP/Flash DOWNLOAD
gnrcgmgns(sfnet) Generic Game Genius This is a windows app using win32 and DirectX 9... DOWNLOAD
check_tfl(freshmeat) check_tfl check_tfl is a check for Nagios/Icinga/Shinken ... DOWNLOAD
gnu-shogi(freshmeat) GNU Shogi GNU Shogi plays the Game of Shogi, also known a... DOWNLOAD
rikulo-memcachedclient(freshmeat) Rikulo MemcachedClient Rikulo MemcachedClient is a client SDK that pro... DOWNLOAD
iconsbruhbruh(sfnet) ICONS BRUH BRUH Icons bruh bruh DOWNLOAD
jingle-nodes(freshmeat) Jingle Nodes Jingle Nodes is a relay auto-discovery service ... DOWNLOAD
miminfinix(freshmeat) MIM:InfiniX MIM:InfiniX is a multisite and multilanguage CM... DOWNLOAD
ilap(freshmeat) iLAP iLAP (Laboratory data management, Analysis, and... DOWNLOAD
leanpm(freshmeat) LeanPM LeanPM is project management software. It lets ... DOWNLOAD
proxyc(freshmeat) Proxy C Proxy C is a simple WYSIWYG multithreaded C pro... DOWNLOAD
proxyjava(freshmeat) mapleman's Java Proxy mapleman's Java Proxy is a simple utility that ... DOWNLOAD
mapleblog(freshmeat) mapleBlog mapleBlog is a simple MVC Struts 1.1-based Web ... DOWNLOAD
episoder(freshmeat) episoder episoder is a tool to tell you about new episod... DOWNLOAD
etherape(sfnet) EtherApe EtherApe is a graphical network monitor modeled... DOWNLOAD
pmacct(freshmeat) pmacct pmacct is a small set of passive network monito... DOWNLOAD
nautilus-secure-phone(freshmeat) nautilus secure phone Nautilus secure phone is a program that allows ... DOWNLOAD
wmtime(freshmeat) WMTime WMTime is a Window Maker dock app that displays... DOWNLOAD
magento-api-client(freshmeat) Magento API Client Magento API Client is a PHP client library for ... DOWNLOAD
tcl-fastcgi(sfnet) tcl-fastcgi Tcl interface for the FastCGI protocol DOWNLOAD
bonjourfoxy(freshmeat) DNSSD for Firefox DNSSD for Firefox (formerly BonjourFoxy) adds s... DOWNLOAD
dss-backup(freshmeat) Dyadic Snapshot Scheduler DSS creates hardlink-based snapshots of a given... DOWNLOAD
jbookshelf(freshmeat) jbookshelf jbookshelf is an electronic book collection org... DOWNLOAD
stumpwm(freshmeat) The Stump Window Manager Stumpwm is a tiling, keyboard driven X11 window... DOWNLOAD
browser-search-box(freshmeat) Browser Search Box Browser Search Box is a PHP class that can be u... DOWNLOAD
blackray-data-engine(freshmeat) BlackRay Data Engine BlackRay is a relational database system design... DOWNLOAD
crompose(freshmeat) crompose Crompose is a suite of shell scripts that can e... DOWNLOAD
sshguard(freshmeat) sshguard Sshguard monitors services through their loggin... DOWNLOAD
astrological-library(freshmeat) Wolf Software Astrological Library Astro is a simple library providing a set of as... DOWNLOAD
wxadvtable(freshmeat) wxAdvTable wxAdvTable is a advanced table component design... DOWNLOAD
rbrainz(freshmeat) RBrainz RBrainz is a Ruby client library to query the M... DOWNLOAD
packetfencezen(freshmeat) PacketFence ZEN PacketFence Zero Effort NAC (ZEN) is a network ... DOWNLOAD
xizero(freshmeat) xizero xizero is a 3D vertical scroller and shooter ga... DOWNLOAD
mb-discid(freshmeat) MB-DiscID MB-DiscID provides Ruby bindings for the MusicB... DOWNLOAD
grapple(freshmeat) Grapple Grapple is designed to be a simple network laye... DOWNLOAD
helenos(freshmeat) HelenOS HelenOS is a microkernel-based multiserver oper... DOWNLOAD
urjtag(sfnet) Universal JTAG library, server and tools UrJTAG aims to create an enhanced, modern tool ... DOWNLOAD
gitzone(freshmeat) GitZone GitZone is a Git-based zone file management too... DOWNLOAD
joomlaweather(sfnet) jWeather Joomla! 1.5 weather module DOWNLOAD
gnuchess(freshmeat) GNU Chess GNU Chess lets most modern computers play a ful... DOWNLOAD
jbidwatcher(sfnet) JBidwatcher eBay bidding, sniping, and tracking tool. Platf... DOWNLOAD
gnuprolog(freshmeat) GNU Prolog GNU Prolog is a free Prolog compiler with const... DOWNLOAD
kowalski(freshmeat) Kowalski The Kowalski project aims to provide a data dri... DOWNLOAD
pyme(freshmeat) pyme pyme is a minimalistic GUI editor. Its feature ... DOWNLOAD
joomseed(sfnet) joomseed Joomseed is a pre-installed Joomla! + extension... DOWNLOAD
openvpn-als(sfnet) OpenVPN ALS OpenVPN ALS is a web-based SSL VPN server writt... DOWNLOAD
topmusic2010(sfnet) topmusic2010 STUDIO FM 99 TUDO DE BOM PRA VOCÊ DOWNLOAD
deskblox(sfnet) DeskBlox Deskblox is a scripting engine that integrates ... DOWNLOAD
qxv(freshmeat) qxv qxv is an image viewer whose interface is key-t... DOWNLOAD
smbfs-mounter(freshmeat) smbfs-mounter smbfs-mounter automatically mounts smb-shares o... DOWNLOAD
labelgrid(freshmeat) labelgrid labelgrid is a Web-based label design and print... DOWNLOAD
pam_authtoken(freshmeat) pam_authtoken pam_authtoken uses a Unix socket to pass an aut... DOWNLOAD
fluency(freshmeat) FlueNC Flouncy is a library that helps developers to w... DOWNLOAD
vermis(freshmeat) Vermis Vermis is an issue tracker and project manageme... DOWNLOAD
qsseditor(sfnet) QSS Editor QSS Editor is a tool to edit and preview Qt sty... DOWNLOAD
pentbox(sfnet) PenTBox empty DOWNLOAD
jaris(sfnet) Jaris FLV Player A flash flv, mp3 or mp4 (h.264) player made on ... DOWNLOAD
pds-project(sfnet) Position&Distance Searching System :PDS Position & Distance Searching System :PDS DOWNLOAD
hpnssh(sfnet) HPN-SSH HPN-SSH is a series of patched for the OpenSSH ... DOWNLOAD
uml(sfnet) Umbrello UML Modeller A program for creating Unified Modelling Langua... DOWNLOAD
fgameengine(freshmeat) FDiamondEngine FDiamondEngine is a set of tools that facilitat... DOWNLOAD
the-integrated-financial-syste(freshmeat) The Integrated Financial System The Integrated Financial System (ifs) is a fina... DOWNLOAD
pdf4eclipse(freshmeat) Pdf4Eclipse Pdf4Eclipse is a plugin that integrates a full-... DOWNLOAD
dhtmlx(freshmeat) DHTMLX DHTMLX delivers a rich set of JavaScript UI com... DOWNLOAD
z3ext(freshmeat) z3ext z3ext is a CMS framework that builds on top of ... DOWNLOAD
easylugs(sfnet) Singapore easyLinux customization This is the customization page for Singapore ea... DOWNLOAD
mygtkmenu(freshmeat) myGtkMenu myGtkMenu displays a menu whose contents are de... DOWNLOAD
pyusecase(freshmeat) PyUseCase PyUseCase is an unconventional GUI testing tool... DOWNLOAD
banjo-blog(freshmeat) Banjo (Blog) Banjo is a blogging application with bells and ... DOWNLOAD
rtarm(freshmeat) RtArm RtArm is a system to monitor both machines and ... DOWNLOAD
dxf2papercraft(freshmeat) dxf2papercraft DXF2papercraft converts a polygonal 3D model st... DOWNLOAD
spampig-dnsblcheck(freshmeat) dnsblCheck Spampig DnsblCheck takes the IP address of a ma... DOWNLOAD
unity3d(freshmeat) Unity Editor Unity is a user-friendly development environmen... DOWNLOAD
netboot-server(freshmeat) netboot dhctp/tftp server netboot is a tiny PXE-aware combined DHCP and T... DOWNLOAD
contemplatewts(freshmeat) Contemplate Web Templating System Contemplate is a Web templating system that all... DOWNLOAD
netpbm(sfnet) Netpbm - graphics tools and converters A whole bunch of utilities for primitive manipu... DOWNLOAD
lk-patches-fe(sfnet) Fred Emmott's Linux kernel patch sets Linux kernel patchsets containing whatever I cu... DOWNLOAD
xxdiff(sfnet) xxdiff xxdiff is a graphical browser for viewing the d... DOWNLOAD
logz(sfnet) Logz podcast CMS The purpose of the "Logz" (podcast) i... DOWNLOAD
streamersadmin(sfnet) streamersadmin Streamers Admin Panel is a web-based administra... DOWNLOAD
realmforge(sfnet) RealmForge (now Visual3D Game Engine) The first 3D game engine built in C# for .NET, ... DOWNLOAD
license3j(freshmeat) License3j License3j is a free license manager library for... DOWNLOAD
cchess(freshmeat) VDB Chinese Chess VDB Chinese Chess is a Chinese chess program wh... DOWNLOAD
dynarchlib(freshmeat) DynarchLIB DynarchLIB is an AJAX toolkit aimed for writing... DOWNLOAD
ymacs(freshmeat) Ymacs Ymacs is an extensible AJAX text editor aimed f... DOWNLOAD
mathcast(sfnet) MathCast Equation Editor A Mathematics Equation Editor. Lets you type in... DOWNLOAD
jpdftweak(sfnet) jPDF Tweak A Swiss Army Knife GUI application for PDF docu... DOWNLOAD
atmailopen(sfnet) AtMail Open AtMail is an open source webmail client written... DOWNLOAD
debrief(sfnet) Debrief Debrief is an Open Source Java application used... DOWNLOAD
te-edu-password-meter(freshmeat) te-edu Password Meter The te-edu Password Meter class can be used to ... DOWNLOAD
university(sfnet) University ERP System The University environment needs Portal, Studen... DOWNLOAD
chttpclient(sfnet) HTTP Client C API Highly portable API written in C that implement... DOWNLOAD
cysphere(freshmeat) Cysphere Cysphere is an integrated social networking ser... DOWNLOAD
simple-login-class(freshmeat) Simple Login Class Simple Login Class is a PHP class that can be u... DOWNLOAD
wiggle(freshmeat) wiggle wiggle is A utility that applies conflicted pat... DOWNLOAD
php-crawler(sfnet) PHP Crawler PHP Crawler is a simple website search script f... DOWNLOAD
xos-shop(sfnet) XOS-Shop E-Commerce Shopping Cart XOS-Shop is a powerful e-commerce shopping cart... DOWNLOAD
farspice(freshmeat) Farspice "Farspice, a melange odyssey" is an a... DOWNLOAD
sharppdf(sfnet) sharpPDF sharpPDF is easy-to-use c# library to generate ... DOWNLOAD

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