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webapi(freshmeat) WebApi WebApi is a set of classes specifically made to... DOWNLOAD
sintel(freshmeat) Sintel Sintel is a VoIP application using a custom XML... DOWNLOAD
scwm(freshmeat) Scwm Scwm is the Scheme Constraints Window Manager, ... DOWNLOAD
vpsadmin(freshmeat) vpsAdmin vpsAdmin is a Web-based admin panel with suppor... DOWNLOAD
darwin_ports(freshmeat) Darwin Ports Darwin Ports is a tiny set of patches that will... DOWNLOAD
rtmom(freshmeat) rtmom rtmom is a client for "Remember the Milk&q... DOWNLOAD
epics(freshmeat) EPICS Base The Experimental Physics and Industrial Control... DOWNLOAD
lbpgp(freshmeat) Lock Box Labs PGP Tools Lock Box Labs PGP Tools comprise two command li... DOWNLOAD
web-note-pad(freshmeat) Web Note Pad Web Note Pad is a Web-based notepad script. It ... DOWNLOAD
squirrel-state-machine(freshmeat) squirrel-foundation squirrel-foundation provides a lightweight, eas... DOWNLOAD
librecardgame(sfnet) Libre Card Game Libre Card Game is a free, open source and libe... DOWNLOAD
linuxfreedomfor(sfnet) packages for lffl Packages for Ubuntu Debian and Derivatives - Wa... DOWNLOAD
rubyportable(sfnet) Ruby Portable A project to develop a portable addition of Rub... DOWNLOAD
gtkhash(freshmeat) GtkHash GtkHash is a utility for computing message dige... DOWNLOAD
ortro(freshmeat) Ortro Ortro is a framework for enterprise scheduling ... DOWNLOAD
templatescmszwii(sfnet) Templates CMS Zwii Dans cette section, vous trouverez les template... DOWNLOAD
ukngi(sfnet) UK National Grid Infrastructure Software provided by the UK Nagional Grid Infra... DOWNLOAD
jpacman(sfnet) jpacman Pacman remake made with Java DOWNLOAD
stream-sync(sfnet) stream-sync Introduction: A common library to synchronizing... DOWNLOAD
back-end(sfnet) Back-End CMS Back-End is a multi-lingual CMS based on the ph... DOWNLOAD
ffmpeg-progressbar(freshmeat) FFMPEG Progressbar FFMPEG Progressbar shows the status of the conv... DOWNLOAD
dbengine-2(freshmeat) DBENGINE DBENGINE is a management system for using the d... DOWNLOAD
mysql-database-manager(freshmeat) MySQL database manager MySQL database manager is a PHP class which all... DOWNLOAD
lollysite(freshmeat) Lollysite Lollysite is a simple but powerful Web site cre... DOWNLOAD
emerge-activity(freshmeat) Emerge Activity Emerge Activity is a small utility that parses ... DOWNLOAD
stunnel(freshmeat) stunnel The stunnel program is designed to work as an S... DOWNLOAD
the-marionette-collective(freshmeat) The Marionette Collective The Marionette Collective (mcollective) is a fr... DOWNLOAD
mpath-tools(freshmeat) mpath-tools Mpath-tools is a set of programs for Linux 2.6 ... DOWNLOAD
fster(freshmeat) FSter FSter is a virtual filesystem implementation ba... DOWNLOAD
linux-rooteris(sfnet) linux-rooteris Bash Script and other utilities to Root HTC Eri... DOWNLOAD
lazygal(freshmeat) lazygal Lazygal is another static Web gallery generator... DOWNLOAD
andhsli(sfnet) Android Hotspot Login Application for ANDROID mobiles to automaticaly... DOWNLOAD
matnmr(sfnet) matNMR MatNMR is a highly flexible toolbox for process... DOWNLOAD
openemr(freshmeat) OpenEMR OpenEMR is a medical practice management, elect... DOWNLOAD
alarmwatch(freshmeat) alarmwatch alarmwatch watches the lm_sensors /proc filesys... DOWNLOAD
cvs-importer(freshmeat) cvs-importer / svn-importer cvs-importer automates the task of importing al... DOWNLOAD
id3ed(freshmeat) id3ed id3ed is an ID3 tag editor for mp3 files. You c... DOWNLOAD
gvidm(freshmeat) GVidChanger-minimal GVidChanger-minimal (gvidm) is a GTK app to qu... DOWNLOAD
joinpic(freshmeat) joinpic joinpic merges split images together. They can ... DOWNLOAD
par2ls(freshmeat) par2ls par2ls lists the packets in par2 files, with va... DOWNLOAD
pyprof(freshmeat) pyprof pyprof is a wrapper around python's profile mod... DOWNLOAD
fchksum(freshmeat) python-fchksum python-fchksum is a module used to find checksu... DOWNLOAD
rmdirr(freshmeat) rmdirr rmdirr moves recursively through the specified ... DOWNLOAD
ssh-multiadd(freshmeat) ssh-multiadd ssh-multiadd adds multiple ssh keys to the ssh ... DOWNLOAD
vindect(freshmeat) Vim Indention Detection This program examines the current buffer and de... DOWNLOAD
jptools(sfnet) jpTools The general purpose of this library is to have ... DOWNLOAD
splice(freshmeat) Splice Splice is a label maker for CDs, DAT tapes, 8mm... DOWNLOAD
diascriptlauncher(freshmeat) diascriptlauncher diascriptlauncher is a plugin that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
radio-tray(freshmeat) Radio Tray Radio Tray is a simple streaming music player t... DOWNLOAD
vehicle-fits-year-make-model(freshmeat) Vehicle Fits (year make model) If you sell automotive performance parts, wheel... DOWNLOAD
open-source-classifieds-osclas(freshmeat) osclass osclass is Web-based software for creating clas... DOWNLOAD
tkpgp(freshmeat) tkpgp tkpg is a program that provides a GUI front end... DOWNLOAD
rcapture(freshmeat) RCapture RCapture is a very powerful programming tool fo... DOWNLOAD
mylansite(freshmeat) myLANsite myLANsite is a set of components and modules fo... DOWNLOAD
wpe(sfnet) WordPress HTML Editor (WPE) WordPress HTML Editor is a HTML edited as WYSIW... DOWNLOAD
displaytag(sfnet) Display Tag Library The display tag library is an open source suite... DOWNLOAD
drm(sfnet) Dream AM/DRM Receiver Dream is a software implementation of a Digital... DOWNLOAD
ventana3d(freshmeat) Ventana3d Ventana3d is a 3D desktop environment for X11 a... DOWNLOAD
hijra(freshmeat) Hijra Islamic Calendar هجرة Hijra Islamic Calendar هجرة is an application f... DOWNLOAD
opencan(freshmeat) OpenCAN OpenCAN is a software platform for interacting ... DOWNLOAD
splmm(sfnet) splmm SciPlore MindMapping is based on FreeMind but e... DOWNLOAD
additemtodock(freshmeat) additemtodock additemtodock is command line utility for addin... DOWNLOAD
ireasoning(sfnet) Neurology Diagnosis System “Neurology Diagnosis System” is a web-based exp... DOWNLOAD
marsroversim(sfnet) Mars Rover Simulator The Mars Rover Simulator project is based on th... DOWNLOAD
magmaury(sfnet) Magmaury Projecto de prueba de host. DOWNLOAD
edk-fat-driver(sfnet) edk fat driver tiano driver project DOWNLOAD
js-date-range-picker(freshmeat) JS Date Range Picker JS Date Range Picker is a package to let the us... DOWNLOAD
lw8u(sfnet) lw8a lw8a is free for everyone DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-vigenere-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Vigenere Class Wolf Software Vigenere Class is a PHP implement... DOWNLOAD
splinelibrary(freshmeat) SplineLibrary SplineLibrary provides functionality for buildi... DOWNLOAD
ada-utility-library(freshmeat) Ada Util Ada Util is a collection of utility packages fo... DOWNLOAD
openfive-in-row(sfnet) openfive-in-row Five-in-Row game. Allows multiplayer network ga... DOWNLOAD
osseval(sfnet) osseval A web application that assists users in evaluat... DOWNLOAD
eiffel-mas(sfnet) Market Analysis System System for analysis of financial markets using ... DOWNLOAD
hamlib(freshmeat) Ham Radio Control Libraries The HAM radio equipment control libraries allow... DOWNLOAD
wmflibrary(sfnet) wmflibrary A Java class library to read and write WMF (Win... DOWNLOAD
qore-ssh2-module(freshmeat) Qore SSH2 Module The Qore SSH2 Module provides access to SSH v2 ... DOWNLOAD
commoncpp(freshmeat) commonc++ commonc++ is a C++ class library for developing... DOWNLOAD
nhkpodcast(sfnet) nhkpodcast A shell script that convert automatically the N... DOWNLOAD
sbrowser(sfnet) Simple Browser Simple Browser is a Windows-Application that is... DOWNLOAD
metapass(sfnet) metapass MetaPass SSO is a complete, multi-platform Ente... DOWNLOAD
vte(freshmeat) VTE The VTE library inserts terminal capability str... DOWNLOAD
dnrd(sfnet) DNRD Domain Name Relay Daemon is a caching, forwardi... DOWNLOAD
groove(sfnet) Groove Graph transformation, model transformation, obj... DOWNLOAD
gatesassign4(sfnet) gates assignment 4 Video from Movie Maker DOWNLOAD
mysql-data-into-array(freshmeat) MySQL data into array MySQL data into array is a PHP class that can b... DOWNLOAD
echoserver-2(freshmeat) echoserver echoserver is a TCP/IP echo server. It's just a... DOWNLOAD
unofficial-cm(sfnet) Unofficial CyanogenMod Builds This project contains nightly builds of Cyanoge... DOWNLOAD
cse-tool(sfnet) CSE Tool CSE-Tool allows you to quickly and easily deplo... DOWNLOAD
winwol(sfnet) WINWOL WINWOL Wake On Lan for Windows - A command line... DOWNLOAD
svxlink(freshmeat) SvxLink SvxLink is a flexible general purpose voice ser... DOWNLOAD
log-user-session(freshmeat) log-user-session log-user-session is a program that stores the c... DOWNLOAD
ventas1new(sfnet) ventas1new Sistema de Ventas 1 Mejorado en español, desarr... DOWNLOAD
pafcalc-for-android(freshmeat) PAFCalc for Android PAFCalc (Planted Aquarium Fertilizers Calculato... DOWNLOAD
photography-flair(freshmeat) Joomla Photography Flair Module Photography Flair is a simple Joomla! module to... DOWNLOAD
groundefiance(sfnet) War3 Tools Ground Defiance Warcraft III tools repository DOWNLOAD
csharpminifx(sfnet) csharp mini framework a loosely-coupled source code collection of C#,... DOWNLOAD
bulkimageresize(sfnet) Bulk Image Resizer This is a bulk photo resizer to resize selected... DOWNLOAD
ipfaces(sfnet) iPFaces iPFaces is a framework for easier development o... DOWNLOAD
drax(sfnet) drax DHCP Relay Agent X (drax) DOWNLOAD

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