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sharptal(freshmeat) SharpTAL SharpTAL compiles XML-based templates to .NET a... DOWNLOAD
rundeck(freshmeat) RunDeck RunDeck is a command automation hub that helps ... DOWNLOAD
markowik(freshmeat) Markowik Markowik converts text formatted in Markdown to... DOWNLOAD
mysqldiff(freshmeat) mysqldiff mysqldiff is a Perl script which compares the d... DOWNLOAD
balloon(freshmeat) Balloon Balloon is an alternative to DropBox with file ... DOWNLOAD
sdaaubckp(sfnet) SdaauBckp Small repo for personal scripts, modified execu... DOWNLOAD
angwisnia(sfnet) AngWisnia Program do nauki słownictwa w różnych językach DOWNLOAD
cyberdns(freshmeat) CyberDNS CyberDNS is a Web application to manage DNS zon... DOWNLOAD
phpffl(sfnet) phpFFL - Fantasy Football League Manager phpFFL is a free and fully customizable online ... DOWNLOAD
expectperl(sfnet) is a perl implementation of the popul... DOWNLOAD
pdomap(freshmeat) pdoMap pdoMap is a robust PHP ORM with many OOP featur... DOWNLOAD
sardine(freshmeat) sardine Sardine is a next generation WebDAV client for ... DOWNLOAD
the-deep-server(freshmeat) the deep server Deep is a simple Web site solution written for ... DOWNLOAD
pcsx-df(sfnet) pcsx-df PlayStation emulator based on the PCSX Project. DOWNLOAD
jumildap(freshmeat) JuMiLDAP JuMiLDAP is a simple Web-based LDAP address boo... DOWNLOAD
nodejs(freshmeat) node.js Node is similar in design to and influenced by ... DOWNLOAD
guppy(freshmeat) guppy guppy implements a dependency injection framewo... DOWNLOAD
pyoui(freshmeat) pyoui pyoui is a console Python program that lets you... DOWNLOAD
postview(freshmeat) Postview Postview is a simple blog engine written in Rub... DOWNLOAD
postage(freshmeat) Postage Postage is a generic interface (or API) for han... DOWNLOAD
sinatra-mapping(freshmeat) Sinatra::Mapping The Sinatra::Mapping extension is a minimal mod... DOWNLOAD
bash-toolbox(freshmeat) Bash-Toolbox Bash-Toolbox is a set of functions, application... DOWNLOAD
cmdmailer(sfnet) CmdMailer - free command-line mail utili CmdMailer - free command-line mail utility for ... DOWNLOAD
javapython(sfnet) javapython Java mobile midp game. DOWNLOAD
cdp4win(sfnet) CDP client for Windows A free simple tool to find out connected Cisco ... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-currency-convers(freshmeat) Wolf Software Currency Conversion Class Wolf Software Currency Conversion Class is a si... DOWNLOAD
indimail(sfnet) IndiMail Highly scalable/configurable Messaging Platform... DOWNLOAD
hashcodes(sfnet) hashcodes Program can hash data from keyboard, file or CD... DOWNLOAD
diplomacyonline(sfnet) diplomacyonline Hello! We have recruited yet another staff memb... DOWNLOAD
railsportable(sfnet) Ruby on Rails Portable The goal of this project is to provide a portab... DOWNLOAD
kxstudio(sfnet) KXStudio KXStudio is a collection of tools and tweaks, t... DOWNLOAD
interchange(freshmeat) Interchange Interchange is an advanced e-commerce platform.... DOWNLOAD
arnossoftware(sfnet) Arno's Software Every piece of software thats made by arno, can... DOWNLOAD
zlrchecker(sfnet) zlrchecker Notifies about updates on using ... DOWNLOAD
symbolic(sfnet) Symbolic Symbolic is an OpenSource Enterprise Platform d... DOWNLOAD
j2k(sfnet) Standard J2K Library - General C++ Lib A completely portable C++ library, to provide ... DOWNLOAD
terrier(freshmeat) Terrier Terrier is software for the rapid development o... DOWNLOAD
gl-studio(sfnet) GL Studio An OpenGL Development Environment. DOWNLOAD
tikz-dependency(freshmeat) TikZ-dependency TikZ-dependency allows you to draw dependency g... DOWNLOAD
hphwraid(freshmeat) HP-HW-RAID hphwraid is a simple and efficient Hobbit / XYm... DOWNLOAD
autorecord(freshmeat) Autorecord Autorecord is a simple vox (sound activated) re... DOWNLOAD
collectfs(freshmeat) collectfs Collectfs is an easy-to-use FUSE userspace file... DOWNLOAD
tovid(freshmeat) tovid tovid is a suite of command line utilities (and... DOWNLOAD
trix(sfnet) trix TriX - chat for LANs, compatible with Vypress (... DOWNLOAD
hls-player(freshmeat) hls-player hls-player is a simple HTTP live streaming play... DOWNLOAD
letterly(freshmeat) Letterly Letterly is a Web form for writing a letter. Af... DOWNLOAD
qtpersistence(freshmeat) QtPersistence QtPersistence is an ORM and persistence library... DOWNLOAD
mmq(freshmeat) mmq mmq plays arbitrary audio files gaplessly and c... DOWNLOAD
pychatter(freshmeat) pyChatter pyChatter is an instant messaging application. ... DOWNLOAD
ptdoc(freshmeat) ptdoc ptdoc is another plain text publishing processo... DOWNLOAD
oshyreman(freshmeat) oshyreman With oshyreman (Offline SHR Manager), you can a... DOWNLOAD
gickie(freshmeat) güickie Güickie is a fork of quickie, from Peter Miller... DOWNLOAD
slackpack-package-manager(freshmeat) Slackpack Package Manager Slackpack is a package manager for Slackware Li... DOWNLOAD
mtyumi(sfnet) MT YUMI MT YUMI is a modified edition of YUMI (Your Uni... DOWNLOAD
ip-link(freshmeat) IP-Link The goal of IP-Link is to show the relationship... DOWNLOAD
eclipseportable(sfnet) Eclipse Portable This program allows you to install Eclipse to a... DOWNLOAD
odaba(freshmeat) ODABA The OODBMS/DBMS ODABA is an terminology-oriente... DOWNLOAD
njtbx(sfnet) Netcdf-Java ToolBox for Matlab-njTBX The NJ toolbox (njTBX) is a matlab object API, ... DOWNLOAD
hlogoz-lite(freshmeat) HLogoZ Lite HLogoZ Lite is a script that automatically chan... DOWNLOAD
cdvtoc(freshmeat) cdvtoc cdvtoc is a simple utility for creating Solaris... DOWNLOAD
basket(freshmeat) BasKet Note Pads BasKet Note Pads is an application that provide... DOWNLOAD
g2p(freshmeat) G2P G2P is a tool to help you get the music you wan... DOWNLOAD
osm-open-service-manager(freshmeat) Open Service Manager Open Service Manager lets you can manage client... DOWNLOAD
ldapsync(freshmeat) is a simple Perl script that uses ... DOWNLOAD
libcpu(freshmeat) libcpu libcpu is a library that emulates several CPU a... DOWNLOAD
blahzdns(freshmeat) Blahz-DNS Blahz-DNS is PHP/MySQL based DNS (BIND 9/tinydn... DOWNLOAD
swatnalysis(freshmeat) SWATnalysis SWATnalysis is a utility that runs the Soil and... DOWNLOAD
mysql-cluster-import(freshmeat) MySQL Cluster import MySQL Cluster import is a script that can be us... DOWNLOAD
mod_statistics-for-apache(freshmeat) mod_statistics for Apache mod_statistics is software for exporting live A... DOWNLOAD
vtu-template(sfnet) VTU Project-Report LaTeX Template This is project-report template for Visvesvaray... DOWNLOAD
containers(freshmeat) containers containers is a simple implementation of contai... DOWNLOAD
mobiki(freshmeat) mobiki mobiki is a small wiki engine implemented as on... DOWNLOAD
renshu-cho-gyoretsu(freshmeat) Renshu-cho gyoretsu Renshu-cho gyoretsu is a logic game in which th... DOWNLOAD
libstatgrab(freshmeat) libstatgrab The libstatgrab library provides an easy-to-use... DOWNLOAD
php-common-data-gateway(freshmeat) PHP common data gateway PHP common data gateway sets and gets values of... DOWNLOAD
bhproject(sfnet) bhproject This is first test project DOWNLOAD
petit(freshmeat) Petit Petit was developed to quickly analyze syslog a... DOWNLOAD
phundament(freshmeat) phundament phundament is a Yii module for implementing con... DOWNLOAD
palm-strip-export(freshmeat) palm-strip-export Palm-Strip-Export is a utility to export your l... DOWNLOAD
directvnc(freshmeat) DirectVNC DirectVNC is a client implementing the remote f... DOWNLOAD
agglomerated-ssl(freshmeat) Agglomerated SSL Agglomerated SSL was written in order to hide t... DOWNLOAD
kaelserver(sfnet) Kael Server Download Descargas de la pagina de DOWNLOAD
hconframework(sfnet) Hcon Security Testing Framework HconSTF is Open Source Penetration Testing Fram... DOWNLOAD
geopw(sfnet) GeoJModelBuilder GeoJModelBuilder couples geosprocessing Web ser... DOWNLOAD
bwhttpaccessapi(sfnet) Blackwave HTTP Access API A POSIX-like API for accessing HTTP devices. P... DOWNLOAD
bio-bwa(sfnet) Burrows-Wheeler Aligner BWA is a program for aligning sequencing reads ... DOWNLOAD
javarobot(sfnet) Java Robot This Java software permits to control a real ro... DOWNLOAD
gpsim(sfnet) gpsim - The gnupic Simulator gpsim is an open sourced simulator for Microchi... DOWNLOAD
dualmonitortool(sfnet) dualmonitortool Tools for Windows users with dual or multiple d... DOWNLOAD
redis-desktop-manager(freshmeat) Redis Desktop Manager Redis Desktop Manager is a fast, simple, and cr... DOWNLOAD
opensit(sfnet) Geo Arbores Geo Arbores is a project for developing tools a... DOWNLOAD
libutillery(freshmeat) LibUtillery LibUtillery is a free, BSD-licensed programmer'... DOWNLOAD
php-oauth-api(freshmeat) PHP OAuth API PHP OAuth API authorizes user access using the ... DOWNLOAD
jobimtext(freshmeat) JobimText JobimText provides a software solution for auto... DOWNLOAD
xtract(freshmeat) Xtract Xtract is an extendable, scriptable data extrac... DOWNLOAD
xdotool-gui(sfnet) xdotool-gui A gui for xdotool. Make it esay to used in gnome. DOWNLOAD
morsegif(freshmeat) morsegif Morsegif converts text into an animated GIF of ... DOWNLOAD
compa(freshmeat) Compa Compa is a GNOME panel applet which can display... DOWNLOAD
atomthreads(freshmeat) Atomthreads Atomthreads is a highly portable RTOS and sched... DOWNLOAD
amd-x86-open64-compiler-suite(freshmeat) AMD x86 Open64 Compiler Suite The AMD x86 Open64 Compiler Suite is derived fr... DOWNLOAD

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