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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
autoexport(sfnet) AutoExport Simple use of javadbf (http://javadbf.sarovar.o... DOWNLOAD
orproject(sfnet) orproject subversion of our operations research project DOWNLOAD
de-iconsset(sfnet) De-icons set Design icons set (de-icons) is a set of lots of... DOWNLOAD
openotp-authentication-plugin-(freshmeat) OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal is a Drupa... DOWNLOAD
timetools(sfnet) timetools (for r-cran) This package is intended to manipulate irregula... DOWNLOAD
recoll(freshmeat) Recoll Recoll is a personal full text desktop search t... DOWNLOAD
cbviewer(freshmeat) cbviewer cbviewer is a viewer for comic book archives in... DOWNLOAD
wxsmithaddons(sfnet) wxSmith Add-ons Add-ons for Code::Blocks' GUI editor, wxSmith, ... DOWNLOAD
nokiagetnumbers(sfnet) nokiagetnumbers Parses the Nokia PCSuite database to reveal the... DOWNLOAD
wn-toolkit(sfnet) WN-Toolkit This toolkit is a set of Python programs for th... DOWNLOAD
deeppacketinsp(sfnet) Deep packet inspection using CBE Deep packet inspection is a tool for detecting ... DOWNLOAD
live555mp4(sfnet) live555mp4 This Project aims at enhancing the Live 555 Med... DOWNLOAD
postaholics(sfnet) Postaholics A test of effects on a open Website DOWNLOAD
recipepress(sfnet) recipepress Recipe Press is a Wordpress Plugin that allows ... DOWNLOAD
beam(freshmeat) BEAM BEAM is a toolbox and development platform for ... DOWNLOAD
librenms(freshmeat) LibreNMS LibreNMS is an autodiscovering PHP/MySQL-based ... DOWNLOAD
mac3dec(sfnet) mAC3dec Decodes AC-3 audio from DVDs, or QuickTime audi... DOWNLOAD
youtubegallery(sfnet) youtubeGallery show youtube's user playlist using classic asp DOWNLOAD
ooomacros(sfnet) Macros OOoMacros is a repository for ma... DOWNLOAD
jackmaster(freshmeat) JackMaster JackMaster is a master-mixer for jackd that (un... DOWNLOAD
zmanim(sfnet) zmanim Zmanim is a software package that computes zman... DOWNLOAD
mygameproject(sfnet) mygameproject Welcome to the test page where u can test my ga... DOWNLOAD
jmeterforwindows(sfnet) JMeter for Windows This package install the tool JMeter on Microso... DOWNLOAD
monikop(freshmeat) Monikop Monikop provides an automated means for data tr... DOWNLOAD
mammothcopy(freshmeat) MammothCopy MammothCopy is a simple, Java-based tool to cop... DOWNLOAD
fausterize(freshmeat) fausterize fausterize is a minimized and simplified encryp... DOWNLOAD
messenger(freshmeat) Messenger++ Messenger++ is a multi-protocol instant messagi... DOWNLOAD
checkmysap(freshmeat) CheckMySAP checkmySAP is a simple and efficient Hobbit / X... DOWNLOAD
poor-wsgi-for-python(freshmeat) Poor WSGI for Python Poor WSGI for Python is light WGI connector wit... DOWNLOAD
html_template_nest(freshmeat) HTML_Template_Nest Nest is a nestable server templating library. I... DOWNLOAD
urbi-sdk(freshmeat) Urbi Urbi is a robotics software platform. It includ... DOWNLOAD
secuxabber(freshmeat) SecuXabber SecuXabber is a secure Jabber-client for Androi... DOWNLOAD
dtrx(freshmeat) dtrx dtrx intelligently extracts many different arch... DOWNLOAD
devphp(sfnet) Dev-PHP IDE Dev-PHP is a well-featured IDE for PHP. Fast an... DOWNLOAD
neoshell(sfnet) NeoShell A Visual Basic based shell for win32 environment. DOWNLOAD
open-flash-maps(sfnet) open-flash-maps Open source mapping for everyone.. DOWNLOAD
securepoint-ecap-antivirus-ada(freshmeat) Securepoint eCAP antivirus adapter Securepoint eCAP antivirus adapter is a loadabl... DOWNLOAD
sequencer(freshmeat) Sequencer Sequencer is an engine used by system administr... DOWNLOAD
purepostpro(freshmeat) PurePostPro PurePostPro is a Perl/MySQL script that enables... DOWNLOAD
nebuladevice(sfnet) The Nebula Device Realtime 3D game/visualization engine, written ... DOWNLOAD
padpage(freshmeat) padpage padpage is a simple Web contact form with CAPTCHA. DOWNLOAD
ausuaris(freshmeat) Aplicatiu Usuaris Aplicatiu Usuaris is an application for managin... DOWNLOAD
zik(freshmeat) ZiK ZiK is an audio player based on gstreamer. It u... DOWNLOAD
netsharegui(freshmeat) netsharegui Netsharegui provides a user-friendly way to let... DOWNLOAD
scrummaster(freshmeat) ScrumMaster ScrumMaster is a Web application that can be us... DOWNLOAD
microweber(freshmeat) Microweber Microweber is a drag-and-drop Web content manag... DOWNLOAD
xjig-manager(freshmeat) Xjig Manager Xjig Manager provides an easy way to launch Xji... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-password-strengt(freshmeat) Wolf Software Password Strength Class Wolf Software Password Strength Class is a comp... DOWNLOAD
fedes(freshmeat) FEDES FEDES is a Finite Element Data Exchange System ... DOWNLOAD
qbevisual(sfnet) qbevisual SQL Visual is a new aplication in order to crea... DOWNLOAD
kritaportable(sfnet) Krita Portable Portable Version of Krita Homepage: http://krit... DOWNLOAD
libpointmatcher(freshmeat) Libpointmatcher Libpointmatcher is a modular "Iterative Cl... DOWNLOAD
awk4j(sfnet) awk4j (AWK for Java Platform) AWK~plus is the next generation script practice... DOWNLOAD
clipboardmodifier(freshmeat) Clipboard Modifier Clipboard Modifier is a flexible system to modi... DOWNLOAD
silverpeas(freshmeat) Silverpeas Silverpeas is a collaborative Web portal. It is... DOWNLOAD
secretsharejava(sfnet) Shamir Secret Sharing in Java Java implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing ... DOWNLOAD
microsweeper(freshmeat) MicroSweeper MicroSweeper is Minesweeper-like game intended ... DOWNLOAD
shineisp-isp-management-softwa(freshmeat) ShineISP ShineISP is an ISP management system that makes... DOWNLOAD
dotnew(freshmeat) dotnew dotnew is a utility to help with the management... DOWNLOAD
elysium(freshmeat) Elysium Elysium is a complete environment for editing s... DOWNLOAD
frogatto(freshmeat) Frogatto Frogatto is an old-school 2D platformer game st... DOWNLOAD
seojava(freshmeat) seo@java The goal of seo@java is a full SOAP client for ... DOWNLOAD
kceasy(sfnet) KCeasy KCeasy is a windows filesharing application whi... DOWNLOAD
nanolinux(sfnet) Nanolinux Nanolinux is a very tiny Linux distribution bas... DOWNLOAD
proofgeneral(freshmeat) Proof General Proof General is a generic Emacs interface for ... DOWNLOAD
css-stacker-and-compressor(freshmeat) CSS Stacker and Compressor CSS Stacker and Compressor is a PHP class that ... DOWNLOAD
puggle(freshmeat) Puggle Puggle is a desktop search engine that provides... DOWNLOAD
soniclog-cruncher(freshmeat) SonicLog Cruncher SonicLog Cruncher is a script for analyzing Son... DOWNLOAD
fawkes(freshmeat) Fawkes Fawkes is a component-based Software Framework ... DOWNLOAD
python-chrono(freshmeat) python-chrono python-chrono is a Python module for simple and... DOWNLOAD
xeukleides(freshmeat) Xeukleides Xeukleides is a GUI for the first version of th... DOWNLOAD
phpoi(freshmeat) phpoi Phpoi consists of a number of PHP scripts inten... DOWNLOAD
nlarn(freshmeat) NLarn NLarn is an enhanced and improved rewrite of th... DOWNLOAD
librep(freshmeat) librep Librep is a shared library implementing a Lisp ... DOWNLOAD
freenats(sfnet) FreeNATS Open source PHP and MySQL based network monitor... DOWNLOAD
zthread(sfnet) ZThread Advanced platform-independant, Object-Oriented ... DOWNLOAD
rep-gtk(freshmeat) rep-gtk rep-gtk is a language-binding between GTK+/GDK ... DOWNLOAD
myweibolib(sfnet) myweibolib sina j2me weibo 1.0 DOWNLOAD
scenepainter(freshmeat) ScenePainter ScenePainter is a program for creating comics b... DOWNLOAD
pyredir(freshmeat) pyredir pyredir is a flexible but simple redirector for... DOWNLOAD
matreshka(freshmeat) Matreshka Matreshka is a framework for developing informa... DOWNLOAD
slp-cloud(sfnet) slp-cloud implementing SLP on Cloud DOWNLOAD
ire(sfnet) IT-HE RPG Engine IRE is a tile-based Computer Role-Playing Game ... DOWNLOAD
mr1(freshmeat) MR1 MR1 is a full-featured, Web-based document cont... DOWNLOAD
stm-lib(freshmeat) STM Lib STM Lib is a pragmatic library implementation o... DOWNLOAD
preload-images(freshmeat) preload-images preload-images is a PHP class that can be used ... DOWNLOAD
gelatin(freshmeat) Gelatin Gelatin is a simple and fast program for transf... DOWNLOAD
qof(freshmeat) Query Object Framework QOF (Query Object Framework), provides a set of... DOWNLOAD
arconversion(sfnet) AR Conversion This Python script converts AR-Codes to Raw for... DOWNLOAD
esil(sfnet) esil Ce projet entre dans le cadre de notre formatio... DOWNLOAD
timemachine-scheduler(freshmeat) TimeMachine Scheduler TimeMachine Scheduler is a Java scheduler which... DOWNLOAD
ympl(sfnet) ympl Projekt spolszczenia do komunikatora internetow... DOWNLOAD
pascalscada(sfnet) PascalSCADA PascalSCADA is a set of components (framework) ... DOWNLOAD
vcemed(sfnet) vcemed This project is the implementation of The Virtu... DOWNLOAD
g-page(sfnet) g-page g-page is a client/server application designed ... DOWNLOAD
notabene(sfnet) NotaBene RDF Annotation Tool NotaBene RDF Annotation Tool is a wxPython grap... DOWNLOAD
xdccbrowser(sfnet) xdccbrowser XDCC Browser A mIRC based XDCC download manager. DOWNLOAD
mulsel-treeview(sfnet) mulsel-treeview A tree view control for .NET that allows the us... DOWNLOAD
conquersxby3asf(sfnet) Conquer Sx By 3asfora Conquer Sx By 3asfora DOWNLOAD
opensubsystems(sfnet) opensubsystems OpenSubsystems is set of business components su... DOWNLOAD

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