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ostorybook(sfnet) oStorybook oStorybook est unenouvelle version de Storybook... DOWNLOAD
crayonizer(freshmeat) Crayonizer Crayonizer "crayonizes" the output of... DOWNLOAD
firepile(sfnet) firepile GPU Programming in Scala DOWNLOAD
twiki(sfnet) TWiki Enterprise Collaboration Platform Enterprise collaboration platform with over 400... DOWNLOAD
robotics-irobot(freshmeat) Robotics-IRobot Robotics::IRobot provides a Perl interface for ... DOWNLOAD
re-engine-re2(freshmeat) re-engine-RE2 re-engine-RE2 replaces Perl's regex engine in a... DOWNLOAD
amir(freshmeat) Amir Amir is an accounting application, mainly desig... DOWNLOAD
openucf(freshmeat) openucf OpenUCF is a unified communications/VoIP framew... DOWNLOAD
timecodecalc(freshmeat) timecodecalc timecodecalc is a movie time code converter. It... DOWNLOAD
open-erp(sfnet) Open ERP - Software Solution for all Open-ERP combines the power of HRMS, CRM, Inven... DOWNLOAD
siptapi(sfnet) siptapi A TAPI driver for SIP. SIPTAPI gives you a clic... DOWNLOAD
innovadesktop(sfnet) Innova Desktop Graphical environment to launch applications ad... DOWNLOAD
jmce(freshmeat) JMCE JMCE a multiple computer emulator, a simulator ... DOWNLOAD
ext4tc(freshmeat) ext4tc ext4tc is a file system plugin for total comman... DOWNLOAD
gcp-goffis-copier(freshmeat) gcp gcp (Goffi's CoPier) is a command line file cop... DOWNLOAD
grake(freshmeat) grake grake is a simple command line tool for scannin... DOWNLOAD
stairvision(sfnet) The STAIR Vision Library The STAIR Vision Library (SVL), originally deve... DOWNLOAD
pdns(freshmeat) PowerDNS Authoritative Server PowerDNS Authoritative Server is a high-perform... DOWNLOAD
lm_sensors(freshmeat) lm_sensors lm_sensors provides essential tools for monitor... DOWNLOAD
exponentcms(sfnet) Exponent CMS Exponent CMS is a content management system for... DOWNLOAD
svgproject(sfnet) svgproject svg svg svg svg svg svg svg DOWNLOAD
oshare(sfnet) oShare oShare - A very simple DLNA compliant media ser... DOWNLOAD
j-interop(sfnet) j-Interop : Java - COM Interoperability Implementation of DCOM wire protocol (MSRPC) to... DOWNLOAD
evnctv(sfnet) Enhanced Vnc Thumbnail Viewer The enhanced version of the Vnc Thumbnail Viewe... DOWNLOAD
secretmanager(sfnet) SecretManager FR : Cet outil permet de stocker et de partager... DOWNLOAD
tsung(freshmeat) Tsung Tsung is a distributed load testing tool. It is... DOWNLOAD
mineosplus(sfnet) MineOS+ MineOS+ is a Tinycore Linux based distro design... DOWNLOAD
linuxmint13matedvd32bit(sfnet) linuxmint-13-mate-dvd-32bit Linux Mint 13 Maya построен на кодовой базе Ubu... DOWNLOAD
hl7inspector(sfnet) HL7 Inspector The HL7 Inspector is a useful hl7 tool for inte... DOWNLOAD
myparse-2(freshmeat) myparse myparse is a low-resource database-oriented PHP... DOWNLOAD
pyjuice(freshmeat) PyJuice PyJuice is an simple Web application for the sm... DOWNLOAD
dynaspring(freshmeat) DynaSpring DynaSpring is a dynamic, extensible DSL (Domain... DOWNLOAD
diffkit(freshmeat) DiffKit DiffKit is an application and a framework, for ... DOWNLOAD
rfidmonitor(sfnet) RFIDMonitor This project aims to provide a software solutio... DOWNLOAD
yap4j(freshmeat) Yap4j Yap4j is the simplest library for parsing CSV f... DOWNLOAD
gltk(freshmeat) gltk gltk is a C++ Widget library built on GLUT. Its... DOWNLOAD
mccaskill-weather-centre(freshmeat) McCaskill Weather Centre McCaskill Weather Centre is a graphical desktop... DOWNLOAD
retinapost(freshmeat) RetinaPost RetinaPost is a PHP class/WP plugin that makes ... DOWNLOAD
inq-2(freshmeat) Inq Inq is a scripting language for client/server s... DOWNLOAD
sbr-ksh-utils(sfnet) sbr-ksh-utils A set of utility Korn Shell (ksh) script functi... DOWNLOAD
code-manager-2(freshmeat) Code Manager 2 Code Manager 2 (CM2) has been designed to provi... DOWNLOAD
storebackup(freshmeat) storebackup storeBackup is a backup utility that stores fil... DOWNLOAD
pyst(sfnet) pyst: Python for Asterisk Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and librar... DOWNLOAD
openstego(freshmeat) OpenStego OpenStego is a tool for steganography. It also ... DOWNLOAD
libcsdbg(freshmeat) libcsdbg libcsdbg is a C++ exception stack tracer. When... DOWNLOAD
feed4testng(freshmeat) Feed4TestNG Feed4TestNG makes it easy to write parameterize... DOWNLOAD
clickity(freshmeat) Clickity Clickity is a tray-icon program to simulate mou... DOWNLOAD
jquery-calx(freshmeat) jQuery Calx jQuery Calx is powerful yet easy to use jQuery ... DOWNLOAD
filesharing(sfnet) CNDT.OnlineFileSharing ChauTM - NgocNT - DucTM - ThucDT DOWNLOAD
lazautoupdate(sfnet) lazautoupdate Version 0.0.2 updates to v.0.0.6 This project ... DOWNLOAD
fab(freshmeat) fab fab is a software build utility for Linux/Unix ... DOWNLOAD
voodoo-compiler(freshmeat) Voodoo Compiler The Voodoo compiler is an implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
londondatastore(sfnet) londondatastore The London Datastore ( DOWNLOAD
clickndrag(freshmeat) Click'n'Drag Click'n'Drag is a Python module that introduces... DOWNLOAD
ini-file-parser(freshmeat) Ini File Parser Ini File Parser is a PHP package that can be us... DOWNLOAD
coteia(freshmeat) CoTeia CoTeia is a Computer Supported Collaborative Le... DOWNLOAD
scalable-assembler-at-notre-da(freshmeat) Scalable Assembler at Notre Dame The Scalable Assembler at Notre Dame (SAND) rep... DOWNLOAD
event(freshmeat) Event Event is a simple PHP-based software package fo... DOWNLOAD
vordos-rejasca(freshmeat) Vordos Rejasca Rejasca is a modern and extensible RPC server f... DOWNLOAD
clipclip(sfnet) ClipClip A simple Clipboard Manager for Windows. View, e... DOWNLOAD
aurorasim(freshmeat) AuroraSim Aurora-Sim is the next generation of the OpenSi... DOWNLOAD
gmtp(freshmeat) gMTP gMTP is a simple graphical MTP based device cli... DOWNLOAD
pygreen(freshmeat) PyGreen PyGreen is a simple and hackish static website ... DOWNLOAD
upnpproxy(sfnet) UPnP Proxy for UPnP-less Router Powerful SOHO or Small-business UPnP-less route... DOWNLOAD
einsteinpuzzle(freshmeat) Einstein Puzzle Einstein is a remake of the old DOS game Sherlo... DOWNLOAD
php-read-cli-arguments(freshmeat) Read Arguments Read Arguments is a PHP class that reads and va... DOWNLOAD
simplebup(freshmeat) simplebup simplebup is a console application that can be ... DOWNLOAD
rce(sfnet) Remote Command Executor RemCom is RAT Administration Tool that lets you... DOWNLOAD
webanno(freshmeat) WebAnno WebAnno is a general purpose Web-based annotati... DOWNLOAD
conmixer(sfnet) Software assisted Mix design of concrete This is an initiative to devolop a software for... DOWNLOAD
zipextractshort(sfnet) 7zip Extract Shortcut[Autohotkey script] Go to DOWNLOAD
pango(freshmeat) Pango The goal of the Pango project is to provide an ... DOWNLOAD
ad9850-control(sfnet) AD9850 DDS control panel Windows, Delphi Software for controlling the An... DOWNLOAD
evince(freshmeat) evince Evince is a document viewer for multiple docume... DOWNLOAD
narocad(freshmeat) NaroCAD NaroCAD is intended to be a a fully fledged and... DOWNLOAD
playerdo(freshmeat) playerdo playerdo is a script for controlling a variety ... DOWNLOAD
liblist(freshmeat) liblist liblist provides a generic C API for manipulati... DOWNLOAD
apache-photark(freshmeat) Apache PhotArk Apache PhotArk is a photo gallery application i... DOWNLOAD
steel-storm-episode-i(freshmeat) Steel Storm Episode I Steel Storm is an old school top down arcade sh... DOWNLOAD
jwordtrainer(freshmeat) JWordtrainer JWordTrainer is a generic tool that helps you t... DOWNLOAD
fnet(sfnet) FNET - Embedded TCP/IP Stack The FNET TCP/IP stack is a free, open source, d... DOWNLOAD
bible-discovery(freshmeat) Bible-Discovery Bible-Discovery is Bible study and concordance ... DOWNLOAD
mathgam(sfnet) mathgam Mathgam is simple mathematical game aimed for c... DOWNLOAD
zicbee(freshmeat) ZicBee ZicBee is an autonomous music database and play... DOWNLOAD
colormake2(freshmeat) colormake2 colormake2 is a fork of colormake, a program to... DOWNLOAD
freesentral(freshmeat) FreeSentral FreeSentral is an easy-to-use IP PBX based on t... DOWNLOAD
ireportphp(sfnet) Ireport con PHP No description DOWNLOAD
gnucleus(sfnet) Gnucleus A windows native Gnutella/G2 front-end, Gnucleu... DOWNLOAD
bberg(sfnet) bberg This is a sample application to interface with ... DOWNLOAD
mailwrap(freshmeat) MailWrap MailWrap is a plugin for Apple Mail to help use... DOWNLOAD
openstack4j(freshmeat) OpenStack4j OpenStack4j is an OpenStack client which allows... DOWNLOAD
mydlp(freshmeat) MyDLP MyDLP provides a way to prevent data leakage th... DOWNLOAD
ignoflash(freshmeat) IgnoFlash IgnoFlash is a patch that modifies the Adobe Fl... DOWNLOAD
proghelp(freshmeat) proghelp proghelp generates a Web application using a mo... DOWNLOAD
libmspack(freshmeat) libmspack libmspack is a library for compression and deco... DOWNLOAD
liblangtag(freshmeat) liblangtag liblangtag is a library for accessing language ... DOWNLOAD
wenity(freshmeat) Wenity Wenity is a multi-platform Zenity clone that he... DOWNLOAD
appliancezenosscitrixxenserver(sfnet) Appliance Zenoss Citrix XenServer Appliance Virtual Zenoss 4.2.5 for Citrix XenSe... DOWNLOAD
jmx4py(freshmeat) jmx4py jmx4py offers a client API for Python similar t... DOWNLOAD
jsxgraph(freshmeat) JSXGraph JSXGraph is a cross-browser library for interac... DOWNLOAD

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