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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
bggle(freshmeat) B@ggle B@ggle allows you to play French Boggle online,... DOWNLOAD
electricformula(freshmeat) ElectricFormula ElectricFormula is a program that can help with... DOWNLOAD
kvmsh(freshmeat) kvmsh kvmsh is a command line interface to manage ker... DOWNLOAD
libpapyrus(freshmeat) papyrus Canvas Library Papyrus is a 2D C++ scenegraph (canvas) library... DOWNLOAD
axe-svn-sync(freshmeat) AXE SVN Sync AXE SVN Sync is a PHP5 tool that mirrors two SV... DOWNLOAD
asterisk-espeak(freshmeat) Asterisk eSpeak Asterisk eSpeak provides the "eSpeak"... DOWNLOAD
pingo(freshmeat) Pingo Pingo is a simple dedicated IRC bot that watche... DOWNLOAD
winff(freshmeat) WinFF WinFF is a cross platform batch GUI for FFmpeg.... DOWNLOAD
gics(freshmeat) GICS GICS is a cross-platform framework that provide... DOWNLOAD
junixsocket(freshmeat) junixsocket junixsocket is a Java/JNI library that allows t... DOWNLOAD
newscache(freshmeat) NewsCache NewsCache is a free cache server for USENET New... DOWNLOAD
naturephp(freshmeat) NaturePHP NaturePHP is a classes wrapper using PHP's auto... DOWNLOAD
gmp(freshmeat) GNU MP GMP is a free library for arbitrary precision a... DOWNLOAD
mp3dbsql(freshmeat) MP3db MP3 Database is a database for MP3s stored on r... DOWNLOAD
python-simulated-annealing-mod(freshmeat) Python Simulated Annealing Module Simulated annealing is a computational algorith... DOWNLOAD
movie-crammer(freshmeat) Movie Crammer Movie Crammer is a video player for Mac OS X th... DOWNLOAD
sql-tagger(freshmeat) SQL Tagger SQL Tagger reads the tags of audio files from a... DOWNLOAD
zufall(freshmeat) zufall zufall is a simple program to change the backgr... DOWNLOAD
qualyzer(sfnet) qualyzer Welcome to the Qualyzer wiki. Qualyzer supports... DOWNLOAD
viscoelasticof(sfnet) viscoelasticof This is a case file for viscoelasticInterFoam. DOWNLOAD
easyfileshare(sfnet) Easy File Share Easy File Share is a software which will allow ... DOWNLOAD
crosstool-ng(freshmeat) crosstool-NG crosstool-NG is a versatile toolchain generator... DOWNLOAD
resty-for-java(freshmeat) Resty for Java Resty is a small, convenient API to talk to RES... DOWNLOAD
phaos_rpg(freshmeat) Phaos Phaos is a browser-based MMORPG. It features ch... DOWNLOAD
redis-wp-cache(freshmeat) redis-wp-cache redis-wp-cache saves Wordpress's object cache i... DOWNLOAD
visualgst(freshmeat) VisualGST VisualGST is an IDE (integrated development env... DOWNLOAD
proxy-connector(freshmeat) Proxy Connector Proxy Connector is a PHP class that can be used... DOWNLOAD
timedataplotter(freshmeat) TimeDataPlotter TimeDataPlotter is a program to quickly and int... DOWNLOAD
gpxviewer(freshmeat) gpxviewer GPX Viewer is a simple application that lets yo... DOWNLOAD
hdaudiorecorder(sfnet) HD Audio Recorder An Android application for recording high defin... DOWNLOAD
idem(freshmeat) iDem iDem is a Web application that lets groups vote... DOWNLOAD
jitsi(freshmeat) Jitsi Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator) is an audio/v... DOWNLOAD
syslog-server-java(freshmeat) Syslog Server Java Syslog Server Java is an easy to set up syslog ... DOWNLOAD
asyncfp(freshmeat) asyncfp AsyncFP is a Scala project with composable acto... DOWNLOAD
calenco(freshmeat) Calenco XML CMS Calenco is a collaborative editing Web platform... DOWNLOAD
fastexcel(sfnet) FastExcel FastExcel is a pure java excel read/write compo... DOWNLOAD
aarmail(sfnet) AarMail - Fake Emailer This anonymous emailer script written in PHP is... DOWNLOAD
haveged(freshmeat) haveged haveged is a daemon that feeds the /dev/random ... DOWNLOAD
unifdef(freshmeat) unifdef Unifdef is useful for removing #ifdef'ed lines ... DOWNLOAD
unyaxmppd(freshmeat) unyaxmppd uNyaXMPPD is a small-footprint XMPP suitable fo... DOWNLOAD
eveasusrt-n13u(sfnet) ASUS RT-N13U with 3.5G support Add 3.5G USB dongle support on ASUS RT-N13U The... DOWNLOAD
argtools(sfnet) ArgTools This project is a C++ implementation of abstrac... DOWNLOAD
advmenuplus(sfnet) AdvMenuPLUS AdvMenuPLUS is a frontend based on AdvanceMENU ... DOWNLOAD
construccioned(sfnet) Construccion de un Edificio Proyecto de construccion de un edifico de 2 niv... DOWNLOAD
ghztools(sfnet) GHZ Tools GHZ Tools (Magic tool) Properties: 1- Brute Fo... DOWNLOAD
bpmn(sfnet) Yaoqiang BPMN Editor Yaoqiang BPMN Editor is a graphical editor for ... DOWNLOAD
danmuplayer(sfnet) DanmuPlayer Danmu (Danmaku) Player plays videos and Danmaku... DOWNLOAD
cpan2tgz(freshmeat) cpan2tgz cpan2tgz is a utility to create Slackware packa... DOWNLOAD
mcnpxmeshtally(sfnet) MCNPX Mesh Tally Convert MCNPX binary mesh tally data files to M... DOWNLOAD
tunesviewer(sfnet) TunesViewer A small, easy-to-use program to access itunesU ... DOWNLOAD
javascript-visual-html-templat(freshmeat) JavaScript Visual HTML Template Editor JavaScript Visual HTML Template Editor can be u... DOWNLOAD
pynetsim(freshmeat) PyNetSim PyNetSim targets the generation of background t... DOWNLOAD
htmtools(freshmeat) htmTools This program changes the text of multiple files... DOWNLOAD
metawidget(sfnet) Metawidget Metawidget is a smart User Interface widget tha... DOWNLOAD
primedesktop(freshmeat) PrimeDesktop PrimeDesktop is a tool for planning, mapping, a... DOWNLOAD
phpbbheb(sfnet) phpBB (Hebrew) - The Official Hebrew Translation o... DOWNLOAD
xmlbeans(sfnet) xmlbeans An extension over the Java XPath API in order t... DOWNLOAD
killerimageeditor(sfnet) Killer Image Editor A cool Image editor in python and pygame . It a... DOWNLOAD
freebootstraptemplatecorporate(sfnet) Free Bootstrap Template Corporate A responsive template based on the Bootstrap fr... DOWNLOAD
rejacker(sfnet) ReJacker Rejacker is an toolkit set for PE repair, manua... DOWNLOAD
mehari(sfnet) MEHARI MEHARI est une méthode d'appréciation et de man... DOWNLOAD
rlogin(freshmeat) Rlogin Rlogin is a remote shell client (like SSH), whi... DOWNLOAD
libchipcard(sfnet) libchipcard This is a library for easy accessing chip cards... DOWNLOAD
libvs(freshmeat) libvs Library Version Sort is a version sorting libra... DOWNLOAD
simplegmapapi(freshmeat) SimpleGMapAPI SimpleGMapAPI is a PHP class for using the Goog... DOWNLOAD
git-annex(freshmeat) git-annex git-annex allows managing files with git withou... DOWNLOAD
seasoned-advice-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Seasoned Advice Flair Module Seasoned Advice Flair is a simple Joomla! modul... DOWNLOAD
usb-vhci(sfnet) USB Virtual Host Controller Interface This project consists of a linux kernel module ... DOWNLOAD
slaptget(freshmeat) slapt-get slapt-get is an APT-like system for Slackware p... DOWNLOAD
sm-photo-tool(sfnet) sm-photo-tool Welcome to the home of sm-photo-tool. This a sm... DOWNLOAD
slapt-src(freshmeat) slapt-src slapt-src is a utility to make querying, retrie... DOWNLOAD
directorysync(sfnet) Directory Synchronize Pro (DirSync Pro) DirSync Pro is a powerfull, easy to configure t... DOWNLOAD
nasmide(sfnet) NASM IDE IDE criada por Talles Henrique Oliveira Coelho,... DOWNLOAD
mtrace(sfnet) mtrace mtrace is a multicast traceroute utility, which... DOWNLOAD
wowaceupdater(sfnet) WowAceUpdater WowAceUpdater is a tool for World of Warcraft p... DOWNLOAD
cubesatdecoder(sfnet) CubeSat Decoder This is a configurable beacon decoder software ... DOWNLOAD
sc-trans-fe(sfnet) sc-trans-fe Frontend or sc_trans, written in wxPython, buil... DOWNLOAD
ip-phone-scanning-made-easy-is(freshmeat) Ip phone Scanning Made Easy (ISME) Ip phone Scanning Made Easy (ISME) scans a VOIP... DOWNLOAD
tuxtype(sfnet) Tux Typing Tux Typing is an educational typing program for... DOWNLOAD
gitextensions(sfnet) Git Extensions Git Extensions is a toolkit to make working wit... DOWNLOAD
modorganizer(sfnet) Mod Organizer Mod Organizer (MO) is a tool for managing mod c... DOWNLOAD
linkexchange(freshmeat) LinkExchange The LinkExchange library helps to integrate var... DOWNLOAD
jurlmap(freshmeat) jurlmap jurlmap is a Java library for enabling your Web... DOWNLOAD
jsical(freshmeat) JSiCal JSiCal provides a JavaScript agenda application... DOWNLOAD
appdepot(freshmeat) AppDepot A secure portal type application provides four ... DOWNLOAD
m2fafc-pepit(sfnet) m2fafc-pepit Projet d'étude Master2 MIAGE université Lille1 ... DOWNLOAD
brikx(freshmeat) Brikx Brikx is a small puzzle game in which your goal... DOWNLOAD
mp3_check(freshmeat) mp3_check mp3_check helps to identify in explicit detail ... DOWNLOAD
libdmapsharing(freshmeat) libdmapsharing Libdmapsharing is a library you may use to acce... DOWNLOAD
flamerobin(freshmeat) Flamerobin Flamerobin is a database administration tool fo... DOWNLOAD
mythrip(freshmeat) MythRip MythRip is a GUI for exporting recordings from ... DOWNLOAD
repo-manager(freshmeat) Repo Manager Repo Manager is a repository manager for ArchLi... DOWNLOAD
pandoramon(freshmeat) Pandora Pandora is a distributed system to monitor proc... DOWNLOAD
trojit(freshmeat) Trojita Trojita is a Qt IMAP email client. It is a pur... DOWNLOAD
advertool(freshmeat) AdverTool AdverTool is a Web application that integrates ... DOWNLOAD
yateclient(freshmeat) YateClient YateClient is an universal, skinnable VoIP clie... DOWNLOAD
qore-qt4-module(freshmeat) Qore Qt4 Module Qore Qt4 module allows GUIs to be implemented i... DOWNLOAD
dt-ps-tree(freshmeat) DTPSTree DTPSTree shows the running processes as a tree.... DOWNLOAD
grale(freshmeat) GRALE GRALE is a set of tools - a library and a numbe... DOWNLOAD
cdrtoolswin(sfnet) cdrtoolswin CDRTOOLS is set of command line tools that Unix... DOWNLOAD

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