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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
multisamp(sfnet) Multisamp Multi samp This application allows you to choos... DOWNLOAD
flashlinux(sfnet) Flash Linux Flash Linux is a compact distribution designed ... DOWNLOAD
revenssis(sfnet) Revenssis Ethical Hacking Suite Nicknamed as the "Smartphone Version of Ba... DOWNLOAD
mimescan(freshmeat) mimescan mimescan searches for a file within another fil... DOWNLOAD
rcp100(freshmeat) RCP100 RCP100 is a modular router control plane for Li... DOWNLOAD
gwc(sfnet) Gnome Wave Cleaner Digital audio restoration of CD quality audio w... DOWNLOAD
p-web-programming-language(freshmeat) P* Web Programming Language P* (P-star) is a Web programming language that ... DOWNLOAD
currconverter(sfnet) Currency converter QT currency converter for symbian that can work... DOWNLOAD
rahmenwerk(freshmeat) rahmenwerk rahmenwerk is a small, yet powerful and full-st... DOWNLOAD
awara-panchi(sfnet) AwArA-pAnChi my website softweres DOWNLOAD
boxfs(freshmeat) boxfs A FUSE-based filesystem for DOWNLOAD
find-rootsh(freshmeat) provides a few numerical methods f... DOWNLOAD
apertium(freshmeat) Apertium Apertium is a machine translation platform, ini... DOWNLOAD
mmbn-online(freshmeat) MMBN Online MMBN Online is a MegaMan Battle Network battle ... DOWNLOAD
igcc(freshmeat) IGCC IGCC is a real-eval-print loop (REPL) simulator... DOWNLOAD
daxfi(freshmeat) DAXFi DAXFi is a Python script that helps configure s... DOWNLOAD
hyenae(freshmeat) Hyenae Hyenae is a highly flexible and platform indepe... DOWNLOAD
starcluster(freshmeat) StarCluster StarCluster is a utility for creating tradition... DOWNLOAD
mobbler(freshmeat) Mobbler Mobbler is a radio player and scrobbler... DOWNLOAD
consonance(freshmeat) Consonance Consonance is a .NET/Gtk# client for the OpenGr... DOWNLOAD
suit-framework(freshmeat) SUIT Framework SUIT (Scripting Using Integrated Templates) is ... DOWNLOAD
xkblayout(freshmeat) xkblayout xkblayout is a utility that prints the current ... DOWNLOAD
rur-ple(sfnet) RUR: a Python Learning Environment "Roberge's Used Robot (RUR) : a Python Lea... DOWNLOAD
timedoctor(sfnet) TimeDoctor TimeDoctor is a tool to visualize execution tra... DOWNLOAD
interceptor(freshmeat) Interceptor Interceptor is a KDE 4 plasmoid for syslog moni... DOWNLOAD
unmount-daemon-for-fedora(freshmeat) Unmount Daemon for Fedora Unmount Daemon for Fedora automatically unmount... DOWNLOAD
purity-ng(freshmeat) purity-ng purity-ng is a rewritten version of the old BSD... DOWNLOAD
talendesb(sfnet) Talend Open Studio for ESB Talend Open Studio for ESB is an innovative, Ec... DOWNLOAD
pixeltune(sfnet) Punto y Tono Punto y Tono, the Music Painter. DOWNLOAD
pcpu(sfnet) Python Champollion Physics Physics and chemical Utilities DOWNLOAD
linux_ics(freshmeat) linux_ics linux_ics is designed to make the process of sh... DOWNLOAD
galaxy(sfnet) galaxy A toolkit for building user-level filesystems o... DOWNLOAD
spectra(freshmeat) Spectra Spectra is a simple tool designed to aid in eva... DOWNLOAD
threelittlepigs(sfnet) Three Little Pigs This is an approxiamately 2-minute Java animati... DOWNLOAD
romaniangeek(sfnet) romaniangeek This project provides programs, apps, wallpaper... DOWNLOAD
razorbacktm(sfnet) Razorback Project Razorback(tm). A framework for detection. DOWNLOAD
libpsys(freshmeat) libpsys The psys library provides a simple interface to... DOWNLOAD
st-m(sfnet) Startup Manager Startup Manager is a program that provides you ... DOWNLOAD
pysuite(freshmeat) PySuite PySuite is a collection of Python Vim plugins. ... DOWNLOAD
pydar(freshmeat) Pydar Pydar is a digital audio recorder providing sch... DOWNLOAD
simple-template(freshmeat) Simple Template SimpleTemplate is a simple template engine writ... DOWNLOAD
coctunnel(freshmeat) CocTunnel CocTunnel is a simple SSH manager. DOWNLOAD
bbdb-vcard(freshmeat) bbdb-vcard bbdb-vcard imports and exports vCards (version ... DOWNLOAD
wakodi(freshmeat) wakodi Wakodi is a property management system. Wakodi ... DOWNLOAD
nodex(freshmeat) vert.x vert.x (formerly known as node.x) is a polyglot... DOWNLOAD
qpxtool(sfnet) qpxtool Utility for testing CD/DVD quality, transfer ra... DOWNLOAD
downtubeme(sfnet) DownTubeMe DownTubeMe is a youtube downloader written in v... DOWNLOAD
vms-empire(freshmeat) VMS Empire VMS Empire is a simulation of a full-scale war ... DOWNLOAD
jaguar(freshmeat) Jaguar. Jaguar is a PHP graphics library for fast image... DOWNLOAD
iftop(freshmeat) iftop iftop provides real-time bandwidth usage inform... DOWNLOAD
opentldmultiple(sfnet) OpenTLD Multiple Modification of OpenTLD (Predator) to track thr... DOWNLOAD
ari4java(freshmeat) ari4java ari4java is an Asterisk Rest Interface (ARI) li... DOWNLOAD
tcplugins(sfnet) tcPlugins tcPlugins is a collection of plugins for TeamCi... DOWNLOAD
alchemyapi-java-sdk(freshmeat) AlchemyAPI Java SDK AlchemyAPI Java SDK is a Java SDK that interfac... DOWNLOAD
komport2(freshmeat) Komport2 Komport2 is a serial port communications and VT... DOWNLOAD
ddsum(freshmeat) ddsum Inspired by dd5sum, ddsum includes the followin... DOWNLOAD
quarry(freshmeat) Quarry Quarry is a multi-purpose GUI for different boa... DOWNLOAD
php-dba-cache(freshmeat) php-dba-cache The php-dba-cache uses the database (dbm-style)... DOWNLOAD
dos2unix(sfnet) dos2unix dos2unix includes utilities to convert text fil... DOWNLOAD
firefoxmetroui(sfnet) Builds program with Kapranov Windows Community, Firefox, 7-zip DOWNLOAD
sabredav(freshmeat) SabreDAV SabreDAV allows you to easily integrate your ex... DOWNLOAD
phpcompta(freshmeat) PhpCompta PhpCompta is an accounting application. It is W... DOWNLOAD
hierarchical-cluster-engine(freshmeat) Hierarchical Cluster Engine Hierarchical Cluster Engine is a a solution tha... DOWNLOAD
expirer(freshmeat) expirer expirer is a file expiry tool. It allows admin ... DOWNLOAD
killskypehome(sfnet) Kill Skype Home Kill Skype Home gets rid of the Skype Home wind... DOWNLOAD
pnotepad(sfnet) Programmer's Notepad Programmer's Notepad is a powerful text editor ... DOWNLOAD
sbuild-eclipse-plugin(freshmeat) SBuild Eclipse Plugin SBuild Eclipse Plugin integrates SBuild into th... DOWNLOAD
birdfont(freshmeat) BirdFont BirdFont is a font editor which can create TTF,... DOWNLOAD
lcms(sfnet) Little cms color engine Little cms is a color management library. Imple... DOWNLOAD
ejml(sfnet) Efficient Java Matrix Library Efficient Java Matrix Library (EJML) is a linea... DOWNLOAD
opentrafficshaper(freshmeat) OpenTrafficShaper OpenTrafficShaper is an traffic shaping package... DOWNLOAD
app-bcvi-autoinstall(freshmeat) App-BCVI-AutoInstall App-BCVI-AutoInstall is a Perl module that acts... DOWNLOAD
myaterial(freshmeat) Myaterial Myaterial is a Web application to keep track of... DOWNLOAD
www-analytics-multitouch(freshmeat) WWW-Analytics-MultiTouch WWW-Analytics-MultiTouch is a tool and a Perl l... DOWNLOAD
chaosmap(freshmeat) Chaosmap Chaosmap is an information gathering tool and D... DOWNLOAD
jeti(sfnet) Jeti Jeti is a Java Jabber client that supports most... DOWNLOAD
cornelios(freshmeat) CorneliOS CorneliOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser &... DOWNLOAD
reiser4(sfnet) Reiser4 file system for Linux OS Kernel stuff and user-space utilities. DOWNLOAD
zorna(freshmeat) ZORNA ZORNA is a powerful, consistent, and flexible c... DOWNLOAD
omegaverse(freshmeat) Omegaverse The Omega Project is a universe simulator acces... DOWNLOAD
socks-relay(sfnet) Srelay - the SOCKS proxy and Relay A Free SOCKS proxy server for Linux, FreeBSD, S... DOWNLOAD
imageja(sfnet) imageja ImageJA is a fork of the popular ImageJ softwar... DOWNLOAD
imread(freshmeat) imread imread is a simple library which reads and save... DOWNLOAD
tcl-cm3(sfnet) Tcl Tools for the Cortex-M3 Tcl-CM3 is a project to generate open source to... DOWNLOAD
nav-doc(freshmeat) Nav Doc Nav Doc is a simple navigation documentation sc... DOWNLOAD
mysqlnet(sfnet) ADO.Net drivers for MySql and PostgreSql Fully managed ADO.Net drivers for MySql and Pos... DOWNLOAD
tbrain(sfnet) TinyBrain TinyBrain is both an online Lua programming pla... DOWNLOAD
archivesystem(sfnet) Archive System A disc cataloging software to organize your dis... DOWNLOAD
allagescoin(sfnet) AAC AAC, like BTC, is a decentralized P2P electroni... DOWNLOAD
bmfproject(sfnet) BMF The BMF is a Software Framework developed in Ja... DOWNLOAD
vrs-net(sfnet) Virii Program your own robot with any .NET compatible... DOWNLOAD
classehierarchy(freshmeat) Class::EHierarchy Class::EHierarchy is intended for use as a base... DOWNLOAD
gdsl(freshmeat) Generic Data Structures Library The Generic Data Structures Library (GDSL) is a... DOWNLOAD
flexcrfs(sfnet) FlexCRFs: Flex Conditional Random Fields FlexCRFs: A Flexible Conditional Random Fields ... DOWNLOAD
nagiostrayicon(sfnet) Nagios Tray Icon Provides a Windows tray icon that shows the sta... DOWNLOAD
isaacs(sfnet) I.S.A.A.C.S. I.S.A.A.C.S. Interactive Structure Analysis of ... DOWNLOAD
jnithreadcpuusage(freshmeat) jniThreadCPUUsage jniThreadCPUUsage is a Java library to get the ... DOWNLOAD
f-4d-cb(freshmeat) F-4D-CB FLOSS 4e DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Character Build... DOWNLOAD
imap2mbox(freshmeat) imap2mbox imap2mbox is a simple script that save remote I... DOWNLOAD
doophp(freshmeat) DooPHP DooPHP is a very fast PHP framework. It enables... DOWNLOAD

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