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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
snmpjaag(sfnet) snmpjaag SNMP Java Agent. Features: failsafe remote upgr... DOWNLOAD
sksinghiitk(sfnet) sksinghiitk sms(School Management System) DOWNLOAD
rsaplusplus(sfnet) RSA++ A free project on the RSA algorithm DOWNLOAD
fb-contrib(sfnet) fb-contrib An auxiliary plugin fo... DOWNLOAD
leixun(sfnet) leixun leixun is for more dtail of less DOWNLOAD
vectorgraphics2d(freshmeat) VectorGraphics2D VectorGraphics2D can export Java painting opera... DOWNLOAD
remocular(freshmeat) remOcular RemOcular lets you run Unix command line tools ... DOWNLOAD
qtboostintegration(freshmeat) QtBoostIntegration QtBoostIntegration is a small library which ena... DOWNLOAD
mail2web(freshmeat) Mail2Web Mail2Web is a gateway between email and Web ser... DOWNLOAD
codeine(freshmeat) Codeine Codeine is a functional-style μ-kernel framewor... DOWNLOAD
anonip(freshmeat) anonip Anonip replaces all IP addresses in a text file... DOWNLOAD
phpdown(sfnet) phpdown markdown flat-file blog system DOWNLOAD
dhcp-lease-query-in-php(freshmeat) DHCP Lease Query in PHP DHCP Lease Query in PHP is a PHP class that wil... DOWNLOAD
ujoframework(sfnet) ujoframework Ujorm framework provides powerful objects to co... DOWNLOAD
karra(sfnet) karra Karra is a flexible, web-based, multi-lingual s... DOWNLOAD
chewalter(sfnet) Chewalter Some utilities I created mostly to satisfy my o... DOWNLOAD
solitaire-hits(sfnet) Solitaire Greatest Hits Solitaire Greatest Hits is a free implementatio... DOWNLOAD
anytermjq(sfnet) Anyterm jQuery Interface Anyterm is a unix terminal for web. It's origin... DOWNLOAD
camea(freshmeat) camea Camea is an utility for managing WINE using a s... DOWNLOAD
jobhuntin(freshmeat) jobhuntin jobhuntin is a recruitment portal engine. For j... DOWNLOAD
cra2tcp(freshmeat) cra2tcp cra2tcp converts C-array files of TCP sessions ... DOWNLOAD
alpine-linux(freshmeat) Alpine Linux Alpine Linux is a community developed operating... DOWNLOAD
cuadro-cpu-benchmark(freshmeat) Cuadro CPU Benchmark Cuadro CPU Benchmark measures the CPU performan... DOWNLOAD
smdb(freshmeat) SMDB SMDB is a small, portable database library that... DOWNLOAD
textchunker(freshmeat) textchunker textchunker turns text files, especially Guten... DOWNLOAD
xbmcmce(sfnet) xbmcmce Various utilities for XBMC to help use the Micr... DOWNLOAD
circledetection(sfnet) Hough Circle Detection This program is able to detect circles in image... DOWNLOAD
gutenrip(sfnet) GutenRIP™ This application will alter the standard Gutenp... DOWNLOAD
dyndnsc-python-dynamic-dns-dyn(freshmeat) dyndnsc dyndnsc is a dynamic DNS update client. It prov... DOWNLOAD
uaf(sfnet) Dungeon Craft Dungeon Craft is an adventure creator that emul... DOWNLOAD
lue(sfnet) LX/LuelinX LX is an online forum community website designe... DOWNLOAD
oreaje-applet(freshmeat) Oraje Applet Oraje Applet is a GNOME applet to view Yahoo! W... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-openstreetmap-layer-p(freshmeat) Geomajas OpenStreetMap layer plug-in The Geomajas OpenStreetMap layer allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
haywards-free-intranet-employe(freshmeat) Hayward's Free Intranet Employee Photo Directory Hayward's Free Intranet Employee Photo Director... DOWNLOAD
cakephp-frontend-to-typo3-back(freshmeat) CakePHP frontend to TYPO3 backend Sometimes TypoScript just doesn't cut it. Wheth... DOWNLOAD
prettyautoindex(freshmeat) prettyAutoIndex prettyAutoIndex is a Web gallery based on Apach... DOWNLOAD
cyclone(freshmeat) Cyclone Cyclone is a low-level network toolkit that pro... DOWNLOAD
boinc-echo(freshmeat) BOINC Echo BOINC Echo is an Android application that gathe... DOWNLOAD
emfengine(freshmeat) EmfEngine The Enhanced MetaFile format (EMF) is the nativ... DOWNLOAD
btcetradebot(sfnet) BTC-E Trade Bot BTC-E Trade Bot, is a tool that enables you to ... DOWNLOAD
mythdorarpms(sfnet) MythTV pack's for MythDora& MythBuntu MythTV provides a unified graphical interface f... DOWNLOAD
ugamela(sfnet) UGAMELA A Web Base Estrategic Multi Payer Game of Futur... DOWNLOAD
gmodaddon(sfnet) gmod addon ... DOWNLOAD
sirius(freshmeat) Sirius Sirius is an Eclipse project which allows you t... DOWNLOAD
mxflib(sfnet) MXFLib - A C++ Library for MXF file I/O A simple C++ library for MXF file I/O DOWNLOAD
ectest(sfnet) ectest 内部测试使用 DOWNLOAD
simple-gtd(sfnet) Simple GTD for Windows or Mac Scripts for Windows or Mac that implement a sim... DOWNLOAD
ghostbsdproject(sfnet) GhostBSD Project GhostBSD is a community driven project to join ... DOWNLOAD
rfsnmpjava(sfnet) Robot Framework SNMP Library The library provides functionality of SNMP mana... DOWNLOAD
php-gcm-send-message(freshmeat) PHP GCM Send Message PHP GCM Send Message is a class that sends push... DOWNLOAD
wass(sfnet) Web Appointment Scheduling System The Web Appointment Scheduling System (WASS) is... DOWNLOAD
php-console-for-google-chrome(freshmeat) PHP Console PHP Console is a Google Chrome extension that a... DOWNLOAD
ihsx(sfnet) Inject Header Surfer X2 Inject Header Surfer Xtream Is one of tool used... DOWNLOAD
pyfa(sfnet) Python Fitting Assistant Python fitting assistant is a fitting tool for ... DOWNLOAD
catharsisnetcommons(freshmeat) Catharsis.NET.Commons Catharsis.NET.Commons is a library of extension... DOWNLOAD
catharsisnetwebwidgets(freshmeat) Catharsis.NET.Web.Widgets Catharsis.NET.Web.Widgets is an ASP.NET MVC tag... DOWNLOAD
spnego(sfnet) SPNEGO Integrated Windows Authentication (Single Sign-... DOWNLOAD
iwthemes(sfnet) IWThemes IWThemes is an implementation of innovative met... DOWNLOAD
maggie(sfnet) Maggie A Java project stub for complex network modelin... DOWNLOAD
inamik-template-engine(freshmeat) iNamik Template Engine iNamik Template Engine is a Smarty-inspired tem... DOWNLOAD
makehuman(freshmeat) MakeHuman MakeHuman is software for the modelling of thre... DOWNLOAD
catharsisnetrepository(freshmeat) Catharsis.NET.Repository Catharsis.NET.Repository is a library that prov... DOWNLOAD
cvsgui(sfnet) The CvsGui project The CvsGui project is providing several high-en... DOWNLOAD
eps-conduits(sfnet) EPS Conduits Easily setup and manage a virtual network over ... DOWNLOAD
uliweb(freshmeat) Uliweb Uliweb is a full-stacked Python Web framework. ... DOWNLOAD
tunnelmanager(sfnet) SSH Tunnel Manager GUI to manage SSH tunnels DOWNLOAD
vyos(freshmeat) VyOS VyOS is a Linux distribution for routers and fi... DOWNLOAD
mirplant(sfnet) mirplant MiRPlant: An Integrated Tool for Identification... DOWNLOAD
pcitogcode(sfnet) PCIToGCode PCIToGCode is a software developed to convert a... DOWNLOAD
project-rei(freshmeat) Project REI Project REI is Web-based software designed to a... DOWNLOAD
moose(sfnet) Moose Moose is the core of a modern software platform... DOWNLOAD
ruckusrd(freshmeat) RuckusRD RuckusRD is a drop-in replacement for mkinitrd ... DOWNLOAD
wacky-tracky(freshmeat) wacky-tracky wacky-tracky is a modern task tracking applicat... DOWNLOAD
message-multiplexer(freshmeat) Message Multiplexer The Message Multiplexer (MMX) application will ... DOWNLOAD
python-tkinter-extra(sfnet) Python Tkinter Extensions This is a Python package with extensions for Tk... DOWNLOAD
threedmviewer(sfnet) 3dm Viewer 3DM Viewer is a cross platform application whic... DOWNLOAD
greyhoundubuntu(sfnet) Greyhound-Ubuntu Greyhound Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux, Ubuntu based s... DOWNLOAD
zhangkl(sfnet) zhangkl Learn to create web site test! DOWNLOAD
vtigerptbr(sfnet) vtiger Brazilian Portuguese Lang Pack O presente projeto tem como objetivo disponibil... DOWNLOAD
freertos(freshmeat) FreeRTOS FreeRTOS is a scalable miniature real time kern... DOWNLOAD
dreamdroid(sfnet) dreamdroid Android client for enigma2-based dreamboxes. DOWNLOAD
opecicem(freshmeat) openICEM openICEM is a highly scalable server software t... DOWNLOAD
makekit(freshmeat) MakeKit MakeKit is a build system for POSIX environment... DOWNLOAD
pfff_visual(freshmeat) pfff_visual pfff_visual is a fancy code visualizer using tr... DOWNLOAD
picosnippet(freshmeat) picosnippet The picosnippet() function provides very simple... DOWNLOAD
bstring(sfnet) better string library An alternative to the string library for C and ... DOWNLOAD
animevision(sfnet) AnimeVision Animevision is an anime management software. Wi... DOWNLOAD
planetfiles(sfnet) planetfiles Files for web all important files web scripts a... DOWNLOAD
crush-software(sfnet) CRUSH Data reduction and imaging for select astronomi... DOWNLOAD
mqwhat(freshmeat) MQWhat MQWhat is a tool for documenting which MQ compo... DOWNLOAD
purehadoop(sfnet) PureHadoop A pure build of Apache Hadoop 2.2 from the sour... DOWNLOAD
fastdht(sfnet) FastDHT FastDHT is high performance DHT ( distributed h... DOWNLOAD
nfs-ganesha(freshmeat) nfs-ganesha NFS-GANESHA is a user-space NFSv2, NFSv3, and N... DOWNLOAD
socialray(freshmeat) socialray Social ray is a platform for professional netwo... DOWNLOAD
pxz(freshmeat) pxz Parallel XZ (pxz) is a compression utility that... DOWNLOAD
ceofhack(freshmeat) ceofhack ceofhack is a client for EOF (Eris Onion Forwar... DOWNLOAD
phpatheme(freshmeat) PHPAtheme PHPAtheme allows IRC networks to enable their u... DOWNLOAD
karmen(freshmeat) Karmen Karmen is an easy-to-use window manager for X. ... DOWNLOAD
qtjambi(sfnet) qtjambi Qt Jambi is the Qt bindings for Java developers DOWNLOAD
linuxmintdeutsch(sfnet) Linux Mint Deutsch Linux Mint ist eine auf Ubuntu basierende Linux... DOWNLOAD

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