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opengeneral(sfnet) Open General Evolution of SSI Panzer General II DOWNLOAD
avian(freshmeat) Avian Avian is a lightweight virtual machine and clas... DOWNLOAD
postgis(freshmeat) PostGIS PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to ... DOWNLOAD
sawfish-session-dialog(freshmeat) Sawfish Session Dialog SSD (Sawfish Session Dialog) is a small and fle... DOWNLOAD
powerbible(freshmeat) The Powered Access Bible The Powered Access Bible is a CGI script design... DOWNLOAD
vstring(freshmeat) VSTRING VSTRING is a C++ library which provides a large... DOWNLOAD
kahip(freshmeat) KaHIP KaHIP - Karlsruhe High Quality Partitioning - i... DOWNLOAD
jgeocoder(sfnet) jgeocoder - Free Java Geocoder Geocoding is the process of estimating a latitu... DOWNLOAD
pdfcube(freshmeat) PDFCube PDFCube is an OpenGL PDF viewer that adds a com... DOWNLOAD
maya-tweak(sfnet) Tweak tool for Maya tweak is a Maya plugin for tweaking a mesh in a... DOWNLOAD
goldendict(sfnet) GoldenDict A feature-rich dictionary lookup program, suppo... DOWNLOAD
roboticslab(sfnet) Robotics Lab Welcome to the open branch of the Robotics Lab ... DOWNLOAD
c-format(freshmeat) C++ Format C++ Format is a formatting library for C++. It... DOWNLOAD
uftpd(freshmeat) uftpd uftpd is a small, no nonsense FTP server with n... DOWNLOAD
trinityosx(sfnet) trinityosx Precompiled TrinityCore/MaNGOS for Mac OS X DOWNLOAD
wine-rpg2003(sfnet) rpg maker 2003 wine patch. a patch for wine and you can run rpg maker 2003... DOWNLOAD
form(freshmeat) form form is a library designed to allow seamless, h... DOWNLOAD
tiny-bash-server(freshmeat) Tiny Bash Server Tiny Bash Server (TBS) is a small HTTP server. ... DOWNLOAD
vat-checker-for-eu-countries(freshmeat) VAT Checker for EU countries VAT Checker for EU countries is a simple PHP cl... DOWNLOAD
boss-live-installer(freshmeat) BOSS Live Installer BOSS Live Installer is a GUI live CD installer ... DOWNLOAD
wise(freshmeat) Wise Wise is an experimental Web-based notebook and ... DOWNLOAD
components-4-java(freshmeat) Components 4 Java Components 4 Java is a development tool for Jav... DOWNLOAD
bontq(freshmeat) BontQ Bontq is Web-based project management software ... DOWNLOAD
proteusgameengine(sfnet) Proteus (Game Engine) The goal is to create a full fledge 3d game eng... DOWNLOAD
ripit4me(sfnet) ripit4me fyi fyi fyi fyi fyi fyi DOWNLOAD
libopenmetaverse(sfnet) libopenmetaverse LibOpenMetaverse is a .NET based Client/Server ... DOWNLOAD
rtspdirectshow(sfnet) RTSP/RTP DirectShow Source Filters RTSP/RTP DirectShow Filters are using RTP, RTCP... DOWNLOAD
gimp-wrapmap(sfnet) gimp-wrapmap GIMP python plugin to wrap a bitmap around a sh... DOWNLOAD
helpdezk(freshmeat) HelpDEZK HelpDEZk is a powerful system for managing requ... DOWNLOAD
pymc(sfnet) PyMC Markov chain Monte Carlo methods in Python, tar... DOWNLOAD
enhancedphptimeclock(sfnet) Enhanced PHP Timeclock This is the enhanced PHP Timeclock; a web based... DOWNLOAD
zenglox(sfnet) zenglox zenglOX类Unix操作系统 DOWNLOAD
jmat(freshmeat) Jmat.js Jmat.js provides complex special functions, num... DOWNLOAD
aimap(sfnet) iMAP iMAP is a tool to auto-compile & install My... DOWNLOAD
hssh(sfnet) HSSH HSSH (Hybrid ssh) is developing to transmit the... DOWNLOAD
pdf-text-extractor(freshmeat) PDF Text Extractor PDF Text Extractor is a class that extracts tex... DOWNLOAD
luminescence(freshmeat) Luminescence Luminescence is an application for generating H... DOWNLOAD
sanzang(freshmeat) Sanzang Sanzang is a compact and simple cross-platform ... DOWNLOAD
frieda(freshmeat) Frieda Frieda is a simple server for your music collec... DOWNLOAD
ssh-gui(freshmeat) ssh-gui ssh-gui is a front end and configuration tool f... DOWNLOAD
sourcemagic(freshmeat) SourceMagic SourceMagic is a PHP object generator. SourceMa... DOWNLOAD
divalign(freshmeat) Divalign Divalign is a DokuWiki plugin that provides a s... DOWNLOAD
naev(sfnet) naev Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game, in ... DOWNLOAD
jdesigner(sfnet) Systems Biology Software Project This site hosts the source code for C++ version... DOWNLOAD
squirrelsh(freshmeat) Squirrel Shell Squirrel Shell is a cross-platform alternative ... DOWNLOAD
rapidcharting(freshmeat) RAPID Analysis Program for Investment Decisions RAPID provides stock/commodity charts, buy/sel... DOWNLOAD
php-error(freshmeat) PHP Error PHP Error aims to make understanding initial er... DOWNLOAD
windowsvumeter(sfnet) Windows VU Meter Windows VU Meter is a standalone application th... DOWNLOAD
roxterm(sfnet) RoxTerm A tabbed, vte- (GTK+) based terminal emulator p... DOWNLOAD
immutables(freshmeat) Immutables Immutables allows you to embrace immutablity to... DOWNLOAD
linuxwacom(sfnet) Linux Wacom Tablet Project This project manages the libraries, configurati... DOWNLOAD
vmware-vsphere(sfnet) vmware-vsphere VMware-vSphere-Perl-SDK-4.1.0 DOWNLOAD
netpbm2gimp(freshmeat) Netpbm2Gimp Netpbm2Gimp automatically compiles the unmodifi... DOWNLOAD
oos(freshmeat) oos OOS is a C++ object-relational mapping (ORM) fr... DOWNLOAD
i5phpbridge(sfnet) i5 PHP Bridge Tying together Zend Framework, PHP/Java Bridge,... DOWNLOAD
squint-screen(freshmeat) squint screen squint is command that duplicates the output of... DOWNLOAD
liberopops(sfnet) LiberoPOPs liberopops is useful for users of Libero provid... DOWNLOAD
mtgox_api(freshmeat) mtgox_api mtgox_api is a Python implementation of the Mt ... DOWNLOAD
peterhi(sfnet) PeterHi Education Tools PeterHi is an initiative to provide a set of to... DOWNLOAD
hls(freshmeat) homeLANsecurity homeLANsecurity is a series of shell scripts fo... DOWNLOAD
preparse(freshmeat) PreParse PreParse is a library designed to simplify Web ... DOWNLOAD
tree-generator(freshmeat) Tree Generator Tree Generator is a .NET library for generating... DOWNLOAD
check-esx-plugin(freshmeat) Check ESX Plugin Check ESX is a plugin developed to be used prim... DOWNLOAD
dbdir(freshmeat) dbDir dbDir (Database Directory) is a directory servi... DOWNLOAD
liberorm(freshmeat) LiberORM LiberORM is a class that can be used to store a... DOWNLOAD
opencms-ant-build(freshmeat) OpenCms ANT build OpenCms ANT Build allows multiple OpenCms devel... DOWNLOAD
coronis-test(freshmeat) Coronis Test Coronis Test is an HTML test framework based on... DOWNLOAD
antville(freshmeat) Antville Antville is high performance, feature rich webl... DOWNLOAD
rtf2html(sfnet) rtf2html converter RTF to HTML converter for use both with your ap... DOWNLOAD
imdev(sfnet) imDEV Project imDEV is an application of RExcel, whic... DOWNLOAD
limbopcemulator(sfnet) limbo pc emulator A x86 emulator for android. NOTE: This used to... DOWNLOAD
ooo-shqip(sfnet) Shqip - Albanian Localization of in Albanian (sq) DOWNLOAD
magicjar(freshmeat) magic.jar magic.jar is a command line tool that allows yo... DOWNLOAD
gpm-clamantivirus(sfnet) GPM Clam AntiVirus A powerful OpenSource Antivirus for your PC, in... DOWNLOAD
biomechanical-toolkit(freshmeat) Biomechanical ToolKit Biomechanical ToolKit (BTK) is a cross-platform... DOWNLOAD
openalpr(freshmeat) OpenALPR OpenALPR is an automated license plate recognit... DOWNLOAD
instantclick(freshmeat) InstantClick InstantClick is a JavaScript library that makes... DOWNLOAD
udop(sfnet) udop Unsupervised data-oriented parsing model put fo... DOWNLOAD
jtracer(freshmeat) jTracer jTracer is a visualization tool for libcsdbg. ... DOWNLOAD
paranoid-telnetd(freshmeat) Paranoid TelnetD Paranoid TelnetD is written in straight C with ... DOWNLOAD
task-crunsher(freshmeat) Task Crunsher Task Crunsher is a simple tool to execute multi... DOWNLOAD
loopmaker(sfnet) loopmaker This Program plays any looping metronome file w... DOWNLOAD
android-metadata(freshmeat) android-metadata android-metadata is a utility library for Andro... DOWNLOAD
jupiter(sfnet) Jupiter Simple, easy to use hardware and power manageme... DOWNLOAD
insenvim(sfnet) Intellisense for Vim Enabling intellisense(also called CodeInsight o... DOWNLOAD
c-boot(sfnet) C-Boot Crescent Bootloader is designed to be quick and... DOWNLOAD
fcf-win7-ubuntu(sfnet) FCoFix Win7 Ubuntu Theme Windows 7 Theme for Ubuntu 10.04 or new. It's a... DOWNLOAD
classingjs(freshmeat) Classing{js} Classing{js} creates a classical-like OOP inter... DOWNLOAD
bonsaios(sfnet) BonsaiOS (Keeping it simple) This DIY os from the creator of Anitaos is for ... DOWNLOAD
hometools(freshmeat) LocalTools LocalTools is a suite of small tools for use on... DOWNLOAD
xmltv(freshmeat) XMLTV XMLTV is a set of programs to obtain and proces... DOWNLOAD
flom(freshmeat) FLOM FLOM is a distributed lock manager that can be ... DOWNLOAD
openbve(sfnet) openbve openBVE train simulator DOWNLOAD
fbtools(sfnet) OOoFBTools Extension for Open/Libre Office for converting ... DOWNLOAD
jrobust(sfnet) AtomicJ AtomicJ is a Java application for processing of... DOWNLOAD
omnia2gl(sfnet) omnia2gl The lib that allows to run Xtrakt, Experiment 1... DOWNLOAD
nworm(freshmeat) NW.ORM NW.ORM is a simple wrapper for accessing databa... DOWNLOAD
openmiracle(sfnet) OpenMiracle Miracle I The next stepping ston... DOWNLOAD
opencpnplugins(sfnet) opencpnplugins This project hosts various plugins for the Open... DOWNLOAD
java4autocad(sfnet) Java for Autocad A Java API for accessing Autocad. A thin JACOB ... DOWNLOAD

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