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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
fullsync(sfnet) FullSync FullSync is a powerful tool that helps you keep... DOWNLOAD
linux-deepin(freshmeat) Linux Deepin Linux Deepin is an easy-to-use Linux distributi... DOWNLOAD
ogdl(freshmeat) OGDL OGDL (Ordered Graph Data Language) is a structu... DOWNLOAD
rlabplus(sfnet) rlabplus for linux RLaB is an interactive, interpreted scientific ... DOWNLOAD
terapy(freshmeat) TeraPy TeraPy is a modular graphical user interface fo... DOWNLOAD
countdown(sfnet) Countdown Timers Two programs, one in Java and one in Javascript... DOWNLOAD
sokath(sfnet) sokath This program will be designed in a way that it ... DOWNLOAD
mycollab(sfnet) MyCollab MyCollab is an open source Java business platfo... DOWNLOAD
ftdi-usb-ft245(sfnet) FTDI FT245BM USB driver for Linux A high speed Linux kernel driver for the FTDI F... DOWNLOAD
thefstool(sfnet) TheFSTool The FSTool shows the time Windows have been run... DOWNLOAD
heirloom(sfnet) Heirloom Project The Heirloom Project provides standard Unix uti... DOWNLOAD
subtitleproc(sfnet) Subtitle Processor Subtitle editor for editing, repairing and tran... DOWNLOAD
opensis(sfnet) openSIS openSIS, is a free student information system t... DOWNLOAD
ajaxanywhere(sfnet) AjaxAnywhere AjaxAnywhere turns any set existing JSP/JSF com... DOWNLOAD
ed2k-fasttrack(sfnet) ed2k-fasttrack ed2k-fasttrack is a plugin for the eDonkey2000 ... DOWNLOAD
tomp(sfnet) tomp Collection of Java tools and packages related t... DOWNLOAD
maestrosbt(sfnet) MaestroSBT MaestroSBT is a DVD subtitle rendering utility.... DOWNLOAD
lispf4(freshmeat) LISPF4 LISPF4 is an InterLisp interpreter written in F... DOWNLOAD
dynace(freshmeat) Dynace Dynace is a portable extension to the C languag... DOWNLOAD
varhigh(sfnet) Variable Highlighter Variable Highlighter - Plug-in tool for Java In... DOWNLOAD
iotop(freshmeat) Iotop Iotop is a program with a top-like UI that show... DOWNLOAD
jbcode(sfnet) JBarcode This project consists from a java based framewo... DOWNLOAD
ippfp(sfnet) interface preprocessor for php The ippfp library provides methods for creating... DOWNLOAD
filterlib(sfnet) FilterLib FilterLib is a Java Servlet Filter construction... DOWNLOAD
metatype(sfnet) MetaType A framework for creating freeware Truetype font... DOWNLOAD
osgw(sfnet) O - OpenSource GroupWare OSGW is a webpaged group/project management sys... DOWNLOAD
brushless-gimbal-brugi(sfnet) brushless-gimbal-BruGi This is a camera stabilization system based on ... DOWNLOAD
mview(sfnet) mview The Mesh Viewer is an easy to use lightweight a... DOWNLOAD
cooperexpertise(sfnet) CooperExpertise Mission expertise Icam Bretagne, accès libre au... DOWNLOAD
omniathena(sfnet) OmniAthena OmniAthena is an effort to further the developm... DOWNLOAD
swf2exe(sfnet) swf2exe swf2exe is an application that allows one to ge... DOWNLOAD
xfdisk(sfnet) eXtended FDisk eXtended FDisk, or short XFDisk, is a free DOS ... DOWNLOAD
jtestcase(sfnet) JTestCase JTestCase uses XML file to organize multi-testc... DOWNLOAD
evms(sfnet) Enterprise Volume Management System The EVMS Project uses a layered, plug-in model ... DOWNLOAD
bluespice(sfnet) BlueSpice This freely available open-source software turn... DOWNLOAD
exoopport(sfnet) The E-Xoopport Project E-Xoopport is an enhanced version of E-Xoops a ... DOWNLOAD
databasebrowser(sfnet) DB Browser DBBrowser is an open source (GPL license), cros... DOWNLOAD
vncsessmgr(sfnet) VNC Session Manager VNC Session Manager adds the nessary glue code ... DOWNLOAD
jsf-spring(sfnet) JSF integration code for Spring This project provides glue code for comprehensi... DOWNLOAD
mirror-lib(sfnet) mirror-lib The Mirror library provides both compile-time a... DOWNLOAD
gumnut(freshmeat) gumnut gumnut is a program to find the most supported ... DOWNLOAD
domainkeys(sfnet) DomainKeys library and tools A general purpose set of tools, C library and C... DOWNLOAD
mobilestarchart(sfnet) Mobile Planetarium for Java Phones MobileStarChart is a MIDP1.0/2.0 midlet for Jav... DOWNLOAD
yorick(sfnet) yorick Yorick is an interpreted programming language f... DOWNLOAD
svgplugin(sfnet) SVG Eclipse Plugin The project goal is to develop an Eclipse plugi... DOWNLOAD
logback(freshmeat) Logback Logback is intended as a successor to the popul... DOWNLOAD
minecrafthardco(sfnet) Minecraft hardcore worlds these are some of the hardest minecraft worlds ... DOWNLOAD
pydb2(sfnet) PyDB2 - Python DB2 Interface And Tools The PyDB2 package provides a Python DB API 2.0 ... DOWNLOAD
file-opener(sfnet) File Opener a program for linux that remembers file associa... DOWNLOAD
suparun(sfnet) OBLISK This is a packaging system for GNU/Linux that w... DOWNLOAD
classytk(sfnet) ClassyTk ClassyTk is a Tcl/Tk extension adding a lot of ... DOWNLOAD
md3-viewer(sfnet) WIN32 MD3 Model Viewer a md3 model viewer which i write in C++ with th... DOWNLOAD
linuxts(sfnet) Linux Terminal Server Client for Windows A Linux Terminal Server Client for Windows 2000... DOWNLOAD
cygwin-gnome2(sfnet) GNOME 2.4 on Cygwin This project has been merged into the Cygwin Po... DOWNLOAD
kaldin(sfnet) Kaldin | Online examination software Open source examination software for conducting... DOWNLOAD
psiplus(sfnet) Psi+ Psi is a cross-platform powerful XMPP/Jabber c... DOWNLOAD
pequel(sfnet) Pequel ETL Data Transformation Engine Comprehensive & high performance data distr... DOWNLOAD
moodss(sfnet) moodss Moodss is a modular monitoring application, com... DOWNLOAD
pkt(sfnet) pkt XML Universal Packet Archiver (PKT) is a platfo... DOWNLOAD
wxphp(sfnet) wxPHP wxPHP is a php binding/wrapper for the cross-pl... DOWNLOAD
eaglelpkf(sfnet) Eagle + Protomat S100 Files created for the University of Oklahoma to... DOWNLOAD
ipw2200(sfnet) ipw2200 Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Driver for Linux (802... DOWNLOAD
magmi(freshmeat) Magmi Magmi is a mass importer for the Magento e-comm... DOWNLOAD
moras(sfnet) Moras A character equipment planing tool for the MMOR... DOWNLOAD
bitquant(sfnet) bitquant This is the sourceforge site for Bitquant Resea... DOWNLOAD
extract-xiso(sfnet) extract-xiso Extract-xiso is the premier backup tool for cre... DOWNLOAD
aisoccer(sfnet) AI Soccer Project Network gaming environment for AI warriors. Off... DOWNLOAD
quixplorer(sfnet) QuiXplorer - web-based file-management The QuiXplorer project has been moved to github... DOWNLOAD
tuxhatlinux(sfnet) tuxhatlinux IRC: #... DOWNLOAD
alquraan(sfnet) AlQuraan This software is main objective is to give the ... DOWNLOAD
twainx(sfnet) TwainX TWAIN Scanner Control wrapped as an ActiveX Obj... DOWNLOAD
wikyblog(sfnet) WikyBlog : Wiki / Blog CMS WikyBlog is a CMS/Groupware application written... DOWNLOAD
winlibre(sfnet) WinLibre Free/Libre Windows software distribution. Win y... DOWNLOAD
syndie(sfnet) Syndie Syndie is an open source system for operating d... DOWNLOAD
endonesia(freshmeat) eNdonesia Portal eNdonesia Portal is a portal script, content ma... DOWNLOAD
dropline-gnome(sfnet) Dropline GNOME Dropline GNOME is a version of the GNOME Deskto... DOWNLOAD
bvrde(sfnet) bvrde The BVRDE is a fully integrated development env... DOWNLOAD
quintagroup(sfnet) Quintagroup Plone CMS / Zope products This project is a collection of Zope products,... DOWNLOAD
synwrite-addons(sfnet) SynWrite add-ons Collection of add-ons for SynWrite editor. DOWNLOAD
courier-unicode-library(freshmeat) Courier Unicode Library The Courier Unicode Library implements several ... DOWNLOAD
oed2dict(freshmeat) oed2dict oed2dict is a set of scripts that convert the f... DOWNLOAD
nightingale-media-player(freshmeat) Nightingale Media Player Nightingale is a fork of the media player Songb... DOWNLOAD
xvattr(freshmeat) xvattr xvattr lets you list the available attributes a... DOWNLOAD
osl-object-storage-layer(freshmeat) OSL - Object Storage Layer libosl, the object storage layer, is a library ... DOWNLOAD
fuse-zip(freshmeat) fuse-zip fuse-zip is a FUSE file system based on libzip ... DOWNLOAD
openmw(freshmeat) OpenMW OpenMW is an attempt to reimplement the popular... DOWNLOAD
thejavacpreprocessor(freshmeat) jcpp JCPP is a complete, compliant, standalone, pure... DOWNLOAD
gradle-sablecc-plugin(freshmeat) gradle-sablecc-plugin gradle-sablecc-plugin is a gradle plugin which ... DOWNLOAD
gradle-velocity-plugin(freshmeat) gradle-velocity-plugin gradle-velocity-plugin is a gradle plugin for t... DOWNLOAD
jdiagnostics(freshmeat) jdiagnostics jdiagnostics is a library of routines for inspe... DOWNLOAD
dhcp4j(freshmeat) dhcp4j dhcp4j is a pure Java DHCP parser, protocol man... DOWNLOAD
au(freshmeat) au au is a little script to make ffmpeg easier to ... DOWNLOAD
javalauncher(sfnet) Java Launcher Easy configurable Java launching framework for ... DOWNLOAD
surfshoppro(freshmeat) SurfShopPRO Ecommerce System SurfShopPRO is a rock solid shopping cart and e... DOWNLOAD
ngsep(sfnet) NGSEP NGSEP (Next Generation Sequencing Eclipse Plugi... DOWNLOAD
zziplib(freshmeat) ZZIPlib ZZIPlib provides read access on ZIP-archives. T... DOWNLOAD
opencrx(sfnet) openCRX - Enterprise Class CRM NEW VERSION 2.13.0: openCRX is a professional C... DOWNLOAD
paradoxgameconverters(sfnet) ParadoxGameConverters Various converters for games by Paradox Interac... DOWNLOAD
ipodlinuxinst(sfnet) ipodlinux-installer Easily install Linux on your iPod from windows ... DOWNLOAD
xploder(sfnet) X-Ploder X-Ploder is a CMS supporting modules, many temp... DOWNLOAD

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