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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
ibrowse(sfnet) ImageBrowser Image Browswer lets you browse through the dire... DOWNLOAD
phpbb-fr(sfnet) French phpBB Translation This is the Standard French translation project... DOWNLOAD
cedilla(freshmeat) Cedilla Cedilla is a best-effort text printer. It will ... DOWNLOAD
jbarcode-scan(sfnet) JBarcode_Recognition Set of Java classes to decode a barcode from an... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-rails(freshmeat) TurnKey Ruby On Rails Appliance TurnKey Ruby on Rails Appliance is a server app... DOWNLOAD
gtwar(sfnet) Great Tribal War Great Tribal War is a modification for Tribes V... DOWNLOAD
turnkey-amazon-ec2-sdk-applian(freshmeat) TurnKey Amazon EC2 SDK Appliance TurnKey Amazon EC2 SDK Appliance is a server ap... DOWNLOAD
dhcpd-configuration-editor(freshmeat) DHCPD Configuration Editor DHCPD Configuration Editor (DCE) is a Web servi... DOWNLOAD
gosee(sfnet) OneButton FTP A feature-full Cocoa FTP client for OS X. Supp... DOWNLOAD
codimension(freshmeat) Codimension Codimension is a Python IDE which aims to provi... DOWNLOAD
rrda(freshmeat) RRDA RRDA (RRDA REST DNS API) is a REST API that all... DOWNLOAD
yad-dialog(sfnet) YAD YAD (yet another dialog) is a tool for create g... DOWNLOAD
autoindex(sfnet) AutoIndex PHP Script (Directory Indexer) AutoIndex is a PHP script that makes a table th... DOWNLOAD
g11ntoolkit(sfnet) Globalization Tool Kit The G11NToolKit is a collection of programs/com... DOWNLOAD
fortes4lazarus(sfnet) FortesReport4Lazarus The Lazarus port of FortesReport, a Delphi repo... DOWNLOAD
smsec(sfnet) SMSec - Simplicity Makes Security SMSec is a free , open source, GPLed implementa... DOWNLOAD
ezxml(sfnet) ezXML An XML parser C library that's simple and easy ... DOWNLOAD
videosharevod(sfnet) Video Share VOD Video Share / Video On Demand (VOD) is a free o... DOWNLOAD
opencog(freshmeat) OpenCog OpenCog is an Open Source software project aime... DOWNLOAD
ipodlinuxinstl(sfnet) iPod-Linux Installer An easy to use installer that enables Mac OS X ... DOWNLOAD
convertpgssub(freshmeat) convertPgsSub convertPgsSub is a shell script to convert pgs ... DOWNLOAD
tmp3(sfnet) tMP3 - Java MP3 Player JAVA MP3 player with http server (for web inter... DOWNLOAD
mediaframe(sfnet) MediaFrame - open streaming media MediaFrame is an Open Source streaming media pl... DOWNLOAD
autolatex(freshmeat) AutoLaTeX AutoLaTeX is a tool for managing small to large... DOWNLOAD
wav2mp3(sfnet) wav2mp3 wav2mp3 and wav2ogg are command-line interfaces... DOWNLOAD
jutf7(sfnet) Java UTF-7 Charset support Charset implementation adding encoding and deco... DOWNLOAD
adi-buildroot(sfnet) ADI Buildroot Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches tha... DOWNLOAD
sdcv(sfnet) sdcv sdcv - console version of stardict, cross-plat... DOWNLOAD
hgamecdcol(sfnet) HGAME cdcollector This is a mod to an existing project cdcollecto... DOWNLOAD
parser-blade(sfnet) ParserBLADE ParserBLADE is a Content Management System base... DOWNLOAD
yapgb(sfnet) YapGB - Yet Another Php GuestBook YapGB is a free guestbook system written in PHP... DOWNLOAD
oma-scts(sfnet) SyncML Conformance Test Suite SyncML Conformance Test Suite is a tool to chec... DOWNLOAD
gerris(freshmeat) The Gerris Flow Solver Gerris can solve the time-dependent Euler, Stok... DOWNLOAD
sabbu(sfnet) sabbu Subtitle timing software DOWNLOAD
mp610linux(sfnet) Pixma MP600 MP610 MP620 MP630 Linux Cups A collection of enhanced PPD files for Canon Pi... DOWNLOAD
gts(freshmeat) GTS The GNU Triangulated Surface Library (GTS) prov... DOWNLOAD
querycommander(sfnet) QueryCommander Sql editor, simular to the Microsoft Query Anal... DOWNLOAD
keepass-favicon(sfnet) KeePass Favicon Downloader A KeePass plugin that downloads and stores favi... DOWNLOAD
proximodo(sfnet) Proximodo This is a proxy server that you can install loc... DOWNLOAD
joomla-onstartups-flair-module(freshmeat) Joomla! OnStartups Flair Module Joomla! OnStartups Flair Module displays your u... DOWNLOAD
wavi(sfnet) WAVI Wavelet Video Compression Fast MMX/SSEx wavelet-based lossy video codec f... DOWNLOAD
cs-framework(sfnet) CS-Framework Distributed, object-oriented and event-driven L... DOWNLOAD
hessiancsharp(sfnet) HessianCsharp "HessianCsharp" is a C# library for t... DOWNLOAD
jsonframework(sfnet) JSON Framework for Objective C The JSON Framework is an framework which gives ... DOWNLOAD
efinger(sfnet) eFinger - A FingerPrint Matching System languages - c++, VC++, Matlab. Platform - Win32... DOWNLOAD
phpnukefrance(sfnet) PHPNuke Francophone PHPNuke France, tout PHPNuke pour la communauté... DOWNLOAD
clangonwin(sfnet) ClangOnWin The clang binary release Windows-based DOWNLOAD
tetris-sharp(sfnet) Tetris# Tetris# is a C# clone of Tetris, with special b... DOWNLOAD
pyrseas(freshmeat) Pyrseas Pyrseas provides a framework and utilities to u... DOWNLOAD
javamelody(freshmeat) JavaMelody The goal of JavaMelody is to monitor Java or Ja... DOWNLOAD
morph(sfnet) Morph Morph is a Java framework that eases the intern... DOWNLOAD
cap4e(sfnet) Code Analysis Plugin CAP (code analysis plugin) is an eclipse plugin... DOWNLOAD
jkaiui(sfnet) Java Kai User-Interface jKaiUI is an open source, multi-platform, Java ... DOWNLOAD
serialapi(sfnet) SAPI ( an API for the RS232 ) Interface for serial communication (serial API ... DOWNLOAD
jtxtview(sfnet) jPad jPad is a Java clone of Windows Notepad. DOWNLOAD
centum(sfnet) The Centum Programming Language Centum is an interpreted language that is inten... DOWNLOAD
edytornc(sfnet) EdytorNC EdytorNC is text editor for CNC programmers. So... DOWNLOAD
libunittest(sfnet) libunittest C++ library libunittest is a portable C++ library for unit ... DOWNLOAD
garmin-img(sfnet) Garmin IMG Format A description of the Garmin IMG file format. In... DOWNLOAD
xoops-portugal(sfnet) Xoops Portugal Xoop's translation to portuguese includes syste... DOWNLOAD
jradius(sfnet) JRadius JRadius - A Radius Server Java Adapter and Java... DOWNLOAD
cindy(sfnet) Cindy A robust, scalable and efficient asynchronous I... DOWNLOAD
rubyde(sfnet) RDE(Ruby Development Environment) RDE is the IDE for the script language Ruby. It... DOWNLOAD
nmapwin(sfnet) NMapWin NMapWin is a native Win32 front-end for http://... DOWNLOAD
aquisition(sfnet) Acquisition Acquisition is a gnutella client written in Obj... DOWNLOAD
ffmp3(sfnet) Muses Radio Player Live MP3/OGG/AAC Flash Player for Icecast and S... DOWNLOAD
nmon(sfnet) nmon for Linux nmon is short for Nigel's Performance Monitor I... DOWNLOAD
anttweakbarsdl20(sfnet) AntTweakBar SDL2.0 SDL2.0 Mod for AntTweakBar 1.6 DOWNLOAD
oracleodbc(sfnet) Oracle ODBC driver for linux Oracle linux ODBC 3.0 driver (Based on OCI 8.0 ... DOWNLOAD
py-dchub(sfnet) py-dchub Easily extensible, cross-platform Direct Connec... DOWNLOAD
jetif(sfnet) Jetif Jetif is a free regression testing framework fo... DOWNLOAD
brightmare(freshmeat) brightmare BrightMaRe is a tool that translates LaTeX equa... DOWNLOAD
injustools-for-battlefield-gam(freshmeat) InjusTools for Battlefield + GameServers InjusTools for Battlefield + GameServers provid... DOWNLOAD
ganttweb(sfnet) ganttproject at web It's a web representation of a ganttproject gen... DOWNLOAD
velocitywebedit(sfnet) VelocityWebEdit A Velocity/HTML aware Eclipse editor plug-in ca... DOWNLOAD
meshlab(sfnet) MeshLab MeshLab, a mesh processing system, for user ass... DOWNLOAD
webkitjava(sfnet) WebKitJava WebKitJava allows to embed Apple's WebKit's Web... DOWNLOAD
openssh(freshmeat) Portable OpenSSH Portable OpenSSH is a Unix/Linux port of OpenBS... DOWNLOAD
check_rbl(freshmeat) check_rbl check_rbl is a Nagios plugin to check if an SMT... DOWNLOAD
adesklets(sfnet) adesklets adesklets is an interactive Imlib2 console for ... DOWNLOAD
jackcess(freshmeat) Jackcess Jackess is a pure Java library for reading and ... DOWNLOAD
eidolon(sfnet) Eidolon Eidolon is a multiplayer only first-person shoo... DOWNLOAD
bitcoin-client(sfnet) Java Bitcoin API Java API for accessing a Bitcoin server / appli... DOWNLOAD
galleon(sfnet) Galleon TiVo Media Server Galleon is a home media server using TiVo's HME... DOWNLOAD
lua-gd(sfnet) Lua-GD Lua-GD is an image manipulation library for the... DOWNLOAD
jht(sfnet) Java Hyper Terminal This application has been made to enable user t... DOWNLOAD
jdde(sfnet) Dynamic Data Exchange For Java Java library allows to communicate with native ... DOWNLOAD
bitig(sfnet) Bitig Text editor designed for the Tatar Latin alphab... DOWNLOAD
pingit-plus(sfnet) PingIt! Plus It started out as a small random home project, ... DOWNLOAD
conntrack-tools(freshmeat) conntrack-tools conntrack-tools is a set of userspace tools for... DOWNLOAD
p112(sfnet) P112 software Software for the DX-Designs P112 CPU board (Z80... DOWNLOAD
tamber(sfnet) The Tamber Project The Tamber project is a free, componentised web... DOWNLOAD
shadowsocksgui(sfnet) shadowsocks-gui Windows: powered by webkit and shadowsocks-node... DOWNLOAD
ldap-proxy(sfnet) LDAP Proxy The LDAP proxy is designed to be the part of th... DOWNLOAD
dbsaga(sfnet) The DBSaga MUD Codebase This is the legendary DBSaga (DBS) MUD Codebase. DOWNLOAD
mnemosyne-proj(sfnet) Mnemosyne Project Mnemosyne resembles a traditional flash-card pr... DOWNLOAD
wmplayer(sfnet) wmplayer wmplayer (wrapper for mplayer) is a wrapper fun... DOWNLOAD
sqlom(sfnet) Dynamic SQL Framework (Sql Object Model) Dynamic SQL framework eases dynamic SQL generat... DOWNLOAD
prcs2hg(freshmeat) prcs2hg prcs2hg is a command that converts a PRCS proje... DOWNLOAD
crossfire-extended-release(freshmeat) Crossfire Extended Release Crossfire Extended Release is an extended versi... DOWNLOAD

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