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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
qftp(sfnet) VirgoFTP VirgoFTP is a multi-platform, graphical FTP cli... DOWNLOAD
ddi(sfnet) Drag'n'Drop Interface Cross-browser Javascript Drag'n'Drop interface,... DOWNLOAD
openutils(sfnet) openutils The Openutils project hosts several libraries t... DOWNLOAD
openscene(sfnet) This project have 2 aims : 1: translate writing... DOWNLOAD
aguestbook(sfnet) Angora Guestbook Angora is a simple and powerful PHP/MySQL guest... DOWNLOAD
znotes(sfnet) zNotes Simple lightweight crossplatform application fo... DOWNLOAD
cgrep(sfnet) cgrep cgrep provides many of the features of grep, eg... DOWNLOAD
adi-u-boot(sfnet) ADI Das U-boot The "U-Boot" Universal Bootloader pro... DOWNLOAD
yetanothercleaner(sfnet) Yet Another Cleaner Yet Another Cleaner is a all-in-one FREE profes... DOWNLOAD
mlagen(sfnet) MLA Auto-Generator Generates correctly formatted(MLA, APA, Chicago... DOWNLOAD
libhash(sfnet) libhash Libhash provides a clean and efficient C interf... DOWNLOAD
schilytools(sfnet) Schily Tools The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of too... DOWNLOAD
ffs(sfnet) Free Focused Scroll Advanced trackpad driver to support Apple Power... DOWNLOAD
pysdm(sfnet) PyGTK Storage Device Manager The aim of this project is to develop and manta... DOWNLOAD
karaoke-dx(sfnet) Karaoke for DirectX DirectShow filter for playing back MIDI and CD+... DOWNLOAD
xapx(sfnet) SIT friends web programming and database project DOWNLOAD
firejail(freshmeat) Firejail Firejail is a SUID sandbox program that reduces... DOWNLOAD
infinitytk(freshmeat) InfinityTK InfinityTK is a light-weight application develo... DOWNLOAD
jasperreports(freshmeat) JasperReports JasperReports is a Java reporting library. XML ... DOWNLOAD
kaais(sfnet) KAAIS v3 KAAIS (Kali Applications Automatic Installer Sc... DOWNLOAD
pfstools(sfnet) pfstools for HDR images pfstools - a set of programs for reading, writi... DOWNLOAD
ptw(sfnet) PrinceTiddlyWiki PrinceTiddlyWiki is a TiddlyWiki Adaptation, it... DOWNLOAD
simpleimageviewer4j(freshmeat) simpleimageviewer4j simpleimageviewer4j is easy-to-use library whic... DOWNLOAD
securestrings(sfnet) secureStrings secureStrings is an ISO C99 library for the sec... DOWNLOAD
evolution-linux(freshmeat) Evo/Lution Evo/Lution is a live CD with a graphical instal... DOWNLOAD
dkpro-core(freshmeat) DKPro Core DKPro Core is a collection of software componen... DOWNLOAD
libres3(freshmeat) LibreS3 LibreS3 is a robust open source implementation ... DOWNLOAD
sinntp(freshmeat) sinntp sinntp is a tiny non-interactive NNTP client. DOWNLOAD
screen(freshmeat) screen Screen is a full-screen window manager that mul... DOWNLOAD
openborgp(sfnet) OpenBOR GP32 Both BOR and OpenBOR ports for GP32 and also wo... DOWNLOAD
nicdev(sfnet) nicdev nicdevnicdevnicdevnicdevnicdevnicdevnicdevnicde... DOWNLOAD
xdav(sfnet) WebDAV C++ Client WebDAV C++ library. DOWNLOAD
pysolfc(sfnet) PySolFC PySolFC (PySol Fan Club edition) is an extended... DOWNLOAD
java5xmlparser(sfnet) XML converter Leightweight (~20 kb) converter which transform... DOWNLOAD
mobilebuddy(sfnet) Mobile Buddy Mobile Buddy is a small MIDLet running on J2ME ... DOWNLOAD
usnip(sfnet) Usnip Usnip v1.2 -Fixed an issue with some encrypted... DOWNLOAD
openymsg(sfnet) OpenYMSG OpenYMSG is an open source Yahoo Messenger API ... DOWNLOAD
metafox(freshmeat) Metafox Metafox is a flexible Content Management System... DOWNLOAD
shimanskybiz-app(sfnet) shimanskybiz-app Educational Materials for Students of English DOWNLOAD
linrad(sfnet) Linrad Together with hardware that can bring RF signal... DOWNLOAD
amforth(sfnet) amforth: Interpreter for AVR ATmega amforth is an extendible command interpreter ru... DOWNLOAD
ip-camera-api(sfnet) IP Camera API An Open Source Java API which provides a set of... DOWNLOAD
genesim(sfnet) GeneSim GeneSim is a code generator for dynamic systems... DOWNLOAD
hgl-suite(freshmeat) HGL Suite HGL is a compiler/interpreter suite for develop... DOWNLOAD
laniuscms(sfnet) Lanius CMS Lanius CMS is a light-weight PHP dynamic web au... DOWNLOAD
apodio(sfnet) Apodio Gnu/linux multimedia livecd APODIO is a GNU/Linux platform containing audio... DOWNLOAD
lmiwbem(freshmeat) LMIWBEM LMIWBEM is a Python library which performs CIM ... DOWNLOAD
c-almost-generic-library(freshmeat) C Almost Generic Library C Almost Generic Library (CAGL) is a set of C m... DOWNLOAD
tvterm(freshmeat) tvterm tvterm is a terminal emulator which uses the Tu... DOWNLOAD
nimborg(freshmeat) NimBorg NimBorg is a library for accessing Lua and Pyth... DOWNLOAD
php-fusion(sfnet) PHP-Fusion PHP-Fusion, a lightweight open source content m... DOWNLOAD
comparemergenosandbox(sfnet) CompareMerge no sandbox CompareMerge no sandbox version. DOWNLOAD
netbitsflashirc(sfnet) Net-Bits.Net Flash IRC Chat Client Flash IRC client is a feature rich open source ... DOWNLOAD
avrclibs(sfnet) avr-clibs library for atmega128 and atmega328p DOWNLOAD
biweekly(sfnet) biweekly biweekly is an iCalendar library written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
wpfdockinglib(sfnet) WPF Docking Library A WPF Docking Library to easly integrate window... DOWNLOAD
jbig2dec(sfnet) jbig2dec JBIG2 is a compression format for lossless and ... DOWNLOAD
ffmpeg-ios(sfnet) FFmpeg iOS This is FFmpeg libraries compiled for iOS. If y... DOWNLOAD
docscaliu(sfnet) CALIU: TRADUCCIONS Projecte per a la traducció del LDP (Linux Docu... DOWNLOAD
jxutils(sfnet) jxUtils Useful Java Class Library Este projeto reune ... DOWNLOAD
iboy(sfnet) iBoy - Gameboy Emulator For iPod This is a gameboy emulator that runs on iPods w... DOWNLOAD
magnetic-track-parser(freshmeat) Magnetic Track Parser Magnetic Track Parser is a Java 7 library that ... DOWNLOAD
cdogs-sdl(freshmeat) C-Dogs SDL Port C-Dogs SDL is a port of the old DOS arcade game... DOWNLOAD
f265(freshmeat) f265 f265 is a cross-platform HEVC/H.265 video encod... DOWNLOAD
bluetoothbj(sfnet) Bluetooth Blackjack Game for Symbian Two player Blackjack game for the symbian users... DOWNLOAD
ipcop(freshmeat) IPCop Firewall IPCop Linux is a complete Linux distribution wh... DOWNLOAD
libchildcontrol(freshmeat) LibChildControl LibChildControl creates a thread to manage chil... DOWNLOAD
infolist(freshmeat) InfoList InfoList is a sim­ple console application that ... DOWNLOAD
meta1(sfnet) MeTA1 MeTA1 is a message transfer agent that has b... DOWNLOAD
anitaos(sfnet) Anitaos Welcome to Distro Designed for older computers... DOWNLOAD
sol-linux(sfnet) Server optimized Linux (SoL) Server optimized Linux (SoL) and is a Linux dis... DOWNLOAD
rxf(sfnet) The Rosetta Molecular Language Framework Rosetta is a molecular language framework writt... DOWNLOAD
mhaddons(sfnet) mhaddons This Project will provide addons for the ipcop ... DOWNLOAD
juicereceiver(sfnet) Juice, cross-platform podcast receiver Juice is a media aggregator that automatically ... DOWNLOAD
fid-emacs(sfnet) Fid Emacs The default text editor for Fid. DOWNLOAD
gems(sfnet) Generic Eclipse Modeling System The Generic Eclipse Modeling System is an MDD t... DOWNLOAD
openctags(sfnet) OpenCTags OpenCTags is a ctags add-on for code Editors li... DOWNLOAD
free-scada(sfnet) Free SCADA This is open source SCADA system for MS Windows... DOWNLOAD
nantcontrib(sfnet) NAntContrib Custom Tasks for NAnt. All are welcome to Contr... DOWNLOAD
jaopframework(sfnet) jaopframework JAOP is an easy and simple way to develop AOP b... DOWNLOAD
ssdeep(sfnet) ssdeep Recursive computing and matching of Context Tri... DOWNLOAD
brlcad(sfnet) BRL-CAD BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform constructi... DOWNLOAD
drdivx(sfnet) Dr. DivX Dr. DivX 2.0; officially the unofficial DivX en... DOWNLOAD
x32sceneparser(sfnet) X32 Scene Parser This parsing tool can be used to extract sectio... DOWNLOAD
ranmacgen(sfnet) Random MAC address generator A multi-platform MAC address generator written ... DOWNLOAD
czepekipchanger(sfnet) Czepek's IP Changer Official IP Changer for Tibia written by Czepek... DOWNLOAD
adventurephpfra(sfnet) Adventure PHP Framework (APF) The adventure php framework understands itself ... DOWNLOAD
perl-mysql-zaur(sfnet) Perl MySQL modules for Zaurus This is a port of the MySQL modules from Msql-M... DOWNLOAD
kitkatport(sfnet) Sprint Official KK Port This is a port from Sprints official KitKat rel... DOWNLOAD
pimame(sfnet) PiPlay A pre-built Raspberry Pi OS made for gaming and... DOWNLOAD
mavscript(sfnet) Mavscript Mavscript allows the user to do calculations in... DOWNLOAD
phpseclib(freshmeat) PHP Secure Communications Library PHP Secure Communications Library is a set of p... DOWNLOAD
exist(freshmeat) eXist eXist is a native XML database featuring effici... DOWNLOAD
fi(freshmeat) F-IRC F-IRC is an IRC client for the console. It supp... DOWNLOAD
openvmtil(sfnet) openVmTil *An Exploration of Language Theory - and its Ma... DOWNLOAD
rapid-photo-downloader(freshmeat) Rapid Photo Downloader Rapid Photo Downloader is an application for pr... DOWNLOAD
loook(freshmeat) loook Loook searches for text strings in OpenOffice.o... DOWNLOAD
evcalibrate(sfnet) evcalibrate A calibration utility for touchscreens using ev... DOWNLOAD

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