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versatileengine(sfnet) versatileengine Javascript game engine which uses Jquery and Pr... DOWNLOAD
tbgengine-suite(sfnet) TBG Engine Suite The TBG Engine Suite is a Text Based Game desig... DOWNLOAD
rastop(sfnet) RasTop RasTop is a molecular graphics program intended... DOWNLOAD
plugdaemon(freshmeat) plugdaemon plugdaemon is a load-balancing "plug"... DOWNLOAD
mytube-xoops(sfnet) MyTube XOOPS Module to manage the video of the day, fr... DOWNLOAD
jabbin(sfnet) Jabbin Jabbin is an Open Source social application tha... DOWNLOAD
stardict-4(sfnet) stardict-4 StarDict-4 dictionary! DOWNLOAD
nwseq(freshmeat) nwseq nwseq is a utility for enumerating network addr... DOWNLOAD
mxchange(sfnet) Mailer-Project Mailer-Project is a free full-featured mail-exc... DOWNLOAD
recave(freshmeat) Recave Recave is a content management system (CMS), We... DOWNLOAD
objloader(sfnet) The OpenGL OBJ Loader The OpenGL OBJ Loader is an 'OBJ' mesh loader &... DOWNLOAD
xsr1(freshmeat) XSR1 XSR1 is a 3D space shooter and clone of Atari S... DOWNLOAD
xbup(freshmeat) XBUP The eXtensible Binary Universal Protocol (XBUP)... DOWNLOAD
mathmod(freshmeat) MathMod MathMod is mathematical software for visualizin... DOWNLOAD
taf-framework(sfnet) TAF TAF (Test Automation Framework) is an all-in-on... DOWNLOAD
ultradefrag(sfnet) UltraDefrag UltraDefrag is a disk defragmenter for Windows,... DOWNLOAD
yentoo(freshmeat) Yentoo Yentoo is stock Gentoo ported to the Lemote Yee... DOWNLOAD
noah-2(freshmeat) noah Noah is an offline electronic dictionary progra... DOWNLOAD
drgeo(freshmeat) Dr Geo Dr. Geo is an interactive geometry program that... DOWNLOAD
androidpatternunlocker(sfnet) Android Pattern Unlocker Tested Devices : 1.Samsung Galaxy Y 2.Samsung G... DOWNLOAD
istoa(freshmeat) iStoa Stoa is a corpus of interactive activities to p... DOWNLOAD
hashrat(freshmeat) Hashrat Hashrat is a hash-generation utility that suppo... DOWNLOAD
tekir(sfnet) tekir Tekir is a web based business automation applic... DOWNLOAD
tpdx(sfnet) Paradox DataSet for Lazarus and Delphi DataSet Paradox component for Lazarus and Delphi DOWNLOAD
weathertrac(sfnet) Weather Tracker Weather Tracker for Windows DOWNLOAD
nhapi(sfnet) nHapi This project has been moved to CodePlex: http:/... DOWNLOAD
rufasgate(sfnet) rufasgate RufasGate is a combination of Portal and Sokoba... DOWNLOAD
antlreclipse(sfnet) ANTLR plugin for Eclipse Provides an ANTLR plugin (including grammar fil... DOWNLOAD
drakecms(sfnet) Drake CMS Drake CMS is a light-weight PHP dynamic web aut... DOWNLOAD
autorg(freshmeat) AutOrg AutOrg aims to be a text editor, personal organ... DOWNLOAD
qsmartcard(sfnet) QSmartCard Lib/Framework for using SmartCards in Qt DOWNLOAD
vampire-gdp(sfnet) Vampire Vampire is a plugin for Google Desktop that ind... DOWNLOAD
cpug(sfnet) CPU-G CPU-G is an application that shows useful infor... DOWNLOAD
chaosesqueanthology(sfnet) ChaosEsqueAnthology A modification of Xonotic which included extend... DOWNLOAD
embers(sfnet) Embers : GUI Frontend for Firebird GUI Tool for designing, maintaining and queryin... DOWNLOAD
roregister(sfnet) RORegister - eAthena-based CP RORegister is a Ragnarok Online Control Panel f... DOWNLOAD
mydnsconfig(sfnet) mydnsconfig MyDNSConfig is a web-interface that allows to a... DOWNLOAD
xplanet(sfnet) Xplanet Xplanet is a solar system simulator which calcu... DOWNLOAD
pygraphmath(sfnet) PyGraphMath PyGraphMath is a system for the manipulation of... DOWNLOAD
unitynetwork(sfnet) Unity Network Unity Network is a unique platform written in j... DOWNLOAD
javadoc-junit(sfnet) ANT Junit Task extension with javadocs Extension to the ANT-Junit Task which combines ... DOWNLOAD
ravenous(sfnet) Ravenous Ravenous is a Java based webserver which does n... DOWNLOAD
uprawnieniamac(sfnet) Uprawnienia Mac Simple Drag&Drop permissions change Mac and... DOWNLOAD
numicroedu(sfnet) NuMicroEdu NuMicro Educational Resources DOWNLOAD
poptrayupop3ssl(sfnet) PopTrayU SSL Plugin The version for PopTrayU 4.1+ installs openSSL ... DOWNLOAD
sqlsrvcmanager(sfnet) SQL Server Service Manager SQL Server Service Manager (32 bits and 64 bits... DOWNLOAD
lapis(freshmeat) lapis web server Lapis is a very simple HTTP server that is comp... DOWNLOAD
bspipe(sfnet) bspipe BSpipe is a comprehensive pipeline from sequenc... DOWNLOAD
perfsuite(sfnet) PerfSuite A collection of performance analysis software t... DOWNLOAD
pop2owa(sfnet) pop2owa Allow accessing to your exchange account with a... DOWNLOAD
pocketxpdf(sfnet) PocketXpdf PocketXpdf is a PDF-file viewer for the PocketP... DOWNLOAD
altocms(sfnet) Alto CMS Alto CMS - perfect and flexible Content Managem... DOWNLOAD
ghydraulics(freshmeat) GHydraulics GHydraulics is a QGIS plugin which integrates E... DOWNLOAD
ats2-lang(sfnet) ats2-lang ATS is a statically typed programming language ... DOWNLOAD
snmphibernate(sfnet) SnmpHibernate SnmpHibernate is a MIB/Object Mapping framework... DOWNLOAD
ufoai(sfnet) UFO:Alien Invasion It is the year 2084. You control a secret organ... DOWNLOAD
mtgplay(sfnet) OCTGN 1.0 Source for OCTGN 1.0 DOWNLOAD
jmunit(sfnet) JMUnit JMUnit is a Java ME (J2ME) unit test framework ... DOWNLOAD
jcloader(sfnet) (JCL) Jar Class Loader JCL is a configurable, dynamic and extensible c... DOWNLOAD
tuptime(sfnet) tuptime Report historical and statistical running time ... DOWNLOAD
boxnetapi(sfnet) Box.NET API Box.NET API is an easy to use C#.NET library fo... DOWNLOAD
sciao(sfnet) Scilab/Scicos Adaptive Optics Toolbox SciAO is an open-source, cross-platform, and us... DOWNLOAD
adsuck(freshmeat) adsuck adsuck is a small DNS server that spoofs blackl... DOWNLOAD
freesimpleresponsivetemplate(sfnet) Free Simple Responsive Template Free template based a CSS grid system, responsi... DOWNLOAD
mobidict(sfnet) MobiDict MobiDict is a mobile dictionary to be run on mo... DOWNLOAD
comicbrowser(sfnet) Comic Browser Comic Browser is a program that makes it easy t... DOWNLOAD
gkernel(sfnet) gkernel This project is a random collection of Linux ke... DOWNLOAD
mythrendale-nwn(sfnet) Mythrendale Persistent World for NWN CEP Mythrendale, Neverwinter Nights CEP persistent ... DOWNLOAD
kotortoolset(sfnet) KOTOR ToolSet The KOTOR ToolSet project aims to develop a set... DOWNLOAD
libcore(sfnet) libcore "all in one(almost)" boost like library DOWNLOAD
bino(freshmeat) Bino Bino is a stereoscopic 3D video player with mul... DOWNLOAD
minib3d(sfnet) OpenB3d library OpenB3d is a library that allows easy access to... DOWNLOAD
etmtk(freshmeat) etmTk etmTk is an event and task manager. In contras... DOWNLOAD
eugene(freshmeat) EUGene EUGene allows you to manipulate and generate mo... DOWNLOAD
topia(freshmeat) ToPIA ToPIA (short for Tools for Portable and Indepen... DOWNLOAD
libpsl(freshmeat) libpsl Libpsl is a C library which provides functions ... DOWNLOAD
rcs-fast-import(freshmeat) rcs-fast-import rcs-fast-import is a tool that makes a valiant ... DOWNLOAD
dvdflick-v2(sfnet) DVD Flick v2 As the original DVD Flick project is abandoned,... DOWNLOAD
crunch(freshmeat) Crunch Crunch is an arbitrary-precision integer arithm... DOWNLOAD
trojanscan(freshmeat) Trojan Scan Trojan Scan is a simple shell script that allow... DOWNLOAD
alephone(freshmeat) Aleph One/SDL Aleph One is a 3D first-person shooter game bas... DOWNLOAD
algorithmdiff(freshmeat) Algorithm::Diff Algorithm::Diff is a Perl module for computing ... DOWNLOAD
dw4j(sfnet) DW4J Document Warehouse for Java DW4J :: Document Warehouse for Java, Content Ma... DOWNLOAD
allcommerce(freshmeat) AllCommerce AllCommerce is an e-commerce/content applicatio... DOWNLOAD
rtfl(freshmeat) RTFL RTFL (Read The Figurative Logfile) is a both a ... DOWNLOAD
tables(freshmeat) Tables for Ada This library provides an implementation of tabl... DOWNLOAD
nss-ldapd(freshmeat) nss-pam-ldapd nss-pam-ldapd is a Name Service Switch module a... DOWNLOAD
rufascube(freshmeat) RufasCube RufasCube is a slider puzzle where there is a 3... DOWNLOAD
nan_payload(freshmeat) nan_payload nan_payload is an Ada package that provides sup... DOWNLOAD
fl_highlight_editor(freshmeat) Fl_Highlight_Editor Fl_Highlight_Editor is a drop in replacement fo... DOWNLOAD
flstation(freshmeat) FLStation FLStation is the Ground Control Software (GCS) ... DOWNLOAD
bps(freshmeat) BPS BPS implements a B-tree with a twist pointer se... DOWNLOAD
vcorplcd(sfnet) Vcorp LCD VcorpLCD deriva dalla versione di LCDSmartie 5.... DOWNLOAD
husk-scheme(freshmeat) husk-scheme Husk is an implementation of the Scheme program... DOWNLOAD
kontocheck(sfnet) konto_check This is a C library to check the validity of Ge... DOWNLOAD
codemiscs(freshmeat) codemiscs codemiscs is a collection of exciting, creative... DOWNLOAD
guifications(sfnet) guifications A graphical notification plugin for the instant... DOWNLOAD
xbian(sfnet) XBian XBian is a small, fast and lightweight media ce... DOWNLOAD
opkeypersonal(sfnet) OpKey Personal It is not easy to find a perfect combination of... DOWNLOAD
hqplayer20(sfnet) HQ-Player 3.1 The HQ-Player 3.1 is an Audio & Video-Playe... DOWNLOAD

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