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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
taxondna(sfnet) TaxonDNA TaxonDNA is a simple but extensible system for ... DOWNLOAD
php-merge-xml(freshmeat) PHP Merge XML PHP Merge XML is a class that can merge XML doc... DOWNLOAD
tencompetence(sfnet) TENCompetence The EU funded project TENCompetence will provid... DOWNLOAD
gimponosx(sfnet) GIMP on OS X GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation P... DOWNLOAD
s19tool(sfnet) Motorola S-record conversion tool This utility converts Motorola S-record files (... DOWNLOAD
mss-code-factory(freshmeat) MSS Code Factory MSS Code Factory is a rule-based expert system ... DOWNLOAD
picostack(freshmeat) picostack picostack is a super lightweight KVM virtualisa... DOWNLOAD
denemo(sfnet) Denemo - a gtk+ frontend to GNU Lilypond Denemo is a GUI musical score editor written in... DOWNLOAD
mpeg2ts1394dec(sfnet) MPEG-2 TS 1394 decoder This program receives MPEG-2 transport streams ... DOWNLOAD
linux-on-sx1(sfnet) Linux on SX1 The goal of this project is developing completl... DOWNLOAD
hp-vlan-simple-adminstration(freshmeat) HP Vlan Simple Adminstration HP Vlan Simple Adminstration is a Web applicati... DOWNLOAD
performanceco-pilot(freshmeat) Performance Co-Pilot Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) is a framework and s... DOWNLOAD
nghost(sfnet) nGhost Media Center nGhost is a media center frontend for car PC ty... DOWNLOAD
qtipy(freshmeat) QtIPy QtIPy is a simple GUI-based automator for IPyth... DOWNLOAD
js-merge-xml(freshmeat) JS Merge XML JS Merge XML is a class that merges XML documen... DOWNLOAD
retrobi(freshmeat) retrobi retrobi creates Web publications of library bib... DOWNLOAD
pixsteward(freshmeat) PixSteward PixSteward downloads pictures and metadata from... DOWNLOAD
hypertable(freshmeat) Hypertable Hypertable is a high performance, scalable data... DOWNLOAD
rezk2llimagegallery(sfnet) ReZK2LL Image Gallery a php application that allows users to upload i... DOWNLOAD
asposenote-for-net(freshmeat) Aspose.Note for .NET Aspose.Note for .NET is a set of .NET component... DOWNLOAD
drawmenow(sfnet) Draw Me Now Uses TCP protocol to connect and one person bec... DOWNLOAD
gcgeostats(sfnet) GC-GeoStats Génération de statistiques et autres badges pou... DOWNLOAD
equipmant(sfnet) Equipmant Equipment Macro Manager Equipmant is a program designed to create equip... DOWNLOAD
warcraftpsp(sfnet) warcraftpsp Warcraft PSP online, free onlinre mmo for psp p... DOWNLOAD
perangkatlunak(sfnet) perangkatlunak Software Freeware, open source, free download DOWNLOAD
jazzydicts(sfnet) JazzyDicts - A Free Dictionary Set JazzyDicts are a big set of dictionaries in Jaz... DOWNLOAD
archc(sfnet) ArchC Architecture Description Language ArchC is an open-source architecture descriptio... DOWNLOAD
parallel(freshmeat) GNU Parallel GNU parallel is a shell tool for executing jobs... DOWNLOAD
romdigger(sfnet) romdigger Romdigger is a small library that would allow t... DOWNLOAD
modbusmasterslave(sfnet) Modbus-master-slave Remote industrial terminal indicator to the con... DOWNLOAD
cellml(sfnet) Andre's CellML Software This is a project for Andre to share CellML rel... DOWNLOAD
arcadecabinetso(sfnet) Arcade Cabinet Software (Vertical). Complete Vertical Arcade Cabinet Software With ... DOWNLOAD
fiawi(sfnet) FusionInventory Agent Windows Installer The FusionInventory Agent Microsoft Windows Ins... DOWNLOAD
sqlight(sfnet) SQLight - SQLite Database Manager SQLight is an SQLite database manager tool. Wit... DOWNLOAD
pawnstudio(sfnet) Pawn Studio Pawn Studio is an enhanced IDE for Pawn which s... DOWNLOAD
smaniaskins(sfnet) Stepmania Skin Package These are skin packages for the music game Step... DOWNLOAD
ringbot(sfnet) RINGBot - RINGBot Is Not a GuildBot This project is rewrite of BeBot (http://bebot.... DOWNLOAD
lightview(sfnet) LightView A desktop application for diplaying lightning d... DOWNLOAD
optipng(sfnet) OptiPNG OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses im... DOWNLOAD
cpplint(sfnet) C++ lint cpplint is a free lint for C++. It checks C++ c... DOWNLOAD
flightgear(sfnet) FlightGear - Flight Simulator The FlightGear Flight Simulator project is a fr... DOWNLOAD
eightsoundsusb(sfnet) 8 Sounds USB XMOS based, USB2 audio card, low power consumpt... DOWNLOAD
bricksviewer(sfnet) BricksViewer - .lxf scene viewer A Java application/applet for viewing Lego .lxf... DOWNLOAD
puma-repository(sfnet) PUMA Repository The PUMA Repository is a collection of Pascal u... DOWNLOAD
mojolicious(freshmeat) Mojolicious Mojolicious is "Duct Tape For The HTML5 We... DOWNLOAD
pdns-recursor(freshmeat) PowerDNS Recursor With a small codebase, the PowerDNS Recursor is... DOWNLOAD
quickmsg(freshmeat) QuickMSG QuickMSG is a secure messaging app for Android ... DOWNLOAD
fbcat(freshmeat) fbcat fbcat grabs an image of a framebuffer and store... DOWNLOAD
nampjal(sfnet) namp GTK graphic from end for video player mplayer DOWNLOAD
ffsampledsp(freshmeat) FFSampledSP FFSampledSP is a free implementation of the jav... DOWNLOAD
autoindex-strapdown(freshmeat) Autoindex-Strapdown Autoindex-Strapdown enhances Apache's mod_autoi... DOWNLOAD
php-clamav(sfnet) php-clamav PHP ClamAV - ClamAV Interface for PHP5 Scripts ... DOWNLOAD
jucevlc(sfnet) jucevlc JuceVLC is VLC with a simple MediaCenter-like f... DOWNLOAD
bwbasic(sfnet) Bywater BASIC Interpreter The Bywater BASIC Interpreter (bwBASIC) impleme... DOWNLOAD
bwmod(sfnet) bwmod Bandwidth mod is an apache module extension, wh... DOWNLOAD
flickrbackup(sfnet) Flickr Backup Flickr Backup is a Java application that allows... DOWNLOAD
achilles(freshmeat) Achilles Achilles is a simulation of Darwinian evolution... DOWNLOAD
aegis(freshmeat) Aegis Aegis is a transaction-based software configura... DOWNLOAD
intelligid(sfnet) IntelliGID - GED Développé par la firme DocuLibre, IntelliGID es... DOWNLOAD
paldvd2ntscdvd(sfnet) PAL DVD 2 NTSC DVD Converter Software to Convert your Entire PAL DVD to NTSC... DOWNLOAD
acmemail(freshmeat) acmemail acmemail is a multiuser IMAP/POP3 to Web gatewa... DOWNLOAD
conseptizer(freshmeat) Conseptizer Conseptizer is two things: 1. a closure(-mimic)... DOWNLOAD
watchy(freshmeat) Watchy Watchy is a distributed system for application ... DOWNLOAD
turbovnc(sfnet) TurboVNC TurboVNC is a high-performance, enterprise-qual... DOWNLOAD
multi-vendor-marketplace-scrip(freshmeat) Marketplace Marketplace is a multi-vendor marketplace scrip... DOWNLOAD
backroundcycler(sfnet) Backround Cycler This is a background changer that i have develo... DOWNLOAD
remoteencfs(freshmeat) remoteEncFs remoteEncFs supports some use cases for using a... DOWNLOAD
treeform(sfnet) TreeForm Syntax Tree Drawing Software TreeForm Syntax tree drawing software is a Ling... DOWNLOAD
npdf(sfnet) ASP.NET FO PDF Report Server Control FO PDF is similar to ASP.NET Server Controls, w... DOWNLOAD
grabmymovieinfo(sfnet) GrabMy - aka GetMy2 Internet Movie information and image grabber. F... DOWNLOAD
tustena(sfnet) Tustena CRM Tustena CRM is an Enterprise-Class Customer Rel... DOWNLOAD
gainer(sfnet) GAINER Software and hardware design resources for a se... DOWNLOAD
asterisk-dotnet(sfnet) Asterisk .NET The Asterisk .NET library consists of a set of ... DOWNLOAD
anonym-os(sfnet) Anonym.OS LiveCD kaos.theory's Anonym.OS LiveCD is a bootable li... DOWNLOAD
gpsticker3(sfnet) GpsTicker3 GpsTicker3 is an offline navigation Android App... DOWNLOAD
genres(sfnet) GenReS plugin Generic reconfigurable scriptable plug-in for M... DOWNLOAD
rox(sfnet) ROX Desktop The ROX Desktop is a desktop based around ROX-F... DOWNLOAD
dbvolution(sfnet) DBvolution Available from Maven Central: DOWNLOAD
veriwell(sfnet) VeriWell Verilog Simulator VeriWell is a full Verilog simulator. It suppo... DOWNLOAD
dotnetscorm(sfnet) DotNetSCORM - .NET SCORM LMS The purpose of the DotNetSCORM project is to cr... DOWNLOAD
myster(sfnet) Myster Open Source A completely new peer-to-peer system that is to... DOWNLOAD
logreporters(sfnet) logreporters The postfix-logwatch / amavis-logwatch log anal... DOWNLOAD
openpmi(sfnet) OpenPMI Open Privilege Management Infrastructure DOWNLOAD
externaldiff(sfnet) External diff Tool (Eclipse Plugin) External diff Tool is an Eclipse plugin that al... DOWNLOAD
ramoxmailsender(sfnet) ramox mail sender Ramox mail sender DOWNLOAD
docmgr(sfnet) DocMGR A PHP/Postgresql based document management syst... DOWNLOAD
dgpctk(sfnet) DevGuy Programmers' Canvas Toolkit Automated build system. CVS commit / watch / t... DOWNLOAD
openfakt(sfnet) OpenFakt OpenFakt is an open source Java invoicing and b... DOWNLOAD
ulla(sfnet) Unified Link Layer API ULLA allows developers of network aware applica... DOWNLOAD
oggmux(sfnet) OggMux - multiplexer for ogg media files This project aims to replace the old, limited A... DOWNLOAD
txmodxoops(sfnet) txmod-modules-themes-xoops Repository Free Modules and Themes For Xoops CMS DOWNLOAD
myoledb(sfnet) MyOleDB MyOleDB is an OleDB driver for MySQL. DOWNLOAD
iviewer-eclipse(sfnet) Eclipse imageviewer plugin A simple image viewer plugin for eclipse 3.x. T... DOWNLOAD
vbplayer(sfnet) VB MP3 Player VB MP3 Player is an easy and simple MP3 Player ... DOWNLOAD
homeplayer(sfnet) HomePlayer HomePlayer is an extention of the FreePlayer so... DOWNLOAD
jiprof(sfnet) Java Interactive Profiler JIP is a high performance, low overhead profile... DOWNLOAD
opengamaray(sfnet) Open Gamaray Project This is a project to provide an augmented reali... DOWNLOAD
imageplay(sfnet) ImagePlay Effects Library A library of 40+ picture effects (blur, sharpen... DOWNLOAD
espeak(sfnet) eSpeak: speech synthesis Text to Speech engine for English and many othe... DOWNLOAD
mediaportal(sfnet) MediaPortal MediaPortal turns your PC into a very advanced ... DOWNLOAD

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