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dyadwaves(freshmeat) DyadWaves DyadWaves is an easy-to-use GUI for 1D and 2D w... DOWNLOAD
guiforrtlpower(sfnet) GUI for rtl_power "Real-time" wide band spectrum analyz... DOWNLOAD
christine(sfnet) Christine Media Player This is Christine a Python, GTK+, GStreamer bas... DOWNLOAD
videlibri(sfnet) VideLibri VideLibri will watch over the books you have le... DOWNLOAD
linux-macbuntu(sfnet) linux-macbuntu Temas para deixar o Linux Ubuntu com o Mac da A... DOWNLOAD
garyproject00(sfnet) garyProject00 none DOWNLOAD
libpng(sfnet) LIBPNG: PNG reference library Reference library for supporting the Portable N... DOWNLOAD
qcat(sfnet) QCat A catalog application for various media types -... DOWNLOAD
check-logfiles(sfnet) check_logfiles check_logfiles is a plugin for Nagios which sea... DOWNLOAD
justbrowsing(sfnet) justbrowsing Web browsing made simple. Mozilla Firefox or Go... DOWNLOAD
jipms(sfnet) JADE Inter-Platform Mobility Service Agent inter-platform mobility service for the w... DOWNLOAD
ardublock(sfnet) Ardublock Visual Programming Environment for Arduino DOWNLOAD
internetdemos(sfnet) Delphi Internet Demos Collection of Internet Protocol demos. TCP Serv... DOWNLOAD
encyclopodia(sfnet) Encyclopodia - encyclopedia on the iPod This project brings the famous Wikipedia encycl... DOWNLOAD
cmsiwakate(sfnet) cmsi-wakate CMSI 若手技術交流会のファイル置き場(スライド、... DOWNLOAD
modelsim-script(sfnet) ModelSim script This project aims to provide a Tcl/Tk compile s... DOWNLOAD
pandora(sfnet) Pandora FMS: Flexible Monitoring System Pandora FMS is a performance & availability... DOWNLOAD
tubemaster(sfnet) TubeMaster++ TubeMaster++ captures multimedia files (FLV,MP4... DOWNLOAD
macports(sfnet) macports The MacPorts Project is an open-source communit... DOWNLOAD
nanobase(sfnet) nanobase A simple, reliable object store for rapid proto... DOWNLOAD
neurosuite(sfnet) NeuroSuite NeuroSuite consists of three applications to vi... DOWNLOAD
portableosx(sfnet) PortableOSX PortableOSX installs a full or stripped down ve... DOWNLOAD
rcpforms(sfnet) RCP Forms Eclipse UI Forms are very limited for business ... DOWNLOAD
openqrm(sfnet) openQRM - Cloud Computing Platform openQRM is a web-based open source datacenter m... DOWNLOAD
protextyouv2(sfnet) ProTextYou 2.0 ProtextYou is an application for devices runnin... DOWNLOAD
keycloak(sfnet) Keycloak SSO Server, Social Broker, and User Account Man... DOWNLOAD
univention-corporate-client(freshmeat) Univention Corporate Client (UCC) Univention Corporate Client (UCC) is a flexible... DOWNLOAD
g4l(freshmeat) G4L G4L is a hard disk and partition imaging and cl... DOWNLOAD
postgrey(freshmeat) Postgrey Postgrey is a Postfix policy server that implem... DOWNLOAD
skylable-sx(freshmeat) Skylable SX Skylable SX is a reliable, powerful, fully dist... DOWNLOAD
admin4(freshmeat) Admin4 Admin4 is a tool for server maintenance via sev... DOWNLOAD
xib(sfnet) Xml Interface Builder (XIB) XIB is an user interface builder library, that ... DOWNLOAD
gpsmapper(freshmeat) Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker allows you to... DOWNLOAD
whitequest(freshmeat) whitequest whitequest is an extension on the first Quest f... DOWNLOAD
builders(freshmeat) builders builders provides an implementation of AI and g... DOWNLOAD
enumbitset(freshmeat) EnumBitSet EnumBitSet is a small project offering more fun... DOWNLOAD
java-cleanup(freshmeat) Java Cleanup Java Cleanup is a interface that allows Java cl... DOWNLOAD
xnee(freshmeat) Xnee's not an event emulator Xnee can record, distribute, and replay X (X11)... DOWNLOAD
delta-reporting(freshmeat) Delta Reporting Delta Reporting is a central logging service fo... DOWNLOAD
seashore(sfnet) The Seashore Project Seashore is a free, open-source image editor fo... DOWNLOAD
easymodbustcpserver(sfnet) EasyModbusTCP Server .NET/JAVA Modbus TCP Server simulator and library for .NE... DOWNLOAD
rc4dotnet(sfnet) RC4.NET RC4.NET is a library that adds support for encr... DOWNLOAD
zesarux(sfnet) ZEsarUX It's a ZX Machines Emulator for Unix, including... DOWNLOAD
interchange(sfnet) Interchange Interchange is the open source e-commerce platf... DOWNLOAD
gary-os(sfnet) GaryOS GaryOS is an entire GNU/Linux system in a singl... DOWNLOAD
mgos3(sfnet) Meganet OS-3 MGOS3 a small OS currently under development, M... DOWNLOAD
rememorizer(sfnet) Rememorizer A flash card program that aids in extremely eff... DOWNLOAD
cupsdriverkodak(sfnet) CUPS driver / SANE backend for kodak Aio cups filters and ppd files, and sane backend, f... DOWNLOAD
silentbob(sfnet) SilentBob The SilentBob is yet another indexing tool hel... DOWNLOAD
jdatechooser(sfnet) JDateChooser JDatePicker. JavaBean components(calendar panel... DOWNLOAD
nf3d(freshmeat) nf3d nf3d is a 3D interface to visualize Netfilter-r... DOWNLOAD
openal-soft(sfnet) OpenAL Soft OpenAL Soft is a software implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
edonkeyplus(sfnet) edonkey plus edonkey plus is a free program peer to peer for... DOWNLOAD
bitvisor(sfnet) BitVisor BitVisor is a tiny hypervisor initially designe... DOWNLOAD
pngnq(sfnet) pngnq Quantizes a 32-bit RGBA PNG image to an 8 bit R... DOWNLOAD
bemt(sfnet) BEMT This is the beginning of a Blade Element Moment... DOWNLOAD
autocrop(sfnet) autocrop AutoCrop is a PHP Extension based on OpenCV Lib... DOWNLOAD
textcite(sfnet) TextCite: Publication Quotation Manager A program for organizing and commenting textual... DOWNLOAD
guitarix(sfnet) guitarix guitarix virtual versatile amplification for Ja... DOWNLOAD
helpdesk1(sfnet) Help Desk System System of help-desk for register and attendance... DOWNLOAD
elvyx(sfnet) Elvyx Elvyx is a tool designed to monitor and profile... DOWNLOAD
robotinics(sfnet) Robotinics O Robotinics é um projeto para construção de um... DOWNLOAD
speedbasic(sfnet) SpeedBasic SpeedBasic Translator. Converts basic oop synta... DOWNLOAD
hsnfs(sfnet) Free Sudoku by HSN FreeSudoku based on the original Sudoku game. N... DOWNLOAD
icanhascpp(sfnet) IcanhasCPP A CPP noob trying to be better. This project is... DOWNLOAD
bci(sfnet) Bicubic Interpolation Library libbci is an interpolation library based on the... DOWNLOAD
becpg-community(sfnet) beCPG PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) beCPG is an open source Product Lifecycle Manag... DOWNLOAD
ambit(sfnet) AMBIT:Chemical Structure DB&Web Service AMBIT offers chemoinformatics functionality via... DOWNLOAD
mathmod(sfnet) MathMod MathMod is a mathematical modeling software tha... DOWNLOAD
goocalsync(sfnet) GooCalSync Calendar sync tool between Lotus Notes and Goog... DOWNLOAD
kumbia(sfnet) KumbiaPHP Framework Kumbia PHP Framework is a full-stack MVC framew... DOWNLOAD
jhashcode(sfnet) JHashCode The program allows you to generate the hashes w... DOWNLOAD
p-tools(sfnet) PTools PTools is a set of useful tools written in Pasc... DOWNLOAD
nzbget(sfnet) NZBGet NZBGet is a usenet downloader, written in C++ a... DOWNLOAD
mp3fox(sfnet) mp3fox This is a wrapper for ffmpeg used to extract au... DOWNLOAD
lxle(sfnet) LXLE Change is good but changing everything isn't al... DOWNLOAD
qtractor(sfnet) Qtractor Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer... DOWNLOAD
ginlong-inv(sfnet) ginlong eko-energy pv inverter Server-client open-source windows software for ... DOWNLOAD
suzielinux(sfnet) Suzie Linux Suzie Linux is a distribution for ARM devices b... DOWNLOAD
copyandverify(sfnet) CopyAndVerify Very initial version. This is a simple program ... DOWNLOAD
nubasic(sfnet) nuBASIC nuBASIC is an implementation of an interpreter ... DOWNLOAD
jeuc(sfnet) jeuc Petit jeu en 2D créé à la place du TP du sitedu... DOWNLOAD
repairslabandroid(sfnet) RepairsLab Android Android frontend for RepairsLab using MySQL or ... DOWNLOAD
disc-wipe(sfnet) Disc Wipe Utility Utility that wipes a device, file, or directory... DOWNLOAD
jaldl(sfnet) Java ALDL Reader JALDL is an ALDL Reader for (mostly) GM Cars/En... DOWNLOAD
xbasej(sfnet) xBaseJ - xBase Engine for Java This is a Java based xBase engine to read write... DOWNLOAD
vs-engine(sfnet) VSE - Visual Sentences Engine VSE - Visual Sentence Engine. A SVG-based engin... DOWNLOAD
minionjs(freshmeat) MinionJS The goal of MinionJS is to provide easy-to-use,... DOWNLOAD
matew(freshmeat) Matew Matew is a valid HTML/CSS generator for static ... DOWNLOAD
giraffe-script(sfnet) gs - The prototype-based object system Prototype-based embedded interpreter for C++. DOWNLOAD
rmi-eclipse(sfnet) Eclipse RMI Plugin This project provides an Eclipse plugin that en... DOWNLOAD
e107pl(sfnet) e107pl - support, translations, etc. e107pl is the project of the Polish community o... DOWNLOAD
imgchilidownloader(sfnet) imgchili.Downloader imgchili.Downloader is the fast and convenient ... DOWNLOAD
gdcwin(sfnet) GCC D Compiler for Windows GCC D Compiler (GDC) for Windows (NT-XP) See al... DOWNLOAD
foo-title(sfnet) foo_title A skinnable graphical user interface plugin for... DOWNLOAD
hotshots(sfnet) HotShots HotShots is an application for capturing screen... DOWNLOAD
xit(sfnet) XiT Transformation Engine [XiT is defunct. All code has moved to XGen] Xi... DOWNLOAD
yacas(sfnet) yacas YACAS is an easy to use, general purpose comput... DOWNLOAD
automatic-programming-framewor(freshmeat) Automatic Programming Framework APF is a code generator that codes your softwar... DOWNLOAD
cryptrl(sfnet) CryptRL CryptRL is an english/french Java 1.5 Roguelike... DOWNLOAD

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