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pangzero(sfnet) pangzero Pang Zero is a reimplementation and extension o... DOWNLOAD
pg-rman(sfnet) pg_rman pg_rman is an online backup and restore tool fo... DOWNLOAD
iso-creator-cs(sfnet) IsoCreator IsoCreator (could also be called Folder-to-ISO ... DOWNLOAD
beatrix(sfnet) Beatrix Beatrix: A malicious code analysis framework DOWNLOAD
jajppd(sfnet) Just Another Java Print Preview Dialog Just Another Java Print Preview Dialog brings P... DOWNLOAD
hbp-for-brother(sfnet) Documentation for Brother HBP mode Project providing documentation for the "H... DOWNLOAD
asla(sfnet) ASLA ASLA (Automated software license analyzer) is a... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-to-opc(sfnet) Eclipse to OPC C# application to update OPC server with Clear-... DOWNLOAD
starpound(sfnet) StarPound An open source software project delivering conv... DOWNLOAD
p89pgm(sfnet) P89 Serial Programmer p89pgm is a simple, command-line based serial I... DOWNLOAD
ele(sfnet) enCore Learning Environment ele (enCore Learning Environment) is a moo- and... DOWNLOAD
snake10(sfnet) snake 1.0 This is the snake game we used to play for year... DOWNLOAD
crossmap(sfnet) crossmap CrossMap is a program for convenient conversion... DOWNLOAD
leaf(sfnet) LEAF Linux Embedded Appliance Framework A secure, feature-rich, customizable embedded L... DOWNLOAD
epidoc(sfnet) EpiDoc: Epigraphic Documents in TEI XML The EpiDoc Collaborative is developing specific... DOWNLOAD
spring-json(sfnet) spring-json Spring Json-View adds JavaScript Object Notatio... DOWNLOAD
opendicom(sfnet) openDICOM.NET openDICOM.NET - DICOM library, console tools, D... DOWNLOAD
bulkvcftocsv(sfnet) Excel Bulk VCF (VCard) to CSV Converter This is an Excel based VBA file used to import ... DOWNLOAD
cgns(freshmeat) CFD General Notation System The CFD General Notation System (CGNS) provides... DOWNLOAD
educacional(sfnet) Linux Educacional Linux Educacional is a Linux distribution aimed... DOWNLOAD
busy(sfnet) busy Use busy to schedule service calls to customers... DOWNLOAD
greycstoration(sfnet) greycstoration GIMP plugin GREYCstoration is a GIMP plugin for restoring p... DOWNLOAD
impro-visor(sfnet) Impro-Visor Impro-Visor® is a music notation tool for produ... DOWNLOAD
sbml(sfnet) Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) is a... DOWNLOAD
covide(sfnet) Covide CRM OS Uk Covide CRM OS as can be downloaded here is a... DOWNLOAD
dvelum(freshmeat) DVelum DVelum is a professional development platform w... DOWNLOAD
dbunit-net(sfnet) DbUnit.NET A Database Unit Testing framework for .NET. Pla... DOWNLOAD
itadaki(sfnet) itadaki Itadaki is a Japanese language toolset for Open... DOWNLOAD
wikipediabioref(sfnet) WikipediaBioReferences It is a tool to improve wikipedia article. You ... DOWNLOAD
otrs-manager(sfnet) OTRS - Manager The ((OTRS - Manager)) is an easily to use repo... DOWNLOAD
ffmpegfrontend(sfnet) ffmpeg-gui ffmpegGUI is a frontend to ffmpeg that allow yo... DOWNLOAD
silverstripe(sfnet) silverstripe SilverStripe is a Web Framework and Content Man... DOWNLOAD
synclosure(sfnet) synclosure Synclosure is a RSS aggregator to flexibly down... DOWNLOAD
mobilefilter(sfnet) Apache Mobile Filter Apache Mobile Filter is the easiest and fastest... DOWNLOAD
openrpgmaker(sfnet) Open RPG Maker Open RPG Maker is a free and open source clone ... DOWNLOAD
dgcc(sfnet) GDC: D Compiler for GCC GDC is a GCC front end for the D programming la... DOWNLOAD
exstore(sfnet) 3M-eXstore 3M's subproject eXstore,a b/s model system Fram... DOWNLOAD
wysiwyg-edit(sfnet) XSL-FO Wysiwyg MiniScribus XSL-FO Formatting markup WYSIWYG editor & P... DOWNLOAD
mitsim(sfnet) MITSIM Lab. MITSIM is a simulation-based laboratory develop... DOWNLOAD
obfuscate4e(sfnet) Obfuscation for Eclipse obfuscate4e is an Eclipse feature to obfuscate ... DOWNLOAD
sql-ledger(sfnet) SQL-Ledger Accounting/ERP system for manufacturers, retail... DOWNLOAD
racersimulator(sfnet) Racer Simulator This is a project of a racing simulation. This ... DOWNLOAD
witchcraftwb(sfnet) Witchcraft Witchcraft is a workbench supporting the evalua... DOWNLOAD
traducaocrafttheworld(sfnet) Tradução BR Craft The World Com esse instalador você terá os textos do jogo... DOWNLOAD
mmvc(sfnet) mmvc UPDATE: This project moved to Google Code 2009-... DOWNLOAD
informaniaticos(sfnet) Informaniaticos Documentation of computer stuff free download DOWNLOAD
rpg2003(sfnet) RPG Maker 2003 RPG Maker 2003 is an upgrade to RPG Maker 2000,... DOWNLOAD
cfitsio(freshmeat) CFITSIO CFITSIO is a library of C and Fortran subroutin... DOWNLOAD
armedbear-j(sfnet) ArmedBear / J ArmedBear (ABCL) is a Common Lisp written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
twainforcsharp(sfnet) TWAIN for C-Sharp (C#) A C# interface for the TWAIN image capture API,... DOWNLOAD
dymoum(freshmeat) Dymoum DYMOUM is an implementation of the DYMO (Dynami... DOWNLOAD
base64sharp(sfnet) base64 Simple Windows utility to convert to/from base6... DOWNLOAD
jstella(sfnet) JStella Atari 2600 Emulator JStella is a Java-based Atari 2600 VCS emulator... DOWNLOAD
teamplay(sfnet) Open TeamPlay An Open Source (C# .NET) TeamPlay Environment. ... DOWNLOAD
scrapbookandphotoalbum(sfnet) Scrapbook and Photo Album The challenge I faced was that I have many phot... DOWNLOAD
ggz(sfnet) GGZ Gaming Zone The GGZ Gaming Zone (GGZ) is a an open-sourced ... DOWNLOAD
openstamanager(sfnet) OpenSTAManager OpenSTAManager è software per la gestione di as... DOWNLOAD
lancore(sfnet) Lan Core :: Thin Client Server and OS Lan Core is a free & open source software t... DOWNLOAD
bulk-sms-script(sfnet) Bulk SMS PHP Script Bulk SMS PHP script for Mass SMS sending. Simpl... DOWNLOAD
fbeginner(sfnet) Freebasic Beginners Guide The is an update of the book "A Beginner's... DOWNLOAD
powerplanswitch(sfnet) powerplanswitch Are you tired of making 3-5 clicks just to swit... DOWNLOAD
shareaza(sfnet) Shareaza Shareaza is a very powerful multi-network peer-... DOWNLOAD
stigma(sfnet) Stigma - The Game Multiplayer online role playing game, based on ... DOWNLOAD
x-speed-race(sfnet) X Speed Race Drive the super fast cars to see if you can bea... DOWNLOAD
rpdownloader(sfnet) RapidShare Auto Downloader with Wget It's downlader for rapidshare. its begin when y... DOWNLOAD
visualasm(sfnet) VisualASM - a masm32 IDE written in asm SourceForge is crap, I've moved to http://www.d... DOWNLOAD
vb-fourbarsim(sfnet) Four-bar Linkages simulator. A Four-bar Linkages Simulator using OpenGL (3D)... DOWNLOAD
jlatex(sfnet) JLaTeX JLatex provides unified API, which is used to g... DOWNLOAD
jgp(sfnet) JAVA gnuplot GUI JGP is a GUI for gnuplot ( DOWNLOAD
webissues(sfnet) WebIssues WebIssues is an open source, multi-platform sys... DOWNLOAD
gstreamer(sfnet) GStreamer GStreamer is a streaming-media framework, based... DOWNLOAD
feedcreator(sfnet) Feedcreator - PHP feeds creator FeedCreator.class.php provides an easy way to c... DOWNLOAD
java4u(sfnet) Omonia (formerly Quicksilver) 8. Mai 2005: We have discontinued SourceForge a... DOWNLOAD
iperfwince(sfnet) iPerf for Windows CE Porting of the powerfull iPerf program for band... DOWNLOAD
openhospital(sfnet) Open Hospital This application is the first of a set of softw... DOWNLOAD
espocrm(sfnet) EspoCRM - Open Source CRM One Of The Most Promising Open Source CRM. Thi... DOWNLOAD
python(sfnet) Python The Python programming language, an object-orie... DOWNLOAD
java-direct3d(sfnet) Java-Direct3D Wrapper A Java class library that supports building 3D ... DOWNLOAD
mobile-control(sfnet) mobile control device manager mcDeviceManager is a midlet that uses pure java... DOWNLOAD
linuxvoiceauth(sfnet) Voice Authentication on Linux A system for Voice Based Biometric Authenticati... DOWNLOAD
efidevkit(sfnet) EFI Dev Kit EFI Dev Kit (EDK) is a development code base fo... DOWNLOAD
digicamcontrol(sfnet) digiCamControl digiCamControl is an free and open source softw... DOWNLOAD
mobilesecurityapp(sfnet) mobile_security_app 基于安卓平台,利用百度地图定位api开发的手机防盗... DOWNLOAD
simpack(sfnet) simpack Multibody dynamics simulation package with fric... DOWNLOAD
mingetty(sfnet) small Linux console getty Small Linux console getty that is started on th... DOWNLOAD
glassbox(sfnet) Glassbox Glassbox is an automated troubleshooting and mo... DOWNLOAD
opencd-sdl(sfnet) OpenCD SDL OpenCD SDL is a simple CD Player written with S... DOWNLOAD
acetoneiso(sfnet) AcetoneISO It is a feature-rich and complete software appl... DOWNLOAD
apatar(sfnet) Apatar Data Integration/ETL Apatar is an open source Extract, Transform, an... DOWNLOAD
kirikirikag(sfnet) kirikiri-kag This project is meant to translate KAG3/Kirikir... DOWNLOAD
lxp(sfnet) Look Win XP Desktop: icewm+idesk+xfe LXP is a desktop enviroment identical to Window... DOWNLOAD
millosh(sfnet) millosh's workshop A collection of software made by Milos Rancic. DOWNLOAD
skype4py(sfnet) Skype4Py Skype4Py is a Python wrapper for the Skype API.... DOWNLOAD
zencart-german(sfnet) Zen Cart German Für den Einsatz im deutschsprachigen Raum angep... DOWNLOAD
jiexplorer(sfnet) Java Image Viewer / Explorer JIExplorer is a java image viewer / explorer de... DOWNLOAD
plextor-tool(sfnet) plextor-tool plextor-tool is a small console utility for set... DOWNLOAD
udev(sfnet) UDev UDev is an IDE RAD for C++. It emphasizes packa... DOWNLOAD
wavechm(sfnet) wavechm chm reader for samsung wave mobiles. Bada Os DOWNLOAD
armagetron(sfnet) Armagetron - Multiplayer Lightcycle Game Armagetron is a simple action game modeled afte... DOWNLOAD
kkk-tuwasiliane(sfnet) KKK Tuwasiliane (Mtambaa wa Kitanzania) KKK Tuwasiliane is a web browsing software bein... DOWNLOAD

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