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omniorbipsa(sfnet) omniORB2 and omniORBpy for IPSA omniORB2 and omniORBpy adaptations for IPSA DOWNLOAD
googlepr(sfnet) Google PR Check Check a list of web sites for their Google Page... DOWNLOAD
richhtml4eclips(sfnet) richhtml4eclips richhtml4eclipse is a WYSIWYG HTML-editor widge... DOWNLOAD
ontrac(sfnet) ontrac This is a web based reporting and tracking tool... DOWNLOAD
darkradiant(sfnet) DarkRadiant Overhauled version of GTKRadiant designed for u... DOWNLOAD
fcronq(sfnet) FcronQ FcronQ is an Fcron GUI for Linux. Fcron is an a... DOWNLOAD
synergyandroid(sfnet) Synergy Android Client A port of the synergy client to the Android pla... DOWNLOAD
vietnam-ldi(sfnet) LDI LDI is a software for computation of Local Disa... DOWNLOAD
bspg(sfnet) BSPG, an opensource Balanced Scorecard BSPG is a complete Balanced Scorecard environme... DOWNLOAD
sdl-gp32(sfnet) SDL for GP32 SDL for GP32. SDL is a cross-platform multimedi... DOWNLOAD
bitcointrader(sfnet) Qt Bitcoin Trader Supported exchanges: Bitfinex, BTC-e, Bitstamp ... DOWNLOAD
uimimic(sfnet) uiMimic Interface Architect uiMimic Interface Architect allows HTPC enthusi... DOWNLOAD
swfdotnet(sfnet) SwfDotNet library The SwfDotNet framework is a full .Net open sou... DOWNLOAD
geocanvas(sfnet) Geo Canvas The Geocanvas project aims to provide a very sm... DOWNLOAD
sdio-linux(sfnet) Linux SDIO stack project The SDIO-Linux project provides an open source ... DOWNLOAD
xmuta(freshmeat) xmuta xmuta is a program that performs a regular expr... DOWNLOAD
cayenne(sfnet) Cayenne Cayenne is an object-relational mapping framewo... DOWNLOAD
jbdesirex(sfnet) HTC Desire X+ myONEdx+ - DOWNLOAD
yii(freshmeat) Yii Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP ... DOWNLOAD
smartfink(sfnet) SmartFink SmartFink is the best Asterisk Monitoring and M... DOWNLOAD
xoopsrs(sfnet) XoopsRS Projeto de Tradução do XOOPS: Tradução do CORE,... DOWNLOAD
ircdotnet2010(sfnet) ircdotnet2010 IRC.Net is my 1st attempt to write an IRC Clien... DOWNLOAD
preports(sfnet) preports A tool to help in customization and generation ... DOWNLOAD
otetsudaiqt(sfnet) otetsudaiqt Bonsai collection software for *nix systems and... DOWNLOAD
tunneldroid(sfnet) tunneldroid is merged with DOWNLOAD
gmencoder(sfnet) gmencoder Gmencoder is a gnome-2 front-end to mencoder. I... DOWNLOAD
vtk(sfnet) vtk Visualization Toolkit An Object Oriented Visualization Toolkit for C+... DOWNLOAD
xuse(sfnet) xuse Xuse manages requirements, use cases & othe... DOWNLOAD
icetea(sfnet) IceTea IceTea allows you to convert your old PSX CD's ... DOWNLOAD
inertialtrack(sfnet) Wiimote Based Inertial Tracking We purpose developing a navigation system for s... DOWNLOAD
vennerable(sfnet) Vennerable An R package for the display of Venn diagrams DOWNLOAD
arduems(sfnet) ArduEMS-328 This project is based on the original open sour... DOWNLOAD
kingdom(sfnet) KingDOM Inspector A cross-browser Document Object Model inspector... DOWNLOAD
shunit2(sfnet) shunit2 shUnit2 is a unit testing framework for shell s... DOWNLOAD
atgc(sfnet) ATGC ATGC is an application containing a pack of use... DOWNLOAD
slackx(sfnet) SlackX This is a simple shell script to download, comp... DOWNLOAD
dos-c(sfnet) DOS-C: an MS-DOS compatible OS DOS-C Kernel is an MS-DOS compatible kernel and... DOWNLOAD
countermoves(sfnet) Countermoves Countermoves joins non computer and computer ga... DOWNLOAD
javaanpr(sfnet) JavaANPR JavaANPR is an automatic number plate recogniti... DOWNLOAD
adi-toolchain(sfnet) ADI GNU toolchain You have found the home page of the GNU toolcha... DOWNLOAD
blp(sfnet) Bangla Language Processing Bangla Language Processing tools developed/moni... DOWNLOAD
flexkboard(sfnet) flexkboard Configurable Pocketpc keyboard. Initial (slight... DOWNLOAD
inmosoft(sfnet) inmosoft sistema de venta de inmuebles DOWNLOAD
gdsplayer(sfnet) gdsplayer gdsplayer is a project for some university coll... DOWNLOAD
dbhub(sfnet) DB Hub DB Hub is a Linux/Unix software designed to be ... DOWNLOAD
jtvlan(sfnet) JTVLAN A DVB-T streaming and viewing solution based on... DOWNLOAD
voyagerlive(sfnet) Voyager Bonjour à tous. Je vous présente le nouveau liv... DOWNLOAD
adiopshw(sfnet) ADI OPS HARDWARE Hardware things for ADI Linux project, the ADI ... DOWNLOAD
melo(sfnet) Melo AAC Decoder Portable AAC Decoder DOWNLOAD
libjingle(sfnet) libjingle Google's Libjingle ( DOWNLOAD
bsplugin(sfnet) BSControl Plugin A plugin for Google Desktop that lets you contr... DOWNLOAD
asuro(sfnet) Asuro Here you can find the following Tools and libs ... DOWNLOAD
gimpuserfilter(sfnet) Gimp UserFilter Gimp User Filter is a plugin for The Gimp (http... DOWNLOAD
stickwiki(sfnet) WoaS - Wiki on a Stick Personal wiki that lives in one self-modifying ... DOWNLOAD
maps2winbugs(sfnet) maps2winbugs A QGIS plugin to facilitate data processing for... DOWNLOAD
idea-php(sfnet) PHP support for IntelliJ IDEA A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that will enable sup... DOWNLOAD
kpopflash(sfnet) kpopflash KPopflash is a KDE based flashcard application,... DOWNLOAD
gimp-path-tools(sfnet) Ofnuts' Gimp path tools Various scripts to transform Gimp paths DOWNLOAD
mbdynsimsuite(sfnet) MBDyn_sim_suite MBDyn_sim_suite is a collection of free pre&... DOWNLOAD
ssl-decrypt(sfnet) ssl decryption for ethereal ethereal patch and external plugin to enable ss... DOWNLOAD
gdigidoc(sfnet) GNU DigiDoc GDigiDoc is a GUI frontend built with GTKMM for... DOWNLOAD
jsresources(sfnet) Java Sound Resources resources for Java Sound API developers: exampl... DOWNLOAD
davis(sfnet) DAVIS - Dj's and Volker's IRC-Script DAVIS is an easy and useful language for IRC bo... DOWNLOAD
ucos-lwip-c6x(sfnet) uCOS-II and lwIP on TI C6000 DSP Port lwIP and uC/OS-II on a TI C6000 DSP platfo... DOWNLOAD
savant(sfnet) Savant Web Server Savant is a full-featured open source web serve... DOWNLOAD
asproxy(sfnet) ASProxy ASProxy is a free and open-source service which... DOWNLOAD
jtella(sfnet) JTella, a Java API for GNUTella JTella is the Java API for the GNUTella network... DOWNLOAD
debian-imac(sfnet) Installing Debian GNU/Linux on an iMac o A Stuffit archive containing files and instruct... DOWNLOAD
slurp(sfnet) slurp Slurp is a binary-to-rpm or source-to-rpm conve... DOWNLOAD
gadfly(sfnet) gadfly Highly portable SQL query engine based in Pytho... DOWNLOAD
lxdict(sfnet) HP200LX dictionary and UNIX CLI version Free dictionary program for UNICES and for the ... DOWNLOAD
p2pmud(sfnet) P2P Mud A peer-to-peer mud/IF authoring environment. Ea... DOWNLOAD
eggblog(sfnet) eggBlog eggBlog ( is the free ph... DOWNLOAD
diddlebug(sfnet) DiddleBug A sketching/"Notepad"-style applicati... DOWNLOAD
j2s(sfnet) j2s Java2Script(J2S) provides an Eclipse Java to Ja... DOWNLOAD
qtjava(sfnet) QtJava This project is to package the existing Java Qt... DOWNLOAD
p4w(sfnet) p4w - Powertools 4 Wisehackers <b><i>Powertools 4 Wisehackers</... DOWNLOAD
ftpvcs(sfnet) FTPVCS xPlatform - FTP based VCS / Project Management ... DOWNLOAD
menuetos(sfnet) Menuet OS Menuet is a Real-Time, graphical OS, written in... DOWNLOAD
ant-contrib(sfnet) ANT Contrib A home for additional useful tasks and types fo... DOWNLOAD
starmap2(sfnet) StarMap 2: Galactic Creation This project is to create an RPG-creation/GM to... DOWNLOAD
someshellext(sfnet) ShellExtensions for Windows This project hosts a couple of Shell Extensions... DOWNLOAD
deskcam(sfnet) Desktop Cam DeskCam is a windows desktop cam : it will take... DOWNLOAD
dirstorage(sfnet) DirectoryStorage DirectoryStorage - a ZODB Storage that stores o... DOWNLOAD
sky3d(sfnet) Sky 3D (OpenGL) Engine Sky 3D (OpenGL) Engine - Engine for 3D Games an... DOWNLOAD
phproxy-web(sfnet) PHProxy - A web proxy in PHP PHProxy is a PHP based web proxy that allows us... DOWNLOAD
jabberwocky(sfnet) Jabberwocky a Lisp IDE Jabberwocky is a development environment for Li... DOWNLOAD
utbot(sfnet) Unreal Tournament Java Bot This project attempts to further the developmen... DOWNLOAD
js-ftp(sfnet) JS-FTP JS-FTP is a simple FTP client written in Java. ... DOWNLOAD
xss-proxy(sfnet) XSS-Proxy XSS-Proxy is a tool for leveraging Cross-Site-S... DOWNLOAD
kudzu(sfnet) Kudzu-B This is a hardware autodetection & configur... DOWNLOAD
ivi(sfnet) IVI IVI is a graphical, interactive user-interface ... DOWNLOAD
middle-man(sfnet) Middleman filtering proxy server Middleman is an advanced HTTP/1.1 proxy server ... DOWNLOAD
docmenta(sfnet) Docmenta Docmenta is a Java web-application for single s... DOWNLOAD
gnuitar(sfnet) GNUitar GNUitar is guitar effects software that allows ... DOWNLOAD
extremecomp(sfnet) eXtremeComponents The eXtremeComponents are a series of open sour... DOWNLOAD
wavsplit(sfnet) WavSplit WavSplit splits large WAV files at given time p... DOWNLOAD
burn-osx(sfnet) Burn Create data discs with advanced data settings. ... DOWNLOAD
nutricode(sfnet) nutricode Software desenvolvido por alunos da Universidad... DOWNLOAD

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