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gnudatalanguage(sfnet) GDL - GNU Data Language GDL - GNU Data Language, a free IDL (Interactiv... DOWNLOAD
mfcti(sfnet) MF Conquer the Island MFCTI is an RTS mod for Operation Flashpoint: ... DOWNLOAD
calendaroutlook(sfnet) Calendar Outlook A calendar widget for Nokia N97, N97 mini, C6 a... DOWNLOAD
tokuah(sfnet) Tokuah El proyecto del juego educativo Tokuah xD DOWNLOAD
beamer(sfnet) The Beamer Project a software to display song texts in (youth) ser... DOWNLOAD
ieee80211e-ns2(sfnet) IEEE802.11e for the ns-2 simulator An IEEE 802.11e EDCA and CFB Simulation Model f... DOWNLOAD
mdtest(sfnet) mdtest HPC Benchmark mdtest is an MPI-coordinated metadata benchmark... DOWNLOAD
scalendar(sfnet) Persian (Solar) Calendar Persian (Solar) Calendar DOWNLOAD
mkvextractgui-2(sfnet) MKVExtractGUI-2 Matroska (mkv) track extraction windows GUI too... DOWNLOAD
povfront(sfnet) wxBasic-PovRay-Frontend povfront04 (License: LGPL). Small Interface wr... DOWNLOAD
i2c-usb-driver(sfnet) Devantech I2C to USB Commander A Perl script that interfaces with the Devantec... DOWNLOAD
phpmsadmin(sfnet) phpMSAdmin phpMSAdmin is a tool written in PHP that allows... DOWNLOAD
jsloader(sfnet) JSLoader A loader and methodology for loading JavaScript... DOWNLOAD
zwickerloudness(sfnet) Zwicker s Loudness Calculation SW +Tool Zwicker's Loudness Calculation (ISO532B) Tools.... DOWNLOAD
ajaxvnc(sfnet) Ajax VNC A "Clientless" VNC solution implement... DOWNLOAD
gxexplorer(sfnet) GXExplorer GXExplorer is a replacement for the Windows Exp... DOWNLOAD
emonic(sfnet) emonic Emonic (Eclipse-Mono-Integration) is a Eclipse-... DOWNLOAD
tableview(sfnet) JTableView This is a java swing gui component extends JTab... DOWNLOAD
jlibdiff(sfnet) JLibDiff JLibDiff is an implementation of diff and diff3... DOWNLOAD
advanceddungeon(sfnet) Advanced Dungeons and Rabbits The file repository for the phpBB2 version of ADR. DOWNLOAD
oo-open(sfnet) OblivionOnline OblivionOnline is a client-server based system ... DOWNLOAD
sudo4vista(sfnet) sudo for Vista Ease the pain of operating a Windows Vista syst... DOWNLOAD
catl(sfnet) C ADT C ADT(Abstract Data Types) is a simple template... DOWNLOAD
simplesoap(sfnet) Simple SOAP C++ Library C++ production ready implementation of Scott Se... DOWNLOAD
coupa(sfnet) Coupa e-Procurement Coupa e-Procurement is a requisition and purcha... DOWNLOAD
euromath2(sfnet) EuroMath2 WYSIWYG XML Editor for mathematical/text docume... DOWNLOAD
gleri(freshmeat) GLERI GLERI is an OpenGL service, a socket protocol f... DOWNLOAD
downldtrailers(sfnet) Download Trailers V.2 Download trailers (quicktime movies[.mov files]... DOWNLOAD
opendarkeden(sfnet) Open DarkEden Open DarkEden (OpenDE) is a project to develop ... DOWNLOAD
orca-robotics(sfnet) Orca Orca is a component-based robotic framework. It... DOWNLOAD
mixxx(sfnet) Mixxx Mixxx has moved to Please... DOWNLOAD
potracegui(sfnet) GUI for potrace This is a GUI interface (written in C++, using ... DOWNLOAD
h264-se(sfnet) H.264 Stream Editor H.264 Stream Editor is a re-coding application ... DOWNLOAD
ceesem(sfnet) CSM Tool for unified management of information rela... DOWNLOAD
portablefirefox(sfnet) Firefox Portable (Now The Mozilla Firefox®, Portable Edition project ... DOWNLOAD
jartoolkit(sfnet) jARToolKit jARToolKit - A Java-binding to the Augmented Re... DOWNLOAD
roadmap(sfnet) RoadMap A navigation system that displays street maps a... DOWNLOAD
g4j(sfnet) GMail API for Java G4J is a set of API that communicate to GMail. ... DOWNLOAD
tunctl(sfnet) tunctl The tunctl tool for controlling the TUN/TAP dri... DOWNLOAD
zeoslib(sfnet) ZeosLib The ZeosLib is a set of database components for... DOWNLOAD
movica(sfnet) Movica : The Movie Editor A graphical editor for Windows Media (.wmv), MP... DOWNLOAD
moqui(sfnet) Moqui Framework Moqui Framework is a seamlessly integrated, ent... DOWNLOAD
mutiara-motif-designer(freshmeat) Mutiara Mutiara helps you to create intricate motifs to... DOWNLOAD
clinkobjc(sfnet) CyberLink for MacOSX CyberLink for MacOSX a development package for ... DOWNLOAD
secqua(freshmeat) SecQua SecQua is a tool that quantifies the security o... DOWNLOAD
cximage(sfnet) CxImage CxImage is a C++ image processing library. It c... DOWNLOAD
kde-plasma-active(freshmeat) KDE Plasma Active KDE Plasma Active is a user interface for all t... DOWNLOAD
unicc-lalr1-parser-generator(freshmeat) UniCC UniCC, (Universal Compiler-Compiler) is a power... DOWNLOAD
modassert(sfnet) ModAssert This is an advanced portable C++ library with 1... DOWNLOAD
psacom(sfnet) PSACOM This totally free program allows you : - Read a... DOWNLOAD
freeknowledge(sfnet) Free Knowledge Bulgarian Educational Site (BEST.NET) is a Lear... DOWNLOAD
randtree(sfnet) Rand Tree RandTree is a MatLab based tree simulator progr... DOWNLOAD
ezsocket(sfnet) Ez Socket Library EzSocket is a socket library written in C.The a... DOWNLOAD
bloodfrontier(sfnet) Blood Frontier Blood Frontier was a single-player and multi-pl... DOWNLOAD
qtav(sfnet) QtAV QtAV is a media playing library based on Qt and... DOWNLOAD
red-piranha(sfnet) Red Piranha Google(™) meets the Matrix. Red Piranha combine... DOWNLOAD
webdeveloper(sfnet) Web.Developer Server Suite The Web.Developer Server Suite is a Windows-bas... DOWNLOAD
cintsmartcard(sfnet) CINT Smartcard The CINT Smartcard project is a collection of t... DOWNLOAD
interix-wgcc(sfnet) wgcc WGCC has been superseded by parity (http://www.... DOWNLOAD
gals(sfnet) GALS - Ger. de An. Léxicos e Sintático Este programa é um gerador de Analisadores Léxi... DOWNLOAD
elforkane(sfnet) المصحف الالكتروني المصحف الالكتروني الفرقان برنامج مجاني مفتوح ال... DOWNLOAD
hannah(sfnet) Help Hannah's Horse An arcade game best described as a cross betwee... DOWNLOAD
surveyportlet(sfnet) Survey Portlet This is a simple generic survey portlet applica... DOWNLOAD
git-flow-python-edition(freshmeat) git-flow Python Edition git-flow Python Edition is a a pure Python impl... DOWNLOAD
clib2(sfnet) clib2 Portable ISO 'C' (1994) runtime library for the... DOWNLOAD
zencart-cn(sfnet) Zen Cart Chinese Chinese Localization for Zen Cart. Zen Cart is ... DOWNLOAD
shinken(freshmeat) Shinken Shinken is an advanced monitoring system that i... DOWNLOAD
python-ps3(sfnet) Python games library for PS3 Python PS3 support library, primarily designed ... DOWNLOAD
ezupdate(sfnet) EZUpdate A simple PHP based content management system fo... DOWNLOAD
torrentclient(sfnet) File Seeker File Seeker is a new P2P program based on the g... DOWNLOAD
quickdicom(sfnet) Quick Dicom Toolkit QuickDicom is an easy to use dicom medical imag... DOWNLOAD
otscms(sfnet) OTSCMS Content Management System for websites based on... DOWNLOAD
swf-reader(sfnet) Swf Reader Adobe Flash SWF editor which can read and edit ... DOWNLOAD
tmx-editor(sfnet) TMX Localization Editor A simple graphical editor for the manipulation ... DOWNLOAD
snapsie(sfnet) snapsIE Screen Capture API for IE snapsIE is an ActiveX object that enables Inter... DOWNLOAD
mysqljson(sfnet) mysqljson This is a project that will provide tools for w... DOWNLOAD
proxychains-ng(sfnet) proxychains-ng proxychains is a hook preloader that allows to ... DOWNLOAD
svnauthcheck(freshmeat) svnauthcheck svnauthcheck checks the syntax of a subversion ... DOWNLOAD
codepress(sfnet) codepress CodePress is web-based source code editor with ... DOWNLOAD
elkirtasse(sfnet) مكتبة القرطاس مكتبة القرطاس برنامج مجاني مفتوح تعمل على جميع ... DOWNLOAD
sys-optimize(sfnet) Sys Optimizer This project is programmed to become a best opt... DOWNLOAD
pjs-passport(sfnet) PassPort port forwarding utility Win XP PassPort is a simple port forwarding utility. T... DOWNLOAD
lurch(sfnet) Lurch Software for teaching and learning mathematical... DOWNLOAD
local-data(freshmeat) Local Data Local Data is a PHP class which can store mul... DOWNLOAD
phpsyslogviewer(sfnet) php syslog viewer php syslog viewer is a free web application wri... DOWNLOAD
red5chat(sfnet) red5chat Red5chat is an opensource project of a video ch... DOWNLOAD
qtparted(sfnet) QTParted QTParted is a QT GUI of parted. The aim of QTPa... DOWNLOAD
mashu(sfnet) A collection of open-source utilities A collection of open-source utilities DOWNLOAD
ciso(sfnet) Ciso - PSP Iso Compressor Ciso is a small tool to compress your psp iso t... DOWNLOAD
arronax(freshmeat) Arronax Arronax is a plugin for Nautilus (the GNOME def... DOWNLOAD
zapcat(sfnet) zapcat Zabbix JMX bridge Zapcat endeavours to be a simple to use bridge ... DOWNLOAD
pstricks-tut-es(sfnet) Tutorial Pstricks en espanol Tutorial de Pstricks en espanol. DOWNLOAD
eacc(freshmeat) eacc eacc is a bash script that allows a group of pe... DOWNLOAD
sortsmill(sfnet) sortsmill SourceForge hosts downloads for Sorts Mill proj... DOWNLOAD
siafusimulator(sfnet) Siafu: an Open Source Context Simulator Siafu simulates individual agents and their con... DOWNLOAD
gwfreaks(sfnet) GWFreaks the tool for Guild Wars freaks GWFreaks is a character builder for Guild Wars,... DOWNLOAD
oz(freshmeat) Oz Oz is a tool for automatically installing guest... DOWNLOAD
libusbdotnet(sfnet) LibUsbDotNet C# USB Library .NET C# USB library for WinUSB, LibUsb-Win32, a... DOWNLOAD
mg4j(freshmeat) Managing Gigabytes for Java MG4J is a highly customizable, high-performance... DOWNLOAD
polscripter(sfnet) PoL Scripter Is a little project for a POL IDE with: </br... DOWNLOAD

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