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subs2srs(sfnet) subs2srs subs2srs allows you to create import files for ... DOWNLOAD
fxvcl(sfnet) XML-based Variant Configuration Language XVCL is a general-purpose language for configur... DOWNLOAD
snmptt(sfnet) SNMP Trap Translator SNMP Trap Translator is used to 'translate' tra... DOWNLOAD
avrfftlcd(sfnet) AVR FFT LCD This is a demo of A/D conversion, Fast Fourier ... DOWNLOAD
lilypad(sfnet) lilyPAD lilyPAD is a Tcl/Tk client for the lily CMC tha... DOWNLOAD
portableubuntu(sfnet) Portable Ubuntu Remix This project consist in a portable image of Ubu... DOWNLOAD
live-slampp(sfnet) Live SLAMPP Pre-configured home server that will be run on ... DOWNLOAD
honchatplus(sfnet) Heroes of Newerth Chat+ A third party program to connect to the Heroes ... DOWNLOAD
coderu(freshmeat) CODERU CODERU is a Java code quality tool to enforce d... DOWNLOAD
scriptcase(freshmeat) Scriptcase Scriptcase is Web-based development software. ... DOWNLOAD
superresolution(sfnet) Parallel Super-Resolution Parallel Super-Resolution is a multithreaded Im... DOWNLOAD
druid(sfnet) Druid, The Database Manager Druid is a GUI tool for database build and mana... DOWNLOAD
phppgsql(sfnet) PHP PgSQL PHP database access class for PostgreSQL, offer... DOWNLOAD
strategico(freshmeat) Strategico Strategico is an engine for running statistical... DOWNLOAD
dmgx(sfnet) Digimon Game X This is a opensource digimon game,,This project... DOWNLOAD
guitoo(sfnet) Kuroo Kuroo is a Gentoo Portage management frontend. ... DOWNLOAD
exp-engine(sfnet) Express Engine STEP (ISO 10303) development environment which ... DOWNLOAD
stormplayer(sfnet) Stormplayer 因为暴风影音播放器在日文系统使用中出现乱码。针... DOWNLOAD
log4jviewer(sfnet) Log4j Viewer Log4j Viewer is an Eclipse plugin which can rea... DOWNLOAD
to-do-o(sfnet) To-Do-O To-Do-O the To-Do Organizer is a simple to-do l... DOWNLOAD
svicoder(sfnet) dot SVI Project Easy to use video converter. Converts any video... DOWNLOAD
alice(freshmeat) Alice Jabber aliases daemon Alice is a small daemon for creating aliases fo... DOWNLOAD
geoserver(sfnet) GeoServer GeoServer is an open source software server wri... DOWNLOAD
simpad(sfnet) simpad SIMpad by Siemens is a multimedia device with a... DOWNLOAD
amtowsbnp(sfnet) amtowsbnp Always more than one-way script based nms plugi... DOWNLOAD
fedora-ds(freshmeat) 389 Directory Server 389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora Directory... DOWNLOAD
jboss2nagios(sfnet) JBoss Nagios Integration Integrate JBoss into Nagios monitoring through ... DOWNLOAD
worldvista(sfnet) WorldVistA Our mission is furthering the cause of affordab... DOWNLOAD
munin-nodewin32(sfnet) munin-nodewin32 Moved to DOWNLOAD
anaglyph(sfnet) AnaglyphViewer Simple mesh/scene viewer written on Ogre3D engi... DOWNLOAD
jtcfrost(sfnet) Frost Freenet front end written in Java. Supports mul... DOWNLOAD
eclipsetutorial(sfnet) Eclipse and Java Video Tutorials Free video screencam tutorials for Eclipse and ... DOWNLOAD
scihun(sfnet) scihun Merge of text editor SciTE and spellchecker Hun... DOWNLOAD
misterhouse(freshmeat) MisterHouse MisterHouse is a Unix/Windows home automation p... DOWNLOAD
jgnash(freshmeat) jGnash jGnash is a personal finance application writte... DOWNLOAD
xiss-web(sfnet) XML Interactive SlideShow Xiss web is a Java tool to generate photo slide... DOWNLOAD
staden(sfnet) staden A fully developed set of DNA sequence assembly ... DOWNLOAD
ext2fsd(sfnet) Ext2 File System Driver for Windows Ext2Fsd is an open source linux ext2/ext3 file ... DOWNLOAD
ultravnc(sfnet) UltraVNC UltraVNC: Remote desktop support software - Rem... DOWNLOAD
runesword(sfnet) RuneSword II - OS Runesword II (RSII) is a CRPG designed to appea... DOWNLOAD
butia(sfnet) Butiá Robot Open, free and extensible plataform for develop... DOWNLOAD
makepack(sfnet) makepack A generic Makefile which downloads source, unpa... DOWNLOAD
dtoanxls(sfnet) Du toan XLS Estimate software running on Microsoft Excel. P... DOWNLOAD
latexdraw(sfnet) LaTeXDraw LaTeXDraw is a graphical drawing editor for LaT... DOWNLOAD
avrdudegui(sfnet) AVRdude GUI a GUI Interface for the popular avrdude program... DOWNLOAD
bareos(freshmeat) bareos Bareos (Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced)... DOWNLOAD
nclass(sfnet) NClass NClass is a free tool to easily create UML clas... DOWNLOAD
juunasplayer(sfnet) JPlayer JPlayer is an MP3 player made using VB .NET. It... DOWNLOAD
hdparm(sfnet) hdparm hdparm - get/set ATA/SATA drive parameters unde... DOWNLOAD
hlbr(sfnet) HLBR - Hogwash Light BR HLBR is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) th... DOWNLOAD
mwt(sfnet) mwt The Multi-Worm Tracker is a population-level st... DOWNLOAD
dans-dbf-lib(sfnet) DANS DBF Library Java library to read and write xBase database f... DOWNLOAD
confity(sfnet) Confity With Confity, you can tweak your Unity desktop ... DOWNLOAD
sawat(sfnet) SAW - Special Access to Windows SAW - Special Access to Windows - is a programm... DOWNLOAD
drizzle(sfnet) drizzle A collection of tools related to the game Myst.... DOWNLOAD
zookeeper(sfnet) ZooKeeper ZooKeeper is a high available and reliable coor... DOWNLOAD
courier(sfnet) Courier Mail Server The Courier mail transfer agent (MTA) is an int... DOWNLOAD
npppythonplugsq(sfnet) Notepad++ Python Plugin Square A Notepad++ plugin to make plugins in Python (u... DOWNLOAD
debreate(freshmeat) Debreate Debreate is a utility to aid in building Debian... DOWNLOAD
imagetools(sfnet) Image Tools A desktop application to capture an image of th... DOWNLOAD
action4java(freshmeat) action4Java action4Java is a lightweight, modular, extendib... DOWNLOAD
gebr(sfnet) GêBR GêBR is an environment to seismic processing ba... DOWNLOAD
utoken(sfnet) utoken uToken is an authentication system that allows ... DOWNLOAD
wko2csv(sfnet) WKO to CSV data file converter A command line utility to convert wko binary fi... DOWNLOAD
gammamoo(freshmeat) GammaMOO GammaMOO is a fork of the LambdaMOO server with... DOWNLOAD
hfdp-cpp(sfnet) Head First Design Patterns in C++ Head First Design Patterns translated to C++. T... DOWNLOAD
courier-mtaandc(sfnet) Courier-mta and Courier-authlib RPMS Current rpms made from FC for courier-mta and c... DOWNLOAD
jwiicm(sfnet) jwiicm - Java Wii Code Manager Tool for managing patch codes for the Nintendo ... DOWNLOAD
form-validation(freshmeat) Form Validation Form Validation validates form inputs according... DOWNLOAD
keepeek-pluggin(sfnet) Keepeek plugin for CMS Pluggins pour connecter le logiciel de photothè... DOWNLOAD
jcaf(sfnet) Java Context-Awareness Framework Context-awareness is a key concept in ubiquitou... DOWNLOAD
kernelex(sfnet) KernelEx KernelEx is an Open Source compatibility layer ... DOWNLOAD
apcupsd(sfnet) Apcupsd UPS control software Apcupsd is a program for monitoring UPSes and p... DOWNLOAD
jmec64(sfnet) JME C64 A Java-based Commodore 64 emulator for mobile d... DOWNLOAD
lpsolve(sfnet) lpsolve Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver ... DOWNLOAD
otcl-tclcl(sfnet) OTcl and TclCL OTcl, short for MIT Object Tcl, is an extension... DOWNLOAD
hrmis(sfnet) e-hris E-HRIS Is an open source human resource informa... DOWNLOAD
libmtp(sfnet) libmtp libmtp is a LGPL library implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
mle(sfnet) MLE - Mobile Learning Engine MLE - The Mobile Learning Engine is a learning ... DOWNLOAD
wizzrss(sfnet) Wizz RSS News Reader - C# Wizz RSS News Reader - C# is an open source GPL... DOWNLOAD
archive-access(sfnet) Web Archive Access Utilities Access and manipulation tools, parsers and writ... DOWNLOAD
conceptual(sfnet) conceptual coNCePTuaL is a toolset for rapidly generating ... DOWNLOAD
videotomp3(sfnet) VideoToMp3 Video2mp3 is software that allows you to conver... DOWNLOAD
dicom-cs(sfnet) DICOM# DICOM# open source project is intented to provi... DOWNLOAD
infodomestic(sfnet) Infodomestic Objects Infodomestic Objects - This is a set of distrib... DOWNLOAD
cobianbackup(sfnet) Cobian Backup Cobian Backup is a backup program that can be e... DOWNLOAD
libntoh(freshmeat) libntoh Libntoh aims to be a user-friendly library to p... DOWNLOAD
guliverkli2(sfnet) Guliverkli2 This project is based on the latest source code... DOWNLOAD
apboot(sfnet) apboot apboot is a way for standard 802.11 access poin... DOWNLOAD
musichearts(sfnet) musichearts Sell MP3 Downloads - directly on your homepage DOWNLOAD
u3smartapps(sfnet) U3 Smart Apps This project is aimed at repackaging many popul... DOWNLOAD
androidtut(sfnet) Android tutorial This project is a tutorial on Google Android. I... DOWNLOAD
j2cstranslator(sfnet) Java 2 CSharp Translator for Eclipse That tool makes it possible to automatic transl... DOWNLOAD
alchemi(sfnet) Alchemi [.NET Grid Computing Framework] Alchemi is a .NET grid computing framework that... DOWNLOAD
uclinux(sfnet) uclinux Small Linux version with MMU less support. uCli... DOWNLOAD
r2iopenwebstudi(sfnet) R2i Open Web Studio Start Building Rich Internet Applications Rapid... DOWNLOAD
sabackup2(sfnet) SaBackup SaBackup creates incremental backups of your da... DOWNLOAD
cdreader(sfnet) CD Reader Tool for reading bad media. Tool reads files, a... DOWNLOAD
gfs(sfnet) The Gerris Flow Solver Gerris is a tool for generic numerical simulati... DOWNLOAD
mojomail(sfnet) Dada Mail - (old) The Sourceforge page for this project isn't use... DOWNLOAD

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