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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
adfopus(sfnet) ADF Opus ADF Opus is a file management tool for ADF file... DOWNLOAD
mtpkg(freshmeat) Mtpkg Mtpkg is a small and simple (script-based) pack... DOWNLOAD
vital-desktop(sfnet) Vital desktop Vital Desktop is a desktop animation utility, a... DOWNLOAD
insert(sfnet) INSERT - Inside Security rescue toolkit The Inside Security Rescue Toolkit is a multi-p... DOWNLOAD
czt(sfnet) Community Z Tools Community Z Tools Project (CZT): Tools for edit... DOWNLOAD
memview(freshmeat) Memview Memview is a realtime visualization program whi... DOWNLOAD
sqlobject(freshmeat) SQLObject SQLObject is an object-relational mapper, i.e.,... DOWNLOAD
socat(freshmeat) Socat Socat is a relay for bidirectional data transfe... DOWNLOAD
meetmint(freshmeat) meetmint meetmint is a meeting minutes tool for Web brow... DOWNLOAD
imdbphp(freshmeat) IMDBPHP ImdbPHP provides an API to the movie informatio... DOWNLOAD
rtspspec(sfnet) RTSP Specification The Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is curr... DOWNLOAD
tapi(sfnet) Project TAPI Use the Windows Telephony Application Programmi... DOWNLOAD
bbexpense(sfnet) Blackberry Expense Manager Application that helps you to manage your expen... DOWNLOAD
enterprise-reporting-server-bi(freshmeat) Enterprise Reporting Server (Birt) Enterprise Reporting Server (Birt) aims to be ... DOWNLOAD
ringydingydingy(freshmeat) RingyDingyDingy RingyDingyDingy is a lightweight app which lets... DOWNLOAD
irrlamb(freshmeat) irrlamb irrlamb is a 3D game that involves a lot of phy... DOWNLOAD
datavision(sfnet) DataVision DataVision is a reporting tool similar to Cryst... DOWNLOAD
fuzzylite(freshmeat) fuzzylite fuzzylite is a fuzzy logic control library. Its... DOWNLOAD
tremulous(sfnet) Tremulous Team based Aliens vs Humans FPS with buildable ... DOWNLOAD
iramuteq(sfnet) iramuteq IRAMUTEQ : Interface de R pour les Analyses Mul... DOWNLOAD
irad(sfnet) iRad iRad is a DICOM workstation written in Cocoa fo... DOWNLOAD
zenilib(sfnet) Zenipex Library The Zenipex Library is a game development frame... DOWNLOAD
koudevoeten(freshmeat) koudevoeten Koudevoeten is a small application which stream... DOWNLOAD
wminfo(freshmeat) wminfo wminfo is a Window Maker dockable application t... DOWNLOAD
tagsview(sfnet) TagsView TagsView user interface for ctags parsed result... DOWNLOAD
qore-mysql-module(freshmeat) Qore MySQL Module Qore MySQL Module is a DBI driver module for th... DOWNLOAD
lipstiklf(sfnet) Lipstik Swing Look And Feel Lipstik look and feel is intended to be a Java ... DOWNLOAD
cjbsopf(sfnet) OPF_Consulting It is a consulting project for OPF. DOWNLOAD
middlegen(sfnet) Middlegen Middlegen is a free general-purpose database-dr... DOWNLOAD
grid-control(sfnet) dhtmlxGrid - Ajax-enabled DataGrid A JavaScript grid component for displaying and ... DOWNLOAD
spampal(sfnet) SpamPal for Windows SpamPal is a mail classification program that c... DOWNLOAD
infrarecorder(sfnet) InfraRecorder InfraRecorder is a high quality CD/DVD burning ... DOWNLOAD
pastmon(sfnet) PasTmon - Passive Response Time Monitor Passive network application response time monit... DOWNLOAD
crm-ctt(sfnet) Interleave Interleave is a business process management app... DOWNLOAD
cross-stuff(sfnet) Cross-Compilation Stuff for Embedded Full operational package to build a complete Li... DOWNLOAD
as3flvplayer(sfnet) flv Player fPlayer is an object oriented, open source FLV ... DOWNLOAD
s-2(sfnet) The s2 test client S2 is a simple general-purpose test client with... DOWNLOAD
bochs(freshmeat) Bochs Bochs is a portable x86 PC emulation software p... DOWNLOAD
nagelfar(sfnet) Nagelfar Nagelfar is a static syntax checker for Tcl. DOWNLOAD
hmailserver(sfnet) hMailServer hMailServer is a SMTP/POP3/IMAP server for Wind... DOWNLOAD
classdb(sfnet) classdb A DataBase software for class Write in QT DOWNLOAD
xarchiver(sfnet) xarchiver Xarchiver is a GTK+2 only frontend to 7z,zip,ra... DOWNLOAD
iphoneemulatorb(sfnet) iPhone Emulator (Safari) I built this application for Windows web develo... DOWNLOAD
ballcalc(sfnet) BallCalc BallCalc is attempt to make a good, easy to use... DOWNLOAD
fastreader(sfnet) FastReader A windows based RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Proje... DOWNLOAD
qsf(sfnet) Quick Spam Filter Quick Spam Filter is a small, fast spam filter ... DOWNLOAD
hcsoftware(sfnet) HC software HC Software serves as an incubator for Jason Ro... DOWNLOAD
ballbreaker(sfnet) Ball Breaker This is Ball breaker game completely designed i... DOWNLOAD
conges(sfnet) Conges : web based vacation management Conges is a vacation management JAVA WebApp. It... DOWNLOAD
t-sqldeveloper(sfnet) T-SQL developer includes SQL editor with syntax highlighting, c... DOWNLOAD
jsptree(sfnet) JSP Tree Pure Java JSP Tree based on Java Servlet API on... DOWNLOAD
gallery(sfnet) Gallery A slick, intuitive web based photo gallery. Gal... DOWNLOAD
macis(sfnet) Macis Puppy Linux Macis Puppy Linux is a beautiful but light Linu... DOWNLOAD
zoollinux(sfnet) ZooLinux ZoolLinux project aim is that to create linux m... DOWNLOAD
evaristo(sfnet) Evaristo Evaristo is an ERP solution written in Java (2 ... DOWNLOAD
lde(sfnet) Linux Disk Editor lde is a disk editor for linux, originally writ... DOWNLOAD
fps200usbdriver(sfnet) FPS200 USB fingerprint sensor driver This is a non-official driver, written in C, fo... DOWNLOAD
phpservermon(sfnet) PHP Server Monitor PHP Server Monitor is a script that checks whet... DOWNLOAD
vcmi(sfnet) VCMI Project We want to rewrite the entire Heroes3:WoG engin... DOWNLOAD
fdrut(sfnet) UT Extra Packages for Fedora Experimental i18n packages for Fedora DOWNLOAD
xine(sfnet) xine - a free video player xine is a free multimedia player. It plays back... DOWNLOAD
multicardipx800(sfnet) Serveur Multicartes IPX800 Serveur domotique développé en PHP permettant d... DOWNLOAD
elphel(sfnet) Elphel reconfigurable cameras Software and HDL code for Elphel reconfigurable... DOWNLOAD
libnetfilter_acct(freshmeat) libnetfilter_acct libnetfilter_acct is a library that provides th... DOWNLOAD
rockola(sfnet) Rockola Music Player Rockola Music Player es un programa para escuch... DOWNLOAD
python-audioprocessing(freshmeat) The Python audio processing suite The Python audio processing suite is a module t... DOWNLOAD
gdcalc(freshmeat) gdcalc gdcalc is a GTK+-based Reverse Polish Notation ... DOWNLOAD
bombono(sfnet) Bombono DVD This is DVD authoring program with nice and cle... DOWNLOAD
pdl(sfnet) Perl Data Language The PDL module gives standard perl the ability ... DOWNLOAD
oreka(sfnet) oreka Enterprise telephony recording and retrieval sy... DOWNLOAD
c2cpl(sfnet) Spolszczenie Caveman2Cosmos Spolszczenie modów Cavern2Cosmos do Civ4:Bts DOWNLOAD
sbevsl(sfnet) SBEVSL SBEVSL is a collaborative project between Dowli... DOWNLOAD
pdf2jpg(sfnet) PDF2JPG This project extends the great work done by Mat... DOWNLOAD
athenacms(sfnet) FreeWPS[tm] Free Web Publishing System[tm] is free software... DOWNLOAD
xwords(sfnet) Crosswords for handhelds Implements the rules of Scrabble(tm) for handhe... DOWNLOAD
doselab(sfnet) DoseLab DoseLab is a set of software programs for quant... DOWNLOAD
nfdump(sfnet) NFDUMP - Netflow processing tools nfdump is a set of tools to collect and process... DOWNLOAD
sportstracker(sfnet) SportsTracker Application for recording sporting activities f... DOWNLOAD
hugin(freshmeat) hugin Hugin is a toolkit for stitching photographs an... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-shell(sfnet) Eclipse Shell Eclipse Plugin that provides a GUI for dynamic ... DOWNLOAD
pgfplots(sfnet) pgfplots pgfplots - A TeX package to draw normal and/or ... DOWNLOAD
togl(sfnet) Togl A Tcl/Tk widget for OpenGL rendering. DOWNLOAD
delphidoom(sfnet) DelphiDoom This is the translation of the Linux C source c... DOWNLOAD
hunspell(sfnet) Hunspell Hunspell is a spell checker and morphological a... DOWNLOAD
srecite(sfnet) SRecite SRecite is a special and smart Tool for the Chi... DOWNLOAD
modrssim(sfnet) Modbus simulator Modbus RTU and TCP/IP slave simulator. For Test... DOWNLOAD
soulseekx(sfnet) SoulseekX SoulseekX is a client for the Soulseek peer-to-... DOWNLOAD
gnukeyring(sfnet) Keyring for PalmOS Keyring lets you securely store digital secret ... DOWNLOAD
amen(sfnet) AMEN AMEN (Annotation, Mapping, Expression and Netwo... DOWNLOAD
boost-log(sfnet) Boost.Log This is a C++ logging library implementation wh... DOWNLOAD
pymca(sfnet) PyMca Stand-alone application and Python tools for in... DOWNLOAD
chakra(sfnet) Chakra Chakra GNU/LInux is a free, user-friendly and e... DOWNLOAD
openxls(sfnet) OpenXLS Java Excel Spreadsheet SDK OpenXLS is the open source version of ExtenXLS ... DOWNLOAD
ms-sys(freshmeat) ms-sys ms-sys is a Linux program for writing Microsoft... DOWNLOAD
pspe(sfnet) PSPE - Pascal's Simple PHP Engine PSPE (Pascal's Simple PHP Engine), is a web sit... DOWNLOAD
tmake(sfnet) tmake tmake is a tool which auto-creates Makefile, ID... DOWNLOAD
yabb(sfnet) Yet another Bulletin Board (YaBB) YaBB is a FREE Perl forum (bulletin board) syst... DOWNLOAD
weed-file-system(freshmeat) Weed-FS Weed-FS is a simple and highly scalable distrib... DOWNLOAD
execline(freshmeat) execline execline is a very light, non-interactive scri... DOWNLOAD
minfx(freshmeat) minfx The minfx project is a Python package for numer... DOWNLOAD

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