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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
minerva(sfnet) Minerva An advanced content management and portal solut... DOWNLOAD
esup-phpcas(sfnet) ESUP-Portail phpCAS phpCAS is a PHP interface to ITS Central Authen... DOWNLOAD
pymedia(sfnet) PyMedia Pymedia is a C/C++/Python multimedia module to ... DOWNLOAD
snakebite(sfnet) snakebite cybercafe billing system cybercafe billing system DOWNLOAD
dega(sfnet) dega continuing the work on dega, a emulator for seg... DOWNLOAD
big3dsol(sfnet) Big Solitaires 3D Collection of 40 Solitaire Games with 3D - Open... DOWNLOAD
amis(sfnet) amis AMIS, the open source DAISY book player, has mo... DOWNLOAD
pytable(sfnet) PyTable RDBMS Wrapper Database abstraction and object-relational fram... DOWNLOAD
smooth(sfnet) smooth Class Library smooth is an object oriented class library for ... DOWNLOAD
lmuse(sfnet) MusE - Linux Music Editor MusE is a Qt based audio/midi sequencer with ed... DOWNLOAD
hpc-middleware(sfnet) HPC Middleware VL-1 is High Performance Computing Middleware d... DOWNLOAD
dsmyth(sfnet) DirectShow filters for MythTV DirectShow filters that enables playback of Myt... DOWNLOAD
pytvgrab(sfnet) python xmltv tv_grab xmltv library and tv_grabbers written in python DOWNLOAD
javahmo(sfnet) JavaHMO TiVo HMO Server JavaHMO is a media server for the Home Media Op... DOWNLOAD
xmod2(sfnet) xMod 2.x xMod version 2.0 for Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Academ... DOWNLOAD
editline(freshmeat) Editline Editline is an autotool- and libtoolized port o... DOWNLOAD
cm4superpackv2(sfnet) CM4 Super Pack v2 Graphical Enhancement Pack for Championship Man... DOWNLOAD
workzen(sfnet) Workzen Commons Workzen Commons is a collection of frameworks a... DOWNLOAD
dekicons(sfnet) dekicons Nice icons for ubuntu DOWNLOAD
x0xb0x(sfnet) x0xb0x x0xb0x is an open source 'acid' bassline synthe... DOWNLOAD
itextpdf(sfnet) Early Access iText Early Access iText, a PDF generation library in... DOWNLOAD
trad4(sfnet) trad4 Trad4 is a fully concurrent, thread safe, graph... DOWNLOAD
jsai(sfnet) jSai :Servlet Authentication Please note: not having time to complete jSai m... DOWNLOAD
soundvis(sfnet) sound visualizer sound_vis is a tool, written in C using the X11... DOWNLOAD
tiny-httpd(sfnet) tiny-httpd TINY HTTP Daemon 0.01 - A flexible tiny web server DOWNLOAD
freegee(sfnet) FreeGee Application Framework FreeGee is an integrated application framework ... DOWNLOAD
winadmin(sfnet) winadmin: waUtils for sysadmins A collection of Windows script files for system... DOWNLOAD
pumpkin(freshmeat) PumpKIN PumpKIN is a fully functional TFTP server and T... DOWNLOAD
mobilemt(sfnet) mobileMT: mobile blogging system mobileMT is a WAP interface for the MovableType... DOWNLOAD
webserv(sfnet) WebServ Pre-Compiled WebServer for the Windows NT Based... DOWNLOAD
trembot(sfnet) Trembot- Tremulous Administration Trembot is a console administration interface f... DOWNLOAD
landxmlsdk(sfnet) LandXML Software Development Kit LandXML C++ Software Development Kit. LandXML i... DOWNLOAD
hypknowsys(sfnet) hypKNOWsys hypKNOWsys aims at developing a Java-based work... DOWNLOAD
semanticscuttle(freshmeat) SemanticScuttle SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool wh... DOWNLOAD
opengem(sfnet) OpenGEM OpenGEM is a DOS GUI that seeks to combine Free... DOWNLOAD
healthmonitor(sfnet) HealthMonitor HealthMonitor is a free powerful and featureful... DOWNLOAD
javamail-crypto(sfnet) JavaMail Cryptography API A standard API for accessing OpenPGP and S/MIME... DOWNLOAD
jux(sfnet) Java Universal eXchange JUX (Java Universal eXchange) - Universal Real-... DOWNLOAD
texttoonto(sfnet) TextToOnto The aim of TextToOnto is to support developers ... DOWNLOAD
mbus(sfnet) Free MODBUS/TCP to MODBUS/RTU gateway Free MODBUS/TCP to MODBUS/RTU gateway server (m... DOWNLOAD
deduplication(sfnet) deduplication Data Deduplication in cloud computing DOWNLOAD
classeditor(sfnet) Java Class File Editor Open a Java class file binary to view or edit s... DOWNLOAD
sqlite-admin(sfnet) phpSQLiteAdmin SQLite Admin is a front end to the SQLite Datab... DOWNLOAD
rstk(sfnet) Reed-Solomon Core Compiler RSTK is a C language program that generates Ree... DOWNLOAD
xview4struts(sfnet) XView4Struts The XView4Struts project is an extension to the... DOWNLOAD
bandwidthd(sfnet) bandwidthd Tracks usage of TCP/IP network subnets and buil... DOWNLOAD
camelbones(sfnet) CamelBones CamelBones is a Cocoa/Perl bridge for Mac OS X.... DOWNLOAD
jpeg(sfnet) JPEG JPEG is a repository to centralize the differen... DOWNLOAD
h323beacon(sfnet) H.323 Beacon H.323 Beacon is a tool that can be used to meas... DOWNLOAD
koha-tools(sfnet) Koha Tools Koha-tools is a set of programs that work with ... DOWNLOAD
sap-jco-support(sfnet) SAP-JCO Support SAP-JCO Support is a mapping framework for Java... DOWNLOAD
picnic(sfnet) picnic picnic allows you to build a low cost hardware ... DOWNLOAD
kernscope(freshmeat) KernScope KernScope is a simple tool that parses the cont... DOWNLOAD
bytehoard(sfnet) ByteHoard A PHP-based web storage system, providing a web... DOWNLOAD
convex3d(sfnet) Convex 3D A converter, viewer and object extractor for po... DOWNLOAD
upxshell(sfnet) UPX Shell A win32 GUI shell for the UPX executable packer. DOWNLOAD
extractdata(sfnet) ExtractData ExtractData is a program which scans your files... DOWNLOAD
multiinstall(sfnet) Multi Install A cool looking installer for multiple programs ... DOWNLOAD
bluemarine(sfnet) blueMarine blueMarine is a Java(TM) based digital photo ed... DOWNLOAD
openddpt(sfnet) OpenDDPT OpenDiscreteDynamicProgrammingTemplate : founds... DOWNLOAD
maxedit(sfnet) MaxEdit - an OS X Browser XML Editor An Native Cocoa XML Editor based on the same Br... DOWNLOAD
hamsterhunter(sfnet) Hamster Hunter Public description: Hamster Hunter is a game wh... DOWNLOAD
easyasap(sfnet) easyasap Provide a portable C++ implementation of OASIS ... DOWNLOAD
blaze-wins(sfnet) Blaze Blaze is an application launcher that distingui... DOWNLOAD
tjmail(sfnet) Tiger JMail Tiger JMail is a open source javamail library w... DOWNLOAD
comete(sfnet) Comete Comete is a Java framework that aims to make ea... DOWNLOAD
freegetopt(sfnet) Free Getopt A getopt library compatible with GNU-getopt, bu... DOWNLOAD
trilat(sfnet) Trilateration This trilateration routine will do anchor-free ... DOWNLOAD
noname(sfnet) No Name Development Releases by No Name Development. All original c... DOWNLOAD
vbwinapi(sfnet) Windows API for VB This is going to a Visual Basic version of the ... DOWNLOAD
jniosocket(sfnet) Java NIO Socket Framework A Java 1.4 based NIO socket framework. This hid... DOWNLOAD
musicman(sfnet) Music Manager Musicman helps in the management of large colle... DOWNLOAD
firewalladdons(sfnet) ipcop firewall addons User written Addons and Updates for the IPCop F... DOWNLOAD
pascal-int(sfnet) Simple Pascal Interpreter Simple Pascal Interpreter DOWNLOAD
docfrac(sfnet) DocFrac DocFrac is a document converter that can conver... DOWNLOAD
winprinthylafax(sfnet) Winprint HylaFAX Makes a HylaFAX Server look like a standard Win... DOWNLOAD
hawk-idsips(freshmeat) Hawk IDS/IPS Hawk IDS/IPS is a lightweight log analyzer whic... DOWNLOAD
gpib82357a(sfnet) Python GPIB-USB 82357A Interface GPIB-USB 82357A interface (agilent) module for ... DOWNLOAD
spblinux(sfnet) SPBLinux SPBLinux: modular mini distribution running com... DOWNLOAD
xtetris(sfnet) XTetris - a Tetris clone for X11 with Qt This tetris clone is a first attempt at program... DOWNLOAD
sqlite4delphi(sfnet) SQLite for Delphi Delphi port for SQLite DOWNLOAD
phpirc(sfnet) PHP:IRC The PHP:IRC suite allows you to run an IRC appl... DOWNLOAD
flatstyle(sfnet) Delphi Flatstyle Component set A VCL component set for Borland Delphi providin... DOWNLOAD
itp7(sfnet) Interpreter Turbo Pascal 7 Naszym celem jest stworzenie prostego interpret... DOWNLOAD
libnids(sfnet) Libnids - NIDS E-component library Libnids - NIDS E-component, based on Linux kern... DOWNLOAD
webimagegetter(sfnet) Web Image Getter Web Image Getter is a downloader for images fro... DOWNLOAD
gnu-gv(sfnet) gv Postscript and PDF viewer gv allows a user to view and navigate through P... DOWNLOAD
germanmacosx(sfnet) German resources for Mac OS X apps German localization of popular Mac OS X software DOWNLOAD
unpyc(sfnet) UnPyc Unfortunately this project has been suspended. ... DOWNLOAD
metaboss(sfnet) MetaBoss MetaBoss is an integrated suite of tools for de... DOWNLOAD
joyce(freshmeat) Joyce and Anne Joyce and Anne emulate the Amstrad PCW series o... DOWNLOAD
softwareplc(sfnet) Software PLC for RT-Linux Software PLC using Instruction List language as... DOWNLOAD
rubyscript2exe(sfnet) RubyScript2Exe RubyScript2Exe transforms your Ruby script into... DOWNLOAD
sablotron(sfnet) Sablotron This is a new home for Sablotron XML processor ... DOWNLOAD
im-snif(sfnet) IM Sniffer imsniff is a pcap-based instant messaging sniff... DOWNLOAD
jxwb(sfnet) Java Extensible Web Browser (JXWB) The goal of the project is to create a 100% pur... DOWNLOAD
derrick(freshmeat) Derrick Derrick is a simple tool for recording data str... DOWNLOAD
genesys-mw(sfnet) GeneSyS Middleware GeneSyS is an open generic framework for networ... DOWNLOAD
loganalyser(sfnet) Log Analyser for Netscreen Firewalls Netscreen Firewall Log Analyser which can analy... DOWNLOAD
pse(sfnet) PSE PSE (Personal Site Engine) is a small PHP/XML b... DOWNLOAD

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