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doxygen(freshmeat) doxygen Doxygen is a cross-platform, JavaDoc-like docum... DOWNLOAD
gpx2tour(freshmeat) gpx2tour gpx2tour generates a .tour file for Hac4linux f... DOWNLOAD
tour2pics(freshmeat) tour2pics tour2pics generates nice plots from a Hac4linux... DOWNLOAD
gpx3dprofile(freshmeat) gpx3dprofile gpx3dprofile generates a 3D view of the first t... DOWNLOAD
irismvc(freshmeat) IrisMVC IrisMVC is an OOP PHP framework that developers... DOWNLOAD
tftpterminal(sfnet) tftpterminal Written in VB6 this open source program connect... DOWNLOAD
statcvs(sfnet) StatCVS - Stat Your Repository StatCVS generates HTML reports from CVS reposit... DOWNLOAD
rips-scanner(sfnet) RIPS RIPS is a static source code analyser for vulne... DOWNLOAD
lazypy(freshmeat) Lazy Evaluation for Python Lazy Evaluation for Python is a package which i... DOWNLOAD
samplescan(freshmeat) samplescan samplescan converts directories with audio samp... DOWNLOAD
rpiqemuwindows(sfnet) Raspberry Pi emulation for Windows Contains everything needed to quickly and simpl... DOWNLOAD
ferespost(freshmeat) FeResPost FeResPost is a library that allows the rapid de... DOWNLOAD
soybeans(sfnet) SoyBeans Soy Beans is an HTTP request processing framewo... DOWNLOAD
ezpx-photoblog(freshmeat) EZPX EZPX is a lightweight photoblog engine with all... DOWNLOAD
wildfox(freshmeat) WildFox WildFox is both its own project in addition to ... DOWNLOAD
verilogcompiler(sfnet) verilog compiler A verilog language compiler written using Java ... DOWNLOAD
fastgps(freshmeat) fastgps fastgps is a fully functional GPS software rece... DOWNLOAD
jnrpe(freshmeat) Java Nagios Remote Plugin Executor Java Nagios Remote Plugin Executor is a replace... DOWNLOAD
soundboard(freshmeat) Soundboard Soundboard is a sound cueing program designed f... DOWNLOAD
qlbar(freshmeat) qlbar QLBar is a toolbar gadget for X11 that contains... DOWNLOAD
nufw(freshmeat) NuFW NuFW is an authenticating firewall. It adds str... DOWNLOAD
smtp-cli(freshmeat) smtp-cli smtp-cli is an SMTP command line client with su... DOWNLOAD
tuwo(freshmeat) Tuwo Tuwo is a C++ library for solving high-level co... DOWNLOAD
jleak(freshmeat) JLeak JLeak is a JVM agent meant to track down memory... DOWNLOAD
qarks-jdiff(freshmeat) QArks JDiff JDiff is a tool which performs folder recursive... DOWNLOAD
xkw(freshmeat) xkw xkw is a graphical Gtk2/Perl utility to tag fil... DOWNLOAD
wally(sfnet) Wally Wally is a Qt4 wallpaper / background changer, ... DOWNLOAD
xemmai(freshmeat) xemmai xemmai is a dynamic programming language. It ha... DOWNLOAD
mmfpm(sfnet) MiniManager for Project MANGOS MiniManager for Project MaNGOS Server is a PHP ... DOWNLOAD
bendercatch(sfnet) BenderCatch Android App that detects when the device is mov... DOWNLOAD
asap(sfnet) ASAP - Another Slight Atari Player ASAP (Another Slight Atari Player) plays and co... DOWNLOAD
ermaster(sfnet) ERMaster ERMaster is Eclipse plug-in to make ER diagram.... DOWNLOAD
wavsilence(freshmeat) wavsilence wavsilence takes a large WAV file with gaps of ... DOWNLOAD
plumi(freshmeat) Plumi Plumi is a video sharing content management sys... DOWNLOAD
pdfsplice(sfnet) PDF Splice Small utility to make transformations on PDF fi... DOWNLOAD
ezmoonshell(sfnet) EZ-Flash Moonshell This is a Moonshell exclusively for EZ-Flash Ca... DOWNLOAD
metalinks(sfnet) Metalinks Metalinks is a project to facilitate data distr... DOWNLOAD
lilith(sfnet) lilith Lilith is a logging and access event viewer for... DOWNLOAD
staticvnc(freshmeat) staticvnc Staticvnc is a VNC server showing nothing but a... DOWNLOAD
ows(freshmeat) OWS OWS scans for WiFi accesspoints and stores the ... DOWNLOAD
peppy(freshmeat) peppy peppy ((ap)Proximated (X)Emacs Powered by Pytho... DOWNLOAD
mt4tools(sfnet) mt4tools MT4 EA MQL Bridge, MetaTrader Forex Tools allow... DOWNLOAD
krcstat(freshmeat) KrcStat Krcstat is a graphic replacement for the Gentoo... DOWNLOAD
immv(freshmeat) immv immv (Interactive Multi MoVe) is a small tool t... DOWNLOAD
field3d(freshmeat) Field3D Field3D is a library for storing voxel data. It... DOWNLOAD
sfre(freshmeat) sfre sfre (system flight recorder editor) is a scrip... DOWNLOAD
emv(freshmeat) emv emv is a tool for mass-renaming files with a te... DOWNLOAD
get_iplayer(freshmeat) get_iplayer get_iplayer allows a user to stream or make rec... DOWNLOAD
scidvspc(sfnet) Scid vs. PC "Shane's Chess Information Database" ... DOWNLOAD
smoki(sfnet) smoki SenseUI Android ROM for HTC Magic mobile devices DOWNLOAD
el4j(sfnet) EL4J, an Extension Library for the J2EE EL4J, the Extension Library for the J2EE, adds ... DOWNLOAD
netmapeditor(sfnet) Tile Map Editor Creates a project to manage your sprite sheets ... DOWNLOAD
snowbox(freshmeat) Snowbox Snowbox is a small and easy-to-set-up POP3 serv... DOWNLOAD
geany(freshmeat) Geany Geany is a small C editor using GTK2 with basic... DOWNLOAD
gameandwatch(sfnet) Game & Watch Simulator This is a generic engine for simulation of Game... DOWNLOAD
mylene(freshmeat) Mylene Mylene is a command line MPEG audio player. It ... DOWNLOAD
hornetq(sfnet) HornetQ HornetQ - Putting the buzz in messaging DOWNLOAD
ztemplates(sfnet) ztemplates java web framework - annotations - pojo - NO XM... DOWNLOAD
xmp(freshmeat) Extended Module Player The Extended Module Player is a command-line mo... DOWNLOAD
seekafile(sfnet) Seekafile - flexible indexing server (Project is discontinued.) Seekafile Server is ... DOWNLOAD
libxmp(freshmeat) libxmp libxmp is a module player library which support... DOWNLOAD
vexp(sfnet) Virtual interactive experiments (vexp) Virtual interactive experiments (vexp) is a fra... DOWNLOAD
rcubevacation(sfnet) Roundcube Vacation / Autoreply plugin Vacation / Autoreply plugin for RoundCube webmail DOWNLOAD
bsssd(sfnet) bsssd Kernel drivers and support ports to use "T... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-metrics(sfnet) Eclipse Metrics A plug in for Eclipse that calculates metrics f... DOWNLOAD
termcam(freshmeat) termcam Termcam records videos from console application... DOWNLOAD
jusb(sfnet) Java USB Java access to USB, currently using kernel 2.4 ... DOWNLOAD
pogeymon-online(sfnet) Pokemon Online I'm trying to make a pokemon online battling sy... DOWNLOAD
fropho(sfnet) fropho fropho calculates phonon properties in crystal,... DOWNLOAD
war3vswitch(sfnet) Warcraft III Version Switch This is a different type of version switcher th... DOWNLOAD
boinc(freshmeat) boinc boinc can be used as a console tool to display ... DOWNLOAD
usbview(sfnet) usbview USBView is a GTK program that displays the topo... DOWNLOAD
asxgui(sfnet) ASXGui An open source video encoder GUI. It aims to be... DOWNLOAD
greppm(freshmeat) is a much-modified fork of tcgrep. It u... DOWNLOAD
tagls(freshmeat) tagls tagls is a tool that matches file names using b... DOWNLOAD
bitmeter-os(freshmeat) BitMeter OS BitMeter OS is a bandwidth meter. It logs how m... DOWNLOAD
waitcond(freshmeat) waitcond waitcond is a script to specify a combination o... DOWNLOAD
gbeep(freshmeat) GBeep GBeep is a daemon that allows you to replace yo... DOWNLOAD
gflame(freshmeat) GFlame GFlame is a cool little graphics hack that draw... DOWNLOAD
gkrellmsnmp(freshmeat) GKrellm SNMP Monitor GKrellm SNMP Monitor is a plugin for GKrellM th... DOWNLOAD
gkrellmtimers(freshmeat) GKrellM Timers GKrellM Timers is a plugin for GKrellM that let... DOWNLOAD
rxvt(freshmeat) rxvt Rxvt is an 8-bit clean, colour xterm replacemen... DOWNLOAD
obexftp(freshmeat) ObexFTP ObexFTP enables you to access the memory of you... DOWNLOAD
opush(freshmeat) OPush OPush is an implement of the Exchange ActiveSyn... DOWNLOAD
panbi(freshmeat) PanBI PanBI is a collection of analytics modules for ... DOWNLOAD
imapadmin(freshmeat) IMAP::Admin IMAP::Admin is a Perl module for IMAP server ad... DOWNLOAD
chaidraw(freshmeat) ChaiDraw ChaiDraw is a simple toy meant both as educatio... DOWNLOAD
u-p2p(sfnet) Universal Peer-to-Peer A universal platform for resource discovery and... DOWNLOAD
eagletcl(freshmeat) The Eagle Project Eagle, Extensible Adaptable Generalized Logic E... DOWNLOAD
cpplapack(sfnet) CPPLapack CPPLapack is a c++ class wrapper for BLAS, LAPA... DOWNLOAD
pastefireclient(sfnet) pastefireclient A client to use the service to se... DOWNLOAD
avrcnc(sfnet) AVR-CNC AVRCNC is a CNC-Controller based on an ATMega8 ... DOWNLOAD
mars-sim(freshmeat) Mars Simulation Project The Mars Simulation Project is an open source J... DOWNLOAD
sicuro(freshmeat) Sicuro Sicuro is a whitelist-based sandbox for safely ... DOWNLOAD
psignifit(sfnet) psignifit psignifit is a toolbox to fit psychometric func... DOWNLOAD
clubpenguinps(sfnet) Club Penguin Private Server Club Penguin Private Server DOWNLOAD
yerko(sfnet) yerko Pagina del proyecto millonario! DOWNLOAD
android-usenet(sfnet) android-usenet NNTP USENET client for Android DOWNLOAD
linotp(freshmeat) LinOTP LinOTP is a solution for strong two-factor auth... DOWNLOAD
kmymoney2(sfnet) KMyMoney KMyMoney is the Personal Finance Manager for KD... DOWNLOAD

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