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quvi-and-libquvi(freshmeat) quvi and libquvi quvi is a commandline tool for parsing video do... DOWNLOAD
hunt-ng(freshmeat) hunt-ng Hunt-ng is a fork of Hunt, a multi-player searc... DOWNLOAD
quickboot(freshmeat) Quickboot Quickboot is a Linux distribution development k... DOWNLOAD
ptstemmer(freshmeat) PTStemmer PTStemmer provides fast Java, Python, and .NET ... DOWNLOAD
therazmus(sfnet) therazmus Network Monitor adalah aplikasi yang dibuat unt... DOWNLOAD
petroleumlampa(sfnet) petroleumlampa A petroleUMLampa Szoftver Labor projektje. DOWNLOAD
jdnss(sfnet) JDNSS -- a DNS server in Java JDNSS is a DNS server implemented in Java and s... DOWNLOAD
jpc(sfnet) JPC The fast x86 PC emulator in 100% pure Java DOWNLOAD
phpdansadmin(sfnet) phpdansadmin Ferramenta web para administração do DansGuardian. DOWNLOAD
gnetworktester(sfnet) gnetworktester Testing of the stability and quality of a netwo... DOWNLOAD
llk-linux(sfnet) Lian Lian Kan --- Linux Version This LianLianKan Game is designed in C with Gtk... DOWNLOAD
bioinfoserv(sfnet) BioInfoServ Project The ideal Operation System, BioInfoServOS, whic... DOWNLOAD
overlayweaver(sfnet) Overlay Weaver A P2P overlay construction toolkit, which suppo... DOWNLOAD
yawebmail(sfnet) yawebmail - yet another webmail client A webmail-client (POP3, IMAP, SMTP) written in ... DOWNLOAD
codesh(freshmeat) COllaborative DEvelopment SHell CODESH (COllaborative DEvelopment SHell) is an ... DOWNLOAD
wmudmount(freshmeat) wmudmount wmudmount is a Window Maker dockapp that can be... DOWNLOAD
parpg(freshmeat) PARPG PARPG is a post-nuclear role playing game. It i... DOWNLOAD
mt4j(freshmeat) MT4j MT4j (Multitouch for Java) is a Java developmen... DOWNLOAD
autober(freshmeat) autober autober is a language for generating BER decode... DOWNLOAD
fundeco(sfnet) Fundación Eco Sitio web de Fundación Eco-Es COmunicar en disc... DOWNLOAD
spacespider(sfnet) space spider An unfinished volfied clone made using Ogre. DOWNLOAD
joget-workflow(freshmeat) Joget Workflow Joget Workflow is a platform to easily build en... DOWNLOAD
carvfs(freshmeat) CarvFS CarvFS is a user space FUSE filesystem aimed at... DOWNLOAD
puzzle-games-collection(freshmeat) Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games is a collection con... DOWNLOAD
acgtools(freshmeat) acgtools acgtools is a driver for the ACG HF MultiISO RF... DOWNLOAD
gnetworktester(freshmeat) gnetworktester Gnetworktester is an application that helps use... DOWNLOAD
logicsim(freshmeat) LogicSim LogicSim is a digital logic simulation program ... DOWNLOAD
catxdoc(freshmeat) Catxdoc Catxdoc is a bash script to extract plain text ... DOWNLOAD
betterform(freshmeat) betterFORM betterFORM is an implementation of the W3C XFor... DOWNLOAD
rhobuntu(sfnet) rhobuntu Rhobuntu - Ubuntu on HTC Rhodium. DOWNLOAD
otwsrsbot(sfnet) otwsrsbot SVN link DOWNLOAD
gimp-apng(sfnet) APNG support for GIMP Animated PNG support for GIMP. DOWNLOAD
dvdibbler(sfnet) DVDibbler DVDibbler is an advanced GUI for the Mac OS por... DOWNLOAD
loginsys(sfnet) loginsys Login system! mySQL /JDBC Demonstrates the use ... DOWNLOAD
taoframework(sfnet) The Tao Framework The Tao Framework for .NET is a collection of b... DOWNLOAD
trevolution(sfnet) trevolution Trevolution Adalah grup pembuat plugins mybb da... DOWNLOAD
php(freshmeat) PHP PHP is a widely-used Open Source general-purpos... DOWNLOAD
piccolo2d(freshmeat) Piccolo2D Piccolo2D is a toolkit that supports the develo... DOWNLOAD
rsgetpl(freshmeat) is an application designed to retrieve... DOWNLOAD
flosslogic(freshmeat) flosslogic flosslogic is a portable, cross-platform logic ... DOWNLOAD
lsystem(freshmeat) Lindenmayer Systems in Python Lindenmayer Systems in Python provides a simple... DOWNLOAD
permaneturls(sfnet) Permanent URL with AJAX Using JavaScript to get the String after the # ... DOWNLOAD
graffiti-2(freshmeat) Graffiti Graffiti is an RDF store based on dynamic trans... DOWNLOAD
iexploder(freshmeat) iexploder iExploder is like a fire hydrant full of bad HT... DOWNLOAD
phpx-2(freshmeat) phpx phpx augments PHP syntax with powerful metaprog... DOWNLOAD
amavisd-milter(freshmeat) amavisd-milter amavisd-milter is a sendmail milter for amavisd... DOWNLOAD
rxvt(sfnet) rxvt rxvt is a colour vt102 terminal emulator intend... DOWNLOAD
spacebooker(sfnet) spacebooker SpaceBooker is a powerful off- and online booki... DOWNLOAD
haozip(sfnet) haozip A free soft. You can create a ZIP RAR TAR file.... DOWNLOAD
simsun(sfnet) SimSun 3.x Patch for Windows NT 6.x This Program can patch the SimSun to the older ... DOWNLOAD
openvista(sfnet) openvista OpenVista(R) is the open-source version of Vist... DOWNLOAD
vssbackuphelper(sfnet) VSS BackupHelper Util that exposes a volume shadow copy (VSS) sn... DOWNLOAD
apache(freshmeat) Apache Apache is the world's most popular HTTP server,... DOWNLOAD
eagle-dns(freshmeat) Eagle DNS Eagle DNS is a powerful, multithreaded, platfor... DOWNLOAD
pgpry(freshmeat) pgpry pgpry is a Pthreads-based password recovery pro... DOWNLOAD
wikipedia4epub(freshmeat) wikipedia4epub Wikipedia4epub is a set of commands that constr... DOWNLOAD
wavplayer-in-flash(freshmeat) WavPlayer in Flash WavPlayer is a Flash program that is designed t... DOWNLOAD
bananawire(freshmeat) bananawire Bananawire is a very simple bot that logs into ... DOWNLOAD
pinta-paint-application(freshmeat) Pinta Paint Application Pinta is a drawing/editing program modeled afte... DOWNLOAD
mbrowse(freshmeat) Mbrowser Mbrowse is an SNMP MIB browser based on GTK, a... DOWNLOAD
idiot(freshmeat) Idiot Idiot is a small program that "learns"... DOWNLOAD
monotone(freshmeat) monotone monotone is a distributed version control syste... DOWNLOAD
mimvic(freshmeat) MiMViC MiMViC is a micro MVC framework that embraces P... DOWNLOAD
salamander(freshmeat) Salamander Salamander is an alternate installer for Ubuntu... DOWNLOAD
bashish(freshmeat) Bashish Bashish is a theme enviroment for text terminal... DOWNLOAD
microwebber(freshmeat) Microwebber Microwebber is a very basic Web browser made us... DOWNLOAD
sd-sms-master(freshmeat) SD SMS Master SD SMS Master is an SMS-sending server. The ... DOWNLOAD
vastsky(sfnet) vastsky linux-based storage system DOWNLOAD
character-recognition(freshmeat) Character Recognition Character Recognition is an Android app that al... DOWNLOAD
obexftpfrontend(sfnet) OBEXFTP Front-end OBEXFTP Front-End is a simple Java Swing applic... DOWNLOAD
m23(freshmeat) m23 m23 is a software deployment system for Debian ... DOWNLOAD
painter(sfnet) Painter A simple interface for drawing boards are rotat... DOWNLOAD
libymp(sfnet) libymp A portable general purpose library, written in ... DOWNLOAD
q-tubes(freshmeat) Q-Tubes Q-Tubes is a Web-based QEMU/KVM machine manager... DOWNLOAD
iextract(sfnet) iextract A utility to extract meta-information (properti... DOWNLOAD
crmfacil(sfnet) crmfacil CRM Fácil para el departamento comercial de una... DOWNLOAD
palmorb(sfnet) PalmOrb This program allows you to use your PalmOS devi... DOWNLOAD
kesh(sfnet) kesh Media download files fish tackle groundbaits ca... DOWNLOAD
newlisp(sfnet) newlisp newLISP for BSDs, LINUX, MacOS X, SunOS and Win... DOWNLOAD
opengoo(sfnet) Feng Office: Project Management and more Feng Office (formerly known as OpenGoo) is a fr... DOWNLOAD
khmer(sfnet) KhmerOS - Khmer Software Initiative Khmer Software Initiative - Localization of Ope... DOWNLOAD
gpsik(sfnet) gpsik Program dla Symbiana, pobierający pozycję GPS i... DOWNLOAD
pocketfreemind(sfnet) Pocket Freemind A PocketPC/Windows Mobile version of Freemind. ... DOWNLOAD
gens(sfnet) gens Gens is a win32/unix Sega Genesis / Sega CD / S... DOWNLOAD
0mq(freshmeat) 0MQ The 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel is a libra... DOWNLOAD
freepbx-provisioning-system(freshmeat) FreePBX provisioning system FreePBX aims to help you provision your Sipura/... DOWNLOAD
muesli-2(freshmeat) Muesli Muesli is a C library that provides a common AP... DOWNLOAD
netdude(freshmeat) Netdude Netdude (the NETwork DUmp data Displayer and Ed... DOWNLOAD
taylortype(freshmeat) taylortype TaylorType is a program that speeds up the crea... DOWNLOAD
hastymail(freshmeat) Hastymail Hastymail is a full featured IMAP/SMTP client w... DOWNLOAD
stella(freshmeat) Stella Stella is a freely distributed multi-platform A... DOWNLOAD
libhtml(freshmeat) libhtml libhtml is a minimal C library for parsing, ser... DOWNLOAD
ripcord(freshmeat) Ripcord Ripcord is an PHP 5 XML-RPC server and client l... DOWNLOAD
simple-vip(freshmeat) simple-vip simple-vip provides a simple Virtual IP (VIP)/F... DOWNLOAD
mana(freshmeat) Mana The Mana project aims to create a 2D MMORPG pla... DOWNLOAD
ffrend(sfnet) FFRend FFRend is a Renderer for FreeFrame plugins. It ... DOWNLOAD
pyaeso(freshmeat) pyaeso The pyaeso Python package makes access to the A... DOWNLOAD
qpwmc(freshmeat) QPwmc QPwmc is a full featured Qt4 pwmd client. It ca... DOWNLOAD
thinery(sfnet) thinery this is presistence tools based on key-value. DOWNLOAD
rfid2010(sfnet) rfid2010 Project done by students at Okanagan College, K... DOWNLOAD

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