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xflows-2(freshmeat) Palabos The Palabos library offers a framework in C++ f... DOWNLOAD
parsemanager(sfnet) parsemanager ParseManager is a tool which manages parses for... DOWNLOAD
typo3(sfnet) TYPO3 Content Management Framework TYPO3 is an enterprise class Web CMS written in... DOWNLOAD
farsitex(sfnet) FarsiTeX FarsiTeX is a free Persian/English bidirectiona... DOWNLOAD
phpcollab(sfnet) phpCollab Project management and collaboration over the i... DOWNLOAD
iapws-if97(sfnet) iapws-if97 IAPWS-IF97 (ansi C ) DOWNLOAD
fsp(sfnet) FSP - File Service Protocol Suite FSP - File Service Protocol. FSP is lightweight... DOWNLOAD
devinfovinfo(sfnet) DevInfo DevInfo is a powerful database system for monit... DOWNLOAD
blackmarket(sfnet) blackMarket php frontend for proftpd and mysql. DOWNLOAD
remotelauncher(sfnet) Remote Launcher A simple server program to be used together wit... DOWNLOAD
mjplab(sfnet) MJP Lab MJP Lab is a site where the Modernist Journals ... DOWNLOAD
mfilemon(sfnet) Multi File Port Monitor MFILEMON is a print monitor for 32 and 64 bit M... DOWNLOAD
openopc(sfnet) OpenOPC for Python OpenOPC for Python is an easy to use OPC (OLE f... DOWNLOAD
raps2(freshmeat) raps2 raps2 is a simple password safe. You give it a ... DOWNLOAD
dcedit(freshmeat) DCEdit DCEdit is a Java Swing text editor. It supports... DOWNLOAD
encuestame(freshmeat) encuestame Encuestame is a survey management system. It's ... DOWNLOAD
a340gc(sfnet) Airbus A340 Glass Cockpit Airbus A340 glass cockpit. Build upon an open f... DOWNLOAD
ieselectwidth(sfnet) Internet Explorer Select Width Setting the fixed width of a <select> ele... DOWNLOAD
safe3wvs(sfnet) safe3wvs Safe3WVS is one of the most powerful web vulner... DOWNLOAD
cduino(freshmeat) cduino cduino is a microcontroller programming system ... DOWNLOAD
crtmpserver(freshmeat) C++ RTMP Server crtmpserver it is a high performance streaming ... DOWNLOAD
color-manager(freshmeat) Color manager Color manager is an object that can be used to ... DOWNLOAD
content-slider(freshmeat) Content slider Content slider is an object that can slide page... DOWNLOAD
guitar-neck(freshmeat) Guitar neck Guitar neck is an object that can display chord... DOWNLOAD
keyboard(freshmeat) Keyboard Keyboard is an object that can show an on-scree... DOWNLOAD
marquee-2(freshmeat) Marquee This object can be used to display a marquee th... DOWNLOAD
simple-chrono(freshmeat) Simple Chrono Simple Chrono aims at being easy to use, with i... DOWNLOAD
knproxy-lambda(freshmeat) KnProxy Lambda KnProxy Lambda is a branch of KnProxy that uses... DOWNLOAD
mp4tomp3(sfnet) Mp4 to Mp3 A software to rip audio (mp3) from video. It us... DOWNLOAD
jgetopt_gen(freshmeat) Java GetOpt Generator Java GetOpt Generator is a tool that generates ... DOWNLOAD
mameosx(sfnet) A native Mac OS X port of MAME MAME OS X is a native Mac OS X port of MAME, de... DOWNLOAD
deforaos-libc(freshmeat) DeforaOS libc DeforaOS libc is an implementation of the Unix ... DOWNLOAD
isisiso2709(freshmeat) IsisIso2709 IsisIso2709 provides PHP scripts for migration ... DOWNLOAD
sidplay2(sfnet) SID Player Music Library V2 Sidplay 2 is the second in the Sidplay series o... DOWNLOAD
inkscape-tables(sfnet) inkscape-tables This Inkscape extension provides table support ... DOWNLOAD
mailhttp(freshmeat) mailhttp mailhttp is a JavaMail transport that allows th... DOWNLOAD
cityhash(freshmeat) CityHash CityHash is a new family of hash functions deve... DOWNLOAD
anamam(sfnet) Anasiw amaziɣ ameɣradan Asenfar n unasiw ira ad d-yefk inuḍafen n unasi... DOWNLOAD
atop(freshmeat) atop Atop is an ASCII full-screen performance monito... DOWNLOAD
distrho(sfnet) distrho Cross-Platform Audio Plugins DOWNLOAD
megaglest(freshmeat) MegaGlest MegaGlest is a real-time strategy game for up t... DOWNLOAD
wp-secure-plugin(freshmeat) WP Secure Plugin WP Secure Plugin protects WordPress websites fr... DOWNLOAD
dotnetzip(freshmeat) DotNetZip DotNetZip is a zip library for .NET and Silverl... DOWNLOAD
digbuild(freshmeat) Digbuild Digbuild is a game that provides a randomized, ... DOWNLOAD
stgan(freshmeat) Stéganô Stéganô is a basic Python Steganography module.... DOWNLOAD
aras(freshmeat) ARAS ARAS is a radio automation system. It manages a... DOWNLOAD
wifishfinder(sfnet) WiFish Finder WiFish Finder is a tool for assessing whether W... DOWNLOAD
stelfan(sfnet) stelfan stelfan DOWNLOAD
ucoslwipstm322x(sfnet) uCOSII_LwIP_STM322xG The embedded project of integration uCOS-II 2.... DOWNLOAD
tyovuorolista(sfnet) työvuorolista Työvuorosuunnittelujärjestelmä LibreOffice- ja ... DOWNLOAD
mrmouseserver(sfnet) Mr Mouse Server The server for the Mr. Mouse Android App DOWNLOAD
xbrlapi(sfnet) Java XBRL API implementation A Java API for XBRL providing comprehensive dat... DOWNLOAD
cleitonmatias(sfnet) wordpress hstrhtrhtrhgtrtrhtrhtrhh DOWNLOAD
safelua(sfnet) Safe Lua Safe Lua is a variant of Lua tailored for advan... DOWNLOAD
book-tex(sfnet) Books & TEX Scientific books and latex language DOWNLOAD
ptkdb(sfnet) ptkdb ptkdb is a debugger for perl using a Perl Tk GU... DOWNLOAD
jts-topo-suite(sfnet) JTS Topology Suite The JTS Topology Suite is an API for modelling ... DOWNLOAD
webelements(freshmeat) WebElements WebElements is a collection of Python objects t... DOWNLOAD
yt-news(sfnet) yt-news Yt News Template for Joomla DOWNLOAD
mcp2515ccs(sfnet) mcp2515ccs A library for MPC2515 device. To use in CCS Com... DOWNLOAD
oece(sfnet) Cisco IOS command line simulator OECE is a Cisco IOS interface simulator. Useful... DOWNLOAD
spore-monitor(sfnet) spore-monitor Spore Monitor is an Icinga/Nagios daemon that a... DOWNLOAD
pcb2gcode(sfnet) PCB to Gcode pcb2gcode is a command-line tool for isolation ... DOWNLOAD
bbwin(sfnet) bbwin BBWin is a Windows agent for Xymon Server. It i... DOWNLOAD
libogg(freshmeat) libogg libogg is the bitstream and framing library for... DOWNLOAD
summercourses3(sfnet) summercourses3 UCC summer courses Team 3 project files DOWNLOAD
expect(sfnet) Expect Expect is a tool for automating interactive app... DOWNLOAD
biblicreuza(sfnet) Biblioteca da Creuza Projeto do curso de Ciência da Computação para ... DOWNLOAD
mkisofs-md5(sfnet) mkisofs-md5 This is an advanced edtion for original mkisofs... DOWNLOAD
zkabpm(sfnet) ZKActiviti Solution for integration Activiti Workflow Soft... DOWNLOAD
stellarium(sfnet) Stellarium Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in ... DOWNLOAD
vorbis-tools(freshmeat) vorbis-tools Ogg Vorbis is a high-quality lossy audio codec ... DOWNLOAD
epd-cookie-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software EPD Cookie Class EPD Cookie Class is a light weight PHP class th... DOWNLOAD
swiftlet(freshmeat) Swiftlet Swiftlet is a lightweight Web application frame... DOWNLOAD
4store(freshmeat) 4store 4store is an efficient, scalable, and stable RD... DOWNLOAD
ocr2data(freshmeat) OCR2DATA OCR2DATA is a full OCR stack for document digit... DOWNLOAD
i18n-2(freshmeat) I18n I18n is a method for internationalization using... DOWNLOAD
html-scraper(freshmeat) Html Scraper Scraper is an easier way to extract data from H... DOWNLOAD
crawler-2(freshmeat) Crawler Crawler is a simple Web crawler (or spider). It... DOWNLOAD
formspamcheck(freshmeat) FormSpamCheck FormSpamCheck is a PHP class to centrally manag... DOWNLOAD
marf(sfnet) Modular Audio Recognition Framework MARF is a general cross-platform framework with... DOWNLOAD
vcardsplit(sfnet) vCard Split Splitting merged vCard files exported by Androi... DOWNLOAD
mircaddons(sfnet) mircaddons Addons para mIRC. Ejemplos de addonPack. Solici... DOWNLOAD
rstplib(sfnet) Rapid Spanning Tree 802.1w Simulator Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP, 802.1w) Library &... DOWNLOAD
ok88(sfnet) ok88 ahtrstjj,mhj,hj,fxgjdfjotherwise use encryption... DOWNLOAD
anonplus(freshmeat) Anonplus Anonplus is a highly flexible framework for cre... DOWNLOAD
id2d(sfnet) id2d The project provides programming method to tran... DOWNLOAD
opentaxsolver(sfnet) Open Tax Solver OTS is an easy-to-use text-based C-program for ... DOWNLOAD
fhcc(sfnet) Free Hosting Control Center Free Hosting Control Center For Discuz! X2.0 RC DOWNLOAD
unlock360(sfnet) unlock360 test of latest xbox 360 exploita DOWNLOAD
gfbive(sfnet) Generic Flash-Based Image Voting Engine Originally created to allow images from a Flick... DOWNLOAD
qvision(freshmeat) QVision Qt-based library with functionality to create h... DOWNLOAD
sonofservice(freshmeat) Son of Service Son of Service is a Web-based, multi-user volun... DOWNLOAD
notepuppy(sfnet) NotePuppy NotePuppy is a minimalist text editor with file... DOWNLOAD
quick-deb(freshmeat) Quick Deb Quick Deb is a program that does two things. Fi... DOWNLOAD
the-savory-framework(freshmeat) Diligence Diligence is a collection of ready-to-use code ... DOWNLOAD
nzp(sfnet) nzp i dont own this but i just wanted to upload it ... DOWNLOAD
openexr(freshmeat) OpenEXR OpenEXR is a high dynamic range (HDR) image fil... DOWNLOAD
pysynth(freshmeat) PySynth PySynth takes a list of the notes in a song to ... DOWNLOAD
pg-python(freshmeat) pg-python pg-python provides access to Python from Postgr... DOWNLOAD

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