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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
ebills(sfnet) ebills web enabled billing & care ebills is a PHP/MySQL billing, customer care an... DOWNLOAD
sensible-cinema(sfnet) sensible-cinema Sensible Cinema, the free video/DVD scene skipp... DOWNLOAD
xlayers(freshmeat) xLayers xLayers animates page elements stacked in diff... DOWNLOAD
linux-decnet(sfnet) DECnet for Linux A project to provide DECnet phase IV connectivi... DOWNLOAD
emailtool(sfnet) simple SMTP Client It is a simple implementation of SMTP client, w... DOWNLOAD
wolfenstein(sfnet) wolfenstein downloads pour wolfenstein enemy territory DOWNLOAD
3depict(freshmeat) 3Depict 3Depict helps you visualize and analyze 3D poin... DOWNLOAD
cctree(freshmeat) CCTree CCTree is a Vim 7 plugin that displays hierarch... DOWNLOAD
susolver(freshmeat) SuSolver SuSolver is a simple, fast, and portable C++ li... DOWNLOAD
page-transitions(freshmeat) Page Transitions Page Transitions shows transitions when a user ... DOWNLOAD
freegate(sfnet) FreeGate File exchange client based on fully-p2p network... DOWNLOAD
chips(freshmeat) Chips Chips is a Python library for designing hardwar... DOWNLOAD
earl(freshmeat) EARL EARL is an HTTP tunneling proxy. It uses the PO... DOWNLOAD
setiquest(freshmeat) setiQuest setiQuest is a project that empowers earthlings... DOWNLOAD
the-iec-61131-3-structured-tex(freshmeat) The IEC 61131-3 Structured Text to XML Compiler The IEC 61131-3 Structured Text to XML Compiler... DOWNLOAD
nexusbpm(sfnet) nexusbpm A graphical process designer and engine extensi... DOWNLOAD
vtd-xml(freshmeat) VTD-XML Virtual Token Descriptor for eXtensible Markup ... DOWNLOAD
llcon(freshmeat) Jamulus The Jamulus software enables musicians to perfo... DOWNLOAD
web-trans(sfnet) web-trans Web-trans is an OpenSource and free Web-Interfa... DOWNLOAD
studivznd(sfnet) studivznd Es handelt sich bei dieser Chrome-Erweiterung u... DOWNLOAD
etapa3(sfnet) 3 etapa revision y seleccion DOWNLOAD
mdshow(freshmeat) mdShow mdShow is a Markdown-based presentation generat... DOWNLOAD
mqrc2-gui(freshmeat) MQRC2-GUI MQRC2-GUI is an application that can interpret ... DOWNLOAD
avremote(freshmeat) AVRemote AVRemote aims to be a simple and portable tool ... DOWNLOAD
squidwindowsmsi(sfnet) squidwindowsmsi Wix based MSI installer for Squid windows binar... DOWNLOAD
webcpp(sfnet) Web C Plus Plus (webcpp) Webcpp converts Ada95, ASP, Assembler, Basic, C... DOWNLOAD
eschalonutils(sfnet) Eschalon Books I+II+III Utilities This project provides both map and character ed... DOWNLOAD
iskdaemon(freshmeat) isk-daemon isk-daemon is a standalone server capable of ad... DOWNLOAD
beagrep(freshmeat) beagrep beagrep is a combination of the desktop search ... DOWNLOAD
officefloor(freshmeat) OfficeFloor OfficeFloor provides true inversion of control ... DOWNLOAD
sqlpp-2(freshmeat) sqlpp sqlpp is a very simple PL/SQL preprocessor. It ... DOWNLOAD
alshooter(freshmeat) alshooter alshooter is a very simple auction shooter for ... DOWNLOAD
mandriva(freshmeat) Mandriva Mandriva is an RPM-based Linux distribtion. It ... DOWNLOAD
ifcopenshell(freshmeat) IfcOpenShell IfcOpenShell is a software library that helps u... DOWNLOAD
phptex(freshmeat) phptex phptex is an automatic publishing system for th... DOWNLOAD
vestige(freshmeat) Vestige Vestige is a tool for managing NILFS filesystem... DOWNLOAD
magic-boot-usb(freshmeat) Magic Boot USB The MagicBootUSB bootable image makes it possib... DOWNLOAD
scorched3d(freshmeat) Scorched3D Scorched 3D is a modernization of the classic D... DOWNLOAD
script_fu26(freshmeat) GIMP SCRIPT-FUs GIMP SCRIPT-FUs is a collection of SCRIPT-FUs t... DOWNLOAD
opencmsmoddev(sfnet) OpenCms Module Developer OpenCms Module Developer is a productivity tool... DOWNLOAD
fluentxml(freshmeat) fluentxml FluentXML provides a simple interface to parse,... DOWNLOAD
e2compr(sfnet) Ext2 Compression Extension The linux e2compr package consists of a set of ... DOWNLOAD
saltos(freshmeat) SaltOS SaltOS is a CRM and ERP system that offers an e... DOWNLOAD
ownyx-php-framework(freshmeat) Ownyx PHP Framework Ownyx is a lightweight MVC PHP framework for de... DOWNLOAD
orc(freshmeat) Orc Orc is a library and set of tools for compiling... DOWNLOAD
imapsync(freshmeat) imapsync imapsync is a tool for facilitating incremental... DOWNLOAD
perimeter(sfnet) perimeter PERIMETER’s main objective is to establish a ne... DOWNLOAD
fetchmail(freshmeat) fetchmail Fetchmail is a free, full-featured, robust, wel... DOWNLOAD
optionmatrix(freshmeat) OptionMatrix OptionMatrix is a real-time generalized financi... DOWNLOAD
nield(freshmeat) nield nield (Network Interface Events Logging Daemon)... DOWNLOAD
itch41(freshmeat) itch41 itch41 parses a file of level 3 NASDAQ stock ex... DOWNLOAD
shedskin(freshmeat) Shed Skin Shed Skin is an experimental (restricted-)Pytho... DOWNLOAD
kune(freshmeat) Kune Kune is a distributed social network focused on... DOWNLOAD
miui9000devs(sfnet) miui9000devs MIUI for Samsung Galaxy S (and other Variants).... DOWNLOAD
supl(sfnet) SUPL Provides user level applications and supporting... DOWNLOAD
bmaxwell(sfnet) B-Maxwell B-Maxwell was specially designed as an accessib... DOWNLOAD
oscss(sfnet) osCSS osCSS is a php ecommerce shopping program. Buil... DOWNLOAD
as3wavsound(freshmeat) AS3WavSound AS3WavSound allows you to embed wav files into ... DOWNLOAD
simple-java-mail(freshmeat) Simple Java Mail Simple Java Mail aims to be the simplest to use... DOWNLOAD
phoros(freshmeat) Phoros Phoros is a Web-based tool for photogrammetric ... DOWNLOAD
util-linux(freshmeat) util-linux Util-linux is a suite of essential utilities fo... DOWNLOAD
wavpack(sfnet) WavPack Lossless Audio Compressor WavPack is a free, fast, flexible and featurefu... DOWNLOAD
s2png(freshmeat) s2png s2png converts files with any kind of binary da... DOWNLOAD
ifp-driver(sfnet) iRiver iFP driver This project aims to be an open-source driver f... DOWNLOAD
pmsys(sfnet) Private Message System Send messages just like webmail but only faster... DOWNLOAD
n40hz(sfnet) Newton/40Hz Support A set of reusable libraries and programs for th... DOWNLOAD
ffsearch(sfnet) Fast File Search Fast File Search is a crawler of FTP servers an... DOWNLOAD
open-rpg-maker(freshmeat) Open RPG Maker Open RPG Maker is a 2D RPG creation utility, si... DOWNLOAD
phputils(freshmeat) PhpUtils PhpUtils is a class that provides a set of stat... DOWNLOAD
nhim(sfnet) nebohodimo IM nebohodimo IM is a Jabber client for Windows Mo... DOWNLOAD
sqlitemanstudio(sfnet) SQLite Management Studio SQLite Management Studio is a SQLite GUI tool f... DOWNLOAD
barefoot(freshmeat) Barefoot The Barefoot server is a scalable user-space po... DOWNLOAD
uykfe(freshmeat) Uykfe Uykfe is a set of scripts that construct a grap... DOWNLOAD
ftpsynizer(freshmeat) FTPSynizer FTPSynizer is a tool that synchronizes files an... DOWNLOAD
clipsaver(freshmeat) ClipSaver ClipSaver is an application to save and modify ... DOWNLOAD
zync(freshmeat) Zync Zync is a lightweight and powerful PHP applicat... DOWNLOAD
cppchat(freshmeat) cppchat cppchat is a lightweight, multi-threaded chat s... DOWNLOAD
pirateapps(sfnet) pirateapps Apks de pago gratuitas. Envia las tuyas a infop... DOWNLOAD
fcgene(sfnet) fcGENE: Genotype format converter Main application is twofold: first to convert ... DOWNLOAD
ocserv(freshmeat) ocserv OpenConnect server (ocserv) is an SSL VPN GNU/L... DOWNLOAD
elastix-easy(sfnet) ElastixEasy We make Elastix light, pro and customized DOWNLOAD
hoi3powereditor(sfnet) HoI3 Power Editor Hearts of Iron 3 file editor DOWNLOAD
reformator(freshmeat) Reformator Previously, fiction books published on the Web ... DOWNLOAD
adding-machine(sfnet) Simple Console-Based Addition Machine Simple Console-Based Addition Machine for Windows. DOWNLOAD
htakb(sfnet) HTAKB AN HTA Knowledge base with relational database ... DOWNLOAD
opengrok(freshmeat) OpenGrok OpenGrok is a fast and usable source code searc... DOWNLOAD
traceroute(sfnet) Traceroute for Linux New implementation of the traceroute utility fo... DOWNLOAD
mulaneo(freshmeat) MuLaNEO MuLaNEO implements algorithms to design and pro... DOWNLOAD
the1(sfnet) the1 this projetct just for u, and i hope this will ... DOWNLOAD
xdilemite(sfnet) xdilemite Mplayer and handler mods DOWNLOAD
p0f(freshmeat) p0f p0f is a versatile passive OS and application f... DOWNLOAD
afd(freshmeat) AFD AFD is a program to automatically distribute fi... DOWNLOAD
katello(freshmeat) Katello Katello is a systems management engine providin... DOWNLOAD
rodent-beta(freshmeat) Rodent Beta Rodent is fast, small, and powerful file manage... DOWNLOAD
ants(freshmeat) ANTS The ANTS package is designed to provide researc... DOWNLOAD
image-guided-surgical-toolkit(freshmeat) Image-Guided Surgical Toolkit The Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit is a high-leve... DOWNLOAD
vtk(freshmeat) Visualization Toolkit The Visualization ToolKit (VTK) is an object or... DOWNLOAD
archetypes(sfnet) Archetypes Framework for the development of new Content Ty... DOWNLOAD
websignoff(sfnet) pwSNMP Visual Basic pwSNMP - strives to give VB programmers the und... DOWNLOAD
powermail(freshmeat) PowerMail PowerMail is a redundant and distributed system... DOWNLOAD

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