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wolf-software-geoip-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software GeoIP Class Wolf Software GeoIP Class is a simple class whi... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-brute-force-clas(freshmeat) Wolf Software Brute Force Class Wolf Software Brute Force Class is a simple and... DOWNLOAD
parikchya(sfnet) examination This is actually a custom-designed software mad... DOWNLOAD
xprocess(sfnet) xProcess xProcess, for project management and process im... DOWNLOAD
jfpaint(sfnet) jfPaint Java based Paint program. Built with JavaForce ... DOWNLOAD
clfswm(freshmeat) CLFSWM CLFSWM (Common Lisp FullScreen Window Manager) ... DOWNLOAD
cdbackup(freshmeat) cdbackup CDBackup is a utility to make backups to CD-R(W... DOWNLOAD
frama-c(freshmeat) Frama-C Frama-C is a suite of tools dedicated to the an... DOWNLOAD
pandore(freshmeat) Pandore Pandore is a standardized library of image proc... DOWNLOAD
asyncoro(freshmeat) asyncoro asyncoro is a Python framework for concurrent d... DOWNLOAD
xtractcarver(freshmeat) XtractCarver Xtract attempts to demonstrate how Wireshark's ... DOWNLOAD
pymetasploit(freshmeat) pymetasploit PyMetasploit is a full-fledged msfrpc client li... DOWNLOAD
baq(freshmeat) baq baq is an artificial intelligence bouncing ball... DOWNLOAD
photini(freshmeat) Photini Photini is a GUI program to create and edit met... DOWNLOAD
vallheru(freshmeat) Vallheru Vallheru is a turn-based, fantasy MMORPG writte... DOWNLOAD
solverstudio(sfnet) SolverStudio SolverStudio is an add-in for Excel 2007 and 20... DOWNLOAD
tymeacdse(freshmeat) TymeacDSE TymeacDSE is a Java Fork-Join application serve... DOWNLOAD
iaclips(sfnet) Inteligencia Artificial - CLIPS Información para aprender a usar CLIPS como mot... DOWNLOAD
ppw(freshmeat) Parallel Performance Wizard Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW) is a performa... DOWNLOAD
treeviewadv(sfnet) TreeViewAdv for .Net Extensible advanced TreeView. 100% management C... DOWNLOAD
overture(freshmeat) Overture Overture is an object-oriented code framework f... DOWNLOAD
drc(freshmeat) Digital Room Correction DRC generates digital room correction FIR filte... DOWNLOAD
mbw(freshmeat) MBW MBW determines the "copy" memory band... DOWNLOAD
xplorer(freshmeat) Xplorer Xplorer is a file manager with fast and accurat... DOWNLOAD
cmpe295a(sfnet) CMPE-295A Master Project for SJSU DOWNLOAD
rrdcollect(freshmeat) RRDcollect RRDcollect is a daemon that polls certain files... DOWNLOAD
canvicon(freshmeat) Canvicon Canvicon sets the current page's favicon to a ... DOWNLOAD
phone-spell(freshmeat) Phone Spell Phone Spell is a PHP class which can find words... DOWNLOAD
jplot2d(freshmeat) jplot2d jplot2d is a high-performance multi-threaded 2D... DOWNLOAD
wnbrowser(freshmeat) wnbrowser Wnbrowser is a GUI frontend for the WordNet Eng... DOWNLOAD
fjfs(freshmeat) fjfs fjfs is FUSE (file system in user space) module... DOWNLOAD
haploview(sfnet) HaploView HaploView is a Java based tool for use by biolo... DOWNLOAD
tankilauncher(sfnet) Tanki Online Launcher For those who don't want to clutter their brows... DOWNLOAD
dualmonitortb(sfnet) Dual Monitor Taskbar A taskbar for the second monitor. (Only tested ... DOWNLOAD
beastbse(freshmeat) BEAST/BSE Beast is a powerful music composition and modul... DOWNLOAD
readesm(sfnet) Readesm This program takes an ESM file, downloaded from... DOWNLOAD
orwelldevcpp(sfnet) Orwell Dev-C++ A maintained version of Dev-C++ DOWNLOAD
openfoam(freshmeat) OpenFOAM The OpenFOAM (Open Field Operation and Manipula... DOWNLOAD
gawk(freshmeat) GNU awk The awk utility interprets a special-purpose pr... DOWNLOAD
dobot(sfnet) Dark Orbit Bot Dark Orbit Bot is currently not being developed... DOWNLOAD
xplanepanel(sfnet) Saitek X-Plane Instrument Panel This project is a X-Plane plugin which controls... DOWNLOAD
la-strings(sfnet) Language-Aware String Extractor Enhanced version of the standard Unix strings(1... DOWNLOAD
ogremeshy(sfnet) Ogre Meshy Meshy (formely wxOgreMeshViewer) is a simple, p... DOWNLOAD
libeasyfc(freshmeat) libeasyfc libeasyfc aims to provide an easy interface to ... DOWNLOAD
mup(freshmeat) Mup Mup produces very high quality PostScript print... DOWNLOAD
scutum-web-browser(freshmeat) Scutum Web Browser Scutum Web Browser is a light, fast, armored br... DOWNLOAD
regulator(sfnet) The Regulator The Regulator is an advanced Regular expression... DOWNLOAD
persistdotnet(sfnet) Persist.NET Persist.NET is a persistence framework written ... DOWNLOAD
smbwebclient(freshmeat) smbwebclient.php smbwebclient.php is a simple PHP script that al... DOWNLOAD
trusion(freshmeat) Trusion Trusion is a physical intrusion system that use... DOWNLOAD
metakit(freshmeat) Metakit Metakit is a small, portable database library u... DOWNLOAD
deforaos-keyboard(freshmeat) DeforaOS Keyboard DeforaOS Keyboard is a virtual keyboard for Def... DOWNLOAD
qiqu(sfnet) QiQu QiQu is a framework to support the MDA and MDSD... DOWNLOAD
csv-export(sfnet) Eclipse Search CSV Export Exports Eclipse File Search results to a comma-... DOWNLOAD
counters(freshmeat) collects the CLI counters from netw... DOWNLOAD
geexbox(freshmeat) GeeXboX GeeXboX is a standalone media player Linux dist... DOWNLOAD
stm32l-usb-uart(sfnet) STM32LDISCOVERY AS USB-UART adapter Modification of the board, wiring, and source code DOWNLOAD
qxorm(sfnet) QxOrm QxOrm is a C++ library designed to provide Obje... DOWNLOAD
rabidverminccdc(sfnet) CSUPomona Collegiate Defense Tools Cal Poly Pomona Collegiate Defense Competition ... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-review-board-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Review Board Stack BitNami Review Board Stack Native Installer is ... DOWNLOAD
sydbox(freshmeat) sydbox sydbox is a ptrace-based sandbox implementation... DOWNLOAD
opendcim(freshmeat) openDCIM openDCIM is a Web-based data center inventory a... DOWNLOAD
phpshell(sfnet) PHP Shell A convenient interface to execute shell-command... DOWNLOAD
cakeholidays(sfnet) CakeHolidays Its a dummy project DOWNLOAD
swingset(freshmeat) SwingSet SwingSet is an Java toolkit that contains data-... DOWNLOAD
geeqie(freshmeat) Geeqie Image Viewer Geeqie is a lightweight image viewer. It was fo... DOWNLOAD
comicajax(sfnet) Generador de comics silverlight Sistema web gratis para la generación de comics... DOWNLOAD
maveryx(sfnet) Maveryx Maveryx is an innovative Test Automation Framew... DOWNLOAD
openmcdf(sfnet) OpenMCDF OpenMCDF is a 100% .net / C# component that all... DOWNLOAD
lejos-osek(sfnet) nxtOSEK nxtOSEK is an RTOS for LEGO Mindstorms NXT. nxt... DOWNLOAD
cygwin-ports(sfnet) Cygwin Ports A large repository of open-source programs buil... DOWNLOAD
openwebload(sfnet) OpenWebLoad This project aims to provide a tool for load te... DOWNLOAD
freeimage(sfnet) FreeImage FreeImage is a library project for developers w... DOWNLOAD
abj(sfnet) Asymptopia BlackJack Teaches kids to gamble and count, while looking... DOWNLOAD
hannahmontana(sfnet) Hannah Montana Linux HML A LINUX designed for Hannah Montana fans DOWNLOAD
ch341eepromtool(sfnet) WCH CH341 EEPROM programming tool An i2c serial EEPROM programming tool for the W... DOWNLOAD
akfavatar(freshmeat) AKFAvatar AKFAvatar is a fancy graphical user interface f... DOWNLOAD
abiword(sfnet) AbiWord The AbiWord word processor is a full-featured c... DOWNLOAD
cwb(sfnet) IMS Open Corpus Workbench The IMS Open Corpus Workbench is a collection o... DOWNLOAD
joyjon(sfnet) JoyJon This is my lovely homepage DOWNLOAD
easyjee(sfnet) easyjee a tool for creating javaee project easy .with s... DOWNLOAD
ezquake(sfnet) ezQuake Combining the features of all modern QuakeWorld... DOWNLOAD
cmph(freshmeat) C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library is a portable... DOWNLOAD
crx-maven-plugin(freshmeat) crx-maven-plugin crx-maven-plugin is a Maven plugin to package G... DOWNLOAD
areaandvolum(sfnet) Area and Volume This program can calculate the area and volume ... DOWNLOAD
mmpcs(sfnet) MMPCS This project's full name is Multi Mobile Platfo... DOWNLOAD
tacos(sfnet) Tacos - Tapestry Components Tacos provides a component repository for the T... DOWNLOAD
fricas(sfnet) FriCAS FriCAS is an advanced computer algebra system. ... DOWNLOAD
libxslt(freshmeat) The XSLT C library for GNOME Libxslt is a C library for GNOME which allows d... DOWNLOAD
btdsys(sfnet) BTDSys Buzz machines Various machines (plugins) for the Jeskola Buzz... DOWNLOAD
fastsemsim(sfnet) FastSemSim This is a Python-based efficient implementation... DOWNLOAD
abicloud(sfnet) abiCloud We are currently upgrading our open source comm... DOWNLOAD
speedlinux(sfnet) speedlinux base.vdi images should be place into installdir... DOWNLOAD
pybison(freshmeat) PyBison PyBison is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use pars... DOWNLOAD
hmm(freshmeat) hmm hmm is a Python module designed to work with Hi... DOWNLOAD
pyodbc(freshmeat) pyodbc pyodbc is a Python module which allows you to u... DOWNLOAD
freefuzzytime(freshmeat) FreeFuzzyTime FreeFuzzyTime is a time reasoner based on Fuzzy... DOWNLOAD
multivalent(sfnet) Multivalent Experimental browser that natively supports HTM... DOWNLOAD
kat(sfnet) kat Kat is an open source framework designed to all... DOWNLOAD
micro-signage-by-milan-kazarka(freshmeat) Micro Signage Micro Signage is a lightweight software suite t... DOWNLOAD

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