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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
micro-signage-by-milan-kazarka(freshmeat) Micro Signage Micro Signage is a lightweight software suite t... DOWNLOAD
presage(freshmeat) presage Presage (formerly known as Soothsayer) is an in... DOWNLOAD
installjammer(sfnet) InstallJammer InstallJammer is a multiplatform GUI installer ... DOWNLOAD
xmemcache-feed(sfnet) xmemcached-feed 1.0 spring aop cache form xmemcached 2.0 cache ... DOWNLOAD
ieeeflash(sfnet) IEEE Flash This program estimates the lightning flashover ... DOWNLOAD
matede(sfnet) Mate Desktop Environment MATE Desktop Environment, a non-intuitive and u... DOWNLOAD
openjms(sfnet) openjms An Open Source implementation of Java Message S... DOWNLOAD
makoureactor(sfnet) Makou Reactor Makou Reactor is a powerful field editor for Fi... DOWNLOAD
wikiwig(sfnet) Wikiwig A Wysiwyg Wiki in php/mysql. Features are : wys... DOWNLOAD
locationnav(sfnet) LocationNav Have two plugins for Notepad++, LocationNavigat... DOWNLOAD
uilib-oai(sfnet) UIUC OAI Metadata Harvesting Project The UIUC OAI Metadata Harvesting Project softwa... DOWNLOAD
mobac(sfnet) Mobile Atlas Creator This application creates off-line atlases of ra... DOWNLOAD
opl-dev(sfnet) Symbian OS OPL OPL is an interpreted language targeted at Symb... DOWNLOAD
gnome-subtitles(freshmeat) Gnome Subtitles Gnome Subtitles is a subtitle editor for the GN... DOWNLOAD
fw1-loggrabber(sfnet) FW1-Loggrabber FW1-Loggrabber is a command-line tool to grab l... DOWNLOAD
zams(sfnet) zams zams is a multiple choice training application ... DOWNLOAD
cinepaint(sfnet) CinePaint CinePaint is a deep paint image retouching tool... DOWNLOAD
pip(sfnet) High End Transaction Processing Platform PIP on GT.M is a mature and proven complete FOS... DOWNLOAD
ddgui(sfnet) DD GUI [Purpose] This tool provides the user with a gu... DOWNLOAD
hodajuku(sfnet) Hodajuku XoopsCube distribution Making a distributional package for XoopsCube P... DOWNLOAD
myfaces(sfnet) MyFaces ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! NOTICE: MyFaces has MOVED t... DOWNLOAD
cmakescript(sfnet) CMakeScript CMakeScript is an extension to CMake, a cross-p... DOWNLOAD
digitspantester(sfnet) Digit Span Tester To perform automated digit span tests to evalua... DOWNLOAD
uls(freshmeat) ULS ULS is an library for general purpose lexical a... DOWNLOAD
comtypes(sfnet) comtypes comtypes is a pure Python, lightweight COM clie... DOWNLOAD
mandelbulber(sfnet) Mandelbulber Mandelbulber is an easy to use, handy applicati... DOWNLOAD
apktranslation(sfnet) ApkTranslationWizard Application for easy translation for apk's files. DOWNLOAD
bbct(freshmeat) BBCT BBCT is a simple database app for your baseball... DOWNLOAD
mk-configure(sfnet) Lightweight replacement for autotools mk-configure is a lightweight easy for use repl... DOWNLOAD
wineskin(sfnet) Wineskin Porting tool, to make Windows programs/games in... DOWNLOAD
btwincap(sfnet) WDM bt848/bt878 video adquisition driver Universal Video Capture driver for WinMe,Win200... DOWNLOAD
squirrel(sfnet) The Squirrel programming language Squirrel is a light weight programming language... DOWNLOAD
catsync(sfnet) Wordpress CatSync This is a Wordpress 2.8.6 plug-in developed to ... DOWNLOAD
darkinstaller(sfnet) Dark_installer This is for those that need to know DOWNLOAD
iwanfals(sfnet) iwan fals lagu asik iwan fals DOWNLOAD
azboxhditalia(sfnet) Download DOWNLOAD
gusoftwares(sfnet) Gian Utilities Software View and Download the latest Gian Utilities pro... DOWNLOAD
sslexplorer(sfnet) SSL-Explorer SSL-Explorer is a fully-featured, web-based SSL... DOWNLOAD
openwince(sfnet) The openwince project The openwince project collects free (open sourc... DOWNLOAD
gogdwnmanager(sfnet) GOG Download Manager It verifies the integrity of GOG downloads and ... DOWNLOAD
rameshtagoor(sfnet) Health Care Information (GWT Project) Health Care Information System Project Develope... DOWNLOAD
whatsup(sfnet) whatsup Whatsup is a cluster node up/down detection uti... DOWNLOAD
linid-openldap-manager(freshmeat) LinID OpenLDAP Manager LinID OpenLDAP Manager is a Web interface for c... DOWNLOAD
sisfojibas(sfnet) SISFO JIBAS JIBAS atau Jaringan Informasi Bersama Antar Sek... DOWNLOAD
pius(freshmeat) PGP Individual UID Signer PGP Individual UID Signer makes signing all the... DOWNLOAD
tkcvs(sfnet) TkCVS A Tcl/Tk based graphical interface to the CVS a... DOWNLOAD
dirac(sfnet) Dirac Dirac is a general-purpose video codec aimed at... DOWNLOAD
deplo(freshmeat) DePlo DePlo (DEpendency PLOtter) creates a graph (in ... DOWNLOAD
stp(sfnet) Scalable Test Platform Automating the QA testing process for the Linux... DOWNLOAD
john(freshmeat) John the Ripper John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, cur... DOWNLOAD
mrpostman(sfnet) MrPostman MrPostman is an email gateway from local POP cl... DOWNLOAD
openemu(sfnet) Open Emu We have moved OpenEmu to github, see http://git... DOWNLOAD
applanix(freshmeat) mg.applanix mg.applanix is a multi-featured, configurable, ... DOWNLOAD
qiime(sfnet) QIIME The QIIME project has moved to GitHub. You can ... DOWNLOAD
translator-srt(sfnet) Free SRT-File Translator Automatically translate subtitle files, text fi... DOWNLOAD
lmf-linked-media-framework(freshmeat) LMF - Linked Media Framework The Linked Media Framework is an easy-to-set-up... DOWNLOAD
6502dis(freshmeat) 6502dis 6502dis is a 6502 disassembler written in C. DOWNLOAD
wikiteam(sfnet) WikiTeam There are thousands of wikis in the Internet. E... DOWNLOAD
turck-mmcache(sfnet) Turck MMCache for PHP Turck MMCache is a PHP Accelerator & Encode... DOWNLOAD
gift(sfnet) giFT giFT is a project designed to completely abstra... DOWNLOAD
reqheap(sfnet) Requirement Heap Requirement Heap is a web based requirement man... DOWNLOAD
java3deditor(sfnet) Java 3D Editor A Java 3D graphics tool that can be used to imp... DOWNLOAD
winbuntuiso(sfnet) winbuntu Ubuntu with a windows look. Available for takeo... DOWNLOAD
transistors(sfnet) Bipolar Transistors Database Bipolar Transistors Database contain more than ... DOWNLOAD
modbusc(sfnet) Modbus C This project intends to create a software layer... DOWNLOAD
flexwiki(sfnet) FlexWiki FlexWiki is a collaborative web-based authoring... DOWNLOAD
album-art(sfnet) Album Art Downloader The Album Art Downloader is a program designed ... DOWNLOAD
talendprofiler(sfnet) Talend Open Studio for Data Quality This data profiling tool allows business users ... DOWNLOAD
spindle(sfnet) Spindle, An Eclipse Plugin for Tapestry Provide IDE support for Tapestry: Java Web Comp... DOWNLOAD
webadmin(sfnet) Webmin A web-based system administration tool for Unix... DOWNLOAD
agent-iq(freshmeat) Agent IQ Agent IQ is an intelligent server-side resource... DOWNLOAD
docutils(sfnet) Docutils: Documentation Utilities Utilities for general- and special-purpose docu... DOWNLOAD
lumos(sfnet) Lumos - Animated Light Control Control application for animated Christmas ligh... DOWNLOAD
zentyal(sfnet) Zentyal Linux Small Business Server Zentyal Linux Small Business Server aims at off... DOWNLOAD
tinyxpath(sfnet) TinyXPath : tiny C++ XPath Small footprint C++ library to extract an XPath... DOWNLOAD
csvjdbc(sfnet) CsvJdbc - CSV file JDBC driver A read-only JDBC driver for Java that uses Comm... DOWNLOAD
dchub(freshmeat) dchub dchub is a Direct Connect hub clone. It resembl... DOWNLOAD
dctc(freshmeat) DCTC DCTC (Direct Connect Text Client) is a library ... DOWNLOAD
ghydraulic(sfnet) GHydraulics Open Source Hydraulic Network Analysis Software... DOWNLOAD
230-cms(freshmeat) Napata CMS Napata CMS is a CMS for sites that are biased t... DOWNLOAD
accountex-xpi(sfnet) AccountEx Import and Export Accountsetting from/to Mozill... DOWNLOAD
vms-ports(sfnet) vms-ports A centralized repository for OpenVMS based Open... DOWNLOAD
prostack(sfnet) ProStack ProStack - a platform for image processing and ... DOWNLOAD
accordodette(sfnet) Accord Odette OFTP2 Accord Odette is a Java framework for developin... DOWNLOAD
jahshakafx(sfnet) Jahshaka Jahshaka is a video and film compositing, editi... DOWNLOAD
accordian(sfnet) Accordian Implementation of card game "Accordian&quo... DOWNLOAD
ezpublish(sfnet) eZ Publish content management system eZ Publish is an Open Source Content Management... DOWNLOAD
phpmyolap(sfnet) phpMyOLAP OLAP application in PHP for MySQL databases. No... DOWNLOAD
dispy(freshmeat) dispy dispy is a Python framework for parallel execut... DOWNLOAD
gcompris(sfnet) GCompris : I got IT GCompris is a high quality educational software... DOWNLOAD
lnblog(freshmeat) LnBlog LnBlog is an easy to use Weblog designed for fl... DOWNLOAD
musicxmltosvg(sfnet) MusicXML to SVG XSL tranformation which transforms MusicXML fil... DOWNLOAD
uncpythontools(sfnet) UNC Python Tools A collection of Python extension modules includ... DOWNLOAD
minimek-urbie-defense(freshmeat) Urbie Defense "Urbie Defense" is a game where you m... DOWNLOAD
access-svn(sfnet) Access-SVN Develop Microsoft(R) Access applications while ... DOWNLOAD
cppcms(sfnet) CppCMS C++ Web Framework CppCMS is the web development framework written... DOWNLOAD
openhms-rmiio(freshmeat) RMIIO (OpenHMS) RMIIO is a library that makes it as simple as p... DOWNLOAD
simutranspaks(sfnet) simutranspaksets Here can you get simutranspakset and addon ! DOWNLOAD
searchbin(freshmeat) SearchBin SearchBin is a fast commandline program for sea... DOWNLOAD
cygvarnish(sfnet) Cygwin Varnish Cache Varnish Cache patch for Cygwin/Windows environm... DOWNLOAD

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