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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
websystem(sfnet) WebSystem The WebSystem is a technology that aims to unif... DOWNLOAD
majorhandles(sfnet) Major_Handles This program takes in a number, and returns a m... DOWNLOAD
priidash(sfnet) PriiDash PriiDash(TM) is an enhanced instrument panel an... DOWNLOAD
jxls(sfnet) jXLS jXLS is a small and easy-to-use Java library fo... DOWNLOAD
ding-2(freshmeat) Ding Framework Ding is a PHP framework that provides dependenc... DOWNLOAD
alaya-webdav-server(freshmeat) Alaya Webdav Server Alaya is a primitive chrooting Web server with ... DOWNLOAD
quickplot(freshmeat) Quickplot Quickplot is a fast, interactive 2D plotter wit... DOWNLOAD
lambdarogue(freshmeat) LambdaRogue LambdaRogue is a rogue-like role playing game s... DOWNLOAD
sleepyhead(freshmeat) SleepyHead SleepyHead is cross-platform sleep tracking sof... DOWNLOAD
nibble-forms(freshmeat) Nibble forms Nibble forms is a stand-alone PHP class collect... DOWNLOAD
netshe(freshmeat) NETSHe NETSHe is a feature-rich and general-purpose We... DOWNLOAD
ideavim(sfnet) VIM Emulator plugin for IntelliJ IDEA VIM emulator plugin for the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. ... DOWNLOAD
libnoise(sfnet) libnoise A general-purpose library that generates three-... DOWNLOAD
tree-layout-helper(freshmeat) Tree Layout Helper Tree Layout Helper is a .NET/Mono library that ... DOWNLOAD
fbwingui(sfnet) FreeBasic Windows GUI ToolKit FreeBasic Windows GUI ToolKit DOWNLOAD
gmtp(sfnet) gmtp A simple graphical MTP client for UNIX and UNIX... DOWNLOAD
dash-management(sfnet) DASH Management Implementation of DMTF's DASH initiative. This ... DOWNLOAD
civ4mods(sfnet) Civilization IV Mods Civilization IV Mods houses and releases custom... DOWNLOAD
fura(sfnet) fura ( Grid Middleware ) Fura is a self-contained grid middleware that a... DOWNLOAD
treetagger4java(freshmeat) TreeTagger for Java TreeTagger for Java (TT4J) is a Java wrapper ar... DOWNLOAD
aejaks(freshmeat) Aejaks Aejaks is a windowing toolkit for rapid develop... DOWNLOAD
uima(freshmeat) Apache UIMA Java SDK UIMA SDK is a software architecture and framew... DOWNLOAD
moeng(sfnet) Moonlight Engine The main purpose of the Moonlight Engine is to ... DOWNLOAD
mxml(freshmeat) Mini-XML Mini-XML is a small XML parsing library that yo... DOWNLOAD
cmpl(sfnet) cmpl Computer Music Programming Language DOWNLOAD
pepper(freshmeat) pepper pepper is a commandline tool for retrieving sta... DOWNLOAD
vvvapp(freshmeat) VVV VVV (Virtual Volumes View) is an application th... DOWNLOAD
ecromedos(freshmeat) ecromedos ecromedos is an integrated solution for XML-bas... DOWNLOAD
sukiyaki(freshmeat) Sukiyaki Sukiyaki was born out of what the author sees a... DOWNLOAD
rxvt-unicode(freshmeat) rxvt-unicode rxvt-unicode is a clone of the well known termi... DOWNLOAD
hardware-locality(freshmeat) Hardware Locality hwloc provides command line tools and a C API t... DOWNLOAD
lynis(freshmeat) Lynis Lynis is an security auditing and hardening too... DOWNLOAD
partkeepr(freshmeat) PartKeepr PartKeepr is an electronic part inventory manag... DOWNLOAD
phpcheckstyle(freshmeat) Spike PHPCheckstyle Spike PHPCheckStyle is a tool that helps PHP pr... DOWNLOAD
fubi(sfnet) FUBI Fubi is a framework for full body interaction u... DOWNLOAD
javasearch(freshmeat) Find4j Find4j is a platform-independent file search to... DOWNLOAD
dnw4l(freshmeat) dnw4l dnw4l is a commandline tool which allows uploa... DOWNLOAD
nco(freshmeat) NCO The netCDF Operators (NCO) facilitates manipula... DOWNLOAD
tre7(sfnet) Tre7 Classic italian cards game, tresette. DOWNLOAD
win32svn(sfnet) Subversion for Windows Win32 build of Subversion. These binaries are b... DOWNLOAD
cgal(freshmeat) CGAL CGAL, the Computational Geometry Algorithms Lib... DOWNLOAD
phplist(freshmeat) phplist phplist is a mailing list and newsletter manage... DOWNLOAD
sox(sfnet) SoX - Sound eXchange SoX is the Swiss Army Knife of sound processing... DOWNLOAD
wview(freshmeat) wview wview is an application that controls a support... DOWNLOAD
nemo2(sfnet) Nemo Individual-based, genetically explicit, and sto... DOWNLOAD
pasattest(sfnet) PASAT Test The PASAT tests memory, focus ability, mathemat... DOWNLOAD
vbsmc(sfnet) VBS Message (Sendkeys) Creator For those of you who are too lazy to type 5 lin... DOWNLOAD
image-slider-with-ajax-and-php(freshmeat) Image slider with Ajax and PHP Image slider with Ajax and PHP is an easy-to-in... DOWNLOAD
rgbtrade(sfnet) Rainbow Trading (rgbtrade) Community Currencies are monetary systems for a... DOWNLOAD
openstego(sfnet) OpenStego OpenStego is a steganography application that p... DOWNLOAD
curlaxel(freshmeat) CurlAxel CurlAxel is a PHP class which uses curl_multith... DOWNLOAD
into(freshmeat) Into Into is a cross-platform machine intelligence a... DOWNLOAD
coan(freshmeat) Coan Coan is a software engineering tool for analyzi... DOWNLOAD
xawdecode(sfnet) XdTV XdTV allows you to watch, record & stream T... DOWNLOAD
nubisave(freshmeat) NubiSave NubiSave is a freely available user-space contr... DOWNLOAD
mc34063uc(sfnet) MC34063 Universal Calculator If you ever worked with the MC34063 Switching C... DOWNLOAD
ce107pt(sfnet) C-e107-PT Comunidade e107 Portugal, desenvolvendo uma com... DOWNLOAD
mfplgu(sfnet) LeanGains updater A small Python script that talks to the API-les... DOWNLOAD
cclib(sfnet) cclib cclib is an open source library, written in Pyt... DOWNLOAD
wmptagext(sfnet) WMP Tag Support Extender Windows Media Player 10 Plug-in to allow other ... DOWNLOAD
fastfix(sfnet) FastFix A small utility tool to reduce time and search ... DOWNLOAD
andbatdog(sfnet) Android Battery Dog Simpel service for ANDROID for long time monito... DOWNLOAD
openauto(sfnet) openautoclassifieds Open Auto Classifieds is a free, open source ve... DOWNLOAD
thebutterflymod(sfnet) The Butterfly Mod This mod adds butterflies to the game. Differen... DOWNLOAD
defraser(sfnet) NFI Defraser Defraser is a forensic analysis application tha... DOWNLOAD
dakrinstaller11(sfnet) Dakrinstaller11 This is a our first shot out new coding. We hav... DOWNLOAD
javaguard(sfnet) JavaGuard JavaGuard is a general purpose bytecode obfusca... DOWNLOAD
i9100hrn(sfnet) I9100_HRN HRN rom DOWNLOAD
smsbackupreader(sfnet) SMS Backup Reader SMS Backup Reader This program is designed to ... DOWNLOAD
lcdtfthx8347a(sfnet) LCD TFT 240 320 hx8347a SSD1289 sdcard Sample code for hx8347-A and SSD1289 for 8bits ... DOWNLOAD
icu(sfnet) International Components for Unicode ICU is a mature, widely used set of portable C/... DOWNLOAD
linuxptp(sfnet) linuxptp This project is an implementation of the Precis... DOWNLOAD
anpr(sfnet) ANPR for National Borders The idea is to enhance and develop the national... DOWNLOAD
roblinux(sfnet) roblinux EN - Linux distribution that focus at "onl... DOWNLOAD
minicom(freshmeat) minicom Minicom is a serial communication program. It i... DOWNLOAD
emir(freshmeat) eMir eMir, or enhanced Mir, is a fork of Canonical's... DOWNLOAD
nfsen(sfnet) nfsen NfSen is the web based front end for the nfdump... DOWNLOAD
simplegroupware(freshmeat) Simple Groupware Simple Groupware is a complete enterprise appli... DOWNLOAD
cron4j(freshmeat) cron4j cron4j is a scheduler for the Java 2 platform w... DOWNLOAD
evo-class-index(freshmeat) Evo Class Index Evo Class Index is an annotation processor that... DOWNLOAD
pandoc2rfc(freshmeat) pandoc2rfc pandoc2rfc creates RFC-like output from Pandoc ... DOWNLOAD
essence(freshmeat) Essence Essence is a compact console editor. It is a f... DOWNLOAD
libmawk(freshmeat) libmawk libmawk is a fork of mawk 1.3.3 restructured fo... DOWNLOAD
jssha(freshmeat) jsSHA jsSHA is a JavaScript implementation of the com... DOWNLOAD
spiderape(sfnet) SpiderApe: Beefing up SpiderMonkey SpiderApe is a C++ wrapper around SpiderMonkey,... DOWNLOAD
zebra-dialog(sfnet) Zebra_Dialog Modal dialog boxes are a great way to show info... DOWNLOAD
qsmm(freshmeat) QSMM QSMM, the "QSMM State Machine Model",... DOWNLOAD
f2j(sfnet) Fortran to Java The goal of the Fortran-to-Java project is to p... DOWNLOAD
python-webdav(sfnet) python-webdav NOTE: This project is now on Github. Please go ... DOWNLOAD
squid-report(sfnet) SquidAnalyzer Squid Analyzer parses Squid proxy access log an... DOWNLOAD
chuletas(sfnet) Chuletas / Cribr A powerful text processor to make cheat sheets ... DOWNLOAD
offlineeddb(sfnet) OfflineEd: DB The Goal of this project is to create a compres... DOWNLOAD
fstfixgui(sfnet) Fstfix GUI Graphical user interface for the Wiped GCM Fixe... DOWNLOAD
kredentials(freshmeat) kredentials Kredentials is a KDE systray applet for keeping... DOWNLOAD
build-cc(freshmeat) Build CC Build CC is a simple script that automates the ... DOWNLOAD
zorp(freshmeat) Zorp Zorp is a proxy firewall suite with its core ar... DOWNLOAD
fluxbox(sfnet) Fluxbox Fluxbox is a X11 windowmanager build for speed ... DOWNLOAD
gnu-recutils(freshmeat) GNU recutils GNU Recutils is a set of tools and libraries to... DOWNLOAD
n950fws(sfnet) Nokia N950 (MeeGo DevKit) Firmwares A small storage for some Nokia N950 firmwares. ... DOWNLOAD
k-framework(freshmeat) K-Framework The KFramework is a Java/Swing framework for di... DOWNLOAD

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