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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
commsy(sfnet) CommSy Take a look at the wiki for detailed installati... DOWNLOAD
tournamentbuddy(sfnet) TournamentBuddy Current version: 1.0.9 DOWNLOAD
picoflamingo(freshmeat) picoFlamingo picoFlamingo is a portable presentation solutio... DOWNLOAD
a2web(freshmeat) a2web a2web is a lightweight Web user interface for a... DOWNLOAD
dazero(sfnet) DaZero DaZero ospita LinuxDaZero e WindowsDaZero, due ... DOWNLOAD
spideyfs(freshmeat) spideyfs spideyfs is a FUSE filesystem over HTTP with a ... DOWNLOAD
pedsim(freshmeat) pedsim PEDSIM is a microscopic pedestrian crowd simula... DOWNLOAD
acsys(freshmeat) AcSys Accounting System AcSys is a Web-based, multiuser accounting syst... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-poppassd-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Poppassd Class Wolf Software Poppassd Class is a simple, light... DOWNLOAD
sourcesquare(freshmeat) SourceSquare SourceSquare is a scanning solution based on An... DOWNLOAD
projector-ria(freshmeat) Project'Or RIA Project'Or RIA is project management software t... DOWNLOAD
linuxexplorer(freshmeat) POSIXplorer POSIXplorer will help you find, navigate, and o... DOWNLOAD
msblayout-layoutmanager(freshmeat) MSBLayout LayoutManager MSBLayout is a layout manager for Java AWT and ... DOWNLOAD
libfaketime(freshmeat) FakeTime Preload Library (libfaketime) FTPL (FakeTime Preload Library, aka libfaketime... DOWNLOAD
dccserver(freshmeat) dccserver dccserver is a standalone program that aims to ... DOWNLOAD
panther(freshmeat) Panther Panther encodes media files from one format to... DOWNLOAD
dirsynch(freshmeat) DirSynch DirSynch is a bidirectional directory synchroni... DOWNLOAD
copycheq(freshmeat) CopyCheq CopyCheq is a software licensing and protection... DOWNLOAD
archtex(sfnet) ArchTEx Quick extraction and visualization of NGS Data.... DOWNLOAD
zynaptic-reaction(freshmeat) Zynaptic Reaction Zynaptic Reaction is a flexible asynchronous pr... DOWNLOAD
ironbox-linux(freshmeat) IronBox Linux IronBox Linux is a Linux distribution based on ... DOWNLOAD
tools4j-config(freshmeat) tools4j-config tools4j-config supports long-running enterprise... DOWNLOAD
virtu-arabe(sfnet) clavier virtuel arabe clavier virtuel arabe ce programme permet d’éc... DOWNLOAD
ldpc-codes(freshmeat) LDPC-codes LDPC-codes is a collection of programs and modu... DOWNLOAD
apbs(sfnet) APBS APBS is a software package for the numerical so... DOWNLOAD
kcm-grub2(sfnet) GRUB2 Editor Smoothly integrated in KDE System Settings, it ... DOWNLOAD
cppcleaner(sfnet) CPPCleaner ben DOWNLOAD
mpg123(freshmeat) mpg123 Mpg123 is a fast, free and portable MPEG audio ... DOWNLOAD
virastyar(sfnet) Virastyar Virastyar is a free and open-source (FOSS) spel... DOWNLOAD
files1(sfnet) File Content DOWNLOAD
isoline-retrieval(freshmeat) Isoline Retrieval Isoline Retrieval uses supervised statistical c... DOWNLOAD
gadmin-openvpn-client(freshmeat) GADMIN-OpenVPN-Client GAdmin-OpenVPN-Client is an easy to use fronten... DOWNLOAD
amfphp(sfnet) Amfphp Simple Remoting for Web Applications DOWNLOAD
libpetey(freshmeat) libpetey libpetey is a small scientific/numerical comput... DOWNLOAD
thewolfattack(sfnet) The Wolf Attack Use this to crash games, websites, or just test... DOWNLOAD
myjit(freshmeat) MyJIT MyJIT is a small modular library for dynamic co... DOWNLOAD
cuadro-thermal-simulator-and-b(freshmeat) Cuadro+ Thermal Simulator and Benchmarker Cuadro+ Thermal Simulator and Benchmarker simul... DOWNLOAD
opengroupware-coils(freshmeat) OpenGroupware Coils OpenGroupware Coils is a Python port of the ven... DOWNLOAD
simple-java-api-for-odf(freshmeat) Apache ODF Toolkit The Apache ODF Toolkit is a set of Java modules... DOWNLOAD
squidrestrict(sfnet) SquidRestrict SquidRestrict is a Web based tool that allows m... DOWNLOAD
libtransliterate(freshmeat) libtransliterate libtransliterate is a C++ library converts “tra... DOWNLOAD
mod_rangelimit(freshmeat) mod_rangelimit mod_rangelimit aims to provide protection from ... DOWNLOAD
mod_ipblock(freshmeat) mod_ipblock mod_ipblock aims to provide protection from agg... DOWNLOAD
mrswatson(freshmeat) MrsWatson MrsWatson is a commandline audio plugin host. ... DOWNLOAD
dvdinfo(freshmeat) DVD InfoTool DVD InfoTool shows the DVD structure (such as V... DOWNLOAD
dokuwiki(freshmeat) DokuWiki DokuWiki is a standards-compliant, simple-to-us... DOWNLOAD
cpanplusdistslackware(freshmeat) CPANPLUS::Dist::Slackware CPANPLUS::Dist::Slackware creates Slackware-com... DOWNLOAD
stack-overflow-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Stack Overflow Flair Module Stack Overflow Flair is a simple Joomla! 1.5 mo... DOWNLOAD
icescrum(freshmeat) iceScrum IceScrum is a J2EE application for using Scrum ... DOWNLOAD
psymp3(freshmeat) PsyMP3 PsyMP3 is a keyboard-driven graphical audio med... DOWNLOAD
tex-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! TeX - LaTeX Flair Module Joomla! TeX - LaTeX Flair Module is a simple Jo... DOWNLOAD
aphpkb(freshmeat) Andy's PHP Knowledgebase Andy's PHP Knowledgebase is a database-driven k... DOWNLOAD
sadlittlewebjournal(freshmeat) sadlittlewebjournal sadlittlewebjournal is a Weblog written in Perl... DOWNLOAD
mailng(freshmeat) Modoboa Modoboa is a Web based application to create, a... DOWNLOAD
mediawikiftp(freshmeat) MediaWikiFTP MediaWikiFTP integrates emacs with Wikipedia st... DOWNLOAD
grixec(freshmeat) grixec grixec is a script that implements a few user-s... DOWNLOAD
suprangen(freshmeat) Suprangen Suprangen is a library of pseudorandom number g... DOWNLOAD
pdnsd(freshmeat) pdnsd pdnsd is a Proxy DNS server for Linux and FreeB... DOWNLOAD
protege(freshmeat) Protege Protégé provides a suite of tools to construct... DOWNLOAD
dpg4x(freshmeat) DPG for X DPG for X (dpg4x) is a program to allow the eas... DOWNLOAD
clamav(freshmeat) Clam AntiVirus Clam AntiVirus is an anti-virus toolkit designe... DOWNLOAD
tpapro(sfnet) TurboPower Async Professional Async Professional is a comprehensive communica... DOWNLOAD
emilda(sfnet) Emilda Emilda is a complete Integrated Library System ... DOWNLOAD
rss-news-reader(sfnet) RSS News Reader Web based RSS Search Engine that learns user pr... DOWNLOAD
gtkqq(sfnet) GtkQQ GtkQQ , a QQ based for Q+ Http Protrol use GTK+ DOWNLOAD
hpsx64(sfnet) hpsx64 Highly-Experimental Playstation Simulator for x... DOWNLOAD
gwmos(sfnet) GroundWork Monitor GET FREE SUPPORT: DOWNLOAD
banner(freshmeat) banner banner is a classic-style banner program simila... DOWNLOAD
exmplayer(sfnet) ExMplayer ExMplayer is a free GUI front-end for award-win... DOWNLOAD
mksqlite(sfnet) mksqlite Did you ever want to store your MATLAB data in ... DOWNLOAD
h3270(sfnet) h3270 h3270 is a program that allows you to use IBM 3... DOWNLOAD
ecb(sfnet) ECB ECB is a file/code browser for Emacs. It can be... DOWNLOAD
vnced(sfnet) VNCed VNCed allows admins and teachers to monitor mul... DOWNLOAD
id-backcode(sfnet) BackCode™ share | open source | linux | network | security DOWNLOAD
egglib(sfnet) EggLib EggLib is a C++/Python library and program pack... DOWNLOAD
paderes(sfnet) business Try this :) just my project, and im running out... DOWNLOAD
capi4ei(sfnet) CAP4EI Be accommodated in this project a version of CA... DOWNLOAD
doubleagent(sfnet) Double Agent Double Agent is an Open Source alternative to M... DOWNLOAD
svn-access-mana(sfnet) svn-access-manager SVN Access Manager is a powerful tool for manag... DOWNLOAD
epub-compiler(freshmeat) EpubCompiler EpubCompiler prepares an Epub structure from a ... DOWNLOAD
gpu-sd(freshmeat) HWSD HWSD is a daemon and library for the discovery ... DOWNLOAD
urban-lightscape(freshmeat) Urban Lightscape Urban Lightscape is a photo filter for exposure... DOWNLOAD
resaraserver(sfnet) Resara Server Resara Server is an Active Directory compatible... DOWNLOAD
self-service-password(freshmeat) Self Service Password Self Service Password is a Web application that... DOWNLOAD
i-doit(sfnet) i-doit - CMDB and IT documentation i-doit is a web based IT documentation and CMDB... DOWNLOAD
asco(freshmeat) ASCO The ASCO project aims to bring circuit optimiza... DOWNLOAD
scantailor(freshmeat) Scan Tailor Scan Tailor is an interactive post-processing t... DOWNLOAD
glgraphics(sfnet) GLGraphics GLGraphics is a library for the Processing prog... DOWNLOAD
opticallibtpsa(sfnet) OpticalLibTPSA This is a library for optical calculations buil... DOWNLOAD
rythm-template-engine(freshmeat) Rythm Template Engine Rythm Template Engine is a general-purpose, hig... DOWNLOAD
genesis-sim(sfnet) GENESIS Neural Simulator GENESIS (GEneral NEural SImulation System) is a... DOWNLOAD
dekomodminetest(sfnet) Deko Mod for Minetest Deko Mod for Minetest by tkerwel Version 0_03 A... DOWNLOAD
ctronome(freshmeat) ctronome ctronome is a programmable console metronome ap... DOWNLOAD
diffutils(freshmeat) diffutils Diffutils contains the GNU diff, diff3, sdiff, ... DOWNLOAD
oxstore(freshmeat) OxStore OxStore is a key/value database modeled on the ... DOWNLOAD
myvdrive(freshmeat) MyVDrive MyVDrive is a virtual file system that allows u... DOWNLOAD
elastix-sms(sfnet) Elastix SMS Module Elastix SMS Module is a module for sending indi... DOWNLOAD
magpierss(sfnet) MagpieRSS MagpieRSS is a simple, functional PHP inteface ... DOWNLOAD
ask-ubuntu-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Ask Ubuntu Flair Module Joomla! Ask Ubuntu Flair Module is a simple Joo... DOWNLOAD
waarp(sfnet) Waarp Waarp is the new home for the former GoldenGate... DOWNLOAD

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