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backtrace(freshmeat) backtrace backtrace is a drop-in replacement for libexeci... DOWNLOAD
ada-for-slackware(freshmeat) Ada for Slackware Ada for Slackware is a collection of Slackware ... DOWNLOAD
4vientos-web-file-manager(freshmeat) 4vientos web file manager 4vientos is a Web-based file management applica... DOWNLOAD
ssptl(freshmeat) ssptl ssptl (Super Simple Python Templating Language)... DOWNLOAD
cscope(sfnet) cscope Cscope is a text screen based source browser DOWNLOAD
objeck-programming-language(freshmeat) Objeck Programming Language The Objeck computer language is an object-orien... DOWNLOAD
sensor-readout(freshmeat) Sensor Readout Sensor Readout visualizes sensor readout on And... DOWNLOAD
jsduck(sfnet) JSDuck API documentation generator for Sencha JavaScri... DOWNLOAD
pyfilemaker(freshmeat) PyFileMaker PyFileMaker is a set of Python modules that mak... DOWNLOAD
barry(freshmeat) Barry Barry is an Open Source application that provid... DOWNLOAD
ezim(sfnet) EZ Intranet Messenger EZ Intranet Messenger is designed to work withi... DOWNLOAD
webdav-cgi(freshmeat) WebDAV CGI WebDAV CGI implements the WebDAV server protoco... DOWNLOAD
cryptodev-linux(freshmeat) cryptodev-linux Cryptodev-linux is a Linux kernel module implem... DOWNLOAD
python-xmlrpc-server-w-ssl-aut(freshmeat) Python XMLRPC Server with SSL & Authentication Python XMLRPC Server with SSL & Authenticat... DOWNLOAD
usbsync(freshmeat) GNU usbsync GNU usbsync is console-based utility that assis... DOWNLOAD
itk(freshmeat) ITK The National Library of Medicine Insight Segmen... DOWNLOAD
iproute2(freshmeat) iproute2 This is `iproute', the professional set of tool... DOWNLOAD
gsvideo(sfnet) GSVideo GSVideo is a cross-platform library for the Pro... DOWNLOAD
raider(freshmeat) raider Raider is a tool to automate software RAID con... DOWNLOAD
ezwinports(sfnet) ezwinports This project is a collection of ports to MS-Win... DOWNLOAD
texture-atlas-maker(freshmeat) Texture Atlas Maker Texture Atlas Maker is a utility that packs you... DOWNLOAD
minidlna(freshmeat) MiniDLNA MiniDLNA (aka ReadyDLNA) is server software wit... DOWNLOAD
jzlib(freshmeat) JZlib JZlib is a re-implementation of zlib in pure Ja... DOWNLOAD
sogo-connector(freshmeat) Inverse SOGo Connector for Thunderbird Inverse SOGo Connector for Thunderbird is an ex... DOWNLOAD
glucopy(freshmeat) glucopy-glurestore glucopy-glurestore is a set of scripts for copy... DOWNLOAD
zodeken(freshmeat) Zodeken Zodeken generates code to access MySQL with Zen... DOWNLOAD
log-malloc2(freshmeat) log-malloc2 log-malloc2 is a malloc logging preload library... DOWNLOAD
uby(freshmeat) UBY UBY is a large-scale unified lexical-semantic r... DOWNLOAD
spurtracer(freshmeat) SpurTracer SpurTracer is a push-notification based monitor... DOWNLOAD
clipsmm(sfnet) clipsmm - A C++ CLIPS Interface clipsmm is a C++ interface to the CLIPS libray,... DOWNLOAD
floggy(sfnet) Floggy Floggy is 100% object-oriented open source pers... DOWNLOAD
liberty-eiffel(freshmeat) Liberty Eiffel Liberty Eiffel is a compiler for the Eiffel pro... DOWNLOAD
solitairecatan(sfnet) Solitaire Settlers of Catan ComputerGame Solitaire Settlers of Catan computer game is a ... DOWNLOAD
r3r(sfnet) R3R R3R is a small, fast, and portable reader for R... DOWNLOAD
sofa-statistics(freshmeat) SOFA Statistics SOFA is a statistics, analysis, and reporting p... DOWNLOAD
sqlkit(freshmeat) Sqlkit Sqlkit provides a GUI named sqledit to edit dat... DOWNLOAD
scc(freshmeat) System Configuration Collector System Configuration Collector collects and cla... DOWNLOAD
starfighter(freshmeat) Project: Starfighter Project: Starfighter is a 2D mission-based shoo... DOWNLOAD
idart(sfnet) iDART iDART (Intelligent Dispensing of Antiretroviral... DOWNLOAD
antiplagiarismc(sfnet) Anti-Plagiarism (Check on plagiarism) Anti-Plagiarism - software designed to effectiv... DOWNLOAD
fourfive(sfnet) Web Reporting Fourfive is a powerful yet extremely easy-to-co... DOWNLOAD
nbpp(freshmeat) nbpp If you need a C++ framework to assist you in ma... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-common-gwt(freshmeat) Geomajas common-GWT The common-GWT face is a separate module that i... DOWNLOAD
speed-dreams(sfnet) Speed Dreams : an Open Motorsport Sim Speed Dreams is a Motorsport Simulator featurin... DOWNLOAD
winlocate(sfnet) Win32 Locate and Updatedb Scripts Like the Linux "locate" and "upd... DOWNLOAD
blobwars(freshmeat) Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid is a 2D mission-bas... DOWNLOAD
caume-data-security-engine(freshmeat) Caume Data Security Engine Caume Data Security Engine is a REST API platfo... DOWNLOAD
vault-3(freshmeat) Vault Vault is a Perl script to store away files, inc... DOWNLOAD
runawk(freshmeat) runawk runawk is a small wrapper for the AWK interpret... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-utility-widgets(freshmeat) Geomajas utility widgets The Geomajas utility widgets plug-in includes a... DOWNLOAD
unixtips(sfnet) Unix Tips Here I share some helpful unix tips , scripts a... DOWNLOAD
clansphere(sfnet) ClanSphere This project has grown in the past years and be... DOWNLOAD
unixem(freshmeat) UNIXem UNIXem is a small and simple library that provi... DOWNLOAD
zaz(sfnet) Zaz Zaz ain't Z*** is a puzzle game where the playe... DOWNLOAD
lat(freshmeat) LDAP Administration Tool LDAP Administration Tool (lat) allows you to br... DOWNLOAD
virtuemart(freshmeat) VirtueMart VirtueMart is an e-commerce solution to be used... DOWNLOAD
velosurf(freshmeat) Velosurf Velosurf is a database mapping layer library fo... DOWNLOAD
tumblr-backup(freshmeat) TumblrBackup TumblrBackup is a backup application for the pu... DOWNLOAD
liblunchbox(freshmeat) libLunchbox libLunchbox facilitates the development and de... DOWNLOAD
cap2hccap(sfnet) cap2hccap cnvert pcap file to hashcat ones. it may conten... DOWNLOAD
sydep(freshmeat) sydep sydep is a tool for simple deployment over rsyn... DOWNLOAD
leo99(sfnet) leo We, as an organization, have highly potential a... DOWNLOAD
klest-crossword(sfnet) Klest-crossword Open Source program to create crossword puzzles... DOWNLOAD
magnolia(freshmeat) Magnolia Magnolia is a CMS which delivers smartphone sim... DOWNLOAD
unitime(sfnet) University Timetabling UniTime is a comprehensive educational scheduli... DOWNLOAD
jcimd(freshmeat) jcimd jcimd is a simple Java implementation of the CI... DOWNLOAD
lihata(freshmeat) lihata lihata is a compact textual language which can ... DOWNLOAD
openlegacy(freshmeat) OpenLegacy OpenLegacy is a powerful, lightweight, extensib... DOWNLOAD
vstrac(sfnet) TracExplorer TracExplorer is an integration software for Edg... DOWNLOAD
tcprelay-seb(sfnet) tcprelay This program aims to relay TCP connections betw... DOWNLOAD
android-pxa270(sfnet) Android on PXA270 Porting Android to Intel(Marvell) ARM XScale PX... DOWNLOAD
miniwm(sfnet) nwm nwm - miNimalistic Window Manager for X11, simi... DOWNLOAD
pipmak(sfnet) Pipmak Game Engine Pipmak is a cross-platform game engine and auth... DOWNLOAD
autodllinjector(sfnet) Auto DLL Injector A configurable DLL Injector that can inject spe... DOWNLOAD
boofcv(sfnet) BoofCV BoofCV is an open source Java library for real-... DOWNLOAD
stickies(sfnet) Stickies This project is an attempt to provide the same ... DOWNLOAD
phonoripper(freshmeat) PhonoRipper PhonoRipper is an easy to use, all-in-one GUI t... DOWNLOAD
hdparm(freshmeat) hdparm hdparm is a Linux shell utility for viewing and... DOWNLOAD
itdb(freshmeat) ITDB ITDB is a Web-based tool used to store informat... DOWNLOAD
rescarta(sfnet) ResCarta ResCarta Toolkit offers an open source solution... DOWNLOAD
nightfall-2(freshmeat) NightFall NightFall is a small tray program for making sc... DOWNLOAD
getmail-retriever-for-roundcub(freshmeat) Getmail Retriever for Roundcube Getmail Retriever for Roundcube is a fork of th... DOWNLOAD
wxmozilla(sfnet) wxMozilla DISCONTINUED, do not use. See wxWebConnect. Dev... DOWNLOAD
cp-converter(sfnet) Codepage Converter Codepage Converter - Convert HTML/Text files to... DOWNLOAD
fax4j(sfnet) fax4j - java fax API The fax4j provides a standard and consistent fa... DOWNLOAD
tcpdf(sfnet) TCPDF - PHP class for PDF TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documen... DOWNLOAD
bnj(sfnet) Bayesian Network tools in Java (BNJ) Bayesian Network tools in Java (BNJ) is an open... DOWNLOAD
packetyzer(sfnet) Packetyzer Packetyzer is a network protocol analyzer for W... DOWNLOAD
jpdfbookmarks(sfnet) JPdfBookmarks This software allows you to create and edit boo... DOWNLOAD
userinfo(freshmeat) userinfo Userinfo is a console utility to display a vari... DOWNLOAD
lx-office(sfnet) kivitendo, known as Lx-Office Lx-Office is a fork of the accounting package S... DOWNLOAD
ekaaty(sfnet) Ekaaty Linux The Ekaaty project is an free, robust, secure a... DOWNLOAD
mkahawa(sfnet) mkahawa mkahawa is a swahili word for Cafe. mkahawa bui... DOWNLOAD
spiderbot(freshmeat) SpiderBot SpiderBot crawls the Web, retrieves content, a... DOWNLOAD
codonphyml(freshmeat) codonPhyML codonPhyML uses Markovian codon models of evolu... DOWNLOAD
varnish(freshmeat) Varnish Varnish is a high-performance HTTP accelerator ... DOWNLOAD
mailguidance(freshmeat) MailGuidance MailGuidance is a Web interface for generating ... DOWNLOAD
hangstudio(sfnet) Hang Studio Library Pensonal Java Library DOWNLOAD
php-java-bridge(sfnet) PHP/Java Bridge The PHP script engine for Java. --- Run PHP app... DOWNLOAD

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