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impro-visor(freshmeat) Impro-Visor Impro-Visor is a music notation and playback to... DOWNLOAD
twandgtw(freshmeat) translate word tw (short for "Translate word") trans... DOWNLOAD
opensdmx(freshmeat) OpenSDMX OpenSDMX provides components that can be used i... DOWNLOAD
mingw_cross_env(freshmeat) MXE (M cross environment) MXE (M cross environment) is a Makefile that co... DOWNLOAD
sn0wl1nux(sfnet) Sn0wL1nuX Sn0wL1nuX is a Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distri... DOWNLOAD
jsminplugin(sfnet) JSMin Eclipse Plugin This is an Eclipse plugin based on JSMin Javasc... DOWNLOAD
bpmnpop(sfnet) POEM, BPMN Package Of Plugins BPMN & POEM (Process Oriented Enterprise Mo... DOWNLOAD
meguizhcn(sfnet) megui(简体中文版) MeGUI简体中文版. This is the MeGUI Chinese Sim... DOWNLOAD
lixa(freshmeat) lixa LIXA (LIbre XA) is a Transaction Manager implem... DOWNLOAD
rkhunter(freshmeat) Rootkit Hunter Rootkit Hunter scans files and systems for know... DOWNLOAD
ginvoke(freshmeat) ginvoke ginvoke is a programmable launcher for GNOME/GT... DOWNLOAD
php-directory-listing(freshmeat) PHP Directory Listing PHP Directory Listing displays the contents of ... DOWNLOAD
bflowtoolbox(sfnet) bflow* Toolbox The bflow* Toolbox is an open source tool kit f... DOWNLOAD
tetex-upmethodology(freshmeat) tex-upmethodology tex-upmethodology provides a complete set of La... DOWNLOAD
ramadda(freshmeat) RAMADDA RAMADDA is a Web-based comprehensive content re... DOWNLOAD
aicwl(freshmeat) aicwl aicwl is an Ada library that is intended for de... DOWNLOAD
openudid(freshmeat) OpenUDID OpenUDID provides a cross-platform method for g... DOWNLOAD
lame(freshmeat) LAME LAME (LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder) is a research ... DOWNLOAD
lua-cjson(freshmeat) Lua CJSON The Lua CJSON module provides fast standards-co... DOWNLOAD
mpop(freshmeat) mpop mpop is a small, fast, and portable POP3 client... DOWNLOAD
webcalendar(freshmeat) WebCalendar WebCalendar is a Web-based calendar application... DOWNLOAD
hwmonitor(sfnet) hwmonitor I'm a HW Support and used cacti, zabbix, but th... DOWNLOAD
django-live-os(freshmeat) Django Live OS Django Live OS is a live CD based on Debian sta... DOWNLOAD
gnoduino(freshmeat) gnoduino gnoduino is an implementation of the well-known... DOWNLOAD
mod_plua(freshmeat) mod_pLua mod_pLua is an Apache HTTP Server 2.x module fo... DOWNLOAD
dkim-class-php(sfnet) DKIM and Domain Keys class for PHP The project has moved to GitHub and will not be... DOWNLOAD
portupgrade(sfnet) pkgtools A toolset for managing and updating installed p... DOWNLOAD
openthesaurus(freshmeat) OpenThesaurus OpenThesaurus is a Grails-based Web application... DOWNLOAD
scsu(freshmeat) SCSU SCSU is a Standard Compression Scheme for Unico... DOWNLOAD
lzf(freshmeat) LZF LZF provides LZF compression/decompression for ... DOWNLOAD
speed-dreams(freshmeat) Speed Dreams Speed Dreams is a fork of the open racing car s... DOWNLOAD
pwgrep(freshmeat) pwgrep pwgrep is a simple password manager that manage... DOWNLOAD
hundirlaflotac(sfnet) Hundir la flota C# Based in windows console, this app generates a ... DOWNLOAD
wn-similarity(sfnet) WordNet::Similarity This package consists of Perl modules that impl... DOWNLOAD
burrtools(sfnet) Burr-Tools A library and attached graphical and console ba... DOWNLOAD
netpbm2gimp(sfnet) Netpbm2Gimp Netpbm2Gimp automatically compiles the unmodifi... DOWNLOAD
quattor(sfnet) quattor quattor is a system administration toolkit prov... DOWNLOAD
docfetcher(freshmeat) DocFetcher DocFetcher is a desktop search application: It ... DOWNLOAD
dry_crud(freshmeat) dry_crud dry_crud generates simple and extendable contro... DOWNLOAD
wt(freshmeat) Wt Wt is a C++ library for developing Web applicat... DOWNLOAD
deforaos-panel(freshmeat) DeforaOS Panel DeforaOS Panel manages panel windows for the de... DOWNLOAD
jwt(freshmeat) JWt JWt (Java Web Toolkit) is a library for develop... DOWNLOAD
qosgpl(sfnet) QNAP NAS GPL Source GPL source for QNAP Turbo NAS DOWNLOAD
smtp4php(freshmeat) SMTP4PHP SMTP4PHP is a collection of PHP classes dedicat... DOWNLOAD
masm611(sfnet) MASM611 Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) Version 6.11 ... DOWNLOAD
debug-object(freshmeat) Debug Object Debug Object is a PHP class that aids in debugg... DOWNLOAD
lyx(freshmeat) LyX LyX is a document processor that encourages an ... DOWNLOAD
clambda(freshmeat) Clambda Clambda is an effort to implement a schemier va... DOWNLOAD
pyopenssl(sfnet) pyOpenSSL Python wrapper around a small subset of the Ope... DOWNLOAD
arduinowifly(sfnet) Arduino WiFly Driver Open-source Arduino driver and example files fo... DOWNLOAD
ppphone(sfnet) ppPhone This is a P2P VoIP system. It support audio and... DOWNLOAD
butt(sfnet) butt (broadcast using this tool) butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy to ... DOWNLOAD
jsonbot(freshmeat) JSONBOT JSONBOT is a remote event-driven framework for ... DOWNLOAD
tmux(freshmeat) tmux tmux is a "terminal multiplexer". It ... DOWNLOAD
drizzle(freshmeat) Drizzle The Drizzle project is building a database opti... DOWNLOAD
alexei-part-ix(freshmeat) Alexei: Part IX Alexei: Part IX is a Free Software graphical ad... DOWNLOAD
ialertu(sfnet) iAlertU iAlertU is an alarm system for your Apple MacBo... DOWNLOAD
multi-level-menu-creator(freshmeat) Multi-Level Menu Creator Multi-Level Menu Creator is an AJAX Script to c... DOWNLOAD
jeuclid(sfnet) JEuclid JEuclid is a complete MathML rendering solution... DOWNLOAD
quilt(freshmeat) Quilt Quilt is a set of scripts to manage a series of... DOWNLOAD
mss(freshmeat) MSS MSS (Music Statistics Server) stores and makes ... DOWNLOAD
storytext(freshmeat) StoryText StoryText (formerly PyUseCase) is an unconventi... DOWNLOAD
zeitleiste(freshmeat) Zeitleiste Zeitleiste is a time line program written for t... DOWNLOAD
ario(freshmeat) ARIO ARIO is a C++ library for reading and producin... DOWNLOAD
cloudstack(sfnet) CloudStack - Cloud Computing Management This project location is deprecated. Please see... DOWNLOAD
llrp-toolkit(sfnet) LLRP toolkit A software toolkit for using the EPCglobal Low ... DOWNLOAD
pdf2textdotnet(sfnet) PDF2Text Pilot (.NET) Simple tool for extracting text from .pdf files... DOWNLOAD
makingmazes(sfnet) makingMazes The algorithm will carving zeros in an integer ... DOWNLOAD
opennic-wizard(freshmeat) OpenNIC Wizard OpenNIC Wizard simplifies the process of switch... DOWNLOAD
extrawatch(freshmeat) ExtraWatch ExtraWatch is a real-time counter and live stat... DOWNLOAD
adlint(sfnet) AdLint AdLint is a source code static analyzer. It can... DOWNLOAD
ctys(sfnet) Unified Sessions Manager The UnifiedSessionsManager supports the integra... DOWNLOAD
nbxdoclet(sfnet) xdoclet and Prj Extensions for NetBeans NbXDoclet for NetBeans project helps to develop... DOWNLOAD
circum(freshmeat) Codename Circumference Circumference is a server-client-style implemen... DOWNLOAD
windys(freshmeat) Windys Windys is an action arcade game in a deliberate... DOWNLOAD
erpxe-a-complete-pxe-solution(freshmeat) ERPXE The ERPXE project simplifies the process of ins... DOWNLOAD
star(freshmeat) S tar Star is a very fast, POSIX-compliant tar archiv... DOWNLOAD
posixovl(freshmeat) posixovl posixovl is a FUSE filesystem that provides POS... DOWNLOAD
comedi2py(freshmeat) comedi2py comedi2py feeds data from a data acquisition bo... DOWNLOAD
pyao(freshmeat) pyao pyao is a set of Python bindings for's... DOWNLOAD
gtkcdlabel(sfnet) GTK CD Label A small GTK2 (gtk+ until 0.6.9) frontend to cdl... DOWNLOAD
kmymoney(freshmeat) KMyMoney KMyMoney is the personal finance manager for KD... DOWNLOAD
vrdp-ldap(freshmeat) vrdp-ldap vrdp-ldap is an extension for VirtualBox server... DOWNLOAD
jactor(sfnet) JActor JActor is a high-performance actor framework de... DOWNLOAD
florence(freshmeat) Florence Florence is a scalable on-screen virtual keyboa... DOWNLOAD
harmony(sfnet) The Harmony of the World Nowadays the idea of a music of the spheres, or... DOWNLOAD
genu_cms(freshmeat) GENU CMS GENU is a Content Management System that uses a... DOWNLOAD
inforama(sfnet) Inforama Inforama - Document Automation. Document templa... DOWNLOAD
awit-dbackup(freshmeat) AWIT DBackup AllWorldIT DBackup is a backup system which cre... DOWNLOAD
parkverbot(freshmeat) parkverbot parkverbot is a daemon that prevents hard disk ... DOWNLOAD
ccgfs(freshmeat) ccgfs ccgfs is a transport-agnostic network filesyste... DOWNLOAD
myxls(sfnet) MyXLS Writes and now Reads Excel files quickly and ea... DOWNLOAD
nullbot2100(sfnet) NullBot NullBot is a skirmish AI for Warzone 2100 v3.1+... DOWNLOAD
wikig(sfnet) WikiG This is a project that enables user to search w... DOWNLOAD
pyadb(freshmeat) PyADB PyADB is a simple Python module for interacting... DOWNLOAD
rrd-fixpeaks(freshmeat) rrd-fixpeaks rrd-fixpeaks removes errant "peaks" i... DOWNLOAD
cobra-winldtp(freshmeat) Cobra - WinLDTP Cobra - WinLDTP is a cross platform GUI automat... DOWNLOAD
box-model(freshmeat) Box Model Box is a framework to build complex application... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-rasterizing-plug-in(freshmeat) Geomajas rasterizing plug-in The Geomajas rasterizing plugin allows vector l... DOWNLOAD
sous-marin(freshmeat) sous-marin Sous-marin Linux is a small, pure, individualiz... DOWNLOAD

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