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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
sqlcommander(sfnet) SQLCommander In this app you can create connection to many k... DOWNLOAD
jkaptive(freshmeat) jkaptive Jkaptive is a simple captive portal without RAD... DOWNLOAD
wsjt(sfnet) WSJT The WSJT project currently includes five progra... DOWNLOAD
webadm(freshmeat) OpenOTP Radius Bridge RCDevs OpenOTP Radius Bridge provides a RADIUS ... DOWNLOAD
phphtmlform(freshmeat) Zebra_Form Zebra_Form is a PHP class that simplifies the p... DOWNLOAD
v6shell(freshmeat) V6 Thompson Shell Port V6 Thompson Shell Port provides two ports of th... DOWNLOAD
schwinn810(freshmeat) schwinn810 schwinn810 allows you to extract data (tracks, ... DOWNLOAD
weocr(freshmeat) WeOCR WeOCR is a platform for Web-enabled OCR (Optica... DOWNLOAD
smart-pos(sfnet) SmartPOS Advanced Point of Sale (+ ERP) SmartPOS is an advanced Point of sale improved ... DOWNLOAD
amvconverter(sfnet) Amv Converter AMV Converter helps users convert video to AMV ... DOWNLOAD
gkgui(freshmeat) GNU Gatekeeper GUI The GNU Gatekeeper GUI visualizes all registrat... DOWNLOAD
vscp(freshmeat) Very Simple Control Protocol & Friends The very simple control protocol is a protocol ... DOWNLOAD
mayadeploy(sfnet) Computer Inventory Management System It will be Software Distribution & Remote C... DOWNLOAD
widatasks(sfnet) WIDA Tasks This is a task scheduler which has no "bui... DOWNLOAD
widelands(sfnet) Widelands Note: Widelands is now hosted by launchpad: htt... DOWNLOAD
alfa(freshmeat) Alfa Alfa is an experimental programming language. ... DOWNLOAD
noise-free-cnv(sfnet) noise-free-cnv CNV calling software may produce false-positive... DOWNLOAD
f4player(sfnet) f4Player (flv, f4v) Free, Small, Quick, Customizable and the Bestes... DOWNLOAD
abcm2ps(freshmeat) abcm2ps abcm2ps is a commandline program which converts... DOWNLOAD
osm2unity(sfnet) OSM To Unity This is a simple script that parses OSM Data us... DOWNLOAD
cponggame(sfnet) C++ Pong Game No description DOWNLOAD
database-deployment-manager(freshmeat) Database Deployment Manager Database Deployment Manager (DDM) is a desktop ... DOWNLOAD
pyz(freshmeat) PYZ PYZ is a Z-Machine interpreter for playing inte... DOWNLOAD
csv2vcard(sfnet) csv2vcard Csv2vcard is a program for converting *.csv (co... DOWNLOAD
drakon-editor(sfnet) DRAKON Editor DRAKON is a diagram language developed within t... DOWNLOAD
virtu-jp(sfnet) clavier virtuel japonais clavier virtuel japonais ce programme permet d’... DOWNLOAD
csp-convert-sp3(freshmeat) csp (convert SP3) csp is a commandline tool to convert and plot a... DOWNLOAD
sadun-util(sfnet) Java utility classes My set of general-purpose Java utility classes,... DOWNLOAD
domoticdog(sfnet) The Dog Gateway --- On February 25, 2014 the project has been u... DOWNLOAD
mrmap(sfnet) MRmap A flexible tool for medical research in magneti... DOWNLOAD
pyanpha(sfnet) Pyanpha pyanpha is a shell-based program, which applies... DOWNLOAD
aoc-mgx-utils(sfnet) aoc-mgx-utils Home of misc utils for processing AOC (Age of E... DOWNLOAD
muninlive(freshmeat) MuninLive MuninLive turns your existing munin-based infra... DOWNLOAD
yborm(freshmeat) YB.ORM The YB.ORM library aims to simplify writing C++... DOWNLOAD
swingset(sfnet) SwingSet SwingSet is an open source Java toolkit contain... DOWNLOAD
dolfin(freshmeat) DOLFIN DOLFIN is the C++ interface of the FEniCS proje... DOWNLOAD
sbuild(freshmeat) SBuild SBuild is a Scala-based build system. It featur... DOWNLOAD
ltp(sfnet) Linux Test Project The Linux Test Project is a group aimed at test... DOWNLOAD
moschip-mcs8140(sfnet) MosChip MCS8140 Firmware MosChip MCS8140 USB-IP network processor firmwa... DOWNLOAD
vbsi(sfnet) VBS for Research on the Internet Welcome to the Volunteer-Based System for Resea... DOWNLOAD
yml(freshmeat) YML YML (Why a Markup Language?!) is an easy langua... DOWNLOAD
createlauncher(sfnet) Create Launcher This project is to develop a GUI/graphical way ... DOWNLOAD
diy-zoning(sfnet) DIY Zoning Step-by-step instructions for making your HVAC ... DOWNLOAD
clustershell(sfnet) ClusterShell Manage node sets, node groups and execute comma... DOWNLOAD
asciidoc(sfnet) AsciiDoc - text based documentation AsciiDoc is a presentable text document format ... DOWNLOAD
gpsbabel(sfnet) GPSBabel GPSBabel reads, writes, and manipulates GPS way... DOWNLOAD
editorxml(sfnet) Rinzo XML Editor This is an Eclipse xml editor with several edit... DOWNLOAD
lives(freshmeat) LiVES LiVES is a simple to use yet powerful video eff... DOWNLOAD
lua(sfnet) Lua Hier werden die Programmbeispiele aus dem Buch ... DOWNLOAD
cdbbackup(freshmeat) cDBbackup cDBbackup provides a simple interface to back u... DOWNLOAD
singhalfreebsd(sfnet) SINGHAL mutual exclusion in FreeBSD [ Design and Implementation of the Singhal toke... DOWNLOAD
abc-path-solver(freshmeat) ABC Path Solver ABC Path Solver is a Perl program and library t... DOWNLOAD
frbr-redis-datastore(freshmeat) FRBR-Redis Datastore FRBR-Redis Datastore is a native noSQL bibliogr... DOWNLOAD
programmers-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Programmers Flair Module Joomla! Programmers Flair Module is a simple Jo... DOWNLOAD
joomla-academia-flair-module(freshmeat) Joomla! Academia Flair Module Joomla! Academia Flair Module is a simple Jooml... DOWNLOAD
uhat(freshmeat) uhat uhat is a tool that listens to joystick events ... DOWNLOAD
python-jabberbot(freshmeat) python-jabberbot python-jabberbot is a Jabber bot framework for ... DOWNLOAD
userver(freshmeat) UServer UServer is a secure, light-weight, high perform... DOWNLOAD
ffmq(freshmeat) FFMQ FFMQ is a fully Java, lightweight, fast native ... DOWNLOAD
xfce4-nameday-plugin(freshmeat) Xfce4 Nameday Plugin Xfce4 Nameday Plugin is an Xfce Panel plugin fo... DOWNLOAD
orgapp(freshmeat) OrgApp OrgApp is a Java library to handle and draw org... DOWNLOAD
ebmeta(freshmeat) ebmeta ebmeta is a tool for editing metadata in Epub, ... DOWNLOAD
aria-company-pysol-cardset(freshmeat) Aria the Animation PySol Cardset Aria the Animation PySol Cardset is a set of ca... DOWNLOAD
randomchat(sfnet) c-Chat Ever wanted to have a chat? How about a nice ol... DOWNLOAD
qstopmotion(sfnet) qStopMotion qStopMotion is a application for creating stop-... DOWNLOAD
mucun(sfnet) mucun school DOWNLOAD
blobby(sfnet) Blobby Volley 2 Official continuation of the famous Blobby Voll... DOWNLOAD
cirulla(sfnet) Cirulla con Marietto Cirulla è un gioco di carte genovese molto simi... DOWNLOAD
twitpic-widget(freshmeat) Joomla! TwitPic Widget Module Joomla! TwitPic Widget Module is a simple Jooml... DOWNLOAD
j2mevnc(sfnet) J2ME VNC Client A VNC Client for J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition). ... DOWNLOAD
alpine-notify(freshmeat) alpine-notify alpine-notify notifies you of new messages rece... DOWNLOAD
fastestprimes(sfnet) fastest primes The purpose of this project is to make a prime ... DOWNLOAD
smb4k(sfnet) Smb4K Smb4K is an advanced network neighborhood brows... DOWNLOAD
myposition(sfnet) openBmap openBmap collects data and provides open maps a... DOWNLOAD
libusbk(sfnet) libusbK libusbK is a complete driver/library solution f... DOWNLOAD
videoprocessing(sfnet) Video Processing Project Video processing source code for algorithms and... DOWNLOAD
eclipsenet(sfnet) Eclipse.NET Eclipse.NET is a complete remake from scratch f... DOWNLOAD
osx-pl2303(sfnet) PL2303 USB to Serial Driver for Mac OS X PL2303 USB to Serial Driver for Mac OS X 10.9 M... DOWNLOAD
kiwix(freshmeat) Kiwix Kiwix is an offline reader for Web content. It ... DOWNLOAD
esrishapedump(sfnet) ESRI Shape Dump ESRI shape file viewer for Windows, written in ... DOWNLOAD
andsdc4bproject(sfnet) ANDS SISS (DC4B) Project An on-line GIS-enabled infrastructure for spati... DOWNLOAD
empserver(freshmeat) Empire Server Empire is a game that is played against human ... DOWNLOAD
thot(freshmeat) Thot Thot takes as input text in a wiki-like format ... DOWNLOAD
aria-vessels(sfnet) ARIA ARIA is software written in MATLAB for the anal... DOWNLOAD
pubwichfork(freshmeat) PubwichFork PubwichFork is a Web application that allows yo... DOWNLOAD
usbbot(sfnet) USB BOT USB BOT is a application used to help protect u... DOWNLOAD
embsysregview(freshmeat) EmbSysRegView EmbSysRegView provides an Eclipse view for the ... DOWNLOAD
joomla-follow-me-on-pinterest-(freshmeat) Joomla! Follow Me On Pinterest Module The Joomla! Follow Me On Pinterest Module displ... DOWNLOAD
logback-android(freshmeat) logback-android logback-android brings the power of Logback to ... DOWNLOAD
apphp-medical-appointment(freshmeat) ApPHP Medical Appointment ApPHP Medical Appointment is an online doctor a... DOWNLOAD
pro-webmasters-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Pro Webmasters Flair Module Joomla! Pro Webmasters Flair Module is a simple... DOWNLOAD
web-applications(freshmeat) Joomla! Web Applications Flair Module Joomla! Web Applications Flair Module is a simp... DOWNLOAD
joomla-healthcare-it-flair-mod(freshmeat) Joomla! Healthcare IT Flair Module Joomla! Healthcare IT Flair Module is a simple ... DOWNLOAD
tinc(freshmeat) tinc tinc is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon ... DOWNLOAD
no-pkg-config(freshmeat) no-pkg-config no-pkg-config is a bash script which implements... DOWNLOAD
safecopy(freshmeat) safecopy safecopy is a data recovery tool which tries to... DOWNLOAD
recipe-xpress(freshmeat) Recipe Xpress Recipe Xpress helps you manage recipes in a dat... DOWNLOAD
wendzelnntpd(freshmeat) WendzelNNTPd The WendzelNNTPd is an IPv6-ready Usenet server... DOWNLOAD
qpdfpresenter(sfnet) QPdfPresenterConsole Presentation console software, similar to what ... DOWNLOAD
awb(freshmeat) AsciiDoc Website Builder awb combines simple but powerful AsciiDoc marku... DOWNLOAD

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