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bioutils(sfnet) BioUtils A Collection of classes related to biological a... DOWNLOAD
talend-open-studio(freshmeat) Talend Open Studio for Data Integration Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is an E... DOWNLOAD
sc4tsct(sfnet) SC4TSCT This tool is for SimCity 4 to configure the NAM... DOWNLOAD
mo-da-browser(freshmeat) Mo Da Browser Mo Da Browser is a small, stable browser for An... DOWNLOAD
i-mscp(sfnet) iMSCP - Multi-Server Control Panel Internet - Multi Server Control Panel (i-MSCP) ... DOWNLOAD
opencv-ar(sfnet) OpenCV-AR OpenCV-AR is a software library used for Augmen... DOWNLOAD
collada-dom(sfnet) COLLADA Document Object Model (DOM) The COLLADA Document Object Model (DOM) is an a... DOWNLOAD
solr(freshmeat) Apache Solr Solr is an enterprise search platform from the ... DOWNLOAD
classicshell(sfnet) Classic Shell Classic Shell adds some missing features to Win... DOWNLOAD
summa(sfnet) Summa Lucens (and Solr) based search engine with very... DOWNLOAD
pimpmymaxi(sfnet) PIMP my MAXi Enhance Andromaxi Deodex ROM DOWNLOAD
lucene(freshmeat) Apache Lucene Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featu... DOWNLOAD
femtoos(sfnet) Femto OS The Femto OS is a very concise portable preempt... DOWNLOAD
schily(freshmeat) schily The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of too... DOWNLOAD
edge(sfnet) The EDGE Project Spawned from the Doom Engine, EDGE advances int... DOWNLOAD
jranges(sfnet) JRanges A Range is a collection of sequential positions... DOWNLOAD
coan2(sfnet) coan Coan is a software engineering tool for analysi... DOWNLOAD
nesoid(sfnet) Nesoid This project is based on sources, published by ... DOWNLOAD
recoil(sfnet) RECOIL Retro Computer Image Library decodes Amiga, Ata... DOWNLOAD
jfasta(sfnet) JFASTA JFASTA is a lightweight framework for handling ... DOWNLOAD
packagerqair(sfnet) Qair (for r-cran) a R package. 'Qair' gives access to data bases ... DOWNLOAD
gwenview(sfnet) Gwenview Gwenview is a simple image viewer for KDE DOWNLOAD
unfs3(sfnet) UNFS3 UNFS3 is a user-space implementation of the NFS... DOWNLOAD
pines(sfnet) Pines A full featured web application framework with ... DOWNLOAD
chmox(sfnet) Chmox A viewer for Microsoft Help "CHM" (ak... DOWNLOAD
pacmanager(sfnet) PAC Manager PAC is a Perl/GTK replacement for SecureCRT/Put... DOWNLOAD
rdesktop(sfnet) rdesktop rdesktop is an open source client for Windows N... DOWNLOAD
xmlrpc-c(sfnet) XML-RPC for C/C++ (Xmlrpc-c) Programming library for writing an XML-RPC serv... DOWNLOAD
dice(sfnet) DICE DICE is a Discrete Integrated Circuit Emulator.... DOWNLOAD
sprit-rechner(sfnet) Spritgeld-Rechner Ich stelle den Spritgeld-Rechner vor Er errechn... DOWNLOAD
atunes(freshmeat) aTunes aTunes is a full-featured audio player and mana... DOWNLOAD
octopussy(freshmeat) Octopussy Octopussy is a solution to manage your logs (al... DOWNLOAD
mach(freshmeat) mach mach allows you to set up clean roots from scra... DOWNLOAD
chan-sccp-b(freshmeat) chan-sccp-b chan-sccp-b is an extension of the original cha... DOWNLOAD
weechat(freshmeat) WeeChat WeeChat (Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat) is ... DOWNLOAD
emguexample(sfnet) EMGU Examples While still being collated a collection of exam... DOWNLOAD
mdpresetpack(sfnet) Milk Drop Preset Pack This Installer contains Textures and Presets fo... DOWNLOAD
amarok(freshmeat) Amarok Amarok is a sound system-independent audio-play... DOWNLOAD
treefrog-framework(freshmeat) TreeFrog Framework TreeFrog Framework is a high-speed and full-sta... DOWNLOAD
safekeep(freshmeat) SafeKeep SafeKeep is a centralized and easy to use backu... DOWNLOAD
tacticz(sfnet) Tacticz This is a game being made as a project for the ... DOWNLOAD
eventlogerrorno(sfnet) Event Log Error Notification A Windows program that you can install on a ser... DOWNLOAD
diskinfo(freshmeat) di di is a disk information utility that displays ... DOWNLOAD
globonote(freshmeat) GloboNote GloboNote is a desktop note taking application.... DOWNLOAD
gcab(freshmeat) gcab gcab is a tool and library for manipulating cab... DOWNLOAD
libpqxx(freshmeat) libpqxx libpqxx is the C++ front-end or driver (in the ... DOWNLOAD
mp3splt(freshmeat) Mp3splt mp3splt is a command-line utility that splits ... DOWNLOAD
qtgzmanager(freshmeat) QTGZManager QTGZManager is a frontend to the Slackware pkgt... DOWNLOAD
fusioninventory-agent(freshmeat) FusionInventory Agent FusionInventory Agent is an generic inventory a... DOWNLOAD
slacke17(freshmeat) SlackE17 SlackE17 is a distribution of the Enlightenment... DOWNLOAD
linuxtart(freshmeat) Linux tart Tart stands for "The Automatic Random Tagl... DOWNLOAD
qscintilla(freshmeat) QScintilla QScintilla is a port of the Scintilla C++ edito... DOWNLOAD
python-sip(freshmeat) Python-SIP SIP is a tool to generate C++ interface code fo... DOWNLOAD
expect-lite(freshmeat) Expect-lite expect-lite is an quick and easy command line a... DOWNLOAD
ffmpeg(freshmeat) FFmpeg FFmpeg is a tool for converting audio, video, a... DOWNLOAD
impresscms-ger(sfnet) ImpressCMS : German ImpressCMS is a community developed Content Man... DOWNLOAD
lpvs(freshmeat) LPVS LPVS (Linux Package Vulnerability Scanner) is a... DOWNLOAD
yamdi(freshmeat) Yet Another MetaData Injector for FLV yamdi stands for Yet Another MetaData Injector ... DOWNLOAD
r6rs-protobuf(freshmeat) r6rs-protobuf r6rs-protobuf provides a pure Scheme implementa... DOWNLOAD
pycalendargen(freshmeat) PyCalendarGen PyCalendarGen generates customizable calendar p... DOWNLOAD
conary(freshmeat) Conary Conary is a distributed software management sys... DOWNLOAD
phpeclipse(sfnet) PHPeclipse - PHP Eclipse-Plugin PHP - Support for the Eclipse IDE Framework ( w... DOWNLOAD
palettejoin(freshmeat) palettejoin palettejoin joins the palettes of multiple 8-bi... DOWNLOAD
listener(freshmeat) listener listener is a typical security-related program ... DOWNLOAD
berusky(freshmeat) Berusky Berusky is a logic game that is based on an anc... DOWNLOAD
quantum(sfnet) Quantum Database Utility Quantum is a database plugin for Eclipse (needs... DOWNLOAD
ujorm(freshmeat) Ujorm Ujorm is an easy-to-use ORM framework based on ... DOWNLOAD
jsoko(freshmeat) JSoko JSoko is a Java program for playing the game of... DOWNLOAD
pyscape(freshmeat) PyScape PyScape generates dynamic soundscapes using the... DOWNLOAD
java-apple-computer-emulator(freshmeat) Java Apple Computer Emulator jace is a cycle-accurate emulation of an enhanc... DOWNLOAD
fenics(freshmeat) FEniCS FEniCS is a collection of free software for aut... DOWNLOAD
wmconfig(freshmeat) Wmconfig Wmconfig is a text-based menu generation tool f... DOWNLOAD
night-time-display(freshmeat) Night Time Display Night Time Display is an Android client which d... DOWNLOAD
oobash(freshmeat) oobash oobash is an oo-style framework for bash 4 writ... DOWNLOAD
roles-ui(freshmeat) Roles UI Roles UI is a graphic interface library for Ru... DOWNLOAD
jmapper-framework(freshmeat) JMapper-Framework JMapper-Framework allows you to pass data from ... DOWNLOAD
tta-based-codesign-environment(freshmeat) TTA-based Co-design Environment TTA-based Co-design Environment (TCE) is a tool... DOWNLOAD
mundus(freshmeat) Mundus Mundus is a tool that can keep your /home folde... DOWNLOAD
mm2k6(sfnet) MudMaster 2k6 Next generation MudMaster GUI. Win32 GUI MUD cl... DOWNLOAD
marathon(sfnet) Aleph One: Marathon Open Source Aleph One is the open source continuation of Bu... DOWNLOAD
redisjd(sfnet) Redis-JD Java client for Redis allows programming most c... DOWNLOAD
vlc(freshmeat) VLC media player VLC media player is a multimedia player, framew... DOWNLOAD
lfyre(freshmeat) LFyre LFyre is a general purpose, compiled programmin... DOWNLOAD
mediatomb(sfnet) MediaTomb UPnP AV Media Server DOWNLOAD
tematres(sfnet) TemaTres: controlled vocabulary server Web application for management formal represent... DOWNLOAD
fische(freshmeat) Fische Fische provides stand-alone sound visualization... DOWNLOAD
appscale(freshmeat) AppScale AppScale is a platform that allows users to dep... DOWNLOAD
bdf2c(sfnet) bdf2c - BDF Font to C source convertor Converts bdf font files into C include files. T... DOWNLOAD
opendedup(freshmeat) Opendedup Opendedup is a deduplication-based filesystem a... DOWNLOAD
lxardoscope(sfnet) lxardoscope LXARDOSCOPE is a dual channel oscilloscope appl... DOWNLOAD
kwamoja(freshmeat) KwaMoja KwaMoja is a system that helps you manage your ... DOWNLOAD
wpkg(sfnet) wpkg Automated software deployment, upgrade and remo... DOWNLOAD
vistrails(sfnet) VisTrails VisTrails is a new scientific workflow manageme... DOWNLOAD
pnotes(sfnet) PNotes PNotes is light-weight, flexible, skinnable man... DOWNLOAD
mumb1e(sfnet) mumb1e Administration Tool for Mumble -/- Murmur Serve... DOWNLOAD
gtk2-perl(sfnet) gtk2-perl Perl bindings for Gtk+ 2.x, and 3.x, plus a few... DOWNLOAD
premake(sfnet) Premake Describe your software project with a full-feat... DOWNLOAD
encuestame(sfnet) encuestame Encuestame is an open source CMS to make severa... DOWNLOAD
autorevision(freshmeat) autorevision autorevision extracts metadata about the curren... DOWNLOAD
mawk(freshmeat) MAWK Mawk (Mike's AWK) is an interpreter for the AWK... DOWNLOAD

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