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tea-editor(sfnet) TEA text editor TEA is a text editor that provides a wide range... DOWNLOAD
omlx(sfnet) OMLX OMLX project is a place for processing of many ... DOWNLOAD
excelldapsearch(sfnet) Excel LDAP Search Excel LDAP Search (ELS) is an Excel add-in that... DOWNLOAD
nitro-nitf(sfnet) NITRO NITRO is a full-fledged, extensible library sol... DOWNLOAD
tweety(sfnet) Tweety Tweety is a collection of various Java librarie... DOWNLOAD
cgns(sfnet) CFD General Notation System (CGNS) The CFD General Notation System (CGNS) provides... DOWNLOAD
conceptbase(sfnet) is a multi-user deductive and ob... DOWNLOAD
bigsdb(sfnet) BIGSdb The Bacterial Isolate Genome Sequence Database ... DOWNLOAD
taskcoach(sfnet) Task Coach Task Coach - Your friendly task manager. Task C... DOWNLOAD
crabemu(sfnet) CrabEmu CrabEmu is a video game console emulator for Ma... DOWNLOAD
talend-studio(sfnet) Talend Open Studio for Data Integration Talend provides integration that truly scales. ... DOWNLOAD
arx(sfnet) Arx Libertatis Arx Libertatis is a cross-platform, open source... DOWNLOAD
envirocontrol(sfnet) Arduino Rasp Pi Environment Controller An Arduino and Raspberry Pi based Environment C... DOWNLOAD
idealtake(sfnet) Idealtake This software was designed to simplify your res... DOWNLOAD
wpbdc(sfnet) West Point Bridge Designer and Contest A national virtual bridge engineering contest w... DOWNLOAD
game-editor(sfnet) Game Editor Game Editor is the game design software that gi... DOWNLOAD
hybserv2(freshmeat) Hybserv2 Hybserv2 is a new and improved version of the n... DOWNLOAD
wiman(sfnet) Wi-MAN Wi-MAN is a simple tool to create wifi adhoc ne... DOWNLOAD
librangetree(freshmeat) librangetree librangetree is a C++ template, implementing a ... DOWNLOAD
alphalemon-cms(freshmeat) AlphaLemon CMS AlphaLemon CMS is a content management system b... DOWNLOAD
pam_skey(freshmeat) PAM S/Key module PAM S/Key is a module based on the original S/K... DOWNLOAD
timeplotters(freshmeat) timeplotters timeplotters is a collection of command line to... DOWNLOAD
punteframework(freshmeat) PunteFramework PunteFramework aims to be a lightweight PHP fra... DOWNLOAD
jvlt(sfnet) Vocabulary Learning Tool jVLT (Vocabulary Learning Tool) is a tool that ... DOWNLOAD
cbmpy(sfnet) CBMPy This is the new home of PySCeS-CBM a constraint... DOWNLOAD
d2rq-map(sfnet) D2RQ and D2R Server The D2RQ API provides access to relational data... DOWNLOAD
windspro(sfnet) WinDS PRO WinDS PRO (también abreviado como WinDS) es un ... DOWNLOAD
multibootusb(sfnet) multibootusb Multi Boot USB / MultiBoot USB / MultiBootUSB i... DOWNLOAD
opsi(sfnet) opsi opsi is a Client Management System for Windows ... DOWNLOAD
nmapsi(sfnet) nmap Qt4-based Graphical User Interface NmapSi is a complete Qt-based Gui with the desi... DOWNLOAD
umit(sfnet) umit UMIT is the new nmap frontend, intended to be c... DOWNLOAD
opensong(sfnet) OpenSong OpenSong is a free software application for man... DOWNLOAD
argus-tas(freshmeat) Argus Monitoring System Argus is a system and network monitoring applic... DOWNLOAD
libivykis(freshmeat) ivykis ivykis is a library for asynchronous I/O readin... DOWNLOAD
pyexpander(freshmeat) pyexpander pyexpander is a macro processor based on Python... DOWNLOAD
smbind(sfnet) Simple Management for BIND Smbind is a PHP-based tool for managing DNS zon... DOWNLOAD
db-model-excel(sfnet) database modeling excel This database modeling utility is an excel work... DOWNLOAD
findbugs(sfnet) FindBugs A static analysis tool to find bugs in Java pro... DOWNLOAD
pngcrush(freshmeat) pngcrush pngcrush is an excellent batch-mode compression... DOWNLOAD
phpmyadmin(freshmeat) phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the adm... DOWNLOAD
buckyexamples(sfnet) Buckminster Examples These are some experiments with Eclipse Buckmin... DOWNLOAD
z88vm(freshmeat) Z88vm OZvm is principally a hardware emulation of the... DOWNLOAD
exact-image(freshmeat) ExactImage ExactImage is a fast C++ image processing libra... DOWNLOAD
instmake(freshmeat) instmake instmake allows you to instrument builds with G... DOWNLOAD
openmigrate(sfnet) OpenMigrate Open Migrate is an open source framework which ... DOWNLOAD
detoetsfabriek(sfnet) POINTS - Multiple choice software A multiple choice test program with audio and v... DOWNLOAD
hfst(sfnet) Helsinki Finite-State Technology The Helsinki Finite-State Transducer toolkit is... DOWNLOAD
openbabel(sfnet) Open Babel Open Babel is a chemical toolbox designed to sp... DOWNLOAD
sfx-maker(sfnet) 7-ZIP SFX Maker This a windows GUI for creating self-extracting... DOWNLOAD
ninjaos(sfnet) Ninja OS HOPE was awesome, unfortunately we discovered a... DOWNLOAD
gtlt(sfnet) Global Translation and Localisation Team Translation team with the primary objective to ... DOWNLOAD
supercsv(sfnet) Super CSV Super CSV is a fast, programmer-friendly, open-... DOWNLOAD
strutstestcase(sfnet) StrutsTestCase for JUnit StrutsTestCase is an extension of the JUnit Tes... DOWNLOAD
geoblock(sfnet) Geoblock Geoblock is a program for 3D modeling, database... DOWNLOAD
exportswc(sfnet) ExportSWC ExportSWC is a plugin written for the FlashDeve... DOWNLOAD
kge(sfnet) Kochol Game Engine Kochol Game Engine(KGE) is an object-orianted h... DOWNLOAD
explorerplugin(sfnet) Plugin to Open Folder in Explorer/Shell An eclipse plug-in for opening a selected file... DOWNLOAD
turing-machine(sfnet) Turing and Post Machines: C++ Simulators The C++-programs simulate : Nondeterministic/De... DOWNLOAD
silverweb(sfnet) Silver Web Silver Web-game amateur level. Established in t... DOWNLOAD
flac(sfnet) FLAC-Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC is a free lossless compressed audio format... DOWNLOAD
shenmuesubs(sfnet) Shenmue Translation Pack The Shenmue Translation Pack provide tools used... DOWNLOAD
abntex(sfnet) abnTeX ATENÇÃO: abnTeX está em novo endereço: http://a... DOWNLOAD
bemap(sfnet) bemap BEMAP (BEnchMarks for Automatic Parallelizer) i... DOWNLOAD
maxfuacm(sfnet) MaxFu Android Compilations and MODs Android Kernal Compilations and ROM MODs by MaxFu. DOWNLOAD
airsim(sfnet) Travel Market Simulator That project aims at studying the impact of IT ... DOWNLOAD
osesb(sfnet) osesb osESB is a free, open source Enterprise Service... DOWNLOAD
eos-movrec(sfnet) EOS Camera Movie Record This software writes short movies with your dig... DOWNLOAD
scmrtos(sfnet) scmRTOS scmRTOS is tiny Real-Time Preemptive Operating ... DOWNLOAD
smartroom(sfnet) SmartRoom Recent progress in ubiquitous computing, ambien... DOWNLOAD
gdcm(sfnet) Grassroots DICOM Grassroots DiCoM is a C++ library for DICOM med... DOWNLOAD
yaprocmon(sfnet) Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor Yet Another Process Monitor (YAPM) is a powerfu... DOWNLOAD
flashpiano(sfnet) Flash Virtual Piano A virtual piano in flash. Play and record music... DOWNLOAD
frinika(sfnet) Frinika Frinika is a free, complete music workstation s... DOWNLOAD
qxrd(sfnet) qxrd QXRD is software for the acquisition and analys... DOWNLOAD
huf(sfnet) A Handful of Useful Files HUF (Handful of Useful Files) is a general-purp... DOWNLOAD
openmetronome(sfnet) Open Metronome Free open source GPL metronome (a "branch&... DOWNLOAD
bglightce(sfnet) BGLightCE BGLightCE is a free, open source backgammon gam... DOWNLOAD
macosxvim(sfnet) MacOSX Vim Vim Binaries for MacOSX DOWNLOAD
ordrumbox(sfnet) orDrumbox Java Software Drum Machine Software Drum Machine and Audio Sequencer in Ja... DOWNLOAD
comport(sfnet) ComPort Library TComPort by Dejan Crnila. Delphi/C++ Builder se... DOWNLOAD
ede(sfnet) EDE EDE is fast desktop environment with familiar l... DOWNLOAD
elefant-cms(freshmeat) Elefant CMS Elefant is a full-featured, but refreshingly si... DOWNLOAD
cewolf(sfnet) Cewolf - Chart TagLib Project Cewolf is a tag library for charts of all kinds... DOWNLOAD
aiplanet(sfnet) ai.planet ai.planet is a virtual world for artificial int... DOWNLOAD
fckeditor(sfnet) FCKeditor FCKeditor is browser-based WYSIWYG text editor,... DOWNLOAD
openprogrammer(sfnet) Open Programmer An USB programmer for various devices, includin... DOWNLOAD
emutos(sfnet) EmuTOS EmuTOS is a GEMDOS compatible operating system ... DOWNLOAD
unicore(sfnet) UNICORE UNICORE is a software suite for building federa... DOWNLOAD
allegro-pas(sfnet) Allegro.pas Allegro.pas is a wrapper to use Allegro with Pa... DOWNLOAD
beauty-hair-mng(sfnet) InCrEG LibertyLook [fr] Logiciel LibertyLook de gestion de salons ... DOWNLOAD
syslog-analyzer(sfnet) Octopussy: Log Management Solution Logs Analyzer, Alerter & Reporter with a We... DOWNLOAD
mainview-ds(sfnet) BMC MainView Data Server This project is a tool to extract data from the... DOWNLOAD
birdfont(sfnet) BirdFont BirdFont is a font editor which lets you create... DOWNLOAD
justpdf(sfnet) justPDF A PDF Reader that does just what is says. Read ... DOWNLOAD
cafesip(sfnet) CafeSip - Look what Java and SIP can do Session Initialtion Protocol (SIP) is widely us... DOWNLOAD
skysee(sfnet) SkySee 我想要一个简单的、可以方便查看大量图片的浏览... DOWNLOAD
picard(sfnet) picard A set of tools (in Java) for working with next ... DOWNLOAD
db2mc(sfnet) Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 The Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 is a light ... DOWNLOAD
orabbix(sfnet) orabbix Orabbix is an Oracle monitoring daemon. Actuall... DOWNLOAD
zero-ad(sfnet) 0 A.D. 0 A.D. (pronounced "zero ey-dee") is ... DOWNLOAD

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