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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
squashfs(sfnet) squashfs - a compressed fs for Linux Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only files... DOWNLOAD
edges-3g-bridge(sfnet) 3G Bridge The Generic Grid-Grid Bridge (3G Bridge) is a s... DOWNLOAD
p2p-radio(sfnet) P2P-Radio P2P-Radio is a peer-to-peer audio and video bro... DOWNLOAD
sofia-sip(sfnet) Sofia-SIP Sofia-SIP - a RFC3261 compliant SIP User-Agent ... DOWNLOAD
iscsitarget(sfnet) iSCSI Enterprise Target The aim of the project is to develop an open so... DOWNLOAD
ensuite(sfnet) EnSuite EnSuite is a network management plateform proto... DOWNLOAD
cronusskins(sfnet) CronusSkins Aqui esta disponivel todos os meus projetos DOWNLOAD
pcgen(sfnet) PCGen :: An RPG Character Generator PCGen is a free open source RPG character gener... DOWNLOAD
m2-bus(sfnet) m2 m2 is a network message bus designed to support... DOWNLOAD
infozip(sfnet) Info-ZIP project Info-ZIP portable compression/archiver utilitie... DOWNLOAD
rct3patchsvn(sfnet) RCT3 Mega Pack The ULTIMATE RCT3!!!! "CTR/CS/Editor/Custo... DOWNLOAD
crossfire(sfnet) Crossfire RPG game Crossfire is graphical multi-user 2d tile-based... DOWNLOAD
jawk(sfnet) Jawk Jawk is an interpreter/compiler for the AWK pro... DOWNLOAD
jvcl(sfnet) JEDI VCL for Delphi JVCL is a library of over 600 Delphi components... DOWNLOAD
owd(sfnet) OpenWorkdesk OpenWorkdesk is now Alfresco Workdesk. Get the... DOWNLOAD
freerdp(sfnet) FreeRDP FreeRDP is a free remote desktop protocol clien... DOWNLOAD
uranos(sfnet) Unattended Resolution in A Nutshell - OS Unattended installation of several Linux(kickst... DOWNLOAD
genode(sfnet) Genode OS Framework The Genode operating-system framework provides ... DOWNLOAD
tomahawk(sfnet) Tomahawk Test Tool Tomahawk is a command line utility that support... DOWNLOAD
mscorefonts2(sfnet) mscorefonts2 Here you'll find rpms to install Microsoft's Co... DOWNLOAD
tvbrowser(sfnet) TV-Browser - A free EPG TV-Browser is a java-based TV guide which can b... DOWNLOAD
javate(sfnet) JavATE JavATE is a set of Java libraries that enables ... DOWNLOAD
gimp-print(sfnet) Gutenprint - Top Quality Printer Drivers A very high quality package of printer drivers ... DOWNLOAD
teamlab(sfnet) ONLYOFFICE Free open source office suite and business prod... DOWNLOAD
zdt(sfnet) ZDT The ZDT (Zhongwen Development Tool) is a progra... DOWNLOAD
zurmo(sfnet) Zurmo Open Source CRM Open Source CRM application that is mobile, soc... DOWNLOAD
airtime(sfnet) Airtime Airtime lets you take total control of your rad... DOWNLOAD
automysqlbackup(sfnet) AutoMySQLBackup AutoMySQLBackup with a basic configuration will... DOWNLOAD
hessling-editor(sfnet) The Hessling Editor The Hessling Editor (THE) is a cross-platform t... DOWNLOAD
regina-rexx(sfnet) Regina REXX Interpreter An implementation of the the ANSI Standard REXX... DOWNLOAD
vtigercrm(sfnet) Vtiger CRM Vtiger CRM enables sales, support, and marketin... DOWNLOAD
pdcurses(sfnet) Public Domain Curses An implementation of the curses library for Win... DOWNLOAD
esmf(sfnet) Earth System Modeling Framework The Earth System Modeling Framework provides hi... DOWNLOAD
phpgedview(sfnet) PhpGedView PhpGedView is a revolutionary genealogy program... DOWNLOAD
davical(sfnet) DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server The DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server is a re... DOWNLOAD
lazarus-ccr(sfnet) Lazarus Code and Component Repository Lazarus is a free and open source development t... DOWNLOAD
geowebcache(sfnet) GeoWebCache GeoWebCache is a WMS tile cache that lets you s... DOWNLOAD
ftdi-usb-sio(sfnet) FTDI USB Serial Converter Driver Additional information and patches for a FTDI U... DOWNLOAD
cutassistant(sfnet) Cut Assistant Cut Assistant helps cutting video files. It doe... DOWNLOAD
empserver(sfnet) Empire Server Empire - A multi-player, client/server Internet... DOWNLOAD
megamek(sfnet) MegaMek MegaMek is a networked Java clone of BattleTech... DOWNLOAD
deaddeer(sfnet) Dead Deer 2.7 3D modeler, 3D game maker, 3D demo maker. A pow... DOWNLOAD
gofigure2(sfnet) GoFigure2 GoFigure2 is an open-source, cross-platform app... DOWNLOAD
ledger-smb(sfnet) LedgerSMB LedgerSMB is an ERP, featuring accounting (incl... DOWNLOAD
dotmatrix4beos(sfnet) Free software for BeOS, Haiku etc. BeOS versions of many useful utilities. UnRAR, ... DOWNLOAD
bluemsx(sfnet) blueMSX The MSX emulator to experience MSX differently.... DOWNLOAD
linuxlibertine(sfnet) We develop 2 artful digital font-families calle... DOWNLOAD
nplot(sfnet) NPlot Charting Library NPlot is an open source charting library for .N... DOWNLOAD
zdfmediathk(sfnet) MediathekView Das Programm durchsucht die Mediatheken verschi... DOWNLOAD
gekkoware(sfnet) Gekko Web Development Framework Gekko is a Framework for building dynamic websi... DOWNLOAD
instead(sfnet) INSTEAD INSTEAD was designed to interpret the games tha... DOWNLOAD
bitswitcher(sfnet) bitswitcher BITswitcher is a firmware-developing-project fo... DOWNLOAD
gridlab-d(sfnet) GridLAB-D GridLAB-D is a new power system simulation tool... DOWNLOAD
jamod(sfnet) Java Modbus Library jamod is an object oriented implementation of t... DOWNLOAD
neon(sfnet) neon roguelike engine Neon is a flexible Java roguelike engine. It fe... DOWNLOAD
ledmon(sfnet) Enclosure LED Utilities The ledmon and ledctl are Linux user space appl... DOWNLOAD
es-f(sfnet) |es|f| esniper frontend |es|f| is a web based HTML frontend for esniper... DOWNLOAD
pwmd(sfnet) pwmd A (libpwmd) client connects to the pwmd unix do... DOWNLOAD
geoportal(sfnet) Geoportal Server Geoportal Server is a standards-based, open sou... DOWNLOAD
sokobanyasc(sfnet) Sokoban YASC Sokoban YASC - Yet Another Sokoban Clone - for ... DOWNLOAD
openpowerlink(sfnet) openPOWERLINK openPOWERLINK is an Open Source Industrial Ethe... DOWNLOAD
gridsim(sfnet) GridSim: A Grid Simulation Toolkit GridSim allows modeling and simulation of entit... DOWNLOAD
initng(sfnet) InitNG InitNG strives to replace the old System V Init... DOWNLOAD
shoutcastgui(sfnet) Nullsoft SHOUTcast Server 2.0 GUI Shoutcast FRONTEND Gui created for the new Null... DOWNLOAD
haserl(sfnet) Haserl A tiny (<30K) cgi wrapper that uses a UNIX s... DOWNLOAD
denyhosts(sfnet) DenyHosts DenyHosts is a python program that automaticall... DOWNLOAD
hfterm(sfnet) hf - linux ham pactor soundcard program hfterm - linux ham radio soundcard digimode pro... DOWNLOAD
jni4net(sfnet) jni4net Fast, object oriented, intraprocess bridge betw... DOWNLOAD
inotify-tools(sfnet) inotify-tools inotify-tools is a C library and a set of comma... DOWNLOAD
htlivesight(sfnet) HTLiveSight With HTLiveSight, you can view your matches in ... DOWNLOAD
advpowermgr4ds(sfnet) Advanced Power Manager for Synology NAS A powerful power management application subsumi... DOWNLOAD
swept(sfnet) Swept Software Enhancement Progress Tracking -- Large... DOWNLOAD
clisp(sfnet) CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp CLISP is a portable ANSI Common Lisp implementa... DOWNLOAD
jsthread(sfnet) Concurrent.Thread Concurrent.Thread is a JavaScript library provi... DOWNLOAD
gumstix(sfnet) gumstix the gumstix project will provide system, develo... DOWNLOAD
laserfoam(sfnet) LaserFoam LaserFoam performs simulations of laser pulses ... DOWNLOAD
anon(sfnet) Privacy and Anonymity in the Internet Our goal is to develop, implement, evaluate and... DOWNLOAD
signserver(sfnet) SignServer The SignServer is an application for server sid... DOWNLOAD
vts(sfnet) Visual Test Shell for BACnet Visual Test Shell (VTS) is an application for t... DOWNLOAD
lmd-iso8583(sfnet) Free.iso8583.NET It makes message parsing/compiling esier. It wi... DOWNLOAD
koopa(sfnet) Koopa Cobol Parser Koopa is a Cobol parser (generator). It can han... DOWNLOAD
eloper(sfnet) ELOPER Elongation of paired-end reads for de novo asse... DOWNLOAD
openfoam-extend(sfnet) OpenFOAM extensions The goal of this project is to open the OpenFOA... DOWNLOAD
dpr(sfnet) Digital Preservation Recorder The Digital Preservation Recorder (DPR) has bee... DOWNLOAD
plandora(sfnet) Plandora Project Management Including: time track, request management, cust... DOWNLOAD
latextrack(sfnet) LaTeX Track Changes LaTeX Track Changes shows changes over time for... DOWNLOAD
taco(sfnet) taco TACO is a toolkit for building distributed cont... DOWNLOAD
openmailarchiva(sfnet) MailArchiva MailArchiva is a powerful, full featured email ... DOWNLOAD
hipergate(sfnet) hipergate CRM The most complete Open Source Java CRM + GroupW... DOWNLOAD
optflux(sfnet) OptFlux OptFlux is an open-source and modular software ... DOWNLOAD
cruisecontrol(sfnet) cruisecontrol CruiseControl is a framework for a continuous b... DOWNLOAD
tassel(sfnet) TASSEL TASSEL is a bioinformatics software package tha... DOWNLOAD
jaxlr(sfnet) jaxlr A simple java library for text and object orien... DOWNLOAD
lemonpos(sfnet) Lemon Pos Lemon Is an opensource Point of Sale software f... DOWNLOAD
inscore(sfnet) INScore INScore provides representation, composition an... DOWNLOAD
slam6d(sfnet) 3DTK - The 3D Toolkit The 3D Toolkit provides algorithms and methods ... DOWNLOAD
ajaxplorer(sfnet) Pydio Pydio is the mature open source alternative to ... DOWNLOAD
protomol(sfnet) ProtoMol- Molecular Dynamics Simulation ProtoMol is an object-oriented component based ... DOWNLOAD
ikasaneip(sfnet) Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform The Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform and ... DOWNLOAD
infonode(sfnet) InfoNode Docking Windows InfoNode Docking Windows is a Java Swing based ... DOWNLOAD

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