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vanessa(freshmeat) VA Network Enhanced Scalable Server Architecture VAnessa, the VA Network Enhanced Scalable Serve... DOWNLOAD
insap(freshmeat) inSap Insap is a XMMS input plugin to decode Atari XL... DOWNLOAD
sapplay(freshmeat) sapplay Sapplay is a console based player. It plays Ata... DOWNLOAD
sandlib(freshmeat) SandLib SandLib is a collection of libraries designed f... DOWNLOAD
quickimage(freshmeat) QuickImage QuickImage is an open-source utility for adding... DOWNLOAD
loki_update(freshmeat) Loki Update Tool The Loki Update Tool was written by Loki Softwa... DOWNLOAD
loki_uninstall(freshmeat) Loki Uninstall Tool The Loki Uninstall Tool was written by Loki Sof... DOWNLOAD
firewallwatchdog(freshmeat) Firewall Watchdog Firewall Watchdog is a real-time firewall monit... DOWNLOAD
king(freshmeat) KINg (KINg Is Not google!) KINg (KINg Is Not google!) is an effort to crea... DOWNLOAD
gpkcs(freshmeat) gpkcs gpkcs11 provides support functions to make the ... DOWNLOAD
cdspeed(freshmeat) cdspeed Modern cdrom drives are too fast. It can take s... DOWNLOAD
treescan(freshmeat) treescan Treescan finds all the files in a directory tre... DOWNLOAD
g3dgmv(freshmeat) g3DGMV g3DGMV is a free viewer for Digital Elevation M... DOWNLOAD
inventory(freshmeat) phpGW inventory phpGW inventory is an add-on application for ph... DOWNLOAD
astaropsd(freshmeat) Astaro Portscan Detection Astaro Portscan Detection is a netfilter target... DOWNLOAD
spatializer-x11-reference(freshmeat) 2D Spatialization of Sound This is a port of a recently announced 2D sound... DOWNLOAD
3dom(freshmeat) 3dom 3dom stands for 3-Dimensional Object Modeler. T... DOWNLOAD
3dsiaprototype(freshmeat) 3Dsia Prototype 3Dsia is a prototype 3D system for system admin... DOWNLOAD
4inarow(freshmeat) 4inarow 4inarow is a small client/server four-in-a-row ... DOWNLOAD
ah-tty(freshmeat) A Helpful TTY Ah-tty is an automatic helper for command promp... DOWNLOAD
abclock(freshmeat) ABClock Analogue Bitmap Clock displays the current time... DOWNLOAD
abyss(freshmeat) Abyss Web Server ABYSS aims to be a fully HTTP/1.1 compliant Web... DOWNLOAD
acalc(freshmeat) acalc Acalc is a small console-based calculator writt... DOWNLOAD
acidim(freshmeat) AcidIM AcidIM is an Instant Messenger application writ... DOWNLOAD
adjtimex(freshmeat) adjtimex Adjtimex allows command line manipulation of th... DOWNLOAD
adns(freshmeat) adns adns is a replacement resolver library. Its pro... DOWNLOAD
varnish(sfnet) varnish Varnish is a high-performance HTTP accelerator. DOWNLOAD
adora(freshmeat) Adora Adora is intended to be a full-featured email c... DOWNLOAD
aqotdd(freshmeat) Afghan Hound Quote of the Day Daemon Afghan Hound Quote of the Day Daemon uses both... DOWNLOAD
april(freshmeat) APRIL APRIL is a symbolic programming language that i... DOWNLOAD
agnostos(freshmeat) Agnostos Agnostos is a simple Web-based tool for managin... DOWNLOAD
alarmapplet(freshmeat) alarm applet alarm applet is a GNOME panel applet that provi... DOWNLOAD
alfalinux(freshmeat) Alfalinux Alfalinux is a Slackware-like Linux distributio... DOWNLOAD
aliases2cdbm(freshmeat) aliases2cdbm Aliases2cdbm is a utility for converting mail a... DOWNLOAD
alien(freshmeat) Alien Alien converts between the rpm, deb, Stampede s... DOWNLOAD
am-utils(freshmeat) am-utils am-utils is the next generation of the popular ... DOWNLOAD
amcmailclient(freshmeat) AMC Mail Client The AMC Mail Client is a mail client striving t... DOWNLOAD
ammp(freshmeat) AMMP AMMP (another molecular mechanics program) is a... DOWNLOAD
anacron(freshmeat) anacron Anacron is a periodic command scheduler. It exe... DOWNLOAD
angif(freshmeat) angif ANGIF is a C library to generate GIF format out... DOWNLOAD
anpa(freshmeat) anpa The anpa utility takes a newswire service feed ... DOWNLOAD
ansiprint(freshmeat) ansiprint Ansiprint is a utility for printing text files ... DOWNLOAD
anteil(freshmeat) Anteil Anteil is a Web-based Customer Relationship Man... DOWNLOAD
apachejserv(freshmeat) Apache JServ The Apache JServ is a Java servlet engine, an e... DOWNLOAD
apachespfc(freshmeat) Apache SPFC When building server side applications for the ... DOWNLOAD
apache-owa(freshmeat) Apache-OWA Apache-OWA is a module for Apache/mod_perl to r... DOWNLOAD
apache2dot(freshmeat) apache2dot apache2dot generates a directed graph of users'... DOWNLOAD
archivezip(freshmeat) Archive::Zip The Archive::Zip module allows a Perl program t... DOWNLOAD
apmiser(freshmeat) Apmiser Apmiser is a daemon that monitors the CPU usage... DOWNLOAD
arc(freshmeat) arc arc is an ASN.1 compiler written by FORGE Resea... DOWNLOAD
apachearchive(freshmeat) Apache::Archive Apache::Archive is a mod_perl module that lets ... DOWNLOAD
armed(freshmeat) Armed Use Armed to detect home intrusion and sound an... DOWNLOAD
armymaker(freshmeat) Army Maker ArmyMaker is a GTK application used to maintain... DOWNLOAD
artecas6escannerdriver(freshmeat) Artec As6e Scanner Driver This is a Linux driver for the Artec AS6E scann... DOWNLOAD
as-gps(freshmeat) as-gps as-gps contains a basic support library for acc... DOWNLOAD
asbutton(freshmeat) asbutton A dockable application launcher for use in Afte... DOWNLOAD
aaprint(freshmeat) ASCII art printer The ASCII art printer shows letters printed in ... DOWNLOAD
ascii2pdf(freshmeat) ascii2pdf ascii2pdf is a simple text to PDF converter. It... DOWNLOAD
asexec(freshmeat) asexec asexec is a state machine which displays a pixm... DOWNLOAD
asnews(freshmeat) asNews asNews is a simple news retrieving and parsing ... DOWNLOAD
astime(freshmeat) astime astime is an analogue clock for X windows. It s... DOWNLOAD
atarux(freshmeat) atarux atarux aims to allow Atari-Bit 8 bit bbs's to c... DOWNLOAD
atiswiki(freshmeat) AtisWiki AtisWiki is a clone of Ward Cunningham's WikiWi... DOWNLOAD
audiodsp(freshmeat) Audio::DSP Audio::DSP is built around the OSS (Open Sound ... DOWNLOAD
audiocdweb(freshmeat) AudioCD Web Interface The AudioCD Web Interface provides an easy inte... DOWNLOAD
audit(freshmeat) audit The audit program recursively searches through ... DOWNLOAD
etsre(freshmeat) Auerswald ETS 4308i ISDN PBX Reverse Engineering P The Auerswald ETS 4308i ISDN PBX Reverse Engine... DOWNLOAD
austinpm(freshmeat) Austin PM Austin is a program for project management. It ... DOWNLOAD
authensmb(freshmeat) Authen::Smb Authen::Smb allows you to authenticate against ... DOWNLOAD
autoclose(freshmeat) Autoclose Autoclose will close a user-specified process w... DOWNLOAD
autofscdchanger(freshmeat) Autofs CD Changer The Autofs CD Changer patch allows you to autom... DOWNLOAD
autojot(freshmeat) Autojot Autojot lets you index and search every Web pag... DOWNLOAD
autoxdr(freshmeat) Automated support for compound RPC calls NFSv4 specifies that the RPC calls be batched i... DOWNLOAD
autostatus(freshmeat) autostatus autostatus is yet another network monitoring pr... DOWNLOAD
avacl(freshmeat) AVAcl AVAcl is intended to be called from within AV s... DOWNLOAD
avengersnewssystem(freshmeat) Avenger's News System Avenger's News System is an easy-to-use and eas... DOWNLOAD
avtv(freshmeat) avtv avtv is an SVGAlib/X11 program to capture and d... DOWNLOAD
awag(freshmeat) AWAG AWAG dials a number via ISDN and plays a messag... DOWNLOAD
awe32controlpanel(freshmeat) AWE32ControlPanel AWE32ControlPanel is a GNOME app to load .sbk/.... DOWNLOAD
babelj(freshmeat) Babelj Babelj is a language server for Java. It allows... DOWNLOAD
kfibs(freshmeat) bacKgammon bacKgammon is a backgammon program specifically... DOWNLOAD
backupsd(freshmeat) backupsd backupsd is an ultra-simple daemon to handle em... DOWNLOAD
badge(freshmeat) Badge Badge allows users to display a simple graphica... DOWNLOAD
bag(freshmeat) bag bag is used to buffer data. It was created as a... DOWNLOAD
balmail(freshmeat) Balmail balmail will email a daily report to your boss ... DOWNLOAD
banal(freshmeat) BANAL BANAL is a bookkeeping system that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
bannerkiller(freshmeat) BannerKiller BannerKiller is a very simple HTTP proxy which ... DOWNLOAD
barrendero(freshmeat) barrendero Barrendero is a program designed to keep free s... DOWNLOAD
bclf(freshmeat) BCLF BCLF is the Binary Common Log Format, a fast, p... DOWNLOAD
bcnu(freshmeat) bcnu bcnu is a Web-based system management tool whic... DOWNLOAD
beatmonkey(freshmeat) Beat Monkey Beat Monkey is a very simple program which calu... DOWNLOAD
bet(freshmeat) BET BET (BET's Encrypted Talk) is an encrypted vers... DOWNLOAD
betaftpd(freshmeat) BetaFTPD BetaFTPD is a single-threaded FTP daemon. The s... DOWNLOAD
bfbtester-bruteforcebinarytest(freshmeat) BFBTester - Brute Force Binary Tester BFBTester is good for doing quick, proactive se... DOWNLOAD
bfsfilesystemforlinux(freshmeat) BFS Filesystem for Linux BFS is a filesystem used on BeOS. This module p... DOWNLOAD
bicycleridecaloriecalculator(freshmeat) Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator is a simple pro... DOWNLOAD
bb(freshmeat) BigBen BigBen is a client/server application built to ... DOWNLOAD
bingox(freshmeat) BingoX BingoX is an object oriented Web Application Fr... DOWNLOAD
bishop(freshmeat) Bishop Bishop is a request description language used w... DOWNLOAD
bitcomp(freshmeat) BitComp BitComp is a new compression method using bits ... DOWNLOAD

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