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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
dreams(freshmeat) Dreams Eternal Dreams Eternal is an FPS game that focuses on a... DOWNLOAD
drone(freshmeat) Drone Drone is a system for automatically running sim... DOWNLOAD
drumpatterns(freshmeat) DrumPatterns DrumPatterns is a free, open source, web orient... DOWNLOAD
dsniff(freshmeat) dsniff dsniff is a suite of sniffing tools for penetra... DOWNLOAD
dtfs(freshmeat) dtfs The goal of the dtfs project is to implement a ... DOWNLOAD
dtheatrenewsgrabber(freshmeat) Dtheatre News Grabber Dtheatre News Grabber is a CGI/Perl script to f... DOWNLOAD
dumb(freshmeat) DUMB DUMB is a 3D game engine, reminiscent of id sof... DOWNLOAD
dvipdfm(freshmeat) dvipdfm Dvipdfm is a DVI to PDF translator. Its feature... DOWNLOAD
dx0(freshmeat) DX0 DX0 is a PHP library that generates Dynamic HTM... DOWNLOAD
dyn-dns-bind8(freshmeat) dyn-dns-bind8 The scripts in the dyn-dns-bind8 package allow ... DOWNLOAD
edb(freshmeat) E Database Access library Edb provides a stable API and file format for a... DOWNLOAD
e-logmonitor(freshmeat) E-LogMonitor E-LogMonitor is an Enlightenment epplet that mo... DOWNLOAD
e-squirt(freshmeat) e-Squirt e-Squirt is a simple protocol for sending URLs ... DOWNLOAD
e8ball(freshmeat) E8Ball E8Ball is an epplet that responds to questions ... DOWNLOAD
e93(freshmeat) e93 e93 is a portable window-based text editor orie... DOWNLOAD
edoc(freshmeat) e:doc e:doc gives users of SGML-based systems the abi... DOWNLOAD
eapsampler(freshmeat) eapsampler eapsampler is a Linux kernel module that implem... DOWNLOAD
easter(freshmeat) easter Easter calculates and displays the day in which... DOWNLOAD
easysocketlibrary(freshmeat) Easy Socket Library The Easy Socket library supplies some functions... DOWNLOAD
easypos(freshmeat) easyPOS easyPOS is a GTK+ cash register written in C. I... DOWNLOAD
ebison(freshmeat) eBison eBison generates Elisp parser functions from Bi... DOWNLOAD
ebola(freshmeat) Ebola Ebola is used as a bridge between AV engines (e... DOWNLOAD
ecam(freshmeat) eCam eCam is a Webcam platform capable of supporting... DOWNLOAD
ecc(freshmeat) ecc ecc is a class library for working with ellipti... DOWNLOAD
ecdl2k-108(freshmeat) ecdl2K-108 ecdl2K-108 is a client daemon for Certicom's EC... DOWNLOAD
e-db(freshmeat) eDB eDB is a very simple and easy-to-use collection... DOWNLOAD
efone(freshmeat) efone Efone is a distributed internet phone system. I... DOWNLOAD
efs(freshmeat) efs The Extent File System (efs) is Silicon Graphic... DOWNLOAD
egcs-jvm(freshmeat) egcs-jvm egcs-jvm is a clean patch to egcs targeting the... DOWNLOAD
ego(freshmeat) EGO EGO is a program to perform molecular dynamics ... DOWNLOAD
egtk(freshmeat) eGTK eGTK is a binding between the Eiffel programmin... DOWNLOAD
elcid(freshmeat) El Cid El Cid is a caller ID program for Linux. It jus... DOWNLOAD
el-wizard(freshmeat) El Wizard El Wizard is a general wizard tool for Emacs, b... DOWNLOAD
ele(freshmeat) ELE ELE is a realtime audio effect program. Effects... DOWNLOAD
elfnote(freshmeat) elfnote elfnote adds a note segment to an ELF executabl... DOWNLOAD
elizatalk(freshmeat) Elizatalk for Licq Elizatalk for Licq is an Artificially Intellige... DOWNLOAD
elm2mutt(freshmeat) elm2mutt This script takes all aliases from Elm and outp... DOWNLOAD
emacsw3(freshmeat) Emacs/W3 Emacs/W3 is a full-featured web browser, writte... DOWNLOAD
email2sms(freshmeat) email2sms email2sms is a filter written in Perl which con... DOWNLOAD
emailscan(freshmeat) EmailScan EmailScan scans incoming multipart email for ba... DOWNLOAD
embeddedperl5languageeperl(freshmeat) Embedded Perl 5 Language (ePerl) ePerl interprets an ASCII file bristled with Pe... DOWNLOAD
emelfm(freshmeat) emelFM emelFM is a file manager that implements the po... DOWNLOAD
enable_logitech_wheel(freshmeat) Enable_Logitech_Wheel Enable_Logitech_Wheel is designed to send re-in... DOWNLOAD
encrypt(freshmeat) encrypt encrypt turns any plaintext word into an encryp... DOWNLOAD
enigma(freshmeat) Enigma Enigma is a puzzle game with elements of Boulde... DOWNLOAD
enscriptconfig(freshmeat) Enscriptconfig Enscriptconfig is a front-end to GNU enscript's... DOWNLOAD
ensemble(freshmeat) Ensemble Ensemble is a toolkit for building reliable dis... DOWNLOAD
envarray(freshmeat) Env::Array The Env::Array Perl module permits the user to... DOWNLOAD
enzymetemplates(freshmeat) EnzymeTemplates EnzymeTemplates is an object-oriented PHP libra... DOWNLOAD
gnubot(freshmeat) gnuBot gnuBot is an IRC bot written in Perl, designed ... DOWNLOAD
epicssl-irc(freshmeat) EPIC SSL-IRC EPIC SSL-IRC is an attempt to create a fully tr... DOWNLOAD
eportal(freshmeat) ePortal ePortal is an integration of Expresso, Struts a... DOWNLOAD
eridu(freshmeat) Eridu Eridu is a Web-based groupware suite written in... DOWNLOAD
erikyyyphone(freshmeat) erikyyyphone erikyyyphone is a very old internet audio confe... DOWNLOAD
erpcd-talker(freshmeat) erpcd-talker erpcd-talker is a simple set of utilities which... DOWNLOAD
esky(freshmeat) esky esky is an implementation of job freezing (chec... DOWNLOAD
esm(freshmeat) ESM ESM (Extensible System Monitor) is a daemon tha... DOWNLOAD
esound-control_sh(freshmeat) EsounD Controller is a Bash script frontend to esdc... DOWNLOAD
esquire(freshmeat) eSquire eSquire is a majordomo replacement that provide... DOWNLOAD
eterm_color(freshmeat) eterm_color The eterm_color utility creates RGB values from... DOWNLOAD
ethernettapdriver(freshmeat) Ethernet TAP driver TAP provides packet reception and transmission ... DOWNLOAD
ether_fr(freshmeat) ether_fr ether_fr is a patch for Sangoma's Frame Relay d... DOWNLOAD
eud2mbox(freshmeat) eud2mbox eud2mbox is a conversion utility to convert Eud... DOWNLOAD
eventmonitorproject(freshmeat) Event Monitor Project The Event monitor project is an approach to net... DOWNLOAD
everybuddyjava(freshmeat) Everybuddy Java Everybuddy Java (EBJava) is a messaging system ... DOWNLOAD
exchangerate(freshmeat) exchangerate exchangerate is a Perl script to get a currency... DOWNLOAD
exml(freshmeat) eXML eXML is a XML 1.0 parser for Eiffel based on ex... DOWNLOAD
exmms(freshmeat) exmms exmms is an xmms control epplet. DOWNLOAD
expertguide(freshmeat) Expert Guide Expert Guide is a text-based Norton Guide reader. DOWNLOAD
extsub(freshmeat) ExtSub ExtSub extracts and decodes subtitle data from ... DOWNLOAD
eznet(freshmeat) eznet Eznet makes setting up PPP for Linux easy. Just... DOWNLOAD
ezrpm(freshmeat) EzRPM EzRPM takes one or more RPM packages as paramet... DOWNLOAD
fairsched(freshmeat) fairsched Fairsched is a hierarchical fair CPU scheduler.... DOWNLOAD
fakebo(freshmeat) FakeBO FakeBO fakes trojan server responses (Back Orif... DOWNLOAD
fakedtelnet(freshmeat) Faked Telnet Faked_Telnet is a shell script using netcat to ... DOWNLOAD
falconfirewallproject(freshmeat) Falcon Firewall Project The Falcon Project (Free Application-Level CONn... DOWNLOAD
famp(freshmeat) FAMP The Free Animation and Modeling Project (or FAM... DOWNLOAD
faqplain(freshmeat) FAQ PLAIN FAQ PLAIN is a simple FAQ preprocessor. It gene... DOWNLOAD
farsh(freshmeat) farsh farsh is a utility to simplify shell script cre... DOWNLOAD
frt(freshmeat) Fast Rendering Toolkit FRT is a toolkit for the generation of 3D anima... DOWNLOAD
fastjar(freshmeat) fastjar FastJar is an attempt to create a much faster r... DOWNLOAD
favnuts(freshmeat) FavNuts FavNuts converts IE favorite files to a Netscap... DOWNLOAD
fb(freshmeat) fb fb is a binary file viewer, editor, and manipul... DOWNLOAD
fcserv(freshmeat) FC-Server The fcserver is an x10 control server which all... DOWNLOAD
fclock(freshmeat) FClock FClock is a small digital clock for X-windows. ... DOWNLOAD
fcmp(freshmeat) fcmp It is generally not wise to compare two floatin... DOWNLOAD
fdscript(freshmeat) FDScript FDScript is a lightweight multilingual Scheme i... DOWNLOAD
femfind(freshmeat) FemFind FemFind is a crawler and search engine for SMB ... DOWNLOAD
festvox(freshmeat) Festvox The festvox project, based at Carnegie Mellon U... DOWNLOAD
ff4l(freshmeat) FF4L FF4L is a system for enhancing the GNU locate u... DOWNLOAD
ffingerd(freshmeat) ffingerd ffingerd is a small and secure finger daemon fo... DOWNLOAD
fhttpd(freshmeat) fhttpd fhttpd is an FTP/HTTP server with modules suppo... DOWNLOAD
fsbackup(freshmeat) Filesystem Backup Filesystem Backup is a utility which displays l... DOWNLOAD
filesystemshowto(freshmeat) Filesystems HOWTO The Filesystems HOWTO is a document that descri... DOWNLOAD
filetraq(freshmeat) FileTraq FileTraq is a shell script designed to be run p... DOWNLOAD
filewatch(freshmeat) FileWatch FileWatch is a program which looks after your f... DOWNLOAD
filler(freshmeat) Filler in Java Filler in Java is a rewrite of the Windows game... DOWNLOAD
findhosts(freshmeat) FindHosts FindHosts simplifies DHCP troubleshooting by pr... DOWNLOAD
firegnome(freshmeat) Fire Gnome Fire Gnome (aka gfirewall) is a GTK-based GUI f... DOWNLOAD
flashcount(freshmeat) FlashCount FlashCount is a X11 application written in TCL/... DOWNLOAD

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