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gumshoe(freshmeat) Gumshoe Gumshoe is a program that connects to multiple ... DOWNLOAD
fpl(freshmeat) FPL FPL (Frexx Programming Language) is an interpre... DOWNLOAD
guppi(freshmeat) Guppi Guppi is a GNOME-based plot program with integr... DOWNLOAD
gvm(freshmeat) GVM GVM provides a simple, extensible framework for... DOWNLOAD
gx10(freshmeat) gx10 GX10 is a GTK based program used to control X10... DOWNLOAD
gxhost(freshmeat) gxhost gxhost is an interface to the command xhost wri... DOWNLOAD
gxsnmp(freshmeat) gxsnmp gxsnmp is a SNMP managment frontend that is a p... DOWNLOAD
gyahtzee(freshmeat) Gyahtzee Gyahtzee is a gnomified version of yahtzee. It ... DOWNLOAD
half-lifeadminmod(freshmeat) Half-life Admin MOD Half-Life Admin MOD is a plugin module to any H... DOWNLOAD
hamlog(freshmeat) HamLog HamLog is a simple Amateur Radio Daily Logging ... DOWNLOAD
hamster(freshmeat) Hamster Font Manager Hamster Font Manager (HFM) helps you control th... DOWNLOAD
haruspex(freshmeat) HaruspeX HaruspeX is a visual environment for image data... DOWNLOAD
harvest-ng(freshmeat) harvest-ng Harvest-NG is a set of tools for building a sta... DOWNLOAD
hatman(freshmeat) Hatman Hatman is a Pacman clone to run on svgalib or g... DOWNLOAD
hhmp3(freshmeat) Headless Horse-MP3 The Headless HorseMP3 is a PHP interface for pl... DOWNLOAD
hearts(freshmeat) Hearts Hearts is a KDE clone of the Windows program. I... DOWNLOAD
hex(freshmeat) Hex Hex is a GTK+ clone of Puzzle Bobble. DOWNLOAD
hex2rgbandrgb2hex(freshmeat) hex2rgb and rgb2hex hex2rgb and rgb2hex are two C programs useful f... DOWNLOAD
hhgg2xml(freshmeat) hhgg2xml hhgg2xml will fetch articles from and ... DOWNLOAD
hierarchytools(freshmeat) hierarchy tools Heirarchy Tools is a small and slowly growing c... DOWNLOAD
hlds-mon(freshmeat) HLDS monitor hlds-mon sits on top of a hlds_l session, monit... DOWNLOAD
hlim(freshmeat) Home Library Information Manager The Home Library Information Manager (HLIM) is ... DOWNLOAD
hood(freshmeat) Hood Hood is a C++ user-level threads library for mu... DOWNLOAD
hostinfo(freshmeat) hostinfo Hostinfo is a utility for looking up hostnames ... DOWNLOAD
hpfind(freshmeat) HPFind HPFind searches your users' directories for hom... DOWNLOAD
hpp(freshmeat) HPP The HTML Pre-Processor is a perl5 script that d... DOWNLOAD
hppsmtools(freshmeat) hppsmtools Hppsmtools is a collection of command line prog... DOWNLOAD
hptrans(freshmeat) HpTrans HpTrans is a tool to allow easy transfer and ed... DOWNLOAD
htmlplain(freshmeat) HTML PLAIN HTML PLAIN is a "HTML Preprocessor Lacking... DOWNLOAD
html-tree(freshmeat) HTML-Tree HTML-Tree is a Perl program that recursively de... DOWNLOAD
html2c(freshmeat) html2c html2c will help anyone writing cgi-bin program... DOWNLOAD
html2perl(freshmeat) html2perl html2perl automates the process of converting H... DOWNLOAD
htmlep(freshmeat) HTML::EP HTML::EP is a server-side embedded HTML system ... DOWNLOAD
htmlepglimpse(freshmeat) HTML::EP::Glimpse HTML::EP::Glimpse is a simple search engine in ... DOWNLOAD
htmlpager(freshmeat) HTML::Pager This module handles the paging of data coming f... DOWNLOAD
htmlarchive(freshmeat) HTMLArchive HTMLArchive provides Webmasters with an easy me... DOWNLOAD
htmljar(freshmeat) HTMLjar HTMLjar is an easy to use Java package to const... DOWNLOAD
htmllayout(freshmeat) HtmlLayout HtmlLayout is a Java LayoutManager that allows ... DOWNLOAD
htmlshell(freshmeat) htmlshell htmlshell is an offline HTML preprocessor. It c... DOWNLOAD
htmsysinfo(freshmeat) htmsysinfo htmsysinfo writes information about your system... DOWNLOAD
htnews(freshmeat) htnews htnews is a highly configurable email robot for... DOWNLOAD
http-tiny(freshmeat) http-tiny http-tiny is a very small C library to make htt... DOWNLOAD
httpgate(freshmeat) HTTPGate HTTPGate is a filtering HTTP Gateway originally... DOWNLOAD
httpmanage(freshmeat) httpmanage httpmanage is a PHP3 tool that provides functio... DOWNLOAD
http_load(freshmeat) http_load http_load runs multiple HTTP fetches in paralle... DOWNLOAD
hue(freshmeat) Hue Hue is a Hotline User Editor with a GTK+ interf... DOWNLOAD
hview(freshmeat) hview hview is a Curses-based hex editor designed to ... DOWNLOAD
hybridcon(freshmeat) hybridcon hybridcon lets you get access to the configurat... DOWNLOAD
hygene(freshmeat) HyGene HyGene is a free system for semi-automatically ... DOWNLOAD
hyper-textcross-referencingart(freshmeat) Hyper-Text Cross-Referencing Article Database The Hypertext Cross-referencing Article Databas... DOWNLOAD
hyperplay(freshmeat) Hyperplay Hyperplay is a GTK+ multimedia authoring engine... DOWNLOAD
icapd(freshmeat) icapd icapd is an ICAP (Internet Calendaring Access P... DOWNLOAD
icbm3d2(freshmeat) ICBM3D/2 An OpenGL based game. Nuclear missiles (ICBM's)... DOWNLOAD
icm(freshmeat) ICM The ICM is an asynchronous communication model ... DOWNLOAD
icmpmonitor(freshmeat) icmpmonitor The icmpmonitor monitors several hosts using th... DOWNLOAD
icontact(freshmeat) icontact icontact is a highly-configurable Perl script t... DOWNLOAD
icqlib(freshmeat) icqlib icqlib is the most feature complete, open sourc... DOWNLOAD
icqmail(freshmeat) icqmail icqmail is a simple daemon which allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
id-utils(freshmeat) id-utils The id-utils package contains very fast and hig... DOWNLOAD
id2(freshmeat) ID2 ID2 is a small utility which shows information ... DOWNLOAD
id2daemon(freshmeat) ID2 Daemon The ID2 Daemon is a server for remote queries o... DOWNLOAD
ide-floppydriver(freshmeat) IDE Floppy Driver for Linux The IDE Floppy Driver for Linux supports the AT... DOWNLOAD
idooxoap(freshmeat) IdooXoap IdooXoap is a toolkit for communicating/RPC via... DOWNLOAD
ild(freshmeat) ILD ILD is a small daemon and logfile analyser that... DOWNLOAD
postamt(freshmeat) IMAP-PostAmt IMAP-PostAmt is a PHP-based Web frontend to IMA... DOWNLOAD
imaptool(freshmeat) imaptool imaptool is a X/Motif utility for creating clie... DOWNLOAD
imho-de(freshmeat) IMHO-DE IMHO-DE is a module to enable German in IMHO v.... DOWNLOAD
imuse(freshmeat) iMuse iMuse (Internet Museum) is a tool for creating ... DOWNLOAD
incant(freshmeat) incant incant is a dict(ionary) service client with bo... DOWNLOAD
infinymail(freshmeat) InfinyMail InfinyMail is an On-Demand Mail Relay (ODMR) im... DOWNLOAD
informationmanager(freshmeat) Information Manager Information Manager handles formatting and the ... DOWNLOAD
insight(freshmeat) Insight Insight is a tcl/tk based GUI for GDB, the GNUD... DOWNLOAD
installbackup(freshmeat) Install Backup Install Backup will install and configure TOB (... DOWNLOAD
installdisksforcompaqproliant(freshmeat) Install Disks for Compaq Proliant The Install Disks for Compaq Proliant help with... DOWNLOAD
install-webserver(freshmeat) Install Webserver Install Webserver will install Apache, PHP, and... DOWNLOAD
instmon(freshmeat) instmon instmon is a shell script that monitors install... DOWNLOAD
internetrelaychatextensions(freshmeat) Internet Relay Chat Extensions Internet Relay Chat Extensions is a project to ... DOWNLOAD
introtobashprogramminghowto(freshmeat) Intro to Bash Programming HOWTO The Intro to Bash Programming HOWTO is meant fo... DOWNLOAD
ipac(freshmeat) ipac ipac is an IP accounting package for Linux. It ... DOWNLOAD
ipaqhandheldlinuxdistribution(freshmeat) iPAQ Handheld Linux iPAQ Hanheld Linux is a distribution for the iP... DOWNLOAD
ipaudit(freshmeat) ipaudit The ipaudit package records and displays networ... DOWNLOAD
ipcsharedcache(freshmeat) IPC::SharedCache The IPC::SharedCache Perl module provides a sha... DOWNLOAD
ipchains(freshmeat) ipchains ipchains is the user-space portion of the new L... DOWNLOAD
ipchainsfirewallingmoduleforwe(freshmeat) IPchains Firewalling Module for Webmin The IPchains Firewalling Module, part of the Ro... DOWNLOAD
ipfwadm2ipchains(freshmeat) ipfwadm2ipchains The ipfwadm2ipchains script is designed to conv... DOWNLOAD
iplog(freshmeat) iplog iplog is a TCP/IP traffic logger. Currently, it... DOWNLOAD
ipmkchains(freshmeat) ipmkchains ipmkchains reads in a set of firewall rule file... DOWNLOAD
iprobetoolsuite(freshmeat) Iprobe Tool Suite Iprobe is a low-overhead toolsuite that uses th... DOWNLOAD
ip_relay(freshmeat) ip_relay ip_relay can shape the TCP traffic forwarded th... DOWNLOAD
ir(freshmeat) ir ir is an interface program to Chris Dodge's Red... DOWNLOAD
forever(freshmeat) forever forever is a Linux i386 utility that warps time... DOWNLOAD
gnutran(freshmeat) gnutran Gnutran is a simple, Emacs-based front-end to a... DOWNLOAD
gstring(freshmeat) Gstring Gstring is yet another guitar tuning applicatio... DOWNLOAD
irremotecontroldriverforflyvid(freshmeat) IR Remote Control driver for FlyVideo98 IRCtl is a LIRC-compatible driver for the IR re... DOWNLOAD
irc2web(freshmeat) IRC2WEB IRC2WEB is a gateway to use IRC clients with se... DOWNLOAD
ircbase(freshmeat) ircbase ircbase allows you to establish a persistent IR... DOWNLOAD
ircii(freshmeat) ircII ircII is the other original popular UNIX IRC cl... DOWNLOAD
ircspeak(freshmeat) ircspeak ircspeak is a little Perl plugin for the sirc a... DOWNLOAD
irmctl(freshmeat) irmctl irmctl is a utility daemon to control your favo... DOWNLOAD
irnet(freshmeat) IrNET for Linux-IrDA IrNET is a protocol allowing to carry TCP/IP tr... DOWNLOAD

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