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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
kimap(freshmeat) KImap KImap is an IMAP e-mail client for KDE, based o... DOWNLOAD
kimon(freshmeat) Kimon kimon is a simple ISDN monitor that attaches it... DOWNLOAD
kinsectizid(freshmeat) KInsectizid KInsectizid is a KDE-based 2D shooter. You have... DOWNLOAD
kiosk(freshmeat) Kiosk Kiosk is a network capable MySQL database manag... DOWNLOAD
kisocd(freshmeat) KisoCD KisoCD is a tool that assists you in creating a... DOWNLOAD
kitclient(freshmeat) Kit Client Kit is a KDE 2 client for the AOL Instant Messe... DOWNLOAD
kittycode(freshmeat) kittyCode kittyCode decodes bar codes from :CueCat scanne... DOWNLOAD
kivio(freshmeat) Kivio Kivio is a flowcharting software similar to the... DOWNLOAD
kkinit(freshmeat) KKinit KKinit is a an applet which lets users request,... DOWNLOAD
klack(freshmeat) KLACK KLACK gives you the command over a sphere (you ... DOWNLOAD
klavg(freshmeat) klavg klavg is a small KDE applet that shows load ave... DOWNLOAD
klilo(freshmeat) KLILO KLILO is a GUI to configure the lilo bootmanage... DOWNLOAD
klines(freshmeat) KLines Klines is a simple logical game, similar to the... DOWNLOAD
klinuxscsimanager(freshmeat) KLinuxScsiManager KLinuxScsiManager is a simple application which... DOWNLOAD
kmc_utils(freshmeat) kmc_utils kmc_utils is a small package of utilities for d... DOWNLOAD
kmemmon(freshmeat) kmemmon Kmemmon is a KDE panel application that shows i... DOWNLOAD
mica(freshmeat) Mica Mica (formerly known as Poe) is a system for bu... DOWNLOAD
kmerge(freshmeat) Kmerge Kmerge is a utility to diff and merge files, di... DOWNLOAD
kmp3te(freshmeat) Kmp3te Kmp3te is a tool to view and modify tags of MP3... DOWNLOAD
kmp_psql(freshmeat) kmp_psql kmp_psql is a KMySQL plugin which provides acce... DOWNLOAD
kmy-regex(freshmeat) kmy-regex Kmy-regex is an regular expression library for ... DOWNLOAD
kmysql-php(freshmeat) kmysql-php The kmysql-php PHP library gives access to KMyS... DOWNLOAD
knetdump(freshmeat) Knetdump knetdump is a packet sniffer and analyzer for v... DOWNLOAD
knfsd(freshmeat) knfsd This is a much-improved Linux NFS server with s... DOWNLOAD
knowledgebase(freshmeat) knowledgebase The knowledgebase is a tool to help you build a... DOWNLOAD
koch(freshmeat) Koch Koch is a simple Koch curve generator written i... DOWNLOAD
kof91(freshmeat) KOF91 2D Fighting Engine for Linux KOF91 is a 2D fighting game engine similar to S... DOWNLOAD
koffle(freshmeat) KOffle koffle is a KDE-tool for managing your wwwoffle... DOWNLOAD
konnekt4(freshmeat) konnekt4 Konnekt4 is the C port of a LISP connect-4 game... DOWNLOAD
konspire(freshmeat) konspire konspire is a searchable, distributed file-shar... DOWNLOAD
korsebyicons(freshmeat) Korseby Icons The Korseby Icon Package is a rich set of XPM a... DOWNLOAD
kpanel2(freshmeat) kpanel2 kpanel2 is a modified version of the Corel Kpan... DOWNLOAD
kphpdev(freshmeat) KPHPDev K PHP Develop is an integrated Web development ... DOWNLOAD
kppp(freshmeat) Kppp kppp is a dialer and front end for pppd. It all... DOWNLOAD
kpvm(freshmeat) KPVM KPVM is a K-Desktop interface to PVM. Process, ... DOWNLOAD
kquick(freshmeat) KQuick KQuick is the KDE interface for a stable single... DOWNLOAD
krad(freshmeat) KRad The K Rapid Acoustic Dialer is a flexible tone ... DOWNLOAD
krecord(freshmeat) krecord krecord is a KDE sound recorder to record and p... DOWNLOAD
krn(freshmeat) KRN KRN is a user-friendly, graphical newsreader fo... DOWNLOAD
krunseti(freshmeat) krunseti krunseti starts SETI@home and displays its stat... DOWNLOAD
ksnes9x(freshmeat) KSnes9x KSnes9x is a KDE frontend for Snes9x, the SNES ... DOWNLOAD
ksniff(freshmeat) KSniff KSniff is a packet sniffer/analyzer developed f... DOWNLOAD
ksnuffle(freshmeat) KSnuffle KSnuffle is a network packet sniffer for KDE. I... DOWNLOAD
powerswitch(freshmeat) Remote SNMP Powerswitch Control Remote SNMP Powerswitch Control is a script tha... DOWNLOAD
kspaceduel(freshmeat) kspaceduel Kspaceduel is a game for KDE where two space sh... DOWNLOAD
ksql(freshmeat) kSQL KMySql is a graphical SQL client for KDE which ... DOWNLOAD
ksrnd(freshmeat) KSrnd KSrnd is a KDE-based control panel for the miro... DOWNLOAD
ktheme(freshmeat) kTheme kTheme is a small program to convert a Windows ... DOWNLOAD
kticker(freshmeat) Kticker Kticker is a news ticker widget that downloads ... DOWNLOAD
ktimewarp(freshmeat) KTimeWarp KTimeWarp is a small KDE application that can d... DOWNLOAD
ktnef(freshmeat) KTnef KTnef is a TNEf file viewer/extractor for KDE. ... DOWNLOAD
kugar(freshmeat) Kugar Kugar is a report generator, viewer, and printe... DOWNLOAD
kugel(freshmeat) Kugel kugel is a perl/tk based game that is played by... DOWNLOAD
lbu(freshmeat) LBU The Linux Backup Utility (LBU) is a simple, men... DOWNLOAD
slglade(freshmeat) SLglade SLglade is a S-Lang module that provides S-Lang... DOWNLOAD
gnubox_uiq(freshmeat) GnuBox GnuBox allows you to access the Internet from y... DOWNLOAD
o3read(freshmeat) o3read o3read is a standalone converter from the OpenO... DOWNLOAD
leahhttpd(freshmeat) Leah HTTP Daemon Leah HTTP Daemon is a Web server strives to do ... DOWNLOAD
zsrep(freshmeat) Zaurus Synchronization Repository ZSRep (Zaurus Synchronization Repository) is a ... DOWNLOAD
key-netplug(freshmeat) Key Netplug Netplug is a Linux daemon that manages network ... DOWNLOAD
debrief(freshmeat) Debrief Debrief is an Open Source Java application used... DOWNLOAD
jc_ansiterm(freshmeat) JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller is a Java API... DOWNLOAD
wopr(freshmeat) WOPR WOPR is a simple message-passing distributed ob... DOWNLOAD
dbmonster(freshmeat) DBMonster DBMonster is a tool which helps database applic... DOWNLOAD
aescrypt2(freshmeat) aescrypt2 aescrypt2 is a command line file encryption pro... DOWNLOAD
amberle(freshmeat) Amberle Amberle is a convention organizer. It manages p... DOWNLOAD
dialog-mp3-list(freshmeat) dialog-mp3-list dialog-mp3-list generates an organized list of ... DOWNLOAD
zabit(freshmeat) Zabit Zabit is a content/attachment filter for qmail.... DOWNLOAD
vqcc-gtk(freshmeat) vqcc-gtk vqcc-gtk is a featureful chat client for LAN en... DOWNLOAD
dydoc(freshmeat) dydoc dydoc is a toolkit for generating API documenta... DOWNLOAD
antinat(freshmeat) Antinat SOCKS Server The Antinat SOCKS Server is a multi-threaded, ... DOWNLOAD
the-egg(freshmeat) Easy Generator Generator Easy Generator Generator (EGG) is a development... DOWNLOAD
subtimer(freshmeat) SubTimer SubTimer is an easy-to-use subtitle editor base... DOWNLOAD
timezilla(freshmeat) Timezilla Timezilla is a Java web application that links ... DOWNLOAD
pandapublisher(freshmeat) Panda Publisher Panda Publisher is a lightweight content manage... DOWNLOAD
gluas(freshmeat) gluas gluas is a GIMP plug-in for prototyping image p... DOWNLOAD
fsimp(freshmeat) Free Secure Instant Messaging Protocol FSIMP is a secure IM protocol client and server... DOWNLOAD
squeuer(freshmeat) Squeuer Squeuer is a queueing proxy for Seti@Home. It k... DOWNLOAD
rsnapgraph(freshmeat) rsnapgraph rsnapgraph is a script that generates graphs us... DOWNLOAD
cutlass(freshmeat) Cutlass Cutlass is a cross-platform system for secure p... DOWNLOAD
linbar(freshmeat) linbar The linbar utility reads from a specified seria... DOWNLOAD
accpal(freshmeat) Accountability Pal Accountability Pal monitors your network and ke... DOWNLOAD
xmamegui(freshmeat) XMAME GUI XMAME GUI is a front end of XMAME that feature... DOWNLOAD
jgamelaunch(freshmeat) JGameLaunch JGameLaunch is a GUI that allows a user to laun... DOWNLOAD
changepassword(freshmeat) ChangePassword ChangePassword modifies the passwords of passwd... DOWNLOAD
kissd(freshmeat) Simple Kiss Daemon Kissd is a really simple daemon designed to sha... DOWNLOAD
daophp5(freshmeat) Data Access Objects for PHP5 Data Access Objects for PHP5 is a set of classe... DOWNLOAD
drydock(freshmeat) DryDock DryDock is a Web publishing application that im... DOWNLOAD
mp3isofs(freshmeat) mp3isofs mp3isofs is a patch to mkisofs which adds the -... DOWNLOAD
pdl(freshmeat) PDL The PerlDL project aims to turn Perl into an ef... DOWNLOAD
hibernate(freshmeat) Hibernate Hibernate is a powerful, high performance objec... DOWNLOAD
opengogear(freshmeat) openGogear openGogear is a suite of tools for working with... DOWNLOAD
openmsx(freshmeat) openMSX openMSX is an MSX emulator that uses a unique... DOWNLOAD
echo(freshmeat) Echo Web Application Framework Echo is a framework for developing object-orien... DOWNLOAD
lin-seti(freshmeat) lin-seti lin-seti is a command line program allowing the... DOWNLOAD
xrg(freshmeat) X Resource Graph X Resource Graph (XRG) is a system monitor that... DOWNLOAD
ewe(freshmeat) Ewe Programming System Ewe is a programming system that allows users t... DOWNLOAD
lister(freshmeat) lister lister is a simple mailing list manager. It is ... DOWNLOAD
libtagedit(freshmeat) libtagedit libtagedit provides a C++ and Python interface ... DOWNLOAD
vdesktools(freshmeat) virtualDesktopTools virtualDesktopTools is a set of tools for handl... DOWNLOAD

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