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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
bandwidthd(freshmeat) bandwidthd bandwidthd tracks usage of TCP/IP network subne... DOWNLOAD
duplifinder(freshmeat) dupliFinder dupliFinder is a graphical tool that searches d... DOWNLOAD
gtoday(freshmeat) Eortologio Eortologio is a small utility to display fixed ... DOWNLOAD
packddir(freshmeat) PackdDir utils PackdDir utils is a collection of utilities tha... DOWNLOAD
preferredftp(freshmeat) Preferred for Transfers: PFTP PFTP is a portable FTP client, with many useful... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_imap(freshmeat) mod_auth_imap mod_auth_imap is an Apache module to provide au... DOWNLOAD
mysqlcartshop(freshmeat) mysqlCart mysqlCart is a template based dynamic e- commer... DOWNLOAD
mpiplugin(freshmeat) MPI plugin for KDevelop The goal of this project is to extend an existi... DOWNLOAD
treatise(freshmeat) Treatise Treatise is an sparse interface for reading lar... DOWNLOAD
heartalien(freshmeat) Heart of The Alien Redux Heart of The Alien Redux is a complete rewrite ... DOWNLOAD
tunebox(freshmeat) tunebox tunebox is a module for the Eros BBS engine for... DOWNLOAD
xmovie(freshmeat) XMovie XMovie is a multimedia player for high quality ... DOWNLOAD
dropafew(freshmeat) DropAFew DropAFew is a multi-user calorie counting progr... DOWNLOAD
xmlresume2x(freshmeat) xmlresume2x xmlresume2x converts CVs written in the XML Res... DOWNLOAD
iserverd(freshmeat) IServerd IServerd implements the ICQ V3 groupware protoc... DOWNLOAD
antserver(freshmeat) Sntserver Antserver is an Ant task that listens on a TCP ... DOWNLOAD
tclmagick(freshmeat) TclMagick TclMagick is a Tcl extension that works with bo... DOWNLOAD
jc_termui(freshmeat) JChassis Terminal UI Toolkit JChassis TermUI is an API for simple GUI-like u... DOWNLOAD
distcleaner(freshmeat) distcleaner distcleaner is a program that implements differ... DOWNLOAD
levenshtein(freshmeat) Levenshtein Levenshtein is a Python C extension and C libra... DOWNLOAD
sa-exim-stats(freshmeat) sa-exim-stats sa-exim-stats generates spam/mail statistics fr... DOWNLOAD
webcheck(freshmeat) Web Check Web Check is an offline Web consistency tester ... DOWNLOAD
nular(freshmeat) Nular Shell Nular Shell is a "client" for the Swe... DOWNLOAD
tkping(freshmeat) TkPing TkPing is an application to monitor hosts on a ... DOWNLOAD
framewerk(freshmeat) Framewerk The Framewerk engine is a PHP5-based object ori... DOWNLOAD
maos(freshmeat) Meta Attribute Object Store Meta Attribute Object Store (MAOS) is light wei... DOWNLOAD
binmay(freshmeat) binmay Binmay is a command line binary search and repl... DOWNLOAD
mpyre(freshmeat) MPyRe MPyRe (Music Python Ripper) is a Python front- ... DOWNLOAD
phplangadmin(freshmeat) PHP Langadmin PHPLangadmin is a Web interface for editing PO ... DOWNLOAD
swft(freshmeat) SWFT SWFT (Simple Web File Transfer) is a simple We... DOWNLOAD
jmon(freshmeat) jmon Jmon is a system monitor written in Java (it ca... DOWNLOAD
ginfo(freshmeat) ginfo ginfo is a modular documentation tool. It suppo... DOWNLOAD
shttpdj(freshmeat) shttpdj shttpdj is a small, experimental HTTP server. I... DOWNLOAD
xpybind(freshmeat) xpybind xpybind is a user daemon for globally binding E... DOWNLOAD
cubicweb(freshmeat) CubicWeb CubicWeb is a semantic Web application framewor... DOWNLOAD
bproc(freshmeat) Beowulf Distributed Process Space The Beowulf Distributed Process Space (BProc) ... DOWNLOAD
sbp(freshmeat) Simple Browser Proxy Simple Browser Proxy is a Web client proxy that... DOWNLOAD
smsd(freshmeat) smsd smsd is client/server system that allows users ... DOWNLOAD
mixmagic(freshmeat) MixMagic MixMagic is hard drive sound mixing program for... DOWNLOAD
simd-cph(freshmeat) SIMD Cross-platform headers SIMD Cross-platform headers is a cross- platfor... DOWNLOAD
kaprekar(freshmeat) Kaprekar Series Generator This project is a Kaprekar series generator. DOWNLOAD
persona(freshmeat) Persona Persona is an off-line personal pages generato... DOWNLOAD
gkrellmms(freshmeat) GkrellMMS GkrellMMS is a plugin for controlling XMMS from... DOWNLOAD
srzip(freshmeat) srzip srzip is a compression utility with an interfac... DOWNLOAD
ipcheck(freshmeat) This is a simple Python script to register your... DOWNLOAD
heatload(freshmeat) heatload heatload is a utility written with GTK for crea... DOWNLOAD
xmcd2make(freshmeat) xmcd2make xmcd2make is a set of Perl scripts which suppor... DOWNLOAD
t_i_a_h(freshmeat) T.I.A.H T.I.A.H Is A Hex-editor. Its special features i... DOWNLOAD
tablplot(freshmeat) TablPlot TablPlot is an easy to use little program that ... DOWNLOAD
bigforthminos(freshmeat) bigFORTH/MINOS bigFORTH is a native code Forth. It was origina... DOWNLOAD
sub2srt(freshmeat) sub2srt sub2srt is a simple tool to convert two common ... DOWNLOAD
juda(freshmeat) Java Unifom Data Access JUDA (Java Uniform Data Access) is a set of Jav... DOWNLOAD
netleak(freshmeat) Network Leak Finder Network Leak Finder is a collection of small Pe... DOWNLOAD
linb(freshmeat) linbar launcher Linbar is a launchbar with a GTK interface. It ... DOWNLOAD
sentry_firewall_cd(freshmeat) Sentry Firewall CD-ROM The Sentry Firewall CD is a Linux-based bootabl... DOWNLOAD
ipc_sharedmem(freshmeat) IPC_SharedMem for PHP5 IPC_SharedMem is a collection of classes sharin... DOWNLOAD
kvba(freshmeat) KVBA KVBA is a VisualBoy Advance frontend for KDE. I... DOWNLOAD
proteomecommons_orgjaf(freshmeat) Java Analysis Framework Java Analysis Framework is ... DOWNLOAD
vidaframework(freshmeat) Vida Framework Vida is a PHP5 MVC (Model View Controller) fra... DOWNLOAD
pdc(freshmeat) pdc PDC is a desktop calculator in the 'bc' style w... DOWNLOAD
ezmlm-browse(freshmeat) ezmlm-browse ezmlm-browse is a Web interface for browsing ez... DOWNLOAD
dellinkchecker(freshmeat) Delicious Link Checker Delicious Link Checker downloads your del.icio.... DOWNLOAD
luau(freshmeat) Luau Luau provides a backbone for disseminating soft... DOWNLOAD
pirp(freshmeat) PIRP Protocol Implementation The PIRP Protocol Implementation makes it poss... DOWNLOAD
galapagos(freshmeat) Galapagos Galapagos is a fairly detail artificial life pr... DOWNLOAD
sparkedit(freshmeat) SparkEdit SparkEdit is a 3D scene editor that can be easi... DOWNLOAD
xmix(freshmeat) XMix XMix is a program for adjusting sound volumes a... DOWNLOAD
cbar(freshmeat) Cocktail Bar Cocktail Bar is a searchable database of cockta... DOWNLOAD
o-security(freshmeat) Osec Osec (Our Security) is a lightweight integrity ... DOWNLOAD
nomadsync(freshmeat) NomadSync NomadSync is a utility that makes it possible t... DOWNLOAD
alt-ndk-xx(freshmeat) NCurses Development Kit for C++ NDK++ provides a set of widgets for text user i... DOWNLOAD
ncursesxx(freshmeat) ncursesxx ncursesxx is a C++ interface for the ncurses li... DOWNLOAD
tr-ircd(freshmeat) TR-IRCD TR-IRCD is an ircd and a collection of services... DOWNLOAD
kandid(freshmeat) Kandid Kandid is a system to evolve graphics. Graphics... DOWNLOAD
tcpick(freshmeat) tcpick tcpick is a textmode sniffer that can track TCP... DOWNLOAD
disclaimermilter(freshmeat) disclaimermilter disclaimermilter is a sendmail milter to add on... DOWNLOAD
aha(freshmeat) Archi´s Homepagehoster Admintool Archi´s Homepagehoster Admintool (!aha!) is a H... DOWNLOAD
cdscluster(freshmeat) CDS Cluster CDS Cluster is an OS-independent and stable hig... DOWNLOAD
ggrelay(freshmeat) Gadu-Gadu relaying agent Gadu-Gadu relaying agent is a simple Gadu-Gadu ... DOWNLOAD
gpstk(freshmeat) GPSTk The GPSTk provides both fundamental and advance... DOWNLOAD
elmerbot(freshmeat) Élmer Bot Élmer Bot is a cybernetic agent entirely writte... DOWNLOAD
pysl(freshmeat) PySL PySL is a package that makes S-Lang functions a... DOWNLOAD
swingglue(freshmeat) SwingGlue SwingGlue introduces a binding layer for Swing ... DOWNLOAD
medici(freshmeat) MEDICI MEDICI is an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ... DOWNLOAD
libmsntp(freshmeat) libmsntp libmsntp is a full-featured, compact, portable ... DOWNLOAD
pywrat(freshmeat) Python Wrappers for Remote Access Tools pywrat (Python Wrappers for Remote Access Tools... DOWNLOAD
wmeyes(freshmeat) WMEyes WMEyes is a silly little dockapp, along the lin... DOWNLOAD
teach-sa(freshmeat) Teach-SA Teach-SA reads mail in designated maildir folde... DOWNLOAD
technolust(freshmeat) Technolust Technolust is a simple and scalable Web content... DOWNLOAD
pleac(freshmeat) PLEAC The PLEAC project aims to re-implement the solu... DOWNLOAD
rtkmerge(freshmeat) rtkmerge rtkmerge is a GUI to the emerge command to hand... DOWNLOAD
uninst(freshmeat) uninst uninst is a simple command line tool for creati... DOWNLOAD
openhive(freshmeat) OpenHive Volunteer Management System OpenHive Volunteer Management System assists in... DOWNLOAD
gaint(freshmeat) GAINT GAINT (GAim Is Not Telnet) is a plugin for Gaim... DOWNLOAD
brickos(freshmeat) brickOS brickOS (formerly LegOS) is an alternative OS f... DOWNLOAD
libgloop(freshmeat) libGLOOP libGLOOP (GLOOP is Liquid Object Oriented Parti... DOWNLOAD
powersave(freshmeat) Powersave Daemon The Powersave Daemon provides battery, temperat... DOWNLOAD
msyslogui(freshmeat) mSyslog UI mSyslogui is Web interface that provides an eas... DOWNLOAD
texttemplatepython(freshmeat) texttemplate texttemplate converts text templates into simpl... DOWNLOAD
cubic(freshmeat) Cubic Cubic is a simple 4k graphic intro that display... DOWNLOAD

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